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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 90

Buried Talent

There was a five minute break after the first game finished. The big screen started playing the highlights of the game just now. The director gave most of the shots to the Snow Leopard team’s Wind. No matter whether it was the first wave of neat double skills or the precise hits in the next few team battles, the sniper’s performance was indeed remarkable.

Jiang Shaoyu wanted to watch the positioning of the scout but the shots on the big screen were all decided by the director. The director thought the sniper performed the best and kept switching the camera to the sniper’s perspective. The Snow Leopard team’s scout didn’t even appear in the highlights.

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “This director… forget it. I’ll get a copy of the video to watch later.”

Soon, the second game began.

Xiao Hu said, “The second game is the home stage of the VV team. Which mode will they choose?”

“The VV team has chosen Extreme Duel mode. The map is… Ghost Castle!”

“Ghost Castle is a very common map in the league. It has dim lighting and plenty of statue obstacles. The map is a medium-sized map and the terrain isn’t complicated. The team that gets 50 heads first in the Extreme Duel mode wins. Let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of both teams!”

The moment the game started, the five members of the VV team chose to advance in a group. They took the classic ‘sharp knife formation’ on the map with the charger in front, the scout and assaulter on his left and right sides and the sniper and medic in the rear. This formation had both offense and defense, allowing the teammates to support each other as quickly as possible. If they cooperated tacitly then they could break through the enemy’s defense line in an instant, like a sharp knife.

The formation of the Snow Leopard team was very scattered. They were lined up and the distance between players was very far.

After the two sides exchanged gunfire in the center of the map, the three people in the front row of the VV team fired from the left, right and central directions at the same time! The charger and assaulter of the Snow Leopard team were swept to death by the opponents before they could react!

VV took two heads at the beginning and the team was in high spirits. They wanted to continue to advance and destroy the Snow Leopard team.

However, they couldn’t find the location of the enemy scout and sniper. The five people searched for a while on the map. Then within a few seconds, the sound of gunfire suddenly came from behind them!

The sniper had gone around the rear at some point and killed their medic in seconds! Immediately afterward, the revived charger and assaulter of the Snow Leopard team came out from behind and fired wildly. The bullets fell like a torrential rain and instantly wiped out the five members of the VV team.

The heads ratio on the big screen changed from 2:0 at the start to 2:5 in an instant.

The two commentators were excited. “In this wave, the Snow Leopard players shifted their positions and played very beautifully!”

“The Snow Leopard’s starting formation looked a bit scattered but it is actually easier to go around from the flank when dispersed like this. In this wave, they went around the back and exchanged 0 for 5. The sniper once again got a double kill.”

Next, the game was completely controlled by the Snow Leopard team.

They outflanked from left to right, attacked from behind, collectively transferred…

The five people cooperated tacitly and were dispatched well. In the dimly lit Ghost Castle, they were like ghosts floating around. It wasn’t known which corner they would suddenly appear from, catching their opponents off guard.

The heads ratio between the two sides grew larger and gradually opened up to 10 heads.

Pei Feng smiled. “VV is going to lose.”

In the case of a difference of 10 heads in the Extreme Duel, it was difficult to catch up unless the opponent made consecutive mistakes and were destroyed in two waves. Sure enough, the Snow Leopard team held onto their advantage to the end and won the second game 50:40.

In the third game, it was the home stage of the Snow Leopard team again. They chose Life or Death Explosion mode this time and the map is Bewitching Town.

In the first half, the Snow Leopard team was the bandits. They pretended to raid Point A but had a person secretly head to Point B with the explosives pack. By the time VV realized and wanted to return to Point B to defend, it was too late. The explosives pack burst and the Snow Leopard team took the lead in winning a small game.

In the following games, the VV team seemed to be led by the nose by the Snow Leopard team. This was obviously a gap in the command level. The five members of the Snow Leopard team cooperated with each other tacitly. They could always gather, transfer and disperse as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the VV team’s formation became more chaotic and their mentality was also broken.

The Snow Leopard team won three consecutive games and simply won the match with a score of 3:0.,

At the match, sporadic applause burst out from the audience and the two commentators praised the Snow Leopard team’s performance today.

