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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 72


Jiang Shaoyu left the hospital and happened to meet Manager Chen of the RED club. He was coming to visit Shi Xiaobin with a few team members. Jiang Shaoyu greeted them before coming to the parking lot with Yu Mingxiang. Qi Heng saw the two of them get into the car and asked with concern, “How is it? Is Shi Xiaobin okay?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “He is okay. The doctor gave him an inhibitor and his mood has stabilized.”

99% of omegas could be controlled by inhibitors after differentiation. After all, omegas with a pheromones disorder and strong aggressiveness like Jiang Shaoyu were a minority. There were no accidents in Shi Xiaobin’s differentiation process and he could return to training after a day or two of rest.

The driver asked, “Coach Jiang, are we going back to the capital?”

The club inspection was over and there was no need to stay here. Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes, let’s go back.”

The driver drove onto the highway. Jiang Shaoyu and Qin Bo sat in the back together to read the information copied from the laptop. The results of the RED team were average. They ranked sixth last year and the strength of the players wasn’t particularly outstanding in Jiang Shaoyu’s opinion. Shi Xiaobin was the only one with outstanding talent but he tried hard in the wrong direction.

However, the popularity of this team was very high. It was because RED was the team with the highest average appearance. Each of the main players looked better than the other.

Among them, Shi Xiaobin was the most popular. He was 1.7 meters tall, had a baby face and was well-behaved and cute. In addition, he played a violent charger. In the eyes of the fans, he was a ‘fierce little boy.’ The Weibo messages were all filled with ‘mother kisses’ and ‘brother hugs.’ His merchandise also sold very well. It was said that last year, just one chibi version pillow sold for millions of yuan, making the club a lot of money.

Jiang Shaoyu opened his mouth. “The owner of the Red Club is quite good at operating. The players are middle of the pack but they have top popularity.”

Qi Heng suddenly said, “Shi Xiaobin has differentiated into an omega. This might not be a good thing.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked over at him. “What do you mean?”

Qi Heng explained, “There are four alphas in the main team of the RED Club and Xiao Bin is the only omega. I’m afraid there will be problems. Last year, an alpha player marked an omega fan during a game outing and the impact was particularly bad. He was banned from the league for life.”

Jiang Shaoyu had been abroad so he didn’t know this type of gossip news. He couldn’t help frowning when he heard this. “Marking a fan? Was he out of control or did he take the initiative?”

Qi Heng shook his head helplessly. “The two people had different opinions. The omega said that the other person took the initiative and the alpha said the fan deliberately seduced him. Finally, the league retrieved the surveillance video and found that he took the initiative to call the fan to the hotel. He used the fan’s worship of him to lure and possess the newly differentiated fan.”

Jiang Shaoyu felt a pang of nausea in his stomach. “There is actually such a thing?”

Qi Heng answered, “The player was very popular and had some talent in the game. His fan was very beautiful and a college student. He might’ve felt that the other person adored him so much and wouldn’t expose him. This way, he could secretly raise a small love. Unexpectedly, he was photographed by paparazzi and his career ruined.”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned and asked, “Which team?”

Qi Heng’s expression was sullen. “It was the former charger of RED. He retired after being banned and Shi Xiaobin took his place. The top management of the club had long known about this but they condoned it and hid it because the player was very popular. If it wasn’t for the paparazzi revealing it, the league wouldn’t have known… some players have such a despicable style in private!”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes flashed sharply. He remembered that this Manager Chen of RED had looked for their team in the past and wanted to invest in ACE as a shareholder. Jiang Shaoyu and Yu Mingxiang went to interview him together. He didn’t talk about how to run the club. His mouth was just full of ‘how to improve your popularity and make you an e-sports star.’ This caused him to be rejected by Jiang Shaoyu.

It really wasn’t safe for Shi Xiaobin to stay in such a team after becoming an omega.

Just then, Qin Bo opened his mouth. “Coach Jiang, look at the hot search.”

He handed his phone to Jiang Shaoyu and a hot search appeared on the home page. The topic was #RED team member Shi Xiaobin differentiated into an omega#

The hot search contained a photo of Shi Xiaobin on the hospital bed. The newly differentiated teenager had a dazed expression and his face was cute. This instantly touched the hearts of fans.

“Binbin is so cute!”

“Our Binbin really differentiated into an omega. The RED team members need to take good care of him!”

“I feel sorry for Binbin. It must be very uncomfortable after differentiating, right? Be sure to have a good rest.”

These messages were quite normal and were from fans who were concerned about Shi Xiaobin.

Then gradually, the wind direction of the comments area started to change.

“Captain Zou seems to be in the hospital?”

“I see. The one in the photo whose hand is showing is Captain Zou!”

“Am I drunk? Is the Refined and Courteous CP really true?

