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HMPS: Chapter 11

The warm breath blew against Chi Xueyan’s cheek. He was stunned for a moment and almost subconsciously wanted to withdraw.

He never had such physical contact with anyone.

Then under the dim lighting, Chi Xueyan glimpsed the anxiety flickering in his lover’s eyes.

The palm against his waist was just clinging to the edge of the clothes. Through the thin summer fabric, there was only a bit of heat. This posture could be called gentlemanly.

It was still the He Qiao who was gentle and friendly in front of outsiders and rarely went overboard.

At the same time, he was enthusiastically and clumsily declaring his youthful possessiveness.

Chi Xueyan thought of the audience not far away and suddenly laughed.

He no longer resisted and instead reached out to tug at He Qiao’s slightly wrinkled collar with a wanton expression.

“This shirt isn’t bad.”

The distance between them was almost like a hug. Chi Xueyan lazily stared into his lover’s eyes, voice still careless. “I will just give you an hour. I still have something to do at night.”

He Qiao’s answer was naturally gentle and submissive. “Okay.”

The person leaning against the door of the box seemed to have seen enough excitement and sent a frivolous whistle.

Fang Shier hit the emotions in his eyes and raised an eyebrow at He Qiao. “I finally managed to invite you today but you came late enough.”

He deliberately didn’t look at Chi Xueyan, whom everyone had been curious about for a long time, and politely stepped away, inviting this pair of lovers who seemed deeply in love to come in.

He Qiao didn’t hide his good mood at all and said honestly, “I was ordering the rings just now and had dinner on the way. I’m sorry for being late.”

“Rings?” Fang Shier’s eyes fell on the hand on Chi Xueyan’ waist. “Don’t you already have it?”

The colorful light balls of the KTV box scattered psychedelic light spots, making the simple pair of rings on their ring fingers particularly conspicuous.

“It isn’t formal enough.” Once He Qiao finished speaking, he couldn’t wait to introduce his partner to his friend. His tone was filled with the joy characteristic of a person in love for the first time. “This is Xiao Chi.”

Fang Shier looked over and took the initiative to hold out his hand. “Hello, I am Fang Shier.”

Chi Xueyan felt as if he had heard this name that was easy to pronounce somewhere before.

He looked at the rather handsome man in front of him with a smile, but didn’t speak. It was as if he was too lazy to politely respond with his full name.

Next, the flamboyant red-haired young man broke away from his lover’s arms without saying a word. He walked forward and casually found a seat on a luxurious leather sofa.

The moment the group of young people having fun saw them appear, they immediately started to make a fuss and cleared a space in the middle.

He Qiao wasn’t surprised by Chi Xueyan’s actions, let alone dissatisfied. He walked over quickly and sat down beside Chi Xueyan.

The dominant one in this love was clear at a glance.

Fang Shier remained in place and looked at his palm in the air. There wasn’t any anger at all about being ignored. A trace of anticipation and excitement flashed in his eyes.

He turned his back to the lovers surrounded by the excited crowd and closed the door of the private room with a relaxed expression.

The sound of music was deafening and strangers surrounded by brilliant light spots rushed to introduce themselves out of fear they would show their cowardice in front of this dazzling newcomer.

Chi Xueyan nestled in the sofa and occasionally responded in a perfunctory manner, not remembering a single name.

The marble coffee table in front of him was filled with cold cuts of meat and snacks, which He Qiao ordered for him. He Qiao said that one of the club’s characteristics was the chefs specially poached from high-end restaurants.

He tasted a few and it was really delicious.

He could bring his parents to try it another day.

The audio equipment here was also very good, suitable for karaoke. However, the group of people around him was too noisy.

Fortunately, they soon noticed Chi Xueyan’s impatience. They witnessed He Qiao’s infinitely tolerant attitude toward him and restrained themselves a lot.

So in the noisy room, a special landscape was presented.

Chi Xueyan sat in the center of the crowd and lazily watched the people around him having fun, whispering to He Qiao from time to time.

If someone sang pleasantly then he would listen quietly like it was a live performance.

The next person who took the microphone was out of tune and he frowned. He Qiao, who always paid attention to his feelings, reacted in time. He casually picked up a pillow from the soft and threw it over. Just like the friends around him, he had the other person quickly hand over the microphone and get lost.