Jiang Shaoyu got up and headed backstage. The Snow Leopard players backstage were talking and laughing. They seemed to be in a good mood. Qin Xueyao had a height of 1.6 meters and looked particularly petite standing beside her teammates.

The team members coaxed her to treat them to dinner. She smiled and agreed. “Okay, let’s go eat skewers.”

The group of people passed by Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng. Qin Xueyao glanced at them curiously but didn’t recognize them because they were wearing sunglasses and masks. She just thought they were staff members.

Jiang Shaoyu waited for them to leave before looking for the on-site person from the organizing committee of the event. He handed his guest viewing card and a USB flash drive to the other person. “Hello, I am Jiang Shaoyu, the head coach of the national team. Can I ask you to copy the backstage video of this match to me?”

The eyes of the staff member widened and he said excitedly, “Coach Jiang, why did you come in person?”

Someone else asked in a worried manner, “This match… were there any problems?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “There are no problems. I just want to take it back to review it.”

The staff members were puzzled but they quickly copied the backstage video for Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng drove back to the national team’s base. The two of them headed to the office, opened the video and watched it carefully from beginning to end.

The backstage video was recorded from the perspective of the referee and it was completely different from the live stream of the game. The referee could switch to the first perspective of any player and focus on the player’s performance while listening to the voice channel.

During the live stream, the director kept putting the camera on the sniper so that Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t see the operation of the scout properly.

Now he got the original video so he immediately switched his perspective to that of the scout ‘Snow.’

Qin Xueyao quickly sneaked into the teaching building at the start of the game. Her perspective changed very quickly. If they weren’t professionals, ordinary players would probably become dizzy when they saw the speed of her camera rotation.

Her course of action was ingenious. She used the ‘peekaboo’ vision technique so that the opponents couldn’t find her. After turning several times in a row, she quickly ran into the teaching building, hid around the corner and locked onto the position of the enemy sniper.

A girl’s clear and gentle voice was heard on the voice channel. “The corner of the 2nd floor, behind the window.”

The next moment, the sniper of the Snow Leopard team suddenly shot at the window on the 2nd floor.

It was a headshot and the sniper of the VV team was killed in seconds!

In the next few waves, the ‘invisible’ scout on the map was able to accurately report the opposite side’s course of action each time.

“Attention, there are three on the playground.”

“Five people in the teaching building. Follow me from around the left.”

“Hit them from the left side of the 2nd floor!”


The Snow Leopard team circled from behind and wiped out the opponent.

In the Extreme Duel mode in the second game, Qin Xueyao saw the opponent’s formation and immediately made a decision. “The opponent wants to charge hard. Spread out and send them a wave.”

Pei Feng listened to this and couldn’t help being surprised. “Then the two heads at the beginning of the game were sent on purpose?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were full of admiration. “In Extreme Duel mode, you can give away some heads when necessary and use the resurrection point to collectively transfer the team. This way, you can avoid the enemy’s edge and adjust the formation.”

In Extreme Duel, 40 heads would determine the outcome and the impact of giving away two or three heads in the beginning wasn’t that big. Sometimes, the formation was disrupted so it was a good strategy to resurrect and readjust.

Two members of the Snow Leopard team might’ve died at the beginning, but from a god’s perspective, it could be found that these two dead people didn’t waste bullets. At this time, their three teammates were quickly going around from the flank near the resurrection point. Once the dead teammates were revived, the five people could join together in an instant and outflank the enemy from behind.

The strategy was like ‘accept one loss to ensure two wins.’ It was a temporary disadvantage of the advantages in the next wave of battles.

Use the resurrection point to transfer all the players. Then go around the back and attack, killing the opponents.

Facts proved that this was played very well. They directly won five heads and the game was reversed in an instant.

Jiang Shaoyu had been staring at the scout Qin Xueyao’s perspective. It was no wonder why this girl’s record was 0-0-0. Her grasp of the map was very powerful. She always perfectly avoided the enemy’s vision and firepower, secretly observing them. Then she would find out the location of the five people on the opposite side.

In the last Life or Death Explosion mode, the Snow Leopard team feigned attacking Point A with heavy firepower. Meanwhile, the scout took the explosives pack and secretly headed to Point B. She placed the explosives and successfully detonated them. This strategy of ‘threatening the east and striking from the west’ made Jiang Shaoyu feel bright.

