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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 67

Glass Heart is Broken Again

Apart from Mo Hantian, the rest of the CIP team was meeting the legendary head