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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 71


Shi Xiaobin usually didn’t play a medic. He had been playing the charger position since he was a youth trainee. It was because Lao Lin was his idol and he felt that Lao Lin’s appearance as a charger was very domineering. He also had to be a powerful charger.

He went to Xing City’s youth training camp with such a belief.

Mo Hantian was a fan of God Wing and Shi Xiaobin was a fan of Lao Lin. The players they liked were both legendary members of ACE. Fans met fans and there were naturally many common languages in private. In addition, their hometown was in the same city. They quickly became acquainted and became very good friends.

Among the youth trainees in that class, Mo Hantian had the best results and Shi Xiaobin was ranked second. Later, CIP extended an olive branch to Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin received an invitation from the RED Club. They might’ve signed to different clubs but they often teamed up to play the rankings when they were idle.

Shi Xiaobin never expected that in today’s ranking matches, his teammate snatched the charger position so he had to fill the medic position. Then he ended up being seen by Jiang Shaoyu, who was patrolling.

After withdrawing from the game, he and Mo Hantian started the next game.

Jiang Shaoyu instructed, “Let Shi Xiaobin continue playing the medic and see.”

Coach Chen looked at Jiang Shaoyu’s cold expression. He picked up the headset in a trembling manner and notified him as an administrator, “Xiao Bin, continue to play the medic for us to see.”

Shi Xiaobin was stunned for a moment. All the computers in the training room could be monitored in real time by the coaches. Everyone knew this so few people dared to slack off during the training time. The coaches also sometimes looked at how well they practiced in private. However, this was the first time to directly ask him to play a medic?

Shi Xiaobin was puzzled in his heart but he spoke into the microphone. “Brother Mo, I’ll continue with a medic in the next game.”

Mo Hantian didn’t think much about it. “Okay, let’s start.”

Out of the three teammates they matched with in the next game, two had what seemed to be couple profile pictures. They locked onto the charger and medic as soon as they entered.

Shi Xiaobin murmured, “Ah… the two positions I want to play are gone.”

Mo Hantian told him, “Look at me!”

He started acting spoiled and cute again, using the translator to output wildly. It was full of ‘oppa’ but Shi Xiaobin also cooperated by sending a tearful emoji. “I’m sorry, I can only be a medic. We will definitely lose if I choose another position.”

His teammate probably didn’t want to lose and took the initiative to change positions. Shi Xiaobin immediately locked onto the medic position and smoothly entered the game.

The map randomly selected this time was a bit difficult. It was the three-story structure of an ‘sky prison.’ This map was a 3D map and there were a large number of forks and shortcuts. His teammates rushed out and Shi Xiaobin followed at the end. He saw Mo Hantian climb to the second floor to set up the gun. Shi Xiaobin immediately got into the pipe next to him.

Qi Heng wanted to laugh when he saw it. “How can he be like a mouse? He can actually hide here!”

The pipe was a blind spot in the guardians’ field of view. Two people passed by from the enemy team but they didn’t find Shi Xiaobin inside it. However, Mo Hantian on the second floor clearly saw the enemy’s actions. He opened the range and pulled the trigger without hesitation!


One headshot killed the opposite charger in seconds.

The assaulter on the other side also reacted quickly. He raised the AK in his hand and swept a row of bullets toward Mo Hantian’s position. The crackling bullets made Mo Hantian unable to emerge and the clear gunfire was deafening. Mo Hantian wanted to fire a second shot when the enemy scout climbed up the stairs from nowhere and shot him in the back of the head.

Mo Hantian exclaimed, “F*k! The enemy team definitely queued up together as a duo. The scout and assaulter are definitely together.”

Shi Xiaobin asked, “Is the scout upstairs gone?”

He was inside the pipe and couldn’t see the movement of his opponent. Mo Hantian replied, “he is gone.”

After killing someone, the assaulter and scout continued to search for others. Shi Xiaobin secretly climbed up to the second floor and revived Mo Hantian with a first aid kid. Mo Hantian happened to see the back of the enemy scout’s head in his field of view. The man had jumped to the 1st floor and turned to kill Mo Hantian’s teammates. Mo Hantian set up the gun and took a headshot without hesitation to avenge himself!

The enemy scout, “……”

A sniper came back from the dead? It seemed there was a medic over there? He hurriedly shouted into his team channel, “Kill the medic!”

The moment his teammates heard this, they immediately turned around to find the medic. Shi Xiaobin entered the pipe next to him and said, “Brother Mo, take care. I’ll raise the charger.”

The charger on their team had just fought fiercely with the front row of the opposite side and died in a corner of the first floor, with a pool of blood under his corpse. Shi Xiaobin observed the surrounding environment, switched to the lightest medical bandage and slid down the railing next to him. He walked lightly and sneaked to the side of the corpse of the charger, helping him up with the first aid kit.

At this time, Mo Hantian on the second floor had already solved the enemy assaulter.

The medic on the enemy side wanted to save people while raising the bulletproof light plate above his head. Their team’s resurrected charger fired fiercely and pierced the opposite’s bulletproof light plate. Mo Hantian followed by killing the enemy medic with a headshot.

