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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 88

Watching the Game

The RED Club was dealt with fiercely and the managers of the other clubs also realized a problem—the e-sports industry had completely changed and many methods couldn’t be solved with their previous way of ‘throwing money’!

The league’s top management was determined to rectify the bad atmosphere. The national team’s coach, Jiang Shaoyu was even more aggressive. He hadn’t appeared in this incident from beginning to end, not even posting a single word on Weibo, but everyone was clear… he must be behind it!

Who actually submitted the evidence to the league? It definitely wasn’t Shi Xiaobin.

The only one who had been to RED during this time was Coach Jiang, who was patrolling around. After he went for an inspection, he took Shi Xiaobin away. Immediately afterward, RED took a chance to smear Shi Xiaobin in a public opinion war. As a result, they kicked the iron plate and were the first team to be ‘disqualified’ by the league.

FAD’s Cheng Feifan looked at the news and sweat broke out on his forehead. Last time when Jiang Shaoyu came to inspect, it was RED’s Coach Chen who tipped him off in private. He made a clever script to act out for Jiang Shaoyu, hoping that Jiang Shaoyu and the national team would see Tang Kai’s progress. As a result, it was exposed by the other party at first glance.

He thought of Jiang Shaoyu’s sharp eyes while leaving and Cheng Feifan felt like someone had poured cold water on his head! Fortunately, they only acted out a script during the team practice. It was different from RED, who had gone directly to the official match to act out a script… then RED played themselves.

Cheng Feifan was terrified and called a meeting of the team members. “I believe everyone knows about RED. The league is now very strict about discipline. For next week’s match, we are playing against the JZ team. Cheer up and prepare well. Coach Jiang might go to the scene to watch the match. You must not drop the ball again!”

Their image in Jiang Shaoyu’s heart might already be very bad, but now they had started playing in earnest. Perhaps they could be saved?

On Saturday, March 27th, the fourth week of the regular season officially began.

Ever since RED was disqualified from the league, the original ten teams became nine and the schedule was adjusted. The first of the two matches on Saturday was between FAD and JZ and the second was between COC and HW.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng came to the competition venue again. The two of them walked into the viewing room together.

Soon, Lao Lin’s hearty laughter was heard from the corridor. “Xiao Zhou, it is your time to invite us for dinner, right?”

Zhou Yiran said with a smile, “No problem. You decide the place after the match.”

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou had been eating hot pot with their teammates when RED had an accident last weekend. Lao Lin still had a good impression of Shi Xiaobin. Shi Xiaobin was his fan and played charger because of him. Shi Xiaobin had reluctantly tried to keep him when he decided to retire.

Seeing the news on the Internet, Lao Lin wanted to post on Weibo to protect Shi Xiaobin. However, he was stopped by Zhou Yiran. “Don’t worry. Shi Xiaobin was taken away by Brother Yu so Brother Yu will definitely deal with it. We shouldn’t show up in order to not make trouble.”

Lao Lin had to endure it.

Unexpectedly, in just three days… RED became cold.

After meeting again, Lao Lin couldn’t help complaining to Zhou Yiran in a low voice. “This week, we were supposed to play against RED but those idiots were kicked out of the league. Therefore, the opponent was changed to FAD.”

Zhou Yiran smiled. “I told you that Brother Yu would handle it. He has Xiao Pei by his side and it isn’t our turn to come forward.”

While chatting, the door of the viewing room next to them was suddenly pushed open. It was Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng.

The smiles of the two of them froze. They hurriedly turned around and greeted respectfully, “Cough, Brother Yu, Xiao Pei, are you here too?”

“Coach Jiang, long time no see.”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at his two old teammates and said casually, “I was in too much of a rush when I went to the club to inspect last time and didn’t greet you. I came to the scene today to watch the match. Fight well later and don’t let me down.”

The two people exchanged looks and Zhou Yiran touched his nose. “I am a bit stressed now that you are saying this.”

Lao Lin said, “There is a feeling like someone is staring at my back. It gives me the chills.”

Pei Feng joked from beside him. “Turn pressure into motivation.”

At this moment, the player of the FAD team also walked toward this side. Tang Kai’s face turned pale when he met Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes. He was wondering whether to speak or not when Coach Feifan said cheekily, “God Wing, haha, are you here too?”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him and asked calmly, “You didn’t arrange a script today, right?”