Pei Feng praised it. “This player has a strong view of the overall situation, flexible thinking and is a very calm commander. However, I found that she doesn’t seem to have fired her gun from beginning to end? She only held a dagger and ran around at the fastest speed.”

JIang Shaoyu said, “She is a typical support scout. She wins or loses through her teammates.”

Pei Feng was thoughtful. “If I was playing sniper and I had such a scout teammate, it would be very easy for me to kill the enemies.”

The sniper had to accurately judge the position of the enemy and open the scope to kill the enemy as soon as they appeared.

However, a sniper only had one pair of eyes after all. It was impossible for them to observe 360 degrees at the same time. If there was a scout teammate providing vision, the sniper could predict the enemy’s course of action, set up a gun in advance and take away heads as quickly as possible to create a numerical advantage.

In the match between Snow Leopard and VV, the Snow Leopard team’s sniper won the MVP for three consecutive games. He was able to take a lot of kills every time, which made him seem particularly powerful. However, any professional carefully reviewing the game would know that the key to winning or losing lay in the scout.

Without Qin Xueyao’s ability to see the enemy’s movements clearly and make arrangements in advance, the Snow Leopard team wouldn’t have won so smoothly.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Xueyao, who had a record of 0-0-0 in the post-match statistics and had the worst rating and frowned slightly. “Qin Xueyao’s overall view is stronger than many scouts in the A-grade League. Why didn’t any clubs find her? Her strength is being underestimated.”

Pei Feng made a guess. “Maybe most of the scouts and club coaches don’t have the patience to seriously review a match like Master and only look at the record. The Snow Leopard’s sniper has a record of 7-0 and is the MVP. This is obviously much better than the scout’s 0-0. They will focus on the good record while ignoring this poor support record.”

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it carefully. Xiao Pei’s words made a lot of sense. Clubs with good results in the A-grade League had many talent reserves and wouldn’t run out of youth trainees. They did not need to go to the B-grade League to recruit people. As for clubs like TNG and FAD, who didn’t have good results and relied on the star-making model to make a profit, they wouldn’t pay much attention to the B-grade League. They preferred to find good-looking players who were ‘easy to become famous.’

Qin Xueyao was a female beta and wasn’t extremely beautiful. She was a passerby who wouldn’t be remembered in the crowd. She could be called ‘handsome’ at most. In addition, her record looked so bad that it seemed like the sniper of the Snow Leopard team was leading her to win.

Yet as long as a person carefully reviewed the game, they would find that she was leading her teammates to lie down and win.

Jiang Shaoyu checked the information of Qin Xueyao and the Snow Leopard team on the Internet.

The Snow Leopard team was a team set up by Qin Xueyao (Snow) two years ago. There were no investors, and the five members were from Bingjiang City in the northernmost part of China.

In the B-grade League the year before last, they were a newly established team and were still in the process of developing their cooperation. They only finished fourth and didn’t receive much attention. Last year, they finally reached the finals but the sniper made a mistake. This caused them to get the runner-up spot and they failed to qualify for the A-grade League’s promotion and relegation competition.

It stood to reason that they should’ve disbanded without any investors.

However, this team persisted.

Jiang Shaoyu clicked into Qin Xueyao’s Weibo. The introduction was ‘Captain of the Snow Leopard team’ and the number of Weibo fans was only 880. It was a world away from Pei Feng’s 88 million fans.

Her Weibo shared the dynamics of the game every day and also reposted highlights from the A-grade League. In addition, she shared some food photos and training routines. She should be a girl with a good attitude who didn’t compete for fame and fortune. She honestly led her teammates to play in the B-grade League.

They were both scouts but Ye Qingming was unruly, elegant and casual. He liked to sneak attack and was very good at killing enemies unexpectedly. He was like a ‘sharp blade’ that opened up a gap. Qin Xueyao was gentle and quiet. She silently wandered outside the arena and made it difficult for opponents to detect her presence. Meanwhile, she accurately reported the position of all enemies to her teammates, just like a ‘god’s eye’ looking at the overall situation.

One knife and one eye, the two different styles of scouting could be adapted to different lineup systems.

Jiang Shaoyu finally found his favorite support scout. It seemed that the selection of the national team should officially be put on the agenda.


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