The game was easily won.

In the second game, Shi Xiaobin continued to hide in a place where the enemy team couldn’t find him. He waited patiently and once his teammate died, he sneaked out of the pipe to save people.

The players on the other side couldn’t help wondering, “Why are they resurrected again?”

”I don’t see where the medic is.”

”Find the medic!”

The five opponents finally reached a tacit agreement in the third game—kill the medic first!

This medic was too wretched. He never showed his face and it wasn’t known where he was hiding. He even secretly saved people. No matter how fierce their front row was and how fast they killed, it was equivalent to beating up the enemy for nothing if they were just saved by the medic.

The five people should’ve turned on the team voice to command and started a thorough search for Xiao Bin.

Jiang Shaoyu could see Shi Xiaobin’s first person perspective. He just saw the screen shaking rapidly like there was an earthquake, frequently switching the camera angle to observe the surroundings. At the same time, he ran quickly with the bandage like a keen little animal evading the hunter’s pursuit.

There was someone in front of him to the right so he immediately turned left and shrunk in a ball to hide in the blind corner of the field of view.

There were footsteps on the front left so Shi Xiaobin quickly entered a pipe and climbed to the second floor.

He heard footsteps when climbing to the second floor so he climbed to the rooftop on the third floor.

The opponents were all confused. What about the medic? Where was the person?

His teammates were also at a loss. What was this? Were the five people opposite them playing a scavenger hunt?

As the other side was searching for the medic, Mo Hantian fired decisively and blew away two heads in a row. His teammates were also very good and quickly eliminated the other three. They won the third game again.

It was 3:0 and the lurkers won.

Mo Hantian was still the MVP when the match finished and Shi Xiaobin’s record was 0-0-4 with four rescues.

The medic played three rounds and saving four people was a normal record, which wasn’t very impressive. What was shocking was his injury data: 0%!

What did a 0% injury rate mean? It meant 100% survival!

From beginning to end, he accurately avoided all the opponents’ bullets. He moved quickly and saved people in the blind corner of the opponent’s field of view. The opponent couldn’t find where he was but he was able to raise his dead teammates.

Such a medic was too difficult to solve! Once the medic couldn’t be solved, it was easy to collapse across the board.

Unlike Shu Chen, who took the initiative to act as bait to cooperate with his teammate when moving or who simply shot to solve the enemy medic, Shi Xiaobin’s style was simply extreme. He didn’t bring an attack weapon. He just hid and waited for an opportunity. However, he would always appear in time every time his teammate died and needed to be saved.

The more Coach Chen saw, the more frightened he became and sweat appeared on his forehead.

In fact, Shi Xiaobin’s personality wasn’t suitable for the charger position. He was too cautious. Unlike other chargers who liked to rush forward with a gun, he liked to hide and wait for the opposite side to rush over before killing. If put well, it was ‘plan and then move. If put badly, it was that he wouldn’t look for opportunities and played very passively!

Jiang Shaoyu previously said in the national team that he didn’t play like a charger but like a ‘turtle shrinking back.’

In fact, it wasn’t Shi Xiaobin’s fault—he was gold that could shine, but he was misplaced. If he was transferred to a medic then his style of play and personality would definitely become the brightest point of the team!

The thing a medic required was prudence and care. As long as the medic was alive, there was hope for the teammates to be revived.

In the ranking match just now, if Shi Xiaobin hadn’t climbed up the pipe to help Mo Hantian then they would’ve lost that game! It was especially obvious in the third game. The enemy found that the medic was relatively strong and started to search with five people to kill the medic first. As a result, Shi Xiaobin hid here and there and didn’t let the opponent find out. This completely messed up the enemy’s rhythm.

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips raised slightly and he whispered, “It is nice hiding. Old Chang has a successor.”

Qi Heng sighed. “Yes, it is the ultimate hide-and-seek! Unexpectedly, Shi Xiaobin’s familiarity with the map is so high and playing charger is really a waste of his talent.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at Coach Chen and told him seriously, “The meaning of coaching is to tap into the talent and potential of each player and to let them maximize their strengths. Most e-sports players are young and immature. They don’t know what they are good at and what they should do. They play games with enthusiasm and some will blindly follow the footsteps of their idol, playing whatever their idol played. You are a coach so you should carefully judge the style and characteristics of each player in the club rather than leaving it to their personal preferences.”

He spoke very calmly but it made Chen Hui, who was the coach, bow his head in shame.

Qi Heng added with a smile, “Coach Jiang is right. In fact, if you ask him to change positions, he will play more easily and improve the strength of the entire team. There is a saying that employing one’s talents to the fullest is to make the best use of everything.”

Coach Chen looked embarrassed. “Yes yes, the two leaders are right. We were negligent…”

Just then, there was a sudden commotion from the training room next door. Shi Xiaobin rubbed his forehead and said, “I seem to have a fever. I am going to differentiate!”

A teammate hurriedly rushed out and called the coach. “Coach Chen, Shi Xiaobin isn’t quite right. He suddenly has a high fever like he is going to differentiate.”

Jiang Shaoyu immediately stood up. “Go and see.”

