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HMPS: Chapter 1

TL: Hello, welcome to the new series I am picking up. I love the novels from this author because they are so warm and healing. Therefore, I wanted to introduce them to the English community since none of the author’s works have been translated yet. I am picking up two novels from them and this one will be a side project because serialization has just started and there are only a few chapters released. However, I really like what I have read so far and I trust the author. Updates for this will likely be once a week until there are a lot more chapters released in the raws or I finish another one of my ongoing novels. (Edit: It is now completed in the raws so no need to worry about an incomplete novel)

In addition, thank you to Rainbow Mushroom for letting me bother her with a lot of questions and giving me a lot of advice based on her years of experience translating. Please check out the novels she has translated if you haven’t so far.

A little girl held the doll tightly in her hand on the light green dental chair. Some wet tears remained on her cheeks, and she stared anxiously at the doctor in the white coat beside her.

It hurt a lot when anesthesia was used to numb her mouth, and it would definitely hurt more when pulling out her tooth.

She didn’t want to pull it out. She wanted to go home.

The little girl turned to her parents waiting next to her for help. She wanted to climb down from the dental chair, but before her parents could comfort her, the doctor spoke first.

“Would you like to make a bet with me?” The young doctor had a very striking hair color. He was wearing a mask, and only a pair of clear eyes could be seen, but he was obviously smiling. “Can I call you Xiao Hui?”

The dull anesthesia spread in her mouth. Xiao Hui nodded and asked softly, “What bet?”

“I bet you won’t know then the tooth is pulled out.” The doctor approached her with a silver tool in his hand, his tone relaxed. I want to take another look at this extra tooth.”

Xiao Hui opened her mouth while still staring nervously at the doctor.

It was the height of summer and the intense sunlight poured in unchecked through the transparent panes, highlighting the doctor’s flamboyant red hair that seemed to be burning.

It was the first time in her life that she had seen someone with red hair; it was so special.

A tooth extraction was so painful. How could she not know when it was pulled out?

Why was the doctor still looking at her teeth?

Xiao Hu’s thoughts drifted and she instinctively wanted to move her mouth. Then she heard the doctor’s soft voice. “I watched a cartoon where the mermaid has long red hair.”

Xiao Hui had also seen it. She was about to speak when she heard the doctor say in a very attractive tone, “But I know a very different mermaid story.”

She blinked and her attention returned to the doctor’s soft and bright red hair. It looked like a dream in the golden daylight and there were colorful paintings on the wall of the consultation room behind him.

The doctor whispered a new story that she had never heard before.

The sea, a fishtail, coral, red hair, a prince, foam…

By the time she came back from the fairy tale world, the extra tooth was already quietly lying on the tray.

Her mother and father thanked the doctor with both surprise and delight in their tones. “Dr. Chi, you are so powerful. It was pulled out so quickly. We were afraid that Hui Hui would move around.”

Dr. Chi took off his gloves and mask and smiled at her. “I won, Xiao Hui.”

The red-haired mermaid in the cartoon was beautiful and the red-headed doctor doing children’s dentistry was also very good-looking.

Chi Xueyan saw the child staring blankly at him and rubbed her head with a smile. “I will give you another chance to turn defeat into victory? Can you bite this cotton ball for half an hour?”

Xiao Hui heard this and immediately gripped the cotton ball used to stop the bleeding. She puffed out her cheeks and nodded vigorously. Her serious appearance caused the adults next to her to laugh.

Chi Xueyan explained the precautions after a tooth extraction and watched the reluctant child leave. By this time, the clock on the wall was pointing to 5:20 p.m.

There were still 10 minutes left before he got off work.

Chi Xueyan sat down in front of the computer to confirm the patient’s appointment next Monday. His schedule was from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, the assistant behind him collected the used utensils and reset the dental chair.

A busy day of work was ending, and his colleagues were chatting in groups of two or three outside the room, discussing what to eat for dinner.

