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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 70

Shi Xiaobin

Jiang Shaoyu believed that the iron triangle combination of ‘two movements and one static’ was Ye Qingming and Hua Ran, two front row players with strong action ability. They plunged into the enemy’s camp like a sharp knife at the fastest speed, completely disrupting the enemy’s rhythm.

The lineup he imagined was perfect. Unfortunately, once it came time to actually cooperate, the two guys in the front row ‘moved like horses.’ The effect of disturbing the opponent couldn’t be seen for the time being. Instead, they beat themselves into confusion.

In one game, Ye Zi was blown away by Hua Hua three times.

Ye Qingming didn’t feel good. If he made a mistake then he preferred for Brother Yu to scold him. He didn’t want to be blown up by his teammates, okay?

It was really tiring to play a game. Not only did they lose 0:3 but he had to die from his teammates’ grenade every time. Ye Qingming could feel his temples throbbing and his mind was filled with the ‘boom’ of the grenade exploding.

He couldn’t help asking, “Hua Ran, do you have a grudge against me?”

Hua Ran was innocent. “I don’t know. Why do you always have to stand there every time I throw my grenade?”

Ye Qingming was speechless. “How did I stand on your grenade? You threw the grenade at my feet, okay?”

Hua Ran still looked innocent. “Can’t you dodge it?”

Ye Qingming told him, “If I go to the left, you throw it to the left. If I go to the right then you throw it to the right. How can I dodge? You are absolutely amazing.

Pei Feng: “……”

Master, save me!

Facing Pei Feng’s look for help, Jiang Shaoyu just said with a cold face, “Continue to fight and slowly cooperate.”

Pei Feng had to bite the bullet and start another round.

Ye Qingming learned this time. He knew that Hua Hua was a team scourge and simply stayed away from the other person. However, Hua Ran really had no tacit understanding with him. He somehow ran behind Ye Qingming and threw a grenade.

Ye Qingming was originally chasing to kill the enemy scout. He had just passed by a corner when he heard a bang!

The scout on the opposite side wasn’t blown away but Ye Zi was blown away.

Ye Qingming exclaimed, “You are an undercover sent by the other side!”


Ye Qingming told him, “At the beginning of the next game, we will draw a middle line on the map. Don’t cross the middle line and come to my side.”


Pei Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How could he still command and cooperate if a line was drawn in the map? In addition, not all maps were square. How to cooperate with encountering a long map? They both couldn’t walk in a straight line, right?

After playing three qualifying matches in one night and losing three matches in a row, Pei Feng couldn’t save it.

Jiang Shaoyu’s face became even colder. He finished watching and stood up. He walked behind Hua Ran and ordered indifferently, “Starting tomorrow, you will practice basic positioning for an hour every day. Get acquainted with the map first. Your positioning is too chaotic.”

Hua Ran nodded. “Yes, Coach!”

Ye Qingming looked at Jiang Shaoyu with surprise and mouthed, “Is there no need to write a self-criticism?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “This is your first time cooperating and it is normal to play badly. “I will give you time to practice. Half a month later, I will check the results. If it is still like this…”

His eyes swept over Ye Qingming and Hua Ran and the following words weren’t spoken.

Ye Qingming’s spine stiffened and he hurriedly replied, “Got it, we must practice well!”

Hua Ran nodded in agreement. “Coach Jiang, don’t worry. We will practice seriously.”

Jiang Shaoyu turned to leave and closed the door smoothly.

Hua Ran leaned toward Shu Chen’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Brother Chen, what does Coach Jiang mean just now? If we continue to fight like this, how will he punish us?”

Shu Chen clutched the mouse nervously. “…I-I don’t know.”

Pei Feng and Ye Qingming are next to you. Why do you keep grabbing a person with social fear to ask questions?

Hua Ran didn’t know that Shu Chen had social fear. In his opinion, Brother Chen was gentle and had a good temper. Moreover, their rooms were next to each other and it was natural to have a good relationship.

Hua Ran glanced at Brother Chen and continued speaking, “Brother Chen, are you solo queueing as a medic? It is difficult to solo queue as a medic and it is easy to be scolded by your teammates. How about we queue as a duo when we are free? What time do you sleep at night?”

“…12 o’clock.”

Hua Ran smiled. “You have the same routine as me! In school, I also turned off the lights at 12 and got up at 7 in the morning. Then starting tomorrow morning, how about the two of us queue up as a duo. Then we will practice basic operations in the afternoon and play the rankings in the evening according to Coach Jiang’s arrangement, okay?”


Hua Ran saw that Shu Chen looked embarrassed and had red eyes so he said enthusiastically, “Brother Chen, please look after me. I just came to the national team and I’m not familiar with your style. If we play a game in the future and I blow up our medic then it will be too miserable.”

Everyone: “……”

It sounded quite miserable.

Shu Chen’s face turned red and he nodded reluctantly. “T-That’s okay.”

