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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 99

Final Inspection

Jiang Shaoyu looked up at the report cards of the contestants on the big screen. He thought for a moment before saying, “The three snipers No 1, 93 and 250 will be in a team. They will bring the No 10 medic and No 110 scout. The snipers 161, 287 and 300 will be a team and they will bring the No 180 medic and No 119 scout.”

Qin Bo quickly divided the group according to the instructions and couldn’t help feeling surprised. Coach Jiang paid a lot of attention to the grouping this time.

The blue team was Pei Feng, Gui Siyang and Mo Hantian, as well as the scout Ye Qingming and the medic Shi Xiaobin.

The red team consisted of three snipers Liu Shaozhou, Pang Yu and Yu Feng. There was also the scout Little Ye Zi and the medic Shu Chen.

The big and little Ye Zi were master and apprentice with similar scores. However, Ye Qingming had rich experience in the competition and Ye Suian was just a rookie who debuted this year. The master must be better than the apprentice. Shi Xiaobin had just transferred to a medic. He might have outstanding talent but he had little experience with a medic. He had to be weaker than Shu Chen.

The level of the snipers of both teams was comparable.

The scout of the blue team was stronger and the medic of the red team was stronger. The combined strength of the two teams was equal.

Perhaps Coach Jiang already knew who these numbers corresponded to? Otherwise, he couldn’t have divided them into teams so coincidentally.

At this time, Mo Hantian sat in front of the computer and was in a nervous mood. It was almost 12 o’clock in the morning. Why hadn’t he been matched? The system shouldn’t have forgotten him, right? The other nine people had the same doubts.

This was until a line of information popped up on everyone’s screen. [You have been matched for the competition. Please enter the 32nd competition room.]

Everyone immediately entered the room and changed weapons.

Soon, they realized that something was wrong. Mo Hantian was stunned and asked, “No 93, you also play sniper?”

Gui Siyang replied, “Yes. You too?”

Pei Feng watched everyone choosing a position on the team channel and couldn’t help wondering. Why were three snipers matched to the same team this round? Should he change positions to play? He thought for a moment before a thought crossed his mind. This was the third round and the 32nd match. In other words, more than 300 people had finished playing matches and they were the ‘remaining’ players.

If they matched the rest of the people together, there shouldn’t be three snipers in a team. There weren’t so many snipers registered this time. There were actually more assaulters and chargers.

Could it be that Master deliberately left them behind to observe? It was the third round and the last match. It might be to let the masters compete against each other. This way, the coaching staff could compare everyone’s performance and then decide who to pick for the national team.

He could play in various positions but he had signed up for the competition as a sniper. At this time, suddenly changing positions would affect his master’s plan, right? Moreover, with Master’s sharp eyes, the double-blind scoring was just for the other coaches to score fairly. His master must’ve recognized their identities almost immediately. Their hidden identities were almost transparent in Coach Jiang’s eyes.

Then the strength of the players matched in the last match should be close. He and Liu Shaozhou were definitely not on the same team.

Little Detective Pei Feng instantly understood what his master meant. He decisively locked into the Balot as his main weapon while his secondary weapon was the MSG light sniper rifle.

Mo Hantian was dumbfounded. “No 1 is also a sniper?”

Pei Feng laughed slightly. “Yes, there are so many snipers together and it is really lively.”

Ye Qingming raised an eyebrow and said very casually, “It depends on which one of you moves faster. Work hard.”

Shi Xiaobin said weakly, “Is anyone going to command?”

Mo Hantian didn’t dare command the strange lineup of three snipers. Pei Feng said, “I’ll do it.”

At the same time, the voice channel of the red team.

Yu Feng was puzzled. “Three snipers? Are there so many snipers who signed up this year?”

Pang Yu scratched his head. “Maybe we were left over?”

Shu Chen was afraid of society and didn’t dare to speak. Little Ye Zi livened up the atmosphere. “Once you meet the opponent later, the three of you shoot together. If the three shots hit the opponent at the same time, three holes will be left in the opponent’s head!”

Everyone: “……”

What was he saying?

Liu Shaozhou smiled and asked, “Is there anyone coming to command? If not, shall I do it?”

Little Ye Zi said, “You are handsome. You have the final say.”

Liu Shaozhou told them, “This one should be difficult to play. Everyone, cooperate well. Jiayou.”

Pei Feng could see the thoughts of God Wing and Liu Shaozhou could naturally guess the thoughts of his master, Vice-chairman Qi.

There were three snipers. This matching method was very abnormal. It was most likely that the judges put them together to observe. The two scouts might be the master and apprentice of Ye Qingming and Ye Suian, who had very similar styles. Judging from the speaking style of the No 119 scout, he was probably Little Ye Zi.