Everyone in FAD suddenly had chills down their spines. Cheng Feifan hurriedly shook his head. “No no, we must fight well!”

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng returned to the viewing room while the JZ and FAD players were ready to play.

Pei Feng thoughtfully poured a glass of water for his master and whispered to Jiang Shaoyu, “Master, if I remember correctly, Tang Kai was a substitute scout for the last national team, right? He looked very guilty just now and didn’t dare to look into your eyes. Did he do something wrong?”

Jiang Shaoyu said coldly, “He naturally has a guilty conscience. Last time, I went to FAD for an inspection and he cooperated with the coach to show me a play and act out a triple kill. Besides Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou, I came to the scene today to watch Tang Kai’s performance. In the beginning, it was Coach Cheng who directed the script. Tang Kai was confused and acted along with him, but he can’t be considered the main culprit. If he can fully wake up like Xiao Mo then he might still be saved.”

Pei Feng stroked his chin thoughtfully and looked up at the big screen.

The match started quickly. The JZ team, led by Lao Lin, chose the Extreme Duel mode and played very aggressively.

In the opening game, the group of five people rushed head on and directly beat FAD with a wave of 0:5 team annihilation. Once FAD resurrected, the scout Tang Kai wanted to sneak attack from the rear. As a result, Lao Lin seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. Tang Kai had just gone around when Lao Lin suddenly turned. The gun instantly turned 180 degrees and fired wildly.

Bang bang bang!

The gunfire was deafening.

Bullets swept out from the Thomson-Flames and rushed toward Tang Kai like raging flames. Tang Kai was swept to the ground before he could react!

Lao Lin’s actions of suddenly turning around and sweeping the scout to death. This caused the venue to burst out into deafening screams and applause.

Pei Feng smiled. “Lao Lin’s fighting style is still so fierce. His reaction is also very fast.”

Jiang Shaoyu admired it with his eyes. “After all, he is a veteran player with rich experience in the competition. He can guess which direction the scout from the enemy team will come from. It depends on whether Tang Kai can come up with a way to crack it.”

JZ was a very hot-blooded team and had Lao Lin as the core of the front row output firepower. In order to fight JZ, Lao Lin needed to be killed. In this game, there were nearly 10 waves of team battles. Tang Kai wanted to kill Lao Lin every time, but he died under Lao Lin’s gunfire.

The more he died, the more his mentality collapsed and the more mistakes he made.

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “What is the difference between Tang Kai’s playing method and delivering food? To fight JZ, you can’t directly send a scout to assassinate Lao Lin. You should cooperate with the sniper. Provide vision to your teammates and let the sniper suppress him remotely.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Yes, in the entire league, the only scout who can assassinate Lao Lin is the first-class Brother Ye. It is impossible for ordinary scouts to get close to him… maybe it is because Master is watching backstage that Tang Kai wants to show off too much, right?”

However, Gun King was a team game. They couldn’t show their excellence by killing the enemy individually. Assisting teammates and letting them kill the enemy’s C position was also a success.

Jiang Shaoyu said in a disappointed manner, “Tang Kai’s view of the overall situation is too poor. The scout shouldn’t be the core of this game. He should’ve obediently assisted his teammates but he couldn’t recognize this himself… forget it, I’ve already given him a chance.”

Pei Feng looked at his master. “When it comes to scouts, isn’t Brother Ye’s apprentice, Xiao Yezi quite talented?”

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head lightly. “Little Ye and Big Ye’s playing style is too similar. He just debuted this year and he is still young. He can only imitate the style of his master. The national team doesn’t need two identical scouts. In addition, you can also imitate Ye Qingming’s style.”

Pei Feng thought about it carefully. If both Little Ye and Big Ye were selected for the national team, add Pei Feng’s ability to imitate and there would be three similar styles of play. It wasn’t necessary. To be on the safe side, it was better to choose a supporting scout who could adapt to the sniper core lineup.

Pei Feng asked, “What about the scouts of other teams? Master, you went for a round of inspection this time. Did you see anyone satisfactory?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Out of TNG’s fat and thin combination, the scout Si Wenhui isn’t bad. The scouts of other strong teams like JZ, HW and BM are also okay. However, in my eyes, they haven’t reached a particularly excellent level. I want to see them again.

There was still a month before the selection of the national team and Jiang Shaoyu probably had an idea about the players in other positions. For the scouts, Ye Qingming’s ‘scout core’ style was suitable for guerrilla warfare, sneak attacks and other flexible tactics. Then choosing a support scout would make the tactics more comprehensive.

After the two matches were over, Jiang Shaoyu got up and left with Pei Feng.

Backstage, Zhou Yiran took the initiative to say, “Brother Yu, Xiao Pei, do you want to go to dinner together? Today, I will treat you.”

Zhou Yiran was the ‘gentlest’ alpha in the eyes of his fans. His smile was very infectious and gave people the feeling of a spring breeze. It was difficult for anyone to refuse his request. However, Jiang Shaoyu refused unceremoniously. “I won’t go and will head back to the base with Xiao Pei. You guys eat.”

Zhou Yiran looked at the back of the quickly leaving Jiang Shaoyu and shrugged helplessly. “Hey, you really don’t give me any face.”

Lao Lin patted his friend on the shoulder. “Be content. The fact that he didn’t scold you is already very good. It means you played well in today’s match.”

Zhou Yiran thought about it carefully and couldn’t help smiling. “That’s right. Not scolding me is equivalent to praising me in disguise?”

The two old teammates performed really well today. Lao Lin played FAD and won the match directly with a large score of 3:0. Xiao Zhou also got three MVPs. His record was very good and he didn’t disgrace Brother Yu.

The two captains walked side by side with their team members. Zhou Yiran said in a soft voice, “Brother Yu has finished inspecting the club. Next, he is going to personally watch the matches on the spot. Is he looking for players? Then he will officially select them?”

Lao Lin replied, “Probably? I can’t guess his thoughts. In any case, it is enough to work hard in the trials. Chen Chen and Ye Zi are already in the national team so the two of us can’t delay. It is agreed that all ACE members will go to the national team to reunite.”

Zhou Yiran nodded. “Yes, there are many competitors in the charger position. Don’t be careless.”

Lao Lin smiled. “How about the two of us fight one-on-one when we’re free and practice our shooting?”

“Okay, after training tonight, add me. I must maintain the feeling.”

They were experienced veterans and captains of big teams but e-sports competitions were full of unknowns. Jiang Shaoyu wouldn’t show them mercy in the selection process.

Therefore, they could only train more seriously and harder in private to reach the national team in the best condition.

On the way back to the base, Pei Feng said casually while driving, “Lao Lin and Brother Zhou played very well today. Perhaps it was because Master was sitting in the audience? They both seem to be full of motivation and got a score of 3:0. They won three consecutive MVPs.”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Yes, it’s okay.”

The two old teammates did perform well. The strength of these old players made Jiang Shaoyu feel very relieved.

Pei Feng asked, “Master, are you still going to watch tomorrow’s matches?”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the schedule. “I know almost all the clubs in the A-grade League. We will go to the B-grade League tomorrow.”

Pei Feng was stunned for a moment. “The secondary league? Master, do you think there are any outstanding players in the secondary league?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. Don’t forget that our ACE entered the A-grade League from the B-grade League. The overall strength of the B-grade League isn’t as good as the A-grade League and there is no formal club financial support. Due to this, they aren’t affected by external factors such as fame and salary. Most of the players are playing seriously. Perhaps there are outstanding seedlings?”

Pei Feng also thought it made sense and nodded. “Okay. The venues of the B-grade League are far away. We will have to drive there early tomorrow.”

After going back that night, Jiang Shaoyu checked the schedule of the B-grade League on the official website.

The A-grade League had tens of millions of followers and there were too many stars to count. The live stream room was often filled with barrages. Meanwhile, the B-grade League had less than a million followers and hardly anyone watched the live stream. The audience seats at the venue were often empty. It was mainly the scouts and coaching staff of the major teams who paid attention to see if they could dig out some good seedlings.

The teams of the B-grade League were mixed. Many teams were self-organized and might not even have a regular base. They rented a house, arranged the living room as a training room and set up beds in the bedroom to sleep. It was likely that three or four people were crammed into a room to sleep on bunk beds.

Of course, there were youth training teams of some large clubs who played in the secondary league to gain experience.

This was how Jiang Shaoyu had risen back then. Therefore, he wouldn’t limit his vision to the star-studded A-grade League. The hard-working, invisible players in the secondary league would also have the opportunity to get the attention of the national team’s coach.


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