Pei Feng glanced at the two of them. This Hua Ran was too familiar. He kept catching Chen Chen to chat. Chen Chen wanted to hide but there was nowhere to hide and he was about to cry. A person with social fear and a person who liked socializing, they could neutralize each other. Pei Feng was also happy to see Chen Chen have more friends.

In any case, his master didn’t say that he had to double queue with Shu Chen. Since Hua Ran wanted to pull Shu Chen to play the rankings then he would play with Xiao Gui when he was idle. He couldn’t leave Xiao Gui alone.

Pei Feng made up his mind. “Okay, let’s continue to queue up as a trio. Hua Ran, give a signal before throwing your grenade this time.”


In the office next door, Jiang Shaoyu opened the league’s tournament schedule and compared it with the information of the clubs. He quickly locked onto the next target to be inspected—the RED Club, also known as the red team by netizens.

The most popular player of the RED team was Shi Xiaobin. He was the youngest member of the previous national team and hadn’t differentiated yet.

Shi Xiaobin was a well-behaved and sensible player. Jiang Shaoyu took out the self-criticism he wrote last time from a drawer. The handwriting was neat like it was printed. He said that his idol was Lao Lin, which was the reason he played a charger. He also said that his performance in the youth training camp wasn’t particularly good and he couldn’t compare with Mo Hantian in the same period, so he would train for an extra hour every day.

He believed in ‘the clumsy bird flies early (work hard to compensate for one’s limited abilities)’ since he was a child. He was the clumsy bird who wasn’t highly talented and could only rely on hard work.

Jiang Shaoyu read it again. The mental journey in the self-criticism report was quite sincere. There were also many players who weren’t highly talented and relied on hard work. Shi Xiaobin’s biggest problem was that his personality and playing style were too cautious and fearful. He was always looking forward and backward and lacked momentum.

His foundation was actually very solid and there were on problems with positioning or marksmanship. This might have a lot to do with his serious basic training since he was a youth trainee.

Jiang Shaoyu put down the materials and told Sister Yu about the next plan. Yu Mingxiang quickly arranged the itinerary.

The city where the RED Club was located was only 200 kilometers away from the capital and they could directly take the freeway.

After lunch the next day, everyone drove to the RED Club and arrived at 4 p.m., just in time for the daily training.

Qi Heng had cooperated with Jiang Shaoyu many times and was already very skillful. He directly entered the office to block the club’s manager.

The manager of RED was a young man with glasses who was surnamed Chen. He was very polite to Vice-chairman QI. He first greeted Qi Heng. Then he saw the young man beside QI Heng and was stunned for a moment before smiling and stretching out his hand, “God Wing, you’re here? You came a long way.”

This person was somewhat familiar? Jiang Shaoyu thought about it carefully. It seemed that he wanted to invest in the ACE team in the S3 season but Jiang Shaoyu refused. Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t embarrassed when meeting an old acquaintance and shook his hand. “Manager Chen, long time no see.”

The man gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Wing’s demeanor hasn’t diminished from the past. I didn’t expect that you would actually become the coach of the national team.”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t have the heart to catch up with him and said calmly, “I would like to ask Manager Chen to call the coach staff and data expert to the office. I have something to ask them.”

Manager Chen immediately called the people and the coaching staff of the RED Club soon assembled in the office. Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Is there a practice match arranged for today?”

The head coach scratched his head. “There is no arrangement. Today is our daily training. The practice match is scheduled for Friday night.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “I’ll go to the training room to take a look. Please give me the administrator’s account and password.”

Everyone finally figured out that the national team’s coach was carrying out a surprise raid to check their daily training. Coach Chen glanced at the manager and saw the manager nod. Then he handed the account to Jiang Shaoyu hesitantly.

Jiang Shaoyu and Qi Heng went into a small training room and logged into the administrator’s account.

The real-time images of all the computers in the training room appeared on the desktop. Jiang Shaoyu glanced at it. Fortunately, he didn’t find anything like someone reading novels or surfing the Internet. The players were training. Some practiced their basic operations such as positioning, shooting, etc. while others played the rankings.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly locked onto Shi Xiaobin’s position and maximized it to observe the other person’s screen.

Shi Xiaobin’s game interface was in Korean. Jiang Shaoyu looked back and asked, “Is he playing in the Korean server?”

Coach Chen replied, “Yes, Xiaobin has been rushing to the Korean server while training privately recently. Doesn’t he have a good relationship with Mo Hantian from CIP? He has been queuing up with him.” Coach Chen was worried about being scolded by Wing and hurriedly added, “He teams up in the afternoon and completes the daily training at other times. Then he plays practice matches with the team in the evening. He doesn’t delay training.”

Jiang Shaoyu sighed and looked at the game interface.

The first round of the ranking had just started. Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian turned on their microphones and Jiang Shaoyu’s administrator permission allowed him to hear the content in Shi Xiaobin’s headphones.

