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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 80

Master Tactician

Winding Corridor was the simplest map in Gun King. It had four corridors in the north, south, east and west that formed four corners. Fighting at the corners was a battle of the players’ reaction speed and marksmanship accuracy.

In this round, JZ adopted the strategy of advancing in a group of five people. Meanwhile, HW split into teams of two and three. The three people on the left side were the charger, scout and assaulter while the sniper took the medic on the right.

Due to the small size of the map, the two sides met in the northeast corner in the blink of an eye. It was a 3V5 encounter. HW had smaller numbers and there was a clear disadvantage. However, Zhou Yiran reacted quickly. He casually threw a smoke bomb to cover the opponent’s field of view. Then he followed up by firing his AK wildly through the smoke, suppressing the opponent with firepower.

However, Lao Lin had always been a head-on fighter. He actually resisted Zhou Yiran’s firepower suppression and took the lead to rush over.

His teammates followed behind him. At this moment, the assaulter Lao Lin was the ‘human shield’ of his teammates. He was shot with many bullets and his health dropped.

However, he wasn’t afraid. He directly broke through the opponent’s blockade of smoke and firepower. Before he died, he fired more than a dozen bullets and killed Zhou Yiran in one wave. His teammates kept up with the output and killed all three HW players in an instant.

1 for 3 was very profitable.

The medic hurried to rescue Lao Lin but the next moment, a bullet burst through the air from behind him.


The sniper of the HW team had come around and killed the medic directly.

Immediately after that, two more gunshots rang out and JZ’s two outputs were quickly killed by the opposite sniper.

Lao Lin exclaimed, “F*k! They went around! Turn around and blow them up!”

The roar from the headset made Jiang Shaoyu frown. Lao Lin’s hot-blooded style hadn’t changed for so many years. In addition to the fierce marksmanship, he relied on ‘sound to kill opponents.’ His teammates were very excited due to him.

Once the three dead HW members were resurrected, they rushed over and joined the battle again. Lao Lin also rushed over after his resurrection. The two sides broke out into a team battle against at the northwest corner.

The heads ratio on the screen was constantly changing.





The battle between the two sides was fierce and the score was always tight.

Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t seen such an enjoyable training match for a long time.

There were too many details in the operation of the players. How to use crossfire, how to cover back and forth, which way to go after resurrection and when to release a smoke bomb. Sometimes, a mistake in the operation could lead to a collapse in the team battle.

Lao Lin played even more passionately and Xiao Zhou fought in more detail.

In the end, Zhou Yiran split the team to the left and right sides and arrived at the battlefield simultaneously according to the rhythm. He wiped out the entire JZ team in one wave and locked the heads ratio at 50:48 and won a thrilling victory.

Lao Lin smiled. “It is my fault. I was slow to respond in the last wave.”

His teammates didn’t mind either. “It is okay, come again!”

“Kill them back in the next round!”

Jiang Shaoyu suddenly remembered that during the TNG inspection, Lu Xingyun cursed the medic as a fool after losing the game…

He was also a charger with the same bloody and violent style of play. Lao Lin played the game with roughness and finesse. Even if it wasn’t his own problem after losing, he would take the initiative to take the blame so that his teammates could quickly adjust their state.

Meanwhile, Lu Xingyun only blamed his teammates.

This was how Lao Lin could be the reliable captain of the JZ team.

Lu Xingyun might be popular on the surface, but he was an unqualified professional player in Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes.

In the second round, Lao Lin typed on the team channel: Coach, what should we choose for the second round?

Jiang Shaoyu, who had already taken over Coach Gu’s account, typed out: Endless Bloody Battle mode, this map [Smile.jpg].

Lao Lin isn’t Old: ???

Lao Lin isn’t Old: Can you not send the smile emoji? It makes me really nervous.

Jiang Shaoyu turned around and asked Gu Xiao: What emoji do you usually send?

Gu Xiao pointed to the third one on the computer. “The one with the big grin.”

Jiang Shaoyu changed the emoji: Let’s start [haha laugh.jpg]

Lao Lin: Yes, that’s the right one!

Qi Heng held back his smile. It was really embarrassing for Jiang Shaoyu to ask him to publish an emoji. He didn’t even bother sending the full stop with the message.

The second game started. It was the same map but changed to Endless Bloody Battle.