He didn’t know who the medic was, but it was most likely a seeded player of the national team?

This was equivalent to the ‘reserve national team’s training match.’ The difficulty was even greater than the finals of the A-grade League!

Liu Shaozhou replaced the main weapon with the AWM. The secondary weapon was the FR and he brought smoke bombs in this third slot. Then he pressed the ready button.

The match soon started. The mode was Extreme Duel.

The randomly selected map: Rainy Night.

Everyone: “!!!”

The shortest name and the most perverted five star difficulty, full sniper map!

The Rainy Night map was the darkest map in Gun King.

On a rainy night, only a few sporadic street lights illuminate parts of the map. 50% of the map was completely dark. The sound of rain would affect the players’ judgment of footsteps and gunshots. In addition, the light was dim. If their eyes weren’t good then they wouldn’t be able to find anyone on this map.

This map had a large number of intricate streets. In the darkness, enemies could appear from any direction.

Mo Hantian nervously gripped the mouse. This map was difficult to fight. It was precisely because it was difficult that it tested the sniper’s awareness and reaction even more.

Shi Xiaobin was very happy. Fortunately, he played hide and seek on this map with Old Chang some time ago. He had gone through all the maps several times and was very familiar with this map. If it was before, he would definitely get lost on this map.

Yu Feng’s eyes widened in shock as he complained silently in his heart, “Are the national team’s tryouts so crazy? Snipers shooting on the Rainy Night map is hell difficulty! Fortunately, Sister Xueyao usually takes us to go through the unpopular maps or wouldn’t it be shameful if I got lost halfway?”

Pang Yu was confused. “Isn’t it the explosive mode today? Why did it change to Extreme Duel?”

Little Ye Zi said, “This map Rainy Night is limited to the Extreme Duel mode.”

Pang Yu told him, “I know. I mean, why are we playing Extreme Duel mode?”

Little Ye Zi said, “It is because the map Rainy Night is limited to the Extreme Duel mode.”

Pang Yu: “……”

What was this person talking about? Why were his brain circuits so strange? He naturally knew that this was a limited map of the Extreme Duel mode. He was wondering why they randomly got the map of the Extreme Duel mode? Wasn’t it the explosion mode today?


Could this be what Coach Jiang intended?!

Xiao Pang realized this and immediately sat up straight, pressing his chubby hands on the keyboard nervously. He understood that this was the tryout for the snipers of the national team. Thus, the highest difficulty full sniper map was ‘randomly’ selected!

On the surface, it seemed random but the head coach specially designated the map for this match.

Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou sighed in their hearts.

God Wing, this is worthy of you!

Pei Feng immediately said, “There is a high probability that there are also three snipers on the other side. Pay attention to your position!”

Liu Shaozhou also said, “This is a full sniper map with three snipers on each time. Don’t show your heads first.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard the words of the two commanders. Did it go directly to the hell difficulty of a full sniper map and six snipers faced each other?

They were all stunned for a few seconds. It wasn’t until the map loaded that they woke up and quickly found cover on the map to hide.

At this time, Head Coach Jiang Shaoyu was sitting in the middle of the judges’ table and taking a slow sip of tea.

He was very calm watching the match.

In the blue team, Pei Feng ordered, “Medic, find a place to hide. Scout, go around the back. The three snipers should pay attention. 93, go to the left. 250, go to the right. I will guard the center. Find good sniper points in a triangular formation and crossfire cover!”

Crossfire cover was a better defensive strategy in team combat. The three of them would stand in the form of a triangle and the gunfire could cover the entire triangular area. Once a teammate was killed, the others could quickly focus on the point where he was killed.

Once Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang heard the instructions, they immediately moved together and quickly found three sniper points in the dark, rainy night.

Liu Shaozhou reminded, “Rush forward using the sharp knife formation. I will go to the front and you cover the flanks. We will test them with the first wave.”

The sharp knife formation was a common offensive formation. The person in front was responsible for opening the way while the left and right sides were responsible for cover. The last two people were detouring to the side or waiting to give medical treatment.

Yu Feng and Pang Yu immediately followed him. The five of them moved through the dark night like a sharp knife. Liu Shaozhou took the lead and moved ridiculously fast. He dodged to the left and right, moving in a snake shape and he reached the middle of the map in the blink of an eye.


A bullet burst through the air along with the rain. Liu Shaozhou dodged and the bullet grazed his ear.

The crackling rain made the sound of the gunshot less clear. Liu Shaozhou squinted and saw that there was a street lamp in front of him. The dim light of the street lamp was reflected on the street that was wet by the rainstorm, which would affect the vision of the people advancing. This made it impossible to see the location of the sniper point in the distance.

Using light and shadow to cover his firing was definitely Pei Feng.