“Wooo a gentle alpha brother and a childish omega younger brother. What a match!”

Jiang Shaoyu’s expression instantly turned cold when he saw this. “This photo was deliberately released by the club, right? Captain Zhou? RED’s assaulter Zou Li?”

Yu Mingxiang softly said, “Ah Yu, do you know, the RED team has been deliberately hyping the CP #Refined and Courteous# super talk. Shi Xiaobin and Zou Li are two people who are compatible in appearance. They are an assaulter and charger. When playing a game, they rush forward together and will often take care of each other. There were many people who found the CP of these two cute even when Xiao Bin hadn’t differentiated into an omega. (TL: Refined and Courteous = binbinyouli)

Qin Bo clicked into the #Refined and Courteous# CP super talk and Jiang Shaoyu was surprised to find that this super talk actually had hundreds of thousands of followers. Excluding the water army and side accounts, there were probably quite a lot of real CP fans.

Qin Bo pushed up his glasses and said seriously, “The operation model of the RED Club is very similar to the boy group idol model in the entertainment industry. They set up character images, hype CP and abuse fans. Shi Xiaobin’s ‘cute and fierce murderer’ image was set up by the club. Fans don’t know that Shi Xiaobin is actually very timid in the game.”

Qi Heng looked over to take a look and cried out angrily, “F*k, is there still such a thing? Shi Xiaobin and Zou Li? What is this?”

Yu Mingxiang was helpless. “Vice-chairman Qi, you are usually too busy to pay much attention to gossip on the Internet. It has been more than a year since Shi Xiaobin became the main charger and someone built this super talk.”

Qi Heng: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu scrolled down the CP super talk. There were many video clips, field photos and even photos taken by fans at the airport. Shi Xiaobin always looked well-behaved and obedient. Captain Zou Li took care of him quietly on various occasions. Just looking at these photos, the two of them really did have a ‘CP feeling.’ However, in Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes, these were obviously taken out of context and edited maliciously!

Some people behind the scenes were pushing it and relying on the speculation of CP to bind the two players, consolidating their fans and popularity.

Yu Mingxiang spoke with complicated emotions, “There are many CPs in the e-sports circle and most of them are fans who are cute. The players won’t mind too much as long as they don’t dance in front of the real people. However, RED’s pair is obviously the club hyping them up. Last year when Xiao Bin was selected for the national team, Zou Li sent him over personally. I asked in private if Xiao Bin had a good relationship with his captain and Shi Xiaobin said that his relationship with everyone was similar.”

Qin Bo sighed. “The child is still young and doesn’t understand anything. He has a well-behaved personality so he doesn’t realize he is being sold and is still helping the club make money. Shi Xiaobin’s screen name is Refined and Courteous, which is obviously a coincidence. Then it was maliciously interpreted by the person pushing it and became evidence that he had a secret crush on the captain Zou Li.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “………”

He thought of the ignorant omega boy on the hospital bed just now and felt like his heart was being pulled hard by a pair of hands.

Shi Xiaobin was too simple-minded. Let alone the CP speculation, he didn’t realize that his relationship with an alpha teammate would be amplified and misinterpreted into this. The screen name he inadvertently took even became evidence that they were a CP.

Refined and Courteous CP? It was ridiculous!

Shi Xiaobin had the name ‘Refined and Courteous’ when he was in Xing City’s training camp and he didn’t even know Zou Li at the time!

Jiang Shaoyu rubbed his suddenly sore temples and ordered coldly, “Get off the highway and go back.”

The driver was stunned for a moment. “Coach Jiang, do you want to go back to the RED Club?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Go back to the hospital.”

The car had gone halfway. Now it took the highway exit and turned around. Coach Jiang’s face was so terrifyingly cold that the driver also deliberately increased his speed. He stepped on the accelerator to the end and returned to the hospital as quickly as possible.

It was around 8 o’clock in the evening when he arrived at the hospital. Jiang Shaoyu asked Vice-chairman Qi and Qin Bo to wait in the car. Then he took Yu Mingxiang to Shi Xiaobin’s room with large strides. The moment he walked to the door of the ward, he saw someone secretly taking photos. Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him. “The current paparazzi are so arrogant?”

The man hurriedly turned around and wanted to run. Jiang Shaoyu walked over, grabbed the back of the other person’s collar, snatched the camera with his hand and opened it…

They were all photos of Shi Xiaobin.

They were photos from various angles and Zou Li’s silhouette was deliberately captured.

Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was cold. “You were instructed by President Chen, right? That Weibo photo was also taken by you?”

The young man scratched his head in embarrassment. “Ahem, it is for club promotion.”

“Promotion?” Jiang Shaoyu deleted all the photos before handing the camera back to him. “Go back and tell your President Chen to spend more time on training and competitions. Don’t think about using hype every day to attract popularity!”