A new doctor from the consultation room next door walked to his door, reached out and knocked. “Dr. Chi, just now, that child walked out while grabbing her parents’ clothes and said she would come next time. How funny.”

“Children are obviously most afraid of seeing a doctor.” He watched the backs of the people in the room and said half-jokingly, “Dr. Chi is still the most charming.”

Chi Xueyan wrote today’s summary report and politely answered, “Xiao Hui was very well-behaved when having her tooth pulled out.”

The man at the door thought for a moment. Then he put his hands in the pockets of his white coat and pretended to be casual. “It is Friday today. Do you have any plans after work?”

Chi Xueyan left a rather wanton signature at the end of the report and stood up neatly without looking back. “I am going to a party in the evening.”

He took off his white coat, revealing a simple black t-shirt and jeans. Then he took out a bag from the locker with another brand new white coat.

The doctor who came to talk to him was just the opposite. He wore a carefully matched white shirt and slacks. The luxury brand on the belt buckle was quite eye-catching. Once he heard this, he immediately said, “What party…”

Before he could finish, Chi Xueyan seemed to remember something. “By the way, I have to drop by for a blind date.”

He immediately grabbed his bag and said goodbye to the other person. “I’m going first, Dr. Xu.”

When leaving the consultation room, Chi Xueyan caught a glimpse of the other person. This person had unhappy eyes but Chi Xueyan didn’t care. He just quickened his pace.

He hated the smell of cologne that pretended to be refreshing.

His colleagues at the clinic who had been with him for a long time knew about his sexuality. The new dentist had clearly heard about it, but he was destined to waste time.

Chi Xueyan was a very picky person. He had remained single so far and he wasn’t interested in this person, who he could see through with one glance.

He walked into the elevator leading to the basement level. Moments later, a sapphire blue sports car drove out of the garage and into the dense flow of traffic happening in the evening.

Chi Xueyan waited at the traffic light at the intersection while glancing at his phone. There was a lot of new information on the chat page.

There was a small group filled with the chatter of his colleagues from the clinic and Dr. Xu had sent him a private message that said: Happy weekend.

A friend excitedly sent a video of him setting up the party venue, urging him to come early in the evening.

There was also a message from his mother that reminded him not to forget to meet someone later.

He raised his eyebrow, put down his phone and looked forward again.

It soon changed to a green light and the dazzling sports car drove away. The slightly hot wind swept over Chi Xueyan’s red hair and revealed a pure black stud earring that gave him a bit of unruliness. It was completely different from Dr. Chi, who treated children gently and patiently during the day.

Unfortunately, the once-a-month blind data event collided with the theme party carefully prepared by his friend today. Chi Xueyan thought about it before making a decision to end the blind date as soon as possible.

According to his mother’s information, there was a high probability that he wouldn’t get along with the blind date he would meet later. Then it was better to save each other’s time.

His mother, Han Zhenzhen, felt awe toward some ancient metaphysical methods. During his childhood, a master told Chi Xueyan’s fortune. He said that Chi Xueyan must not go his own way emotionally in the future, or it would lead to a disaster and make his life miserable.

Thus, Han Zhenzhen was extra vigilant about Chi Xueyan’s relationships. Fortunately, he only cared about playing when he was a student and didn’t think about dating at all. Then when he got older, peach blossoms flocked to him. Han Zhenzhen was afraid he would go out of control after being free to love and started to set him up on blind dates.

As Chi Xueyan grew older, he became very disdainful of these sentences from the fortune teller. He felt that it was clearly reasonable nonsense that was made up. No matter whether it was feelings or other matters, being stubborn would either lead to excellent or extremely bad results. The probability of the latter was obviously greater.

Every time Han Zhenzhen chose a blind date, she could investigate them thoroughly. She tried to strike a balance between being satisfied with the family and Chi Xueyan’s liking, so that Chi Xueyan wasn’t self-willed.

