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HMPS: Chapter 10

At the entrance of the Internet cafe, under the brightly colored advertising light box, a young boy held his mobile phone to his ear and paced back and forth excitedly.

He waited for the call to be connected while frequently looking toward the Internet cafe, reaching out to push up his glasses that occasionally slipped down.

The beeping sound from his phone disappeared and a lazy male voice was heard, filled with a bit of impatience. “Did something happen? I am busy.”

“There is something. It is a big thing!” The boy in glasses hurriedly said. “Guess who I met in the Internet cafe?”

The person on the other end of the phone sneered. “Your mother?”

“Second Brother, I met He Qiao!” He didn’t mind the other person’s rudeness at all. He stopped dragging things out and said excitedly, “In addition, his partner!”

“F*k.” The person known as Second Brother reflexively cursed and his tone became more serious. “Is this real? Hasn’t he been single the whole time?”

“Really. I almost knelt down just now. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I passed by the private room and saw him.”

The boy in glasses expressed everything. “I was wondering why he didn’t call us today. I knocked on the door to say hello and saw that there was a person sitting next to him, who came to play together. Therefore, I withdrew…”

“D*mn, I’m going to fall asleep.” Fang Shier held his phone against his shoulder with his ear and complained as he shopped holding hands with his female companion. “Can’t you get to the point?”

“Okay. After I went back, I felt that the person looked familiar. I struggled for a while so I walked back to say hello and get a closer look.”

Speaking up to here, the boy in glasses took a deep breath and said very quickly, “I saw that they were kissing.

“Yo, the iron tree is finally blooming.” Fang Shier sighed before asking casually, “Male or female?”

“Male.” The boy wearing glasses tried to recall the scene he just glanced at quickly. “He has red hair and is quite good-looking and cool. I always think I’ve seen him somewhere before, but I can’t remember…”

Hearing the keywords described, Fang Shier subconsciously released the shopping bag in his hand and held the phone seriously. “How good-looking?”

“Very good-looking.” The boy pushed up his glasses again. “It is like a star.”

Red hair, good-looking, liked men and might’ve appeared in the circle…

Fang Shier thought of a person immediately. The next second, he shook his head like he was in denial. “It can’t be him.”

It was impossible for that man to be interested in He Qiao.

“Who?” The caller asked curiously.

Fang Shier didn’t answer. He leaned against the glass window of the shopping mall while his female companion walked around the store. Once she came out, she saw the shopping bag that he had thrown casually to the ground and looked at him with reproach. Then she ached out to hold him.

Facing the female companion who leaned against him intimately, Fang Shier’s lips curved up and he smiled in a perfunctory manner. He seemed to say to his friend carelessly, “Hasn’t it been a while since we got together? We are talking about his partner and he should bring that person for everyone to meet.”

“That’s for certain. Brother He hasn’t been playing with us for a while so he must come this time…”

The handsome playboy held his female companion and walked into the next brightly lit store.

It was dark outside and the moonlight melted away like fog.

Chi Xueyan ended his first official date with his newlywed lover and watched He Qiao drive away before turning around and walking into the house.

His car was parked at the clinic so He Qiao would have to make another trip tomorrow to pick him up for work.

In the eyes of outsiders, this should be regarded as evidence of love.

The simple and enthusiastic He Qiao loved more.

The lights were on in the living room and his parents were sitting facing each other. The atmosphere was quite serious, as if they were engaged in business negotiations.

On the table were a calendar, a few sheets of paper, a pen and a calculator.

Han Zhenzhen’s tone was solemn. “Do you want a better day or more time to prepare?”

The tall Chi Zhongyuan looked very small in front of his wife. He hesitated before saying. “…Anything is fine?”

Han Zhenzhen slapped the table angrily. “Nonsense!”

Chi Xueyan only had to listen to this to know what they were talking about.

“I’m back.” He changed into slippers and walked over. “Mom, is the wedding day ready?”

“I’ve calculated it. You sit down.” Han Zhenzhen seemed like she had seen a savior and hurriedly moved the calendar in front of him. “The master said that there are two particularly auspicious days this year.”

“One is in December. There are four months to prepare and it should be just right.” Han Zhenzhen pointed out to him. “We need to design the wedding and customize this and that. In addition, the new house must be discussed by the two families. We have to decide which one to live in and whether to renovate…”

Chi Xueyan nodded. “What about the other day?”

“August 26th, next Saturday.” Han Zhenzhen poked the date with a large circle around it on the calendar. “This day isn’t only an auspicious day but it is particularly consistent with the eight characters of the two of you. The master said it is the best date.”

Today was Monday and there were only ten days left to prepare.

“It is too late no matter how I think about it.” Han Zhenzhen sighed sadly. “What do you think?”

Chi Xueyan saw his mother’s annoyed expression and laughed .”I think you want the best date.”

He had discussed the date of the wedding with He Qiao tonight. The two of them originally planned to set it for the middle of next month, so it wasn’t too hasty or too late.

Ten days sounded impossible, but it wasn’t impossible with the abilities of the two families.

