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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 95


The afternoon matches ended at 6:30. There were a total of 15 matches, 150 contestants and approximately 20 players who performed well. They would be marked and observed more closely in tomorrow’s match. Of course, there might be mistakes in the first round or a failure to play at the highest level due to poor teammates. Such players still had opportunities in the second and third rounds.

Yu Mingxiang ordered food in advance and sent it directly to the meeting room, where everyone ate, discussed and rested for an hour.

At this time, the hotel employees also knocked on the doors of the contestants’ rooms. The hotel delivered dinner uniformly. The contestants in the evening matches hurried to finish their meals and the second half officially began at 7:30.

Mo Hantian sat in front of the computer, his face a bit nervous. The number he drew this time was 250 and this number… it was like the system was taunting him. If God Wing found out that No 250 was Mo Hantian, would he think of Mo Hantian’s black history of pretending to be a robot and crying while playing matches?

The competition for snipers was very fierce so he had to perform later to have hope.

Mo Hantian took a sip of water, adjusted his nervous mood and put his hands on the keyboard to adapt in advance.

At this time, Xia Li was also sitting in front of the computer and preparing. She was assigned 22 this time. The system seemed to be mocking her as a fool? When she checked in today, she saw that many powerful assaulters in the league had come to participate in the trials. She had quick reactions and accurate marksmanship but once she encountered a large map and fought a war or attrition or a drawn out battle, her level would be greatly reduced. Still, do her best no matter what.

No 287 Pang Yu stared seriously at the computer. His chubby fingers tapped the keyboard quickly to find the feeling. He had always been unappreciated in TNG and was a stepping stone for Lu Xingyun to take people’s heads. He was very aggrieved. In the past two years, he didn’t even have the qualifications to touch the threshold of the national team. This time, Coach Jiang gave such players hope and opportunities. He would naturally come to participate in the competition and go all out!

No 266 Lao Lin looked at the time in the right corner of the computer, rubbed his wrists and stared intently at the computer. Last time, the onset of tenosynovitis caused him to adjust for a long time. He originally planned to retire but he was still unwilling to leave. Brother Yu was back and the Chinese team hadn’t won a trophy in the World Series. He wanted to fight again!

[Your teammates and opponents have been matched. Please enter the 16th match room.]

[The match is about to start in 30 seconds.]

In the meeting room, several coaches returned to the judges’ seats and looked up at the big screen.

The evening, the 16th match.

The lurkers red side: 151, 162, 173, 222, 250.

The guardians blue side: 174, 181, 203, 266, 287.

Qi Heng saw these numbers and couldn’t help saying, “222 and 250 were actually matched to a team, haha.” (250 and 222 both have the double meaning of calling something foolish/stupid)

Old Xu smiled. “Perhaps the players who drew these two numbers are very strong.”

At the beginning of the match, the map randomly selected was Guanghua Middle School.

The spawning point of the lurkers was close to the teaching building while the spawning point of the guardians was close to the gymnasium on the other side of the playground. It was the Endless Bloody Battle mode and this map had very rich gameplay. They could go to the playground to fight head-on or play a guerrilla battle through the three storey teaching building.

No 222 Xia Li gave a signal at the beginning and rushed directly into the teaching building.

Mo Hantian saw that his assaulter teammate had gone into the teaching building and had to follow immediately. He said while running, “I have to trouble the scout to give us some vision and look at the air corridor.”

The scout teammate replied, “Received!”

At this time, Lao Lin was leading his teammates around the woods on the side of the playground. He guessed that the enemy team would enter the teaching building and fight a guerrilla battle in the teaching building. Pang Yu marked a point in the air corridor and said, “Medic, follow me. I will guard that point in the corridor.”

The medic quickly followed him. They climbed up the gymnasium from the left wing of the playground and circled around to the air corridor.

The air corridor had the best sniping point on the Guanghua Middle School map. It had a wide field of vision and they could observe their surroundings at the same time. To the west, they could kill the targets in the teaching building through the windows. To the east, they could aim at the enemies in the woods near the playground.

This sniper point was very important but it wasn’t necessary to fight for it. It was because the terrain of the air corridor was empty. There were no bunkers to hide behind it and they might not be able to defend it when occupying it first. In this round, Mo Hantian didn’t go snatch the sniper point but let the scout explore the way. He followed at the end of his team and stopped at the corner of the 2nd floor.

The scout teammate quickly gave a signal. “There is a sniper in the air corridor. Everyone, be careful.”

Pang Yu had occupied the air corridor.

Mo Hantian instructed, “Front row, attract his attention. I will kill him.”

Xia Li replied, “Okay, look at me!”

Xia Li had a bold and unrestrained style. Dying? What was there to be afraid of? Get up and continue to fight! Coach Zhu also said before that her instantaneous reaction was very fast and her ability to adapt to changes were very strong. Therefore, fighting ‘encounter battles’ was her specialty.

