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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 87

Processing Results

The development of things was exactly as Pei Feng expected.

Every time news broke out, the first batch of scolding came from trolls leading the rhythm while the rational netizens chose to wait and see. After all, over the years, there were too many reversals about various news on the Internet.

Pei Feng’s ‘detective fans’ uncovered the errors in the chat records one by one and the trend on the Internet quickly changed.

“I was wondering how Shi Xiaobin’s personality collapsed so badly. So it was really faked, right?”

“I’m laughing to death. Just after Bin Bin differentiated into an omega, he confessed to his alpha friend. Didn’t the screenwriter watch too many dog blood romance movies?”

“The photo of the dormitory was taken on a snowy night but bright moonlight can be seen. It is really a supernatural event.”

“Coach Jiang asked him to play as the main force? Is this blackening our Xiao Bin or blackening the coach?”

“Don’t you think it is strange that God Wing suddenly took Bin Bin away? Could it be that there is a problem with the RED Club?”

“Shi Xiaobin terminated his contract with RED. I don’t believe that the club is innocent!”

At the beginning, many people questioned Shi Xiaobin. Now, more and more people were beginning to question the RED Club.

There were even fans who rushed to the club’s official Weibo to leave a message.

“You have the ability to talk on a side account and use a youth trainee’s side account to release the chat record. You guys are really disgusting!”

“Hiding like a mouse? Don’t you care if your youth trainee breaks people’s privacy at will?”

“IF I’m not mistaken, the alpha player who slept with a fan before was also from your club!”

“You are thinking crazily out of the desire to be popular, right? Just change the name to the Strange Club!”

Chen Xu never expected that this public opinion war would actually reverse the direction in just two days. From the beginning, the entire Internet was attacking Xiao Bin but now it inexplicably became RED being attacked?

He looked at the assistant and said with a dark face, “Who let you fake the chat records? I don’t know who made it up. I told you to just create some rhythm to blacken Shi Xiaobin. I didn’t ask you to do such a stupid thing, right?”

The assistant whispered, “Coach Chen did it. After Shi Xiaobin left that day, he logged into Shi Xiaobin’s computer and found that the Q account was set to remember the password. That’s when he came up with this idea. In order to make the record more realistic, a few players acted a bit on the day that RED and CIP played each other. This allowed Mo Hantian to successfully win three kills and four kills.”

Chen Xu: “……”

What a pig teammate!

Coach Chen pretended to be smart and dragged the entire RED Club into the water! He was an undercover agent sent by Jiang Shaoyu, right?

Chen Xu’s face was extremely ugly as he immediately called his cousin Chen Hui over and scolded him. “Who let you do your own thing?”

Chen Hui’s face was pale and he trembled while scratching his head. “I-I thought it was such a realistic record that Shi Xiaobin wouldn’t be able to explain anything. He will have the stain of leaking tactical secrets and the national team will kick him out.”

If it was changed to a previous coach of the national team, they might abandon Shi Xiaobin to calm things down and silence the netizens. After all, the previous coaches were soft-tempered and didn’t dare to offend the major clubs.

He hadn’t expected things to go completely out of control!

Chen Xu resisted the urge to beat up this pig teammate. He pushed up his glasses and said coldly, “Fred must be behind this matter. The management team behind the top streamer Pei Feng isn’t simple. Why did he help Shi Xiaobin? Obviously, his master wants to protect Shi Xiaobin.”

Chen Hui paled. “Then what should we do?”

Chen Xu told him, “Immediately delete all the records in the computer, format the hard drive and reinstall the system. If the higher ups come to check, stubbornly insist that the side account had nothing to do with our club. It was just a sunspot on the Internet slandering Shi Xiaobin.”

Chen Hui was so frightened that he hurriedly deleted the information.

At this time, Shi Xiaobin was in the dormitory building of the national team and watched the trend change on the Internet. More and more fans came out to comfort him and he felt much better in his heart. He gratefully sent a message to Pei Feng. “Thank you, Brother Feng. I wouldn’t have known what to do if you hadn’t helped me.”

Pei Feng replied, “There is no need for thanks. You are the person Master wants to protect. If I help you then I will also help Master.”

Shi Xiaobin asked, “What should I do next?”

Pei Feng told him, “Tomorrow morning, bring your ID card and go with me to the police. In addition, write a report letter tonight and send it to the league’s inbox. Report the RED Club in your real name for threatening the personal safety of an omega. Try to make it serious and say that you were afraid to stay in the club before leaving with Coach Jiang. Let the league’s discipline commission intervene in the investigation.”

Shi Xiaobin was shocked in his heart. “I will report. But call the police? I don’t know the specific process. What documents do I need to submit?”

Pei Feng said, “I will help you prepare the documents.”

Shi Xiaobin was curious. “Who should I sue if I go to the police? The one who slandered me used a side account and I don’t know his true identity.”

Pei Feng smiled. “You don’t understand this, do you? Usually, if the other person blackens you using a side account and you don’t know their identity, you can directly sue the Weibo platform. Weibo has a person in charge who specifically responds to these types of things and will immediately provide you with the details of the registered user, including the ID card bound to the account, the phone number, the login IP, etc. This way, you can accurately identify the target.”

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes lit up. “It can be done like this? Reporting it to the platform directly?”

Pei Feng answered, “Yes, in order to clear itself, the platform will say that it is the user’s responsibility and then provide the user’s information to the court very cooperatively. In addition to the side account that slandered you, I have also got proof of a few people who scolded you in the message area and sent you the photoshopped images. Just wait for a lawsuit.”

Shi Xiaobin cried out, “Thank you, Brother Feng!”

He gratefully sent a row of emoticons. He always felt that Coach Jiang was a very reliable person. Sure enough, ‘if there is a master then there must be an apprentice.’ Pei Feng was the apprentice of God Wing and he was also reliable, decisive and trustworthy.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Pei Feng opened the door and saw that it was his master, Jiang Shaoyu.

He should’ve just taken a shower and had changed into white cotton pajamas. His hair was half dry and his black hair was slightly messy. His bands covered half of his forehead. Compared with the usually serious and indifferent Coach Jiang, Jiang Shaoyu seemed a bit more gentle this time?

Pei Feng smiled and asked, “Master, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, I have something to discuss with you.”

Pei Feng opened his door. “Come into my room and say it?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. They might be master and apprentice but Pei Feng was an adult alpha and he was an adult omega. The two of them also intimately marked each other during the Spring Festival. It seemed that it wasn’t good to be alone in the middle of the night.

Jiang Shaoyu thought of this and said, “I don’t have much to say so let’s talk here.”

Pei Feng understood what his master meant, so he hurried into the room and took a coat, gently draping it over his master. “The temperature difference between day and night has been very large in the past few days. The heater in the corridor isn’t that warm. You just took a shower so you shouldn’t catch a cold.”

The young man’s voice was gentle and low. Jiang Shaoyu’s body warmed up and even the bottom of his heart was warm. He looked at Pei Feng and said, “Xiao Pei, the rhythm of your public opinion war is very good. Many netizens have started to question the authenticity of the chat records. Many people came to comfort Shi Xiaobin and a large number of fans rushed to the RED Club to ask for the truth. RED is completely passive.”

Pei Feng laughed. “This isn’t enough. I will take Xiao Bin to the police tomorrow. If the police intervenes then the true identity of the side account can be revealed. My guess is that RED is currently in a hurry to destroy the evidence but… their operation wasn’t seamless.”

Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “You mean, they fixed the match with CIP?”

Pei Feng nodded. “We watched that match together and I felt that the players of RED were a bit strange. Now it seems that the coach arranged for them to give several heads to Mo Hantian. This way, they could confirm that ‘Shi Xiaobin leaked tactical secrets to Mo Hantian’.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised his eyebrow. “It is really clever.”

“There are more than a dozen players in RED. It is impossible for all of them to be loyal to the club and to sink with the club. If the league investigates, they will call the players alone to talk.” Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu with a smile. “Master, tell me, will someone privately expose even more black materials to the league at that time?”

Jiang Shaoyu indifferently said, “There definitely will be someone. I will call Vice-chairman Qi tomorrow. This time, he will personally take the discipline commission to thoroughly investigate the RED Club. The matter of playing a fake match will be enough for them to be punished. Once it is found out that they made up chat records to smear the players, their good days in the e-sports circle will be over.”

The master and apprentice smiled at each other.

Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was gentle. “Xiao Pei, you have worked really hard this time. I really have no experience in this type of online public opinion war. Shi Xiaobin doesn’t understand anything such as how to keep evidence and how to fight back with taking the rhythm. Thanks to you, it could be solved with ease.”

Pei Feng said, “It should be. I have long said that I will do my best if Master needs my help.”

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Have you ever encountered this type of thing before?”

Pei Feng said, “Yes. When I won 1st place at the streamer ceremony, there was a lot of black material about me on the Internet. I have experience in dealing with these things. In the future, if you encounter this type of online scolding war again, you can drink tea and watch the play with peace of mind. Just leave it to me.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the young man in front of him, who was half a head taller than him, and his heart was complicated.

Pei Feng had briefly mentioned the matter of being ‘blackened’ back then but it was conceivable that Pei Feng’s journey hadn’t been easy.

The streamer circle was considered to be half like the entertainment circle. The other platforms saw Pei Feng’s traffic and the competitors on the same platform also wouldn’t like Pei Feng’s popularity. There were too many people who wanted to blacken him in private. Perhaps five years ago, the young Pei Feng was sad because he was maliciously abused. However, he took on everything alone and gradually grew into the mature and stable appearance he had today.

Jiang Shaoyu felt sorry for his little apprentice who grew up alone. He reached out and gently patted Pei Feng on the shoulder. “In the future, Master will stand by your side if there is anything about you on the Internet.”

Did Master mean to ‘protect his weaknesses’?

Pei Feng was very happy and scratched his head while smiling. “So in the future, Coach Jiang of the national team will be my backer?”

From a young age, Pei Feng had worshiped Jiang Shaoyu and Jiang Shaoyu taught Pei Feng as a master. Now they could help each other and become each other’s reliance and confidence.

They were master and apprentice but in the future, they would be comrades who walked side by side.


At noon the next day, Shi Xiaobin finally publicly posted on Weibo: I have officially reported those who forged the chat records and slandered me to the police. I believe the law will give me justice.

Below was a police case certificate signed by Shi Xiaobin himself and stamped with an official seal.

According to the club’s arrangement, Mo Hantian also posted on Weibo: See you in court. Those who are clean will be cleaned!

Then he posted a lawyer’s letter.

Immediately afterward, the Chinese Gun King E-sports League issued an announcement: Due to the real-name report of a large number of disciplinary problems in the RED Club, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the league has entered the RED Club today for a detailed investigation. All of RED’s matches are suspended, pending investigation. After the results come out, the league will announce it as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention.

At this moment, all the clubs in the circle exploded!

The Discipline Inspection Commission of the league had settled in! This was a big deal.

Usually, if the problem wasn’t too serious then the league would just talk to the leaders of the club. If they found anything, it was enough to fine or suspend one or two people. This time, the Discipline Inspection Commission directly entered the club for a detailed investigation and even called for the suspension of RED’s matches?

It must be a very serious problem and the league had enough evidence!

Was this going to deal with the whole club?

Netizens said: RED is cold!

For a time, the topic of #RED is cold# was pushed onto the hot search by netizens. The group of people who were eating melons and watching the show were very happy.

“Isn’t this lifting a stone and smashing your own feet?”

“Thank you to that youth trainee for dragging the entire club into the water. I reasonably suspect that you are an undercover agent sent by Shi Xiaobin.”

“I think RED seems to have pig teammates. Their means aren’t very smart!”

“They thought that Shi Xiaobin was well-behaved, weak and easy to bully, right? As a result, they kissed the iron plate. I won’t say who the iron plate is [dog’s head saves my life.jpg].”

“Lightning incense and a candle for RED.”

The development of things was indeed as Pei Feng expected.

Once the league’s discipline commission directly settled in the club, the players of RED sensed the seriousness of the matter and sold their club. Several people said that Shi Xiaobin was blackened by the coach in the dark. Some players even secretly provided evidence such as recordings of the coach’s conversations with others. Zou Li also said that the Refined and Courteous CP super talk hype was done by the club and the coach ordered him to stay in Shi Xiaobin’s room.

It took only three days for the league to investigate clearly and publish the results.

“The RED Club has smeared a professional player Shi Xiaobin through bad means such as falsifying chat records. They also intentionally gave away heads during the regular season, playing negatively and violating league regulations. There are serious problems with the club’s style and discipline. The punishment results are hereby announced:

1. The club is fined 5 million yuan.

2. The five players who participated in the negative match during the competition are suspended for one year.

3. The club is completely closed for rectification and RED is temporarily removed from the A-grade League.

I hope that other clubs will take this as a warning and work together to maintain a fair and just competitive environment.”

The netizens: “……”

This wasn’t just lifting a rock to smash their own foot. It was lifting a rock and… directly smashing themselves to death?


  1. Your_Laoge says:

    1. The club is fined 5 million yuan.
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    2. The five players who participated in the negative match during the competition are suspended for one year.
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    “This wasn’t just lifting a rock to smash their own foot. It was lifting a rock and… directly smashing themselves to death?”
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