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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 9

Tracing Master

Shi Xiaobin was the substitute charger for the national team and only appeared once in the World Series. The little boy carried a mighty submachine gun and rushed to the front. As a result, he didn’t dare go up when it was the right time. He hid and waited for an opposite, only to be surrounded by the assaulters of the other side. He fired in a panic and the bullets scattered everywhere, like he was tracing the outline of the other person’s body.

Jiang Shaoyu’s phrase ‘tracing master’ really hit Shi Xiaobin’s weak point.

Shi Xiaobin felt a dull pain in his chest and took a deep breath. He stared at the computer with extremely serious and focused eyes, tapping on the keyboard with both hands as he typed: Since you are so powerful, you can choose the map for this game.

Casually: You should choose. Choose the one you are best at and let me see.

Shi Xiaobin: “………”

Mo Hantian reminded him from the side, “Xiao Bin, don’t be fooled. This is psychological warfare. He is deliberately starting with taunts in order to break your mentality!”

Shi Xiaobin was stunned for a moment before nodding. “It makes sense. This is psychological warfare.”

“Choose the most suitable map for a charger to play and directly kill him!”

Shi Xiaobin quickly opened the battle map library and locked onto a map: Rock Formation.

This was a typical multi-obstacle map. There were countless strange stones of different heights and the distribution was messy. Players could quickly move between stones to fight guerrilla warfare. This map was very complete. It tested the player’s judgment about the current situation such as where to hide, when to shoot and how to move.

Picking such a complicated map? It seemed that this little guy was serious.

Jiang Shaoyu pressed the preparation button and quickly changed his weapon.

His main weapon was still the Thomson-Flames, a powerful submachine gun. However, he replaced his secondary weapon with a Laser Cannon, which was the heavier machine gun in the game that had only four bullets. He couldn’t move when the gun was fired but the shell released had an extremely high destructive power. It could destroy any buildings hit and cause terrifying area damage to the enemies in a straight path.

In addition, he brought the throwing weapons, smoke bombs.

Every player had their own style regarding which weapons to bring in the three grids. The style of a charger was actually very flexible and different strategies could be selected according to different maps.

Before the game started, Jiang Shaoyu took advantage of this time to type in the public channel, asking: Shi Xiaobin, how do you think chargers should play?

Shi Xiaobin was startled and looked at Mo Hantian with a confused face. “Brother Mo, is he asking me a question?”

Mo Hantian rolled his eyes. “Ignore him. Does he think this is a class? It is psychological warfare. He is messing with your mind!”

Shi Xiaobin nodded in agreement and typed: I don’t need to explain this to you. Let’s go.

Casually: Okay, then explain it in real combat.

The game started.

The one-on-one mode of the shooting training ground was very simple. Both sides freely carried weapons, entered the selected map and killed the opposite side to win.

The main weapon carried by Shi Xiaobin in this round was the MP5-Black Knight. It was the most common, classic submachine gun in the world. The dark gun body made it look like a knight waiting for an expedition in the dark night. It was low-key and dangerous. It had a fast firing rate, strong explosive power and stable bullets.

For his secondary weapon, he carried the Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon. It was a common pistol suitable for flexible shooting in maps with many obstacles.

In the last weapon grid, he took a throwing weapon, the grenade. It was to supplement damage or to cover his retreat.

The game started.

The Rock Formation map was full of obstacles. Stones with different shapes would block people’s vision. Players needed to move back and forth among the messy stones. Jiang Shaoyu sneaked into the stone formation and moved as quickly as the wind. Shi Xiaobin also rushed into the map and cautiously looked for the location of the other person.

Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps from the front right. Shi Xiaobin’s spirit was refreshed. He rained the submachine gun in his hand and moved around to the right. He had just taken a few steps when a cloud of white smoke appeared in front. Shi Xiaobin immediately dodged behind a stone to avoid being hit by the opponent.

The next moment, there was a loud noise in his ears.


There was a deafening explosion and the surrounding stones shattered. The rubble splashed in the air as the terrifying firepower of the Laser Cannon smashed not only the boulder behind Shi Xiaobin but also burned a straight line around one meter wide on the ground!

Shi Xiaobin immediately turned around and fled.

The talent of the players who could be selected for the national team wasn’t bad. Their movement skills could reach a good level. The two sides started to play a game of hide and seek in the rock formation.

Shi Xiaobin soon heard footsteps at the intersection again.

He hid behind the stones, moved in a flexible zigzag shape from the flank and shot decisively at the intersection!

Bang bang bang bang!

The bullets fired by the submachine gun were extremely fierce. Jiang Shaoyu, who was passing by, was hit by a bullet and lost 50% health.

[Devil333 hit Casually with the MP5-Black Knight!]

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes lit up.

A hit! Daring to mock him as a tracing master? Let’s see if he didn’t sweep this arrogant person into a honeycomb!

Shi Xiaobin hurriedly chased after the opponent, wanting to shoot this Casually who only had a bit of health left.

Just then, the opponent threw the smoke bomb and the rising smoke made Shi Xiaobin lose his vision.

Shi Xiaobin’s footsteps paused slightly. The other person was moving quickly. He likely wouldn’t be able to hit the opponent if he threw the grenade now. Would it be safer to use the submachine gun to take care of the opponent directly at the next intersection?

Before he had time to think clearly, thick smoke rose again from the left rear.

Shi Xiaobin immediately turned around. Right after that, smoke also rose in the right rear.

This Casually moved very quickly and was like a snake moving between the rocks.