The laughing young man dodged the flying pillow. He deliberately held the microphone and shouted, “Brother He, how can you value your relationship over friends?”

These words spread and permeated the entire dimly lit room.

In the midst of the laughter, He Qiao didn’t answer. His expression seemed natural as he lowered his head again and concentrated on peeling the nuts in his hands.

Anyone could see the unspeakable infatuation.

The hard shell fell onto the tray and the meat of the nut was gently placed onto Chi Xueyan’s palm.

It had a crispy and rich taste when he bit into it.

Chi Xueyan took one after another, a smile appearing in his eyes.

For the first time, he found this so-called gathering quite interesting.

At the moment of intimate contact just now, he suddenly understood the meaning behind He Qiao’s expression.

Sometimes, prejudice was also a useful weapon.

He Qiao didn’t mind being treated as a fool lost in so-called love, so he naturally didn’t mind either.

It was more comfortable to follow the prejudice and be the strong leader playing with his innocent lover in the palm of his hand than to force himself to deal with these people with fake smiles.

In any case, he was the one being served and it didn’t take much effort.

He had to admit that he had quite a tacit understanding with He Qiao.

Without words, they worked together seamlessly.

On the edge of the group, Fang Shier’s performance was the same as usual.

The only difference was that he came here alone today. He didn’t bring his female or male companion, who was changed every time.

Compared with most people in the box who were secretly looking at Chi Xueyan, he seemed much calmer and rarely looked over.

Half an hour later, his phone vibrated softly. An employee had sent him another message.

It just so happened that a song on the screen was coming to an end. Fang Shier reached out to lower the volume and said casually, “I also called over a friend.”

Some people looked over at his words, but he deliberately looked at He Qiao not far away and said< “Don’t mind it for a while.”

He Qiao stopped his movements and seemed to instinctively ask, “Who did you call?”

Fang Shier didn’t say it clearly. He got up to open the door and said in a sincere tone, “I think there is a bit of misunderstanding between the two of you and it is a matter that can be solved by getting together. Don’t fight, we are all friends.”

Following his words, the box door opened again and the person who came in said, “Yo, it is so lively.”

The young man who walked in was wearing a t-shirt and beach shorts. He had a refreshing cropped cut and a gold necklace around his neck. He looked like a nouveau riche.

He noticed He Qiao in the center immediately and strode over with a smile. “Brother is here as well. I’m sorry for last time.”

On the contrary, He Qiao’s face didn’t look very good and he rarely showed a bit of irritability.

Chi Xueyan, who was watching from the sidelines, became interested in this new program that was suddenly inserted. He asked softly, “Who is this?”

The stranger also heard it. Before He Qiao could answer, he said earnestly, “I am Chen Xinzhe. Just call me Xiao Chen.”

The people gathered around them moved back a bit. Chen Xinzhe sat down diagonally across from the two of them and said with a smile, “I heard that Brother He is getting married and was thinking about waiting for the wedding to make amends with Brother. I have all the gifts ready.”

He looked at He Qiao apologetically. “That day was purely a matter of luck. I made a big bet on such a trivial matter but it is too hot for me to hold it. I must return it to Brother. By the way, I will add a wedding gift.”

In just a few words, Chi Xueyan understood what had happened between the two of them.

It was what often happened among the rich second generations who had money and leisure.

“It isn’t necessary.” Facing Chen Xinzhe’s request for peace, He Qiao’s tone wasn’t good. “I was willing to gamble and lose.”

Seeing that his attitude showed no signs of softening, Chen Xinzhe thought about it and said, “If you don’t want me to pay it back then consider it as me talking nonsense and don’t take it seriously.”

He casually grabbed the dice cup on the table and smiled very sincerely. “Brother, you can win it back today, okay?”

On the side, Fang Shier spoke naturally. “There is no winning or losing when it comes to gambling luck. It is just for fun and everyone is playing around. Don’t take it seriously and ignore us for days like last time…”

Chi Xueyan watched the excitement from the side.

Chen Xinzhe was a smooth and clever person while Fang Shier had ulterior motives.

These two people were obviously beyond the reach of the simple-minded ‘He Qiao.’

In the black dice cup, the high-speed shaking dice hit the cold table with a clear sound.

Five minutes later, He Qiao lost another car.

It was the car he had before buying a new car and was a luxury car worth millions.

Annoyance flashed in He Qiao’s eyes.