There was a door leading to the air corridor on the third floor. Xia Li hid by the side of the door and listened carefully to the movement outside. The next moment, she suddenly kicked the door open and the AK in her hand fired fiercely toward the air corridor.

Bang bang bang bang!

Fierce gunfire rang through the corridor and Xia Li moved forward while walking in a Z shape.

Pang Yu hid behind a pillar to avoid her fierce firepower and seized the opportunity to open the scope and snipe.

[’No 287 scout’ has hit ‘No 222 Assaulter’ with an AWM!]

The shot didn’t take Xia Li’s head. Her speed was too fast as she dodged to the left and right. She was as fast as a gust of wind and the bullet failed to hit her head. She was hit in the chest and lost about 50% of her health.

At the same time, Mo Hantian had been patiently hiding in the corner of the 2nd floor and waiting for an opportunity. The dark barrel of the gun silently stretched out from the window as he opened the scope to observe the movement in the corridor.

Xia Li jumped out to attract the attention of the enemy sniper and the moment the enemy sniper appeared—


A bullet rushed out and a headshot from a long distance killed the opponent in seconds!

[’No 250 Sniper’ has used the DSR to kill ‘No 287 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

Mo Hantian’s shot had reached the top level in terms of reaction speed and accuracy. During this period of time, he had stayed up late every day playing on the Korean server and his progress was indeed rapid. Mo Hantian was overjoyed and said, “Pay attention to the medic and don’t let the sniper be rescued!”

Xia Li replied, “Understood!”

The bloodied Xia Li wasn’t afraid of death at all. She carried her assault rifle and rushed over quickly, sweeping away the medic that wanted to save the sniper.

There were two deaths at the beginning of the game and this game should be stable. Just as Mo Hantian thought this, deafening gunshots rang out behind him. The bullets of a submachine gun swept over like a rainstorm and he was killed by Lao Lin before he could dodge.

Mo Hantian’s expression changed. “Be careful, they went around!”

Lao Lin led his teammates into the teaching building from the rear and instantly dealt with Mo Hantian and the medic hiding in the corner.

It was a 3V3 between both sides. Xia Li realized it wasn’t good and immediately turned around. “Hold the rear!”

Her scout teammate hurriedly ran to the side to ambush while the charger hid in the corner of the 3rd floor, waiting for an opportunity. However, Lao Lin fought particularly fiercely and directly led his teammates to rush up.

A powerful charger who could instantly tear through the enemy’s defenses with fierce firepower!

Lao Lin fought from the bottom up and directly killed the charger on the opposite side. Then he rushed up to the air corridor to kill Xia Li. Xia Li lay in ambush on the side and reacted quickly. She shot Lao Lin as soon as possible. Unfortunately, her health was only 50% and she couldn’t fight against Lao Lin, who was full of health.

The guardians won the first game.

Mo Hantian gritted his teeth. “We won’t grab the air corridor. We’ll go around the back through the woods.”

In the second game, the lurkers didn’t enter the school building but went to the woods. The guardians also happened to take the path of the woods. The two sides met in the woods next to the playground.

Xia Li’s advantages were brought into full play. She was very strong in encounters. She could shoot first and move as fast as possible. The woods were a map suitable for melee players and made her feel like a fish in water. She was like a flexible snake as she moved in an S shape, instantly sweeping away three enemies!

Lao Lin’s fighting style was more fierce and stable. Of course, he shot and killed two people. However, he was older and his reaction time was slower. This allowed Xia Li to kill him.

The small group battle established an advantage and the score was tied at 1:1.

In the third game, Lao Lin changed his strategy and said with a smile, “Let’s fight in the playground and lay an ambush.

The lurkers tasted the sweetness and continued to break through the woods, only to encounter the scout of the opposite side. Xia Li changed the scout and unknowingly ran into the trap arranged by Lao Lin. The guardians launched a ‘catch the turtle in the urn’ siege and gunshots rang out in all directions, quickly destroying the lurkers.

The score was 2:1.

The guardians were the first to get match point.

Mo Hantian took a deep breath. “Grab the air corridor!”

The moment the fourth game started, the front row rushed to the air corridor as quickly as possible.

Pang Yu didn’t grab the air corridor this time and followed his teammates around. Mo Hantian set up a gun in advance in the air corridor while Pang Yu ambushed next to the window on the second floor. The two snipers faced each other but neither could kill the other.

Xia Li learned to be smart this time. She hid in a classroom on the 2nd floor and patiently listened to the noise around her. After hearing the sound of footsteps, she suddenly jumped out the window and fired her AK crazily in an S shape. The clear and sharp gunshots of the AK rang out in the corridor. She jumped toward the opponent like a tiger and fired dozens of bullets with full momentum, directly killing two people in the front row!

Of course, she failed to survive and was taken away by Lao Li.

Xia Li’s style of play exchanged 1 for 2 and was very profitable.

Mo Hantian made a timely shot and took away the bloody Lao Lin. However, Pang Yu wasn’t dead yet. He moved flexibly in the teaching building and shot quickly. He killed two people in a row on the lurker’s side.