Shi Xiaobin was surprised to find that in the blink of an eye, there was smoke everywhere and he couldn’t see where his opponent was at all.

At the same time, there was a loud ‘bang’ in his ear again.

The shell of the Laser Cannon flew over and turned all the stones around Shi Xiaobin into slag.

Shi Xiaobin’s entire body was exposed to the opponent and he was like a living target. It was immediately followed by the harsh sound of gunshots.

Bang bang bang bang!

The sound of gunfire was deafening and the flying bullets smashed Shi Xiaobin’s body fiercely like hail. Dozens of bullets in a row all night. There were almost no misses and Shi Xiaobin’s body was instantly riddled with bullets!

He was swept to death by Casually just like this?

[Casually used the Thomson-Flames to kill Devil333!]

Shi Xiaobin: “………”

Mo Hantian stared at the screen with a dull expression and murmured, “L-Lost?”

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes were red and he trembled. “H-He used the Laser Cannon to blow up the bunkers around me!”

A heavy weapon like the Laser Cannon hardly ever appeared in the professional arena.

It was a heavy submachine gun and there were only four shells. This meant it was usually used by players in the online game to complete some plot missions, such as the Zombie Siege or other dungeons. One blast could blow up a group of zombies.

Who would carry a cannon during a game? They wouldn’t be able to run at all! By the time they set up the cannon, the sniper on the other side would’ve already sent them to death.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobin didn’t expect that the other player wouldn’t play according to common sense and would actually enter the arena with a cannon.

Mo Hantian was also stunned. “What is this way of playing? A destructive flow of bombardment? Directly blowing up the obstacles? F*k!”

Shi Xiaobin’s face was pale and his lips trembled slightly. “No, I’ve never seen a charger that can play like this.”

The game just now was really uncomfortable. Shi Xiaobin even felt that he had been playing a game of ‘cat and mouse.’ He was the mouse teased by the other person and was led around by the nose.

The seemingly disorderly ‘wild bombing’ was actually full of details.

Casually had already guessed the exact location of Shi Xiaobin and used the smoke as a cover to set up the Laser Cannon. He blew up the obstacles around Shi Xiaobin, exposing Shi Xiaobin to his line of sight. Then Casually simply and neatly took out the submachine gun and shot him.

Shi Xiaobin stared at the gray screen and felt a layer of cold sweat flowing down his back. He quickly typed a sentence.

Devil333: Who the hell are you?

Casually: How do you think a charger should be played?

He asked this question again but Shi Xiaobin didn’t know how to answer it.

It wasn’t known if the teenager was angry or ashamed but Shi Xiaobin’s cheeks were red. This scene made the dazed Shi Xiaobin feel like he had returned to junior high school. He was called by the teacher to answer a question in class and as a result, he didn’t know how to answer. He could only stand there at a loss.

Casually: Think about it. I hope that you will have an answer the next time we meet.

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin: “……”

After abusing them and a wave of mockery, this person still wanted to leave homework?

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin exchanged looks.

A moment passed before Mo Hantian’s mind returned. He couldn’t help saying, “Damn, who does he think he is? He still wants to guide us? I’ll call a few more people. I don’t believe that no one in the national team can’t beat him!”

Mo Hantian didn’t dare to alarm the bigshots of the national team and he was also afraid of being scolded by the captain. He thought about it and simply took out his phone to send a message to the small group chat of the national team’s substitutes: [There is a passerby who is challenging us. He is disregarding the players of the national team. Does anyone want to abuse him?]

Shi Xiaobin added: [This person is quite powerful. My guess is that it is the side account of a professional player who hasn’t been selected for the national team. Both me and Brother Mo were ridiculed by him. He said that he can casually win whenever he wants against the players of the national team.]

This small group was built privately by several members of the national team who were of a similar age.

The average age of the members of the group was less than 18 and all of them were newcomers. Apart from Mo Hantian, a sniper trained by the national team, the rest were substitute players who played once in the World Series or didn’t even have a chance to play.

They might be substitutes but they were all super popular players of the major teams. There was a reason they got into the national team.

Mo Hantian’s message immediately attracted the attention of the team members.

[Casually win? So arrogant?]

[Brother Me, pull me to see!]

[Just send the room number and password to the group.]

Mo Hantian: [The shooting training ground room 7456. There is no password.]

Soon, a group of people rushed to the training room. They turned on their computers and logged into their accounts. In the game, a series of notifications appeared in the system window in the upper left corner.

[TKTK has entered the room to watch.]

[SS777 has entered the room to watch.]

[To Lazy to Take a Name has entered the room to watch.]

[This is a Side Account has entered the room to watch.]


Suddenly, the shooting training ground that originally had only two people was filled with a group of onlookers and their IDS looked like side accounts.

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly and typed quickly.

Casually: Xiao Mo went to call people again?

Casually: Is this the Gourd Babies Squad that you called?

The players of the national team looked at each other. He actually called them gourd babies. Where did they look like gourd babies?

Shi Xiaobin typed with a blank expression as he asked: Gourd Babies Squad? What do you mean?

Casually: Gourd babies save their grandfather.

Casually: Send themselves one by one.

Everyone: “……”

Did he mean that a group of ‘gourd babies’ came to line up and die? He was so confident? This person actually dared to single out the national team. Why didn’t he go to heaven?

The damage caused by Casually’s use of his poisonous tongue caused the mentality of the group of young people to collapse collectively.

F*k! They had to kill this Casually today or where would the face of the national team be? Wouldn’t they be laughed at if the name ‘Gourd Babies Squad’ became known?


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