Chen Xinzhe showed exaggerated surprise, shouting to stay over and trying to downplay the hasty and expensive gamble in front of him into an insignificant game. The others also cooperated with the lively atmosphere.

Due to He Qiao’s family background, no one was foolish enough to provoke him in person.

Their ridicule and contempt could only be kept in their heart and covered up with superficial respect.

This was something that everyone knew.

Only Chi Xueyan didn’t think so.

After getting along all night, he was convinced that He Qiao did it on purpose.

No matter whether it was the luxury car he just lost or the last bet with Chen Xinzhe.

Chi Xueyan liked this colorful night even more.

But as a picky and arrogant lover, he appropriately showed a hint of displeasure. He got up and left without mercy. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

He Qiao pushed the dice cup away and stared at his disappearing back for a while.

Words of comfort from the other people rushed up in an instant.

Fang Shier quietly walked out of the box after seeing that He Qiao’s attention was diverted.

Passing through this dimly lit corridor again, Chi Xueyan was in a different mood.

He stared at the reflections in the surrounding glass curtain walls and thought of He Qiao walking with him not long ago.

They seemed to be naturally suited to walking side by side.

This thought flashed through his mind and Chi Xueyan smiled thoughtfully. Then he stopped in front of the bathroom sink and washed his hands.

His hands smelled of nuts.

The running water spread over his fingers and there were footsteps behind him.

“You really don’t remember me?”

Chi Xueyan raised his head and saw Fang Shier’s figure reflected in the mirror.

He leaned against the wall and looked over, a hint of disappointment in his tone.

“You just introduced yourself.” Chi Xueyan didn’t know the reason so he asked bluntly, “Is there something?”

“Not today. We met before.” Fang Shier smiled helplessly. “I asked you for your contact information.”

Then he added, “But you refused.”

Hearing this, Chi Xueyan finally realized.

Maybe it was a party he was forced to attend a long time ago.

Of course, he didn’t remember.

He had to rely on the number to remember the blind dates he talked to in a serious manner, let alone one of the countless passersby.

If Fang Shier was an elementary school student who did everything possible to avoid going to the dentist, then he might’ve remembered.

Seeing his indifferent and cold reaction, the smile on Fang Shier’s face increased even more.

He suddenly declared, “You don’t love He Qiao.”

This sentence made Chi Xueyan feel slightly surprised.

He raised his eyebrow without denying or admitting it. He just waited for the other person to continue.

Under the dim overhead light, Fang Shier took a step closer to him.

“Since it is for fun…” His soft voice had an ambiguous and vague air. “Why don’t you find someone more fun?”

Chi Xueyan finally understood what he meant.

He lowered his head with a flat expression while pulling out a paper towel. He wiped the water stains off his hands and asked casually, “For example?”

Fang Shier thought this was a signal to continue.

Thus, he moved a bit closer.

The dazzling red in front of him seemed to be within reach.

In the corridor a few meters away, He Qiao was obviously afraid of his lover’s anger and wasn’t in the mood to stay any longer. He hurriedly left the box.

He was just about to reach the bathroom when he heard the loud sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

He looked around the corner and what caught his eye was an unexpected scene.

Fang Shier had fallen to the ground, as if he had just been punched hard by someone. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t make a sound. He just lowered his head and clutched his abdomen in an embarrassed manner.

However, He Qiao’s expression still didn’t waver.

His gaze still maintained the fiery and long tenderness of tonight. Only the figure of his lover could fill his line of sight. “What’s wrong, Xiao Chi?”

He seemed to be getting used to this ordinary yet intimate name.

Chi Xueyan looked at him for a few seconds. Then he extended the fingers that had just been used. A strong smile appeared on his face and his tone was calm and unrestrained.

“He wants to green you.” (TL: Wearing a green hat generally means cheating on a partner.)


  1. Mndless says:

    Just remember: for maximum punching force, don’t stop halfway through the punch like most people do. Instead, imagine your fist passing entirely through their torso. You’ll have a better chance of knocking the wind out of them that way.

    1. Ari ji says:

      Thank you for the helpful tip!

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      Thank you for this tip! Might need it someday.

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      Useful tip! Thanksssss

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      Also, please don’t wrap your fingers around your thumb when you make a fist. Unless you want a broken thumb. Seems obvious, but it’s a strangely common mistake for some reason…

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