Han Zhenzhen had her thoughts revealed and coughed. Then she asked him in a low voice, “Did you have fun going out with He Qiao today?”

“I had fun.” Chi Xueyan’s eyes curved. “I dragged him to the food stall in a suit and he quietly took off his coat after only sitting for five minutes.”

Han Zhenzhen imagined the scene and couldn’t help laughing. “It is silly enough.”

She seemed to hear the taste of happiness in her son’s tone.

Seeing his mother’s somewhat dazed expression, Chi Xueyan said softly, “I remember that your wedding was very simple. You just called relatives and friends to have a meal. Then you wore your wedding clothes and cooked together.”

He remembered the old photos he looked through and smiled. “It is because you suddenly wanted to formally introduce Dad to all your important people and you wanted everyone to try your craft.”

His parents met at a self-defense training class. A young and handsome coach and a hard-working student fell in love at first sight.

Hearing his son mention the past, Chi Zhongyuan turned his head to stare at the refrigerator in the kitchen. He deliberately put on a serious expression because he was embarrassed.

Han Zhenzhen’s tense expression gradually loosened as she completely relaxed. She crumpled up the paper with the auspicious date in December written on it and threw it into the trash can. Then she said brightly, “I will ask He Qiao’s mother to see the venue tomorrow.”

“Speaking of which, it is He Qiao’s father who moves quickly. He asked your father out to drink tea. Just now…”

His mother’s voice whispered in his ears and Chi Xueyan responded to her with a smile while looking at the wedding date with a red circle around it on the calendar.

Once he went upstairs and returned to his room alone, he immediately took out his phone and sent a message to He Qiao.

[Shahryar: My mother asked someone to calculate the wedding date and said the 26th of August is the best. What do you think?]

He Qiao’s reply was as timely as ever.

[Little Eleven: Then pick this day.]

Seeing this, Chi Xueyan casually replied with a goodnight emoji and dropped his phone to take a shower.

At this time, He Qiao had just parked his car in the garage.

He received the news and quickly changed his original rhetoric, preparing to persuade his parents to accept this slightly hasty day.

However, before getting to business, he looked at the string of English displayed on top of the chat box and a subtle emotion flashed on He Qiao’s face.

Chi Xueyan changed his nickname tonight.

Perhaps half an hour ago, when He Qiao was concentrating on driving, Chi Xueyan sat in the passenger seat and lowered his head to change it.

Shahryar was the name of the tyrannical king in the legend of One Thousand of One Nights, who always killed the girl he married last night at dawn.

In order to save the innocent people, the prime minister’s daughter was willing to be his new queen. She told him stories every night and stopped at the most exciting place at dawn.

In order to continue listening to the story, the king couldn’t bear to kill her. Thus, there was a long one thousand and one nights.

He Qiao had just made this joke at the Internet cafe.

He guessed that Chi Xueyan wanted to use this to remind himself not to go down the wrong path.

He Qiao’s eyes stared at the phone screen.

The king, who wasn’t yet considered cruel, had a blue profile picture. It was sparking like the surface of a dream-like sea. It could remind people of words related to beauty.

Using a slight movement of his fingers, he said goodnight to the king.

Then He Qiao returned to the brightly lit house and walked briskly toward his family. “Dad, Mom, I have decided when to hold the wedding.”

The two families became busy at the same time.

Setting up the venue, arranging the process, confirming the wedding room, customizing the clothes… thanks to the support of sufficient financial resources and manpower, everything proceeded in an orderly manner.

The elders seemed to have reached a tacit agreement to simplify this sudden marriage and not to interfere with a strong attitude, so as to not weigh factors that had nothing to do with feelings. This way, the two young people who grew up with love could have a pure, happy wedding born of love.

He Qiao had already visited the Chi family. The only elder Chi Xueyan had never met was He Qiao’s mother.

On a weekday evening, He Qiao came to pick up Chi Xueyan from work and they went to customize the wedding rings together. There was another person who came with him.

The first thing Sheng Xiaoyue said when she saw him was to praise him for his beautiful hair color, which was exactly the same color as her newly done nails.

The beautiful woman with red nail polish took out the ring design drawing she had drawn. Her eyes were bright as she happily asked him if he liked this style.

On the drawing paper, the delicate ring body was slightly angular, which seemed to be inspired by the shape of a bridge. The two wedding rings were engraved with different patterns and had beautiful and romantic lines

A snowflake and a flame.

Chi Xueyan took the drawing paper with the rings drawn on them and was rarely surprised in his heart. He stared seriously at this elder he was meeting for the first time.

There was a soft innocence on her face.

It was like He Qiao when they first met.

Thus, Chi Xueyan said softly, “It is very beautiful. Thank you, Auntie. I like this pair of rings.”

They were indeed the best wedding rings he had ever seen.

He Qiao did have a happy family, except for his unpredictable brother.

Sheng Xiaoyue instantly smiled when she heard his words and her eyes curved. “I like your name. It is so nice.”

“And—” She thought about it while holding his chin. “Chi (pond/moat) and Qiao (bridge), how well-matched.”

The style of the wedding ring was determined so Sheng Xiaoyue looked down at the time and immediately said, “Ah, it is almost 7 o’clock. I made an appointment with your mother for dinner and the two of you have an appointment, right? I won’t bother you any longer.”

She loved to talk. Before leaving, she patted Chi Xueyan on the shoulder and whispered, “Your mother is so handsome.”

Chi Xueyan watched Sheng Xiaoyue leave in a hurry and couldn’t help turning to He Qiao. “Your mother is so cute.”

He Qian laughed in a dumbfounded manner. “It seems they get along very well.”

A pure love that had nothing to do with money and two pairs of parents who tolerated their children to the maximum, making this marriage have all the elements of happiness.

It was just that only Chi Xueyan and He Qiao knew this fictional love would soon expire.

Still, word of its existence had spread.

In the passenger seat, Chi Xueyan looked at the night scene flying by outside the window. “What time do you think we will play until tonight?”

He Qiao’s friends heard that he was going to get married and complained that he hadn’t told everyone in advance. They shouted that they had to meet Chi Xueyan once before the wedding.

‘He Qiao’ had always played well with this group of people, so He Qiao couldn’t find a reason to refuse this type of frequent small gathering of friends, let alone one where he officially announced his marriage to his friends.

He Qiao mentioned this matter to him and Chi Xueyan readily agreed to attend.

So far, they had maintained a fairly good cooperative relationship.

“It is usually until the early hours of the morning,” He Qiao replied. “However, you can leave at any time if you don’t want to stay longer.”

Chi Xueyan nodded and stopped asking.

He didn’t have much interest in this type of party. He just came to go through the motions.

In the same city, young people from wealthy families would more or less hear about each other due to their parents’ business contacts, forming small circles.

Chi Xueyan had been dragged there once or twice before. Then he felt bored so he never had contact with these people again.

After getting out of the car, He Qiao threw the keys to the doorman. A smiling employee greeted him attentively, obviously recognizing him.

Chi Xueyan followed him inside, through the luxuriously decorated lobby to a dimly lit corridor. The sound of music flowed from the cracks in the doors of different private boxes.

This was a KTV with a high level of consumption. It was actually closer to a club.

The colored lights blurred on the glass curtain wall of the corridor. Chi Xueyan glanced at the reflection of himself and He Qiao.

He was walking faster.

Thus, he slowed down his pace slightly and waited for He Qiao to be beside him.

He always did a good job on the surface.

He Qiao noticed this and after coming to Chi Xueyan, he stopped in his tracks.

The employee in front who was always paying attention was quite knowledgeable. He saw this and immediately said, “Mr He, your friends are in the private room around the corner in front. You can call me at any time if you need anything.”

The employee bowed to the two of them before leaving quickly.

They were the only ones left in this corridor and Chi Xueyan looked sideways. “Are there any precautions I should pay attention to?”

He Qiao nodded and said in a low voice, “They might be prejudiced against you and against me. This might make you feel unpleasant.”

Chi Xueyan was interested. “So?”

He Qiao’s tone was serious. “So if you feel uncomfortable, you can do whatever you want.”

“I can do anything I want…” Chi Xueyan thought for a moment. “Does it include hands-on work?”

He was influenced by his parents since he was a child and his fighting ability was quite good.

There was a faint smile in the eyes of the person next to him and He Qiao replied without thinking, “That is your freedom.”

The fleeting expression reminded Chi Xueyan of the early morning not long ago, when he proposed marriage in front of the breakfast restaurant. The depth in He Qiao’s eyes seemed to be an illusion.

The earlier He Qiao in the coffee store and the He Qiao in the hot pot restaurant were somewhat different from the He Qiao today.

Suddenly, Chi Xueyan became clearly aware of a problem he had previously ignored.

This He Qiao, who claimed to have transmigrated into a book, was completely different from the simple and innocent ‘He Qiao’ in the minds of the He family.

He had his own personality but he always played He Qiao.

He played it well in front of people other than Chi Xueyan.

Chi Xueyan stared at his lover who was close at hand and asked suddenly, “What is your name?”

“He Qiao.” He sensed Chi Xueyan’s implication and replied, “It is true. My name is also He Qiao.”

But what type of personality and past events that the other soul had behind the same name was never mentioned.

Chi Xueyan found it more and more interesting. In the long and narrow space with blurred lights, he softly dismissed the sentence that the man seemed to be about to say. “There is no need to explain to me. This is your freedom.”

The delicate words hovered between lips and teeth and freedom was thrown back into his lover’s hand.

Hearing this, He Qiao slightly raised an eyebrow and stopped talking.

The next second, the door of the box at the corner ahead was thrown open. The people inside eagerly poked their heads out, looking for the figure of tonight’s protagonist.

The bright sound of music poured out like rain. The moment the eyes of the other people fell on them, Chi Xueyan felt a strange force coming from his side.

His handsome and gentle lover embraced his waist, a hoarse whisper coming from an extremely intimate distance.

“Sorry, bear with me.”


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