Since he had veto power and didn’t want his mother to worry all the time, Chi Xueyan finally agreed to go on a blind date. However, it was only once a month and he considered it as meeting new friends after work.

Chi Xueyan walked into the cafe and found that the blind date arranged for him by his mother had already arrived. He was sitting at the table by the window and waiting.

The back of the other person was tall and straight. His shoulders were broad and his figure seemed good. His outfit was also quite formal.

Chi Xueyan recalled what his mother had said. The He family was involved in business and was extremely wealthy. Their family relationship was harmonious and his parents and older brother spoiled the youngest son. This meant he had a simple and pure personality and was very easy to get along with.

According to Chi Xueyan’s understanding, this person was too simple and easy to be deceived.

Chi Xueyan didn’t like this type, even if the other person’s appearance was outstanding.

He sat down and the two strangers exchanged brief but polite greetings.

“How long have you been waiting?”

“I haven’t been waiting long. I just arrived.”

The standard question and answer would be followed by talking about the weather and the road conditions when they arrived. Then it would be extended to each other’s hobbies, careers and families.

Chi Xueyan imagined it and already felt it was enough.

As he felt the subtle embarrassment of trying to move onto the next topic, he said in a joking tone, “I have a hot temper, I snore when I sleep, and I haven’t deleted my countless exes. So if you can accept it, we will get the marriage certificate on the spot.

His blind date’s emotions constantly changed when listening to his clear and straightforward self-introduction. It was from dazed to surprised and then determined.

Finally, he nodded slowly. “Okay.”


Chi Xueyan, who was about to leave, became stunned. Then he stared in astonishment at the man who had very serious eyes.

Did he hear incorrectly?

However, the other person’s solemn tone made it clear that it wasn’t an auditory hallucination.

“Mr. Chi, I need to tell you something.”

10 minutes later.

“…In short, you are the villain of this novel world.”

A calm and magnetic voice flowed in the corner of the cafe and the air fell into a subtle stillness when the man finished talking.

Chi Xueyan cocked his head and there was a ray of refracted light from the black stud earring on his ear. It was in the shape of a delicate and small snowflake and bloomed together with the incredible emotions in his eyes.

After a while, he almost digested what the other person had said. Then he thought of something and asked the amazing blind date, “Then what is my ending?”

A bit of hesitation finally appeared on the other person’s always serious face.

He avoided Chi Xueyan’s gaze and there was a type of embarrassment caused by pure kindness. He whispered, “The ending isn’t good.”

The man was wearing a well-tailored suit with a high quality. The famous brand name watch on his wrist was half-hidden under his cuffs. His posture showed a good upbringing without appearing too arrogant. This made Chi Xueyan have a handsome, gentle, innocent and friendly impression of him at first glance. There was also the dullness that could be seen.

Now that dullness was gone.

He answered tactfully but Chi Xueyan became interested. He took the initiative to ask, “Is it bankruptcy, betrayal and divorce or death?”

Chi Xueyan thought that villains in ordinary novels had these types of endings.

The man frowned slightly and replied honestly after a few seconds, “It is everything you said.”

In other words, he died with nothing.

It seemed that his villain was bad enough.

It was quite offensive to say things that were almost like cursing someone, so the man looked away from the coffee cup and tried to observe Chi Xueyan’s reaction.

To his surprise, his blind date with dazzling red hair didn’t show the slightest sign of anger. Rather, he smiled and there was even a hint of interest in his eyes.

“What do I do in the novel?” he asked. “What is the profession?”

The man was a bit surprised by the question. “You work in the family’s company but you don’t go there often.”

Chi Xueyan thought about it and accurately translated it, “In other words, a rich second generation who has nothing to do but fall in love… so what about before that? Where do I work?”

He took the initiative to give a reminder as if playing a guessing game. “I just came from work. It is a formal job that has nothing to do with my business. It is a 9-5 type of job.”