The three of them walked into the training room. Shi Xiaobin’s clothes were already soaked in sweat. He shrank into a ball against the wall and his voice trembled. “You, don’t come here…”

Jiang Shaoyu smelled a very light pheromone smell. It was a bit like sweet ice cream?

People around him whispered, “What does this smell like? It is the same as ice cream?”

”Why do I think his pheromones are like an omega?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s face turned cold and he looked back at Coach Chen. “What are you doing acting so stunned? Aren’t you going to call the team doctor?”

Coach Chen’s mind returned. “Quickly, go and call the team doctor! Everyone else, leave!”

The team doctor rushed over and tested the pheromones with a detector. Then he said solemnly, “Xiao Bin has differentiated into an omega and he is very uneasy right now. He must be sent to the hospital immediately!”

The surrounding alpha players looked at each other and immediately retreated.

Jiang Shaoyu turned around and called Sister Yu. “Go to the hospital with them.”

The national team’s car followed the RED Club’s car to the nearby hospital.

Shi Xiaobin was young and weak when he differentiated. He shrank back and repelled all strangers from approaching.

Jiang Shaoyu remembered the scene of his own differentiation in the past…

They were both omegas but Shi Xiaobin would only avoid alphas in fear when he differentiated. On the other hand, Jiang Shaoyu was too aggressive and made a move in the hospital, almost smashing the head of an alpha who came close to him.

Cough, what a diversity of species.

A well-behaved and cute child like Xiao Bin had the appearance of an omega. Jiang Shaoyu always felt that he was the one who differentiated incorrectly.

After being sent to the hospital and receiving a strong injection of inhibitors, Shi Xiaobin’s mood was finally stabilized and he sat on the hospital bed in a daze.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Yu Mingxiang. “Sister Yu, you go in with me.”

Yu Mingxiang was a beta and wouldn’t affect Shi Xiaobin. Jiang Shaoyu was an omega and he naturally wouldn’t affect the same kind.

Shi Xiaobin’s eyes widened slightly when he saw the two of them. Jiang Shaoyu walked to the hospital bed and looked at him. “Are you feeling better?”

Shi Xiaobin nodded in a stunned manner. “Yes, much better.”

It was strange. Wasn’t Coach Jiang an alpha? However, Shi Xiaobin found that he didn’t reject the other person at all. Rather, he felt that Coach Jiang’s eyes and aura were very gentle when looking at him?

Shi Xiaobin scratched his head in a confused manner. “Coach Jiang, why are you here?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “I happened to come to your club to inspect today.”

Shi Xiaobin reacted. He glanced at Jiang Shaoyu nervously and asked in a low voice, “Coach Jiang, I have now become an omega. Do I still have a chance to try for the charger of the national team?”

“Of course, there is a chance. Still, why do you have to play charger?”

Shi Xiaobin replied, “Lao Lin is my idol so I think it is more handsome to play a charger.”

Jiang Shaoyu chuckled. “Do you have to play whatever your idol plays? Do you really like the charger position?”

Shi Xiaobin scratched his head. “I don’t know. I’ve been playing a charger since I was a youth trainee and I haven’t played a lot in other positions.

Jiang Shaoyu sat on the edge of the hospital bed and gently patted the boy’s shoulder. “Try being a medic.”

Shi Xiaobin was stunned. He raised his head and stared at Jiang Shaoyu doubtfully, only to hear the latter say gently, “If you are willing to trust me, transfer to the medic position. Your talent is going to the wrong place. Don’t continue to waste it.”

Medic? Shi Xiaobin remembered the two matches he had just played with Mo Hantian. He was indeed more useful when playing medic and he wasn’t scolded by his teammates!

Yes, Coach Jiang was definitely right! He always slowed down the pace of the team when he played a charger and his teammates thought he was too cowardly. Meanwhile, being cowardly was right for the medic position! He could hide from beginning to end!

Shi Xiaobin felt his mind suddenly opening up, as if the fog that had been plaguing him was gently lifted by Jiang Shaoyu, who pointed out the direction for him.

He had always been confused. Was his talent too poor? Was it useless no matter how hard he tried? He had been seriously training since his youth trainee days but he still wasn’t as good as the league’s top chargers.

In fact, it wasn’t that his talent was too poor but that he worked hard in the wrong direction!

Shi Xiaobin clenched his fists excitedly and nodded vigorously. “Yes, I will listen to Coach Jiang!”

Jiang Shaoyu saw the young man’s well-behaved and sensible appearance and smiled slightly.

He had already determined the candidates for the medic positions of the national team in his heart.

Being a medic depended on talent. The ability to fill positions and adapt to changes was very demanding and they needed to be cautious and careful.

There were Chen Chen and Xiao Bin. One could fight and the other could hide. One was a beta with social fear and the other was an omega. Chen Chen could move around flexibly and follow the team to fight guerrilla battles. Xiao Bin could secretly hide until an opportunity was found.

In this way, various lineups could be matched. Moreover, Jiang Shaoyu felt that Chen Chen should be able to become good friends with Xiao Bin?


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    There were two small things I think should be noted:
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    2. Typo: “Coach Jing is right.”

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