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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 93

Sense of Cooperation

The ten players of the 1st match entered the room. The red side was No 10, 16, 18, 128 and 133 while the blue side was No 1, 34, 144, 198 and 106.

Everyone had the same profile picture and they couldn’t tell who it was just by looking at the number.

At this time, the hotel room.

Pei Feng, who got No 1 and was randomly matched to the first match, couldn’t help laughing and complaining, “I am No 1 and was chosen for the first match. If I don’t get first place in this selection competition then I will feel sorry for the system’s love for me.”

In the next room, the No 10 Shi Xiaobin gripped his mouse and felt a bit nervous. “Am I playing the first game? I don’t know who my teammates will be.”

No 16, Lu Xingyun raised an eyebrow and felt a bit relieved. “In the first match, the judges will definitely be more conservative and give high marks… forget it, I will collect a few more heads later on and the record will be better.”

No 144, the scout Si Wenhui took a deep breath and rubbed his fingers together. No matter the result of the competition, it was already very good that he could participate in the trials. Just play well this time.

In the match room, the referee issued a prompt. [All players, please adjust the equipment, turn on the voice changer and press ready. The countdown is 30 seconds.”

In the meeting room, Jiang Shaoyu took a sip of water before looking back at everyone. “Let’s unify the scoring standards. If you think a player is excellent, score them 80 points or more. If they are average, give them 60-80 points. If they fail, it will be below 60 points. What do you think?”

Qi Heng nodded. “Yes. Do all five scoring items use this standard?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The commanding ability is a bonus item and the full score is calculated at 10 points. Players who take the initiative to command and command well can get points in this category. If not, don’t give a score. In the end, the final selection of the national team members will remove the score of command. If the scores of two people are completely equal, the one with the command ability will be given priority to enter the team.

There were 11 players in the national team and there was no need to choose 11 people with the ability to command. Having two or three commanders was enough. If all players with commanding ability received a high score then it wouldn’t be fair to other players who weren’t used to commanding.

This idea was quickly acknowledged by the coaches present. “It makes sense. Let’s first look at the scores for the basic operations, cooperation awareness and reaction speed. The command ability should be considered an additional question.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. Sister Yu, please give everyone the scoring form for the first match.”

There were too many contestants. In order to facilitate the scoring of the judges, the scoring form was calculated according to the matches. There were ten numbers on the form which could be filled in by them and handed over to Qin Bo. Then Qin Bo would put it in a table to summarize the statistics.

Several judges quickly filled in the ten numbers of the participants on the form and signed their names. This would make it convenient for later review and reference.

Qin Bo’s table was classified and calculated according to the five professions of charger, assaulter, scout, medic and sniper. Each player would receive scores after each match and the average taken. Each profession would have two players admitted to the national team, which was also convenient for Coach Jiang to choose.

The referee started the final countdown. After 10 seconds, the match officially began.

The first game of the match was the Endless Bloody Battle mode and the map could be selected between Cross Street, Guanghua Middle School and Bewitching Town. These three maps were selected by Jiang Shaoyu. The terrain was comprehensive and the respawn points of both teams were relatively fair. There was room for melee and ranged combat.

The seven judges looked at the big screen in unison.

The random map chosen in this game was Bewitching Town. The whole map was brightly lit and the red team (the lurkers) were born near the library. Meanwhile, the blue team (the guardians) was born next to the square.

On the left and right sides of the library, there were two roads leading to the square. There were also two forked roads at the square. The iconic tower in the middle of the square was a sniper spot, as was the rooftop of the library.

The moment the game began, No 16 Lu Xingyun on the lurker’s side rushed forward to the left. Lu Xingyun’s idea was very clear. The scoring depended on personal performance so he didn’t need to care if his teammates played well or not. He just needed to take as many heads as possible.

On the guardian’s side, a cold, mechanical voice was suddenly heard in the voice channel. “Everyone, disperse in a 2-1-2 formation. The medic and charger will go to the left and the assaulter and scout will go to the right. I will guard the center.”

It was the No 1 sniper Pei Feng who spoke.

His command was concise and clear. The 2-1-2 was a classic formation for the guardians so his teammates immediately understood. They might not know each other but it was better for someone to take the initiative to command than to be like scattered sand.

The guardians immediately cooperated to take a formation.

Jiang Shaoyu watched from the perspective of the No 1 player.