A line in Korean popped up on the game interface, which was sent by M007: I play sniper, thank you.

Shi Xiaobin’s account was called S008. He also learned from Mo Hantian and turned on the translator to enter the sentence: I play charger, thank you.

He had just finished this sentence when he saw his teammate in the 1st position lock onto the charger in seconds. The 2nd position locked onto the assaulter and the 3rd position locked onto the scout.

In the team channel, a few lines of unintelligible Korean popped up and Mo Hantian’s voice came from the headphones. “I translated it. The three of them are a team of charger , assaulter and scout. They are all in the front row and it is convenient for them to cooperate. They want the two of us to fill the other positions.”

Mo Hantian added, “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

M007: Oppa, let it go. Us sisters are also teaming up. My sister can only play charger and there are only submachine guns in her armory [cry.jpg]

M007: Thank you, Oppa.

M007: Oppa is so good [kiss of love.jpg.]

Qi Heng and Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Xiao Mo, we can see you die even from another club. What is wrong with you?

However, it was useless for Princess Mo to act cute this time. The other person sent a very succinct sentence. Mo Hantian translated it and couldn’t help saying angrily, “F*k, he said that we are just pretending to be princesses and perhaps we are big alphas.”

Shi Xiaobin coughed awkwardly and said seriously, “Brother Mo, don’t quarrel with them. I’ll just fill the position.”

“Then I’ll take the sniper and you take medic. Can you do it?”

Shi Xiaobin whispered, “I can play a bit. I will follow you.”

“Okay, then let’s enter.”

The two of them entered the rankings. Shi Xiaobin chose a medic and his weapons were the bulletproof light panel, bandage and first aid kit.

Qi Heng was thoughtful. “It is a pure healing belt. Has he trained as a medic?”

Coach Chen scratched his head awkwardly. “No, he doesn’t play it very much. Xiaobin has always been the main charger of our team.”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t speak. He just narrowed his eyes and continued to watch the ranking match.

The random map this time was Skyscraper. Mo Hantian rushed straight to the No 1 sniper point at the beginning. It seemed that his heart disease was about to be cured and he was no longer repelled from this position that he once had a psychological shadow toward. Shi Xiaobin cautiously followed behind him.

There were gunshots around him and Shi Xiaobin shrank back, motionless.

This was until a teammate to the front left was killed. Shi Xiaobin saw his grayed out avatar and sent a ‘rescue is on the way’ signal. Then he sneaked around the other side of the building and used the first aid kit to save his teammate.

The teammate rushed forward immediately after being resurrected while Shi Xiaobin quickly retreated. He hid in a blind corner and crouched down, observing silently.

A moment later, Mo Hantian’s voice was heard on the voice channel. “Help, help!”

Shi Xiaobin glanced at his location on the mini-map. He quickly avoided the gunfire of both sides and detoured to help Mo Hantian.

Mo Hantian quickly climbed to the sniper point beside him like a monkey, opened the scope and fired two shots.

The red skull icon continuously appeared in the middle of the screen. Mo Hantian sniped the two people on the opposite side on one go.

The team channel was filled with ‘good job.’

The first game was won very easily.

Mo Hantian shouted, “Nice! Keep going.”

In the second game, Shi Xiaobin still followed Mo Hantian. He cowardly hid in a place far from the battlefield and went to save people when his teammates died. He would quietly hide if his teammates didn’t die, his perspective constantly changing as he observed. He was like a turtle that carefully poked out its head and immediately shrank back if there was danger nearby.

It was a true turtle style play.

The thing that surprised Jiang Shaoyu was that in the whole match, over three games, Shi Xiaobin saved his teammates a total of six times…

But he wasn’t hit by a single bullet!

He always avoided the fierce combat zone and arrived at the rescue scene at the fastest speed. Then he would retreat quietly after saving people without any sense of existence.

The match was won 3:0. Xiao Mo got the MVP while Shi Xiaobin’s record was 0 kills, 0 deaths and 6 rescues.

Qi Heng and Jiang Shaoyu looked at each other.

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at Coach Chen and asked coldly, “Why is Shi Xiaobin playing the charger position?”

Coach Chen was stunned for a moment before explaining, “H-He likes to play charger. Our team happened to have no charger so we let him be it.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s sharp eyes stared straight at the other person. “He likes to play charger so you let him play charger. What are you doing as a coach? You don’t know how to explore the talent and potential of the players and let the players decide everything by themselves? Then what is the use of a coach?!”

Coach Chen: “……”

Shi Xiaobin was a rare medic genius. He had really been delayed for too long!


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    I knew it, his playstyle is really fit for a medic who is always focused on evading and defending. He is always cautious and knows how to hide properly

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    I’m glad Gourd baby 2 has a position tailor fit for him. Medic position needs more blood compared to other positions.

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