In the end, the players of both sides died and it became a 1v1 sniper situation.

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes and observed the screen carefully. The snipers on both sides were very strong and it was a battle between snipers. It depended on who could seize the opportunity.

Across the air corridor, Pang Yu hid behind a door while Mo Hantian hid behind a pillar. Both of them were nervous because they knew that the match point was likely to be decided by one shot.

Pang Yu tentatively fired a shot. Fortunately, Mo Hantian dodged fast enough. The bullet almost grazed his head as it flew by. Immediately afterward, Mo Hantian returned the shot. Pang Yu dodged and wasn’t hit.

There was a stalemate between the two sides but Pang Yu gradually gained the upper hand.

It was because Pang Yu was safer hiding behind the door. The air corridor was relatively empty. The pillar Mo Hantian was using to hide behind could cover his body but as long as he appeared, he would be easily hit by bullets. In the blink of an eye, his health had fallen to 50%.

He couldn’t go on like this.

Mo Hantian gritted his teeth and quickly tapped on the keyboard.

The No 250 on the screen suddenly rolled and moved toward the pillar on the other side of the corridor.

Of course, Pang Yu wouldn’t miss this opportunity. He fired immediately.

An excellent sniper could predict the opponent’s position and shoot at a moving target.

Yet to Pang Yu’s surprise, Mo Hantian’s action wasn’t to change positions in order to defend.

It was to instead use defense as an offense!

Once he rolled to the middle of the air corridor, his figure stopped abruptly and he shot behind him.


A 90 degree swing snipe!

Mo Hantian didn’t roll to the side to switch places to fight. It was to give the opponent the misleading idea of ‘I want to change locations’ and lure the opponent to shoot at him. Then he stopped halfway through, immediately fired a shot back and sniped Pang Yu, who came to aim at him.

[’No 250 Sniper’ has used the DSR to kill ‘No 287 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

Pang Yu couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this. This was a fake out and he accidentally fell for it!

In the meeting room, Qi Heng couldn’t help praising it. “This sniper might have the number 250 but he is quite clever.”

Old Xu commented next to him, “Yes, there is no opportunity so he created an opportunity himself. His awareness and reaction speed is very strong.”

Coach Zhu said, “No 287 also isn’t bad. Previously in the guerrilla battle of the teaching building, he killed three people in a row. His marksmanship is very accurate.”

In the final decisive round, the two sides competed for the air corridor again.

Mo Hantian took the lead in snatching the sniper spot and sniped the front row. However, Lao Lin had a lot of experience in competitions. He pretended to attack the teaching building but he actually sent two people to go around from the gymnasium. Among them was Pang Yu.

Mo Hantian was aiming at the teaching building when there was a gunshot behind him.

[’No 287 Sniper’ has used the DSR to kill ‘No 250 Sniper’ with a headshot!]

An eye for an eye!

Mo Hantian was sniped from behind by Pang Yu. Then Lao Li charged in the opposite direction and led his teammates to kill the rest of the lurkers.

3:2, the guardians won.

Mo Hantian stared blankly at the computer screen. He originally thought he could win but he ended up losing. He was really unwilling!

For the defeated team’s data, the assaulter had the best record. In each small game, they could kill 2-3 people. Mo Hantian’s number of heads wasn’t comparable so the MVP of the loser team was likely to be 222. This made his hope decrease even more.

Mo Hantian exited the match room in frustration.

At this time, several coaches were discussing it in the meeting room.

Qi Heng had been a sniper and he commented, “No 250 reacts very quickly. He could stop suddenly while rolling and complete a 90 degree swing sniping shot, even killing the enemy sniper with a headshot. It seems he has worked hard and practiced repeatedly.

Coach Xu, who had been coaching for nine years, also added, “Yes, this action isn’t something that ordinary people can complete. It is the so-called one minute on stage and ten years of work offstage. Hardworking players should receive high scores.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The assaulter also wasn’t bad. There can be two people for the losing team’s MVP.”

Who said that the losing team could only have one person get a high score? As long as they played well enough, it didn’t matter if they lost 2:3. The coaches present would look at the reaction speed, operation and awareness. Xia Li and Mo Hantian might’ve lost but they scored very high.

Of course, the winning Lao Lin and Pang Yu also scored very high.

After Qin Bo calculated the statistics, it was found that No 287 Pang Yu won the game but he was five points behind the total score of No 250 Mo Hantian. The small gap should be due to Mo Hantian’s amazing wave of sniping operation that left a deep impression on the coach.

Since there were three rounds, the person who would advance in the end depended on their next performance.

At this time, Mo Hantian would’ve never imagined that his score was clearly higher than the victor when he was the defeated one?

He scratched his head a bit sadly, took a deep breath and continued to open the ‘single player training camp’ on the computer. There were three rounds in this competition and he couldn’t give up. He would practice again and play hard tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Perhaps there would be a chance!


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