He saw this player switch to a smoke bomb and move as fast as lightning in a flexible Z-shape. He quickly climbed to the top of the tower near the square of Bewitching Town. Then he set up his sniper rifle and opened the scope to observe the surroundings. First left, then the center and then right. The scope searched in a 180 degree range and the observation of several key intersections was very clear and cautious.

At this moment, the No 18 assaulter of the red team came from the right and his afterimage flashed across the field of view.

Pei Feng’s reaction was quick and he fired in an instant.

[’No 1 Sniper’ has used the Balot to kill ‘No 18 Assaulter’ with a headshot!]

After killing the assaulter on the opposite side, Pei Feng turned the scope to stare at the left side. At this time, Lu Xingyun was hiding at the intersection of the small road on the left. He knew the position of the enemy sniper and said in a mechanical voice, “What about the sniper? Cover fire!”

The sniper on the lurkers hurriedly fired two consecutive shots at the opposite tower. Pei Feng quickly dodged and the bullets flew past his ears without any danger.

Pei Feng ordered, “Scout, go to the right road. I will cover you.”

Si Wenhui replied, “Got it!”

The snipers on both sides fought from a high position. Pei Feng fired two times in a row and the enemy didn’t dare show his head. Si Wenhui took this opportunity to quietly go around the library from the right side and hide.

Pei Feng’s teammates, the assaulter and charger took this opportunity to rush over. The moment the two of them rushed out of the square, they heard a deafening gunfire in their ears.

Lu Xingyun had been hiding and waiting for them. He knocked down the two people in one go and won a double kill!

However, in order to collect the heads, he jumped out and fired. This exposed him for 0.2 seconds to the sniper’s field of vision. In this short amount of time, Pei Feng reacted quickly and pulled the trigger.


A bullet shot through the air and pierced Lu Xingyun’s brain!

Lu Xingyun hurriedly shouted, “Medic, help me!”

Shi Xiaobin ran in a cowardly manner against the wall so that the enemy sniper couldn’t hit him. After running to the intersection, he immediately raised the bulletproof light plate and dragged the charger to a safe place to revive him.

At this time, Si Wenhui had already circled around the rear. Lu Xingyun heard the footsteps behind him and immediately turned back after resurrecting. As a result—

[’No 144 Scout’ has used a Sand Eagle to kill ‘No 16 Charger’ with a headshot!]

A few seconds after getting up, he fell down again.

Shi Xiaobin was a bit speechless. He hurriedly took the fork in the road and ran away.

He went around the side and raised the assaulter who had just died. However, the assaulter reacted too slowly. Before he could fight the scout, he fell down again.

Shi Xiaobin: Tired!

He should hide and wait for another chance.

At this time, there were still two guardians left: Pei Feng and Si Wenhui. For the lurkers, there was only poor Shi Xiaobin left.

Pei Feng said, “Go to the enemy media. Take the left to right.”


The scout searched while the sniper provided long-range cover. The two of them cooperated to quickly search the map and finally found Shi Xiaobin, who was secretly crouching in a small corner. Si Wenhui reported the location of the medic and Pei Feng switched to the MSG. Then he killed Shi Xiaobin with one shot.

The lurkers were wiped out.

The guardians won the first game.

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes slightly. This No 1 sniper… it should be Xiao Pei, right?

The commander was very calm and played flexibly.

The No 144 scout also performed well and the awareness of the No 10 medic was excellent.

He continued to watch the big screen and he could see the movement path of each player from a god’s perspective.

In the second game, the guardians changed their strategy. Under the command of Pei Feng, the four people gathered to attack the right side. Pei Feng fired a long distance cover and wiped out the lurkers in one wave! Shi Xiaobin hid and tried his best to save a few people, but his rescued teammates weren’t powerful. They soon died again.

At this time, Lu Xingyun was very unhappy. The teammates he matched with this time were really weak.

To get a high score, he needed to be the MVP of the losing side.

In the third game, Lu Xingyun ordered, “Assaulter and scout, go to the left side.”

The two teammates thought he was going to command and quickly ran to the left side. The sniper continued to climb to the roof of the library and Shi Xiaobin quietly hid in the distance.

The two teammates on the left were quickly discovered. The guardians came from the left and these two teammates soon died. Lu Xingyun dropped a smoke bomb and rushed out quickly. He went around the rear of the enemy and swept away two people on the opposite side with a wave of strafing! Then he ran back under the cover of the smoke and said, “Medic, save people.”

Shi Xiaobin didn’t go to the left to save his teammates. Was this person joking? The enemy sniper and scout were staring at the left side. Wouldn’t he just be going there to die?