Liu Shaozhou immediately ordered, “Disperse!”

Before he finished speaking, gunfire rang out in his ears.

[’No 250 Sniper’ has used the DSR to kill ‘No 287 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

[’No 93 Sniper’ has used the DSR to kill ‘No 300 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang in the triangular formation attacked at almost the same time, killing the two people opposite them.

Pei Feng made the best use of the light and shadow advantages. The light reflected by the street lamp would make the other side unable to see the surrounding sniper points. Liu Shaozhou led the assault and accidentally walked into their triangular ambush. He immediately asked, “Medic, can you save them?”

Shu Chen replied, “Yes.”

Saving people was the operation Shu Chen was most familiar with. In the dark rainstorm, he didn’t even need to take out the bulletproof light panel. He used the terrain cover to reach the place where his teammates died as soon as possible.

A figure moved quickly and in the blink of an eye, Pang Yu and Yu Feng were helped up one after another.

Liu Shaozhou said, “287, move to the left and lead the people around. 300, follow me to the right. Use cover fire and take out the sniper point on the right!”

The resurrected Yu Feng immediately followed him. The two of them moved quickly to the right side. On the left, Pang Yu fired two shots in a row and used the sound of the gun to draw the opponent’s attention. Little Ye Zi wittily bypassed from the left side to find the enemy sniper.

A few seconds later, gunshots rang out from the left and right at the same time!

[’No 161 Sniper’ has used the AWM to kill ‘No 250 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

[’No 119 Scout’ has used Sand Eagle to kill ‘No 93 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

The sniper point on the right side of the blue team was taken down by Liu Shaozhou while the sniper point on the left was sneak attacked by Little Ye Zi. Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang fell at the same time. Pei Feng wasn’t in a hurry to arrange a rescue for them and asked in a low voice, “Scout, report.”

Ye Qingming said casually, “I’m here at 4 o’clock.”

Pei Feng immediately made a decision. “Medic, don’t save them. You two, revive yourself in the lower left corner. I will lead them away.”

They stood in a triangular formation at a far distance from each other. If the medic tried to save them, it was likely the medic would also die, which would affect the rhythm of the game. On the other hand, the scout had already gone around the rear of the enemy scout and they could fight a counterattack.

Sure enough, Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang resurrected and found Ye Qingming hiding nearby.

Ye Qingming made a mark on the map. The two immediately understood what he meant and moved left and right to cover the scout breaking through.

Not long after, Ye Qingming found his apprentice Little Ye Zi in the corner. He pulled the trigger mercilessly and took away Little Ye Zi with a headshot from the Sand Eagle!

Xiao Pang nearly killed Ye Qingming but he faced Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang, who were closely following!

The two snipers fired at almost the same time and two bullets struck Xiao Pang.

At this time, Pei Feng had switched to the light sniper rifle, the MSG and was moving through the rainy night. He fired several shots in a row to lure away Liu Shaozhou and Yu Feng, the two right wingers. It was 1 against 2 and he was soon killed by Liu Shaozhou. However, Shi Xiaobin immediately revived him and he killed Liu Shaozhou in return.

In the meeting room, the judges were silent as they stared at the screen with wide eyes.

Six snipers sniped at each other and it was really thrilling!

If the violent strafing of the melee fighters could make people’s blood boil then the calm gunfire of a sniper was like death in the darkness—they killed in an instant!

In the dark night with heavy rain, the six elusive snipers fiercely confronted each other.

Both sides had an excellent commander with a strong overall vision.

Ambushes, outflanking, transfers, advances…

The two sides fought back and forth. The heads ratio changed from 10:10 to 13:15 and then 18:17. It was very tight.

Ten minutes into the game, the heads ratio of the two sides was actually evened out at 35:35!

Just as everyone was the most nervous, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly said, “Suspend the game.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment. Then Qin Bo reacted quickly and forced a pause on the backend.

The game screen suddenly stopped and a notification popped up on the screen. [Network failure. Please wait for the repair.]

The ten players who were fighting fiercely were collectively stunned.

The judges looked over at Jiang Shaoyu doubtfully. “What is the situation?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “In an official match, there will be all types of unexpected situations such as the sudden failure of the opposite player’s mouse, a keyboard failure, network interruption, etc. After a pause, it is very important that they can immediately return to the state and rhythm just now.”

Everyone: “……”

Forcibly pausing to interrupt the rhythm. Coach Jiang was deliberately pouring cold water on the contestants who were playing hotly.

The selection of the final round didn’t only depend on the operation and reaction speed of the players. It also examined their ‘psychological quality’ and ‘adjustment ability.’

Could the interrupted players quickly regain their form? The judges would have to wait and see.


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