The difference between Endless Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel mode was that Endless Bloody Battle had to wait for all teammates to die before the game started again. The available guns and ammunition would also be refreshed and it was equivalent to the end of a round. Then they shuffled the cards and started again, playing five small rounds to determine the winner.

In Extreme Duel, the dead person could immediately refresh at the resurrection point. They could stand up and continue to fight until a certain team took 50 heads first.

The JZ team’s still this time was the same as the previous game. It was still a group of five people rushing together but the difference in game mode meant that after they destroyed the opponent in a group, it was equivalent to winning a small game. The opponent couldn’t fight back by changing the resurrection point.

In the end, the JZ team won the Endless Bloody Battle mode with a score of 3:1.

In the third game, HW changed the map and won a game.

In the fourth game, JZ continued to change the map and mode. The score became tied.

In the four games, both sides one two games each and it was a score of 2:2. The last game became a random mode and random map.

HW’s coach typed: Old Gu, do you want to play it?

Jiang Shaoyu: It’s okay, let’s stop.

Then he found that he forgot to publish the emoji and immediately followed it up with haha laugh.jpg.

Everyone felt that today’s Coach Gu was strange but they couldn’t say what was strange. The coach on the opposite side said: Okay, let’s end it here. Disperse!

Zhou Zhou’s AK: Don’t forget to treat us for hotpot, Captain Lin.

Lao Lin isn’t Old: Remember, you will be the loser if you find it too spicy!

The HW team members sent a few goodbye wave emojis and exited the room.

Jiang Shaoyu typed: You guys can disperse too. Train by yourself.

Lao Lin isn’t Old: Aren’t you going to do the replay?

After the training match, the replay was the key. The meaning of the existence of training matches was to find the weaknesses in the operation and cooperation of players and strengthen and improve them. Usually after the training match, everyone would seriously review it. Meanwhile, they disbanded directly today.

Jiang Shaoyu: I am reviewing the game with your Coach Gu.

Lao Lin isn’t Old: Huh?

Coach Gu said ‘I am reviewing the game with your Coach Gu.’ Did Coach Gu develop two personalities?

Lao Lin wanted to ask what was going on but he saw a system message: The administrator has dismissed the room.

They were all kicked out.

In the training room next door, Gu Xiao touched his nose and smiled. “Aren’t you going to see Lao Lin?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “No need. He is doing well in JZ and his condition is much better than when he was in the national team.”

Why couldn’t Lao Lin play well in the national team? It wasn’t that his state had seriously declined but that it was too difficult to lead his team. As the captain of the previous national team, he bore a lot of pressure from public opinion and was scolded every day on Weibo. It was too tiring.

On the contrary, he got along happily with his teammates in the JZ team and he could release himself. He could fully display his fierce charger style. It was because he knew that when he rushed forward toward the hail of bullets, his teammates would immediately follow him. Even if he died, he had created a bloody path for his teammates and his teammates wouldn’t let him die in vain.

However, this wasn’t necessarily the case with the national team. If he rushed out and his team couldn’t keep up then he would give his head for nothing.

A tacit understanding? The members of the national team came from different teams. How could there be such deep tacit understanding?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Gu Xiao and asked, “Objectively speaking, can Lao Lin cope with high intensity competitions in his state?”

Gu Xiao thought seriously for a moment. “It is definitely okay for him to play but I’m afraid his old injury will recur.”

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned. “Old injury?”

Gu Xiao explained, “Last spring, his hand suffered from tenosynovitis and he rested for a while to recover. You should know what tenosynovitis means for an e-sports player?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s heart throbbed.

During the time when he was in ACE, he told Lao Lin that he shouldn’t train too hard and to pay attention to protecting his hands.

Chargers were the players who needed the quickest response time and a lot of operations. There were many encounters with the front row and often suppressed the enemy with heavy firepower. They had to break the opponent’s defense, firing dozens of bullets in a few seconds. The speed and frequency of their fingers tapping the keyboard were much higher than the profession of sniper and medic.

Lao Lin had a fiery temper and if he lost, he would practice until he was satisfied… after a few years, his wrist developed tenosynovitis and his condition would indeed decline.

Tenosynovitis wasn’t a serious illness but for e-sports players, the onset of inflammation and finger pain would definitely affect reaction speed during the game.