Currently, there were two people dead on both sides.

Pei Feng instructed, “Go to the right. I’ll cover you.”

Si Wenhui replied, “Okay!”

Pei Feng fired two shots from a high place, forcing Lu Xingyun to not dare to emerge. Si Wenhui took the opportunity to come to the intersection of the right road. He sent a signal to Pei Feng that he was ‘in place’ and Pei Feng exclaimed, “Hit!”

Si Wenhui fired and killed the off guard Lu Xingyun. Lu Xingyun’s face instantly turned dark.

Meanwhile, Pei Feng accurately shot the enemy sniper.

There was the medic on the left side. Shi Xiaobin took advantage of them focusing on the right side to run over and successively raised his two teammates on the left side. Unfortunately, his teammates didn’t have any strength and were quickly killed by Pei Feng and Si Wenhui.

3:0, the guardians won.

Looking at his record of 8 kills and 4 deaths, Lu Xingyun raised his eyebrow. He took off his headphones and scolded in a low voice, “F*k, what type of weak teammates did I match with? Fortunately, my record is the best. The score won’t be too bad.”

Shi Xiaobin looked at his record of 7 rescues and 3 deaths and scratched his head in confusion. “Our side was in a state of disunity and my record probably isn’t that great. Ah, I don’t know how the judges will score it.”

Being a medic was too tiring and required him to run across most of the map to save people. In particular, that No 16 would rush out like a wild horse out of control. He didn’t care where his teammates were and Shi Xiaobin couldn’t reach him in order to save him.

At the same time, in the meeting room, the judges exchanged views with each other after scoring the 10 players. Yu Mingxiang put away the score sheets and handed it to Qin Bo to calculate it.

Qin Bo quickly entered the scores into the computer.

There was a three minute break before the next match. Qi Heng drank tea and asked curiously, “I think the No 1 sniper is good. How many points did you score?”

Coach Gu said, “I gave 90 points for the operation and response and 8 points for command. His judgment and arrangement of the team battles were excellent.”

Coach Zhu continued, “I scored 88 points in all four events and 9 points for command. I think he has a good view of the overall situation.”

Old Chang said with a smile, “I also gave 90 points. He is very skilled in mastering the map. His detours, outflanking and several waves of attacks with the scout were very good.”

Old Cui added, “He has solid basic skills and his marksmanship is accurate. He can often do headshots. I also gave 90.”

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help smiling slightly when hearing the coaches praise the No 1 sniper. He had recognized the No 1 sniper as Xiao Pei so the score he gave Xiao Pei wasn’t too high. In the final statistics, it was necessary to remove the highest score and lowest score. Therefore, how much he scored wouldn’t affect Pei Feng.

The coaches all acknowledged Pei Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu changed the topic. “Who do you think the MVP of the losing team should be given to?”

The group replied in unison, “The medic.”

“Yes, I also think the medic’s performance is excellent.”

“Just looking at the record, the No 16 charger has the best one with 8 kills and 4 deaths. However, his sense of cooperation is too poor. He just wants to show off himself and was out of touch with the team several times. It was as if he was playing alone.”

“He probably disliked the strength of his teammates but his strength is also average. Moreover, in the last wave, he deliberately sacrificed his teammates and went around the back to take people’s heads to get a better record. This type of practice is a bit bad.”

“Of course, you can sell your teammates but this is only if your teammates are willing to sacrifice themselves to cooperate with you to give the team an advantage, rather than being tricked into dying. I gave him 30 points for team cooperation. He failed to see the overall view.”

“It seems the coaches are too lenient. I only gave him 25 points.” The most experienced Old Xu said with a smile. “His teammates can’t keep up with him or save him. He just cares about his own limelight, regardless of the team. In my opinion, he isn’t qualified at all.”

In the eyes of the experienced, professional coaches, some clowns who wanted to express themselves would just backfire on them.

Qin Bo quickly calculated the scores. The best performer in this match was the No 1 Pei Feng. In terms of reaction speed, operation, overall view and cooperation awareness, they were all above 80 points. Some coaches even gave him a high score of 90 points.

This was followed by the No 10 medic Shi Xiaobin and the No 144 scout Si Wenhui, who got scores of 335 and 320 respectively.

Meanwhile, the No 16 Lu Xingyun only got above 100 points. It was the lowest in the match. In particular, out of the full score of 100 points for overall view and cooperation awareness, he got only 30 points or even 25 points. It was a complete failure!


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