The young man took the camera and ran away in despair.

Jiang Shaoyu walked to the door of the ward and looked through the window. Sure enough, he saw the captain Zou Li sitting beside the hospital bed and chatting with Shi Xiaobin. Shi Xiaobin’s face was pale and he could barely deal with the other person. His face was uneasy and there was a bit of panic in his eyes.

Jiang Shaoyu pushed open the door and asked coldly, “Captain Zou, right?”

Zou Li was stunned for a moment before standing up and looking at him in surprise. “C-Coach Jiang, haven’t you gone back?”

Jiang Shaoyu was expressionless as he stared into this person’s eyes. “Shi Xiaobin has just differentiated into an omega, don’t you know? Why are you staying here as an alpha?”

Zou Li looked embarrassed and was just about to speak when Jiang Shaoyu pointed to the door. “Go out.”

Zou Li thought, ‘Aren’t you an alpha as well? Why can you come in?’

However, Jiang Shaoyu’s ‘death glare’ made him feel terrified in his heart. Yu Mingxiang organized the situation with a smile. “I am a beta and it doesn’t matter if I am here. Xiao Zou, you go out first. We need to talk to Shi Xiaobin about something.”

Zou Li hurriedly turned around and ran out of fear he would be killed by Coach Jiang’s gaze.

Shi Xiaobin finally sighed with relief. He looked up at Jiang Shaoyu and said nervously, “Coach Jiang, Sister Yu, I didn’t think an alpha was very annoying when I hadn’t differentiated but just now… Captain Zou stayed here and refused to leave. I suddenly felt dizzy and uncomfortable.,”

A newly differentiated omega was like a small animal that had just become an adult. The pheromones were very unstable and there shouldn’t be alphas present at this time.

Jiang Shaoyu was a bit distressed. He walked to bed, looked at the frightened young man and said warmly, “Don’t be afraid. I have already driven him away.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded. Strange, why did Coach Jiang’s aura make him feel very gentle? It was clear that Coach Jiang was fierce when scolding people.

Just as Shi Xiaobin was feeling puzzled, Jiang Shaoyu took the initiative to say, “I’m not an alpha so I won’t hurt you.”

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes widened. “Huh?”

Jiang Shaoyu reached out and gently touched the boy’s head. “Do you think my pheromones are annoying?”

Shi Xiaobin suddenly smelled an extremely cold mint fragrance. He was originally drowsy and had a headache but he was stimulated by this pheromone and instantly felt refreshed!

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes lit up. Coach Jiabng’s pheromones smelled too good and the refreshing effect was first-class!

He stared at the other person in disbelief and asked with a shocked expression, “Y-You are… an omega?!”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips slowly curved up. “Yes, keep it a secret for me.”

Shi Xiaobin immediately nodded. “Y-Yes!”

He never imagined that Coach Jiang, who fiercely scolded their group as ‘gourd babies’, was actually an omega? Such an omega was too handsome! Unlike him, who could only shrink back like a turtle when seeing alphas. If it was changed to Coach Jiang then he would scold them.

Jiang Shaoyu gazed gently at the young man in front of him and asked, “Shi Xiaobin, do you trust me? Are you really willing to transfer to a medic position?”

It didn’t take much reason to trust someone. Shi Xiaobin originally had a sensible and obedient personality. In the past, he would do whatever the club told him to do. Now he felt that listening to Coach Jiang’s words was the right choice.

Coach Jiang was an omega and wouldn’t hurt him. In addition, he was the head coach of the national team and his level was definitely much higher than RED’s Coach Cheng. Coach Jiang asked him to transfer to a medic so he should transfer!

Shi Xiaobin nodded vigorously. “I believe you. I used to play charger and always felt that playing games was very tiring. I couldn’t improve. It was like hitting a bottleneck. I was stuck and unable to move forward. Playing a medic is very convenient. I haven’t played a medic often but I have hardly been killed when playing a medic.” He paused and frowned slightly. “It is just that my club might not let me switch to a medic.”

Jiang Shaoyu opened the hot search on his phone and handed it to Shi Xiaobin. “Take a look. This is your club’s handwriting.”

Shi Xiaobin took the phone and scrolled down doubtfully, his face becoming paler and paler.


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    Thanks for the update ❤️ RED club is so cruel!!

  2. Yui says:

    As usual every single part of the entertainment industry is tainted with pedophiles perverts and rapists its the same withered its reality or fiction which is horrifying to tell the truth.

  3. Autumn says:

    This is exactly why I hate CPs involving real people. They have their own lives, and you can never know if they’re uncomfortable with it so it’s better not to do it in the first place. Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean it’s okay to pair them up with whoever

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