Gu Xiao said, “He played the game too hard and was the captain of the national team several consecutive times. He wanted to let the national team gain results but unfortunately, the result didn’t improve. In addition, the black fans scolded him every day on Weibo. He was discouraged and didn’t want to play any longer. Originally, he agreed with me about retiring and I had trained his successor. Then you suddenly came back and he changed his mind.”

Jiang Shaoyu fell silent.

Was it right or wrong to let Lao Lin persist for another year?

Gu Xiao seemed to see through his thoughts and smiled. “Lao Lin was very happy when you came back. He cried and laughed when he told met this. Now he attaches great importance to protecting his hands. He strictly controls the training time and massages his wrists with a massage instrument every time when returning to the dormitory. His state has been quite stable recently. I just told you the truth about his injury because I hope you can make a comprehensive judgment. If the national team has a better choice then him then choose them. He won’t have an opinion.

Jiang Shaoyu’s mood was complicated. Lao Lin was indeed trying his best for the sake of the national team. Even if he wasn’t selected, he hoped that the national team could perform well. He had never been a player who cared about personal gains and losses.

Jiang Shaoyu stood up and looked at Gu Xiao. “Coach Gu, the members of the national team haven’t been decided yet. Once the time comes for a public selection, I won’t select Lao Lin just because he is my old friend. He can only enter the team through strength if he wants to enter.”

Gu Xiao nodded. “Of course.”

Jiang Shaoyu changed his words. “However, I can decided the coaching staff of the Chinese team myself.”

A question mark slowly popped up above Gu Xiao’s head. “Huh?”

Qi Heng held back his laughter. Was Ah Yu going to collect another coach as a stamp?

Jiang Shaoyu said, “What you are best at is a head-on and straightforward style of play. In the past, JZ’s tactics were known for the passion and violence. The national team has many players and I think we are very much in need of a coach that is suitable for frontal fighting.”

Gu Xiao finally understood and his expression was about to crack. “I will go? Aren’t you here to pick players?”

Qi Heng joked. “If he fancies a coach then he will also grab them back.”

Gu Xiao: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu said seriously, “The tactical consultant doesn’t need to stay with the national team all the time. He just needs to participate in the tactical discussion meeting and travel with the team during the World Series. You can continue to stay in the team when playing the A-grade League and it doesn’t affect your contract with the club.”

He paused and added, “It is equivalent to a part-time job?”

Gu Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Can I ask how many tactical consultants you have found?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “The national team has a coach he is very good at hiding on maps and long battles. There is Coach Zhu of SN, who specializes in fast guerrilla warfare. In addition, I will talk to their Coach Xu when going to BM in a few days. Old Xu is the best at defensive battles. Add your violent style of play and the tactical group of the national team will be very comprehensive.”

Qi Heng couldn’t help saying, “Then won’t it be a gathering of tactical masters? Will you quarrel?”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly said, “We will brainstorm to learn from each other’s strengths and complement each other’s weaknesses. The richer our team’s tactics, the more advantageous it will be in the World Series, right?”

Qi Heng and Gu Xiao exchanged looks.

Jiang Shaoyu’s thinking was indeed very clear. Perhaps from the moment he took over as coach of the team, he had already thought about how to clean up the mess of the national team. The selection system of the players had to be changed and the coaching staff had to be changed.

It had come to this. If Gu Xiao didn’t agree then it would be too petty.

This was the national team. It was his honor to contribute to the national team!

Gu Xiao stretched out his hands excitedly. “Haha, then I will respectfully obey and take this part-time job. Last time, JZ lost to you in the semi-finals and I was shot in the head by you. I never imagined that there would come a day when I would cooperate with you!”

Who wasn’t the same? Qi Heng never thought that these former old opponents would lead the new national team together as seniors and coaches. It was a pretty cool feeling!

Jiang Shaoyu stretched out his hand and shook Gu Xiao’s hand. “Happy cooperation.”

The next day, Jiang Shaoyu and his party returned to the Imperial Capital E-sports Park by plan.

Pei Feng saw that no newcomers got off the car and asked curiously, “Master didn’t bring anyone back this time?”

Yu Mingxiang smiled. “Your master didn’t catch any players this time but he caught back two coaches.”

Pei Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “What? Master doesn’t even let go of the coaches?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

This person was speaking as if he went there to rob people.

He just inspected normally. If he saw someone he liked then he spoke a few words.


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