Both he and his mother found it funny to admire the surprised expressions of strangers when they heard his occupation. This was why they didn’t specifically inform the blind dates about his current occupation.

The other person was obviously stunned and replied after a moment, “I don’t know. It wasn’t written in the novel.”

Chi Xueyan shook his head with a smile and joked, “I think you might’ve read a pirated novel.”

What type of novel would make a children’s dentist a villain?

The temperament was completely wrong. It would be better to change it to a surgeon.

Chi Xueyan laughed before clearing his throat and saying seriously, “Mr. He, in fact, I really want to have dinner with you now. The hot pot restaurant opposite us tastes very good.”

He glanced at the brightly colored hot pot restaurant sign across the road and his tone was slightly regretful. “Still, I respect your ideas and I won’t waste your time. I have other arrangements.”

“But seriously, I really like the story you just told me. I will pay for these two cups of coffee.”

Before the other party could react, Chi Xueyan waved his hand to call the waiter to pay the bill. Then he said casually, “Use the excuse of incompatible personalities. You can tell your uncle and aunt that it is my problem. I was defiant and rude, etc.”

After skillfully arranging the end of this blind date, he shook his phone and asked with a smile, “Add me as a friend? I can help if you need a more comprehensive solution.”

There was a short pause before the man sitting opposite him nodded. He didn’t say anything else and opened his phone. “Okay, thank you.”

Chi Xueyan’s chat list was full of unread messages. A new friend was soon added and he received a polite greeting.

[I am He Qiao.]

He Qiao was the 11th blind date that Chi Xueyan had met.

He was also the one who impressed Chi Xueyan the most so far.

After all, it was rare for someone to seriously tell a stranger the first time they met that he was a transmigrator.

According to He Qiao, the world they were currently living in was a danmei novel. The main protagonist was someone else and Chi Xueyan was just a supporting role. He liked the protagonist gong, Lu Siyi, so he used any means to make a marriage contract. Later, he became more and more paranoid due to his hopeless unrequited love and did many bad things to hinder the two protagonists who really loved each other. He was a well-deserved vicious villain and finally ushered in a tragic ending.

Meanwhile, He Qiao was an outsider who transmigrated into the book and he knew the plot. He couldn’t bear to see Chi Xueyan, who didn’t know Lu Siyi yet, end up like this. Thus, he proposed to marry Chi Xueyan to avoid the plot. In any case he was a workaholic straight man who only wanted to use the information from the novel to develop his career and benefit the public.

The logic was intertwined and it sounded like it could be justified.

It was a pity that no normal person would easily believe these words, including Chi Xueyan.

Once the initial shock passed, he listened to the words and gradually understood He Qiao’s intentions.

Use advance as a retreat and use the typical schizophrenic symptoms to scare off blind dates.

This person was an expert.

As someone who was also unlucky enough to be forced to participate in blind dates, he couldn’t help feeling a bit of sympathy and regret for He Qiao, who had a large brain.

It was much more difficult to tell adults an anecdote from a book than to tell a mermaid story to a child.

If he had known that the seemingly boring He Qiao had this type of eccentric personality full of many words, Chi Xueyan wouldn’t have wanted this blind date to end so quickly. It would be good to chat casually as a friend and perhaps they could go to the party together later.

The coffee in the cup was only a bit emptier than when it was served. Chi Xueyan took one last sip and formally got up. He said goodbye to the man who was sitting opposite him in a daze.

“It was fun chatting with you,” he said generously. “I’ll go first. Goodbye.”

He Qiao looked up at him and replied, “Goodbye.”

Chi Xueyan walked out and clicked on He Qiao’s profile page on his phone, habitually adding a note for him: Little Eleven.

It was the 11th blind date so it was Little Eleven.

It was too tiring to remember so many names. Numbers were easier to recognize.

In addition, the number sounded cute. He liked nicknames that started with small letters.

So at the moment he passed by, He Qiao saw the sunlight that deeply smeared the red hair, outlining the white side profile into a three dimensional outline. In the bright light and shadow, Chi Xueyan’s gaze and fingers roamed randomly on the screen. It wasn’t known what he saw but the corners of his pale lips rose slightly and there seemed to be very light laughter contained in the aroma of coffee in the cafe.

It was a particularly strong impression.

The sound of the cafe door opening and closing came from behind him. He Qiao instinctively turned his head to stare out the window. He watched the figure with dazzling hair get into the sapphire blue sports car. Then he completely disappeared from sight, leaving only the crimson signboard of the hot pot restaurant on the opposite side.

He Qiao stared at the sign in fascination and it wasn’t known how much time passed before his phone rang.

The caller was He Xiao.

He Qiao withdrew from his thoughts and took the initiative to give a greeting after picking up the call. “Brother.”

He Xiao’s gentle, warm voice came from the microphone. “Have you finished talking? What do you think?”

“We don’t quite match.”

He Qiao’s voice was bright and a bit apologetic. However, the gentle expression on his face gradually faded away and he was completely different from before.

He Xiao asked with concern, “Why? Are you dissatisfied with him?”

He Qiao explained in a low tone without any fluctuations. “No, Mr. Chi is very good. It is my problem. I might be too boring for him.”

The waiter passing by stared at this strange scene with a bit of amazement.

He Qiao didn’t care about this and lightly tapped the tabletop with his fingers.

His older brother on the other end of the phone laughed. “Why do you think so? Did he say that?”

“No, I thought so.” He Qiao dutifully played a silly brother who had grown up in a greenhouse. Even if he had a worry, it was short-lived. “By the way, Brother, I just saw a new car with a very cool style.”

He was a book transmigrator who was still in the exploratory period when he first arrived so he planned to maintain the personality of the original owner of the body for the time being.

His half-brother He Xiao always responded to his requests. “I’ll accompany you to select the color on the weekend.”

“Thank you, Brother.” He Qiao was excited before signing. “Dad is going to say that I am spending money indiscriminately…”

“No.” He Xiao said with a smile. “Just don’t tell Dad. This is what I am giving you.”

In the atmosphere of brotherhood, the two of them chatted about some daily trivial matters. Then He Xiao shifted the topic back to this blind date.

“Do you want to see Mr. Chi again after this?” He Xiao was very patient. “He is a special person and I think the two of you are very suitable.”

“Really?” He Qiao hesitated. “I don’t know… Let’s talk about it.”

Chi Xueyan had already rejected the proposal to get married by agreement. Therefore, He Qiao planned to wait and see what happened before making plans.

He made this suggestion because on one hand, he really couldn’t bear to see the still normal Chi Xueyan end up tragically. On the other hand, he also wanted to use this to set this dangerous villain at a safe distance where they didn’t interfere with each other in advance, turning passive into active.

He Xiao was very measured. “Okay, then try to get along in private first.”

His brother’s soft voice came from the receiver of the phone. The porcelain white coffee cup stood quietly to the side and the residual body temperature on the handle had long disappeared. He Qiao couldn’t help recalling the extremely warm red hair.

So what was the current profession of this particular vicious villain?

In the book, Chi Xueyan gave up almost all other hobbies after meeting Lu Siyi and it didn’t mention what he did in the past.

He Qiao inexplicably felt a bit curious. At a certain moment, he even wanted to ask He Xiao, who had arranged this blind date.

The hot summer heat came in outside the window and he ended the call. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. Once he freed himself from the tight restraints, he sighed with relief and reminded himself not to think about it any longer.

There shouldn’t be any curiosity about the villain. It was a dangerous thing.

The phone placed on the table vibrated twice.

He Qiao looked down at it.

[Chi Xueyan: By the way, I forgot to tell you something just now.]

[Chi Xueyan: Your teeth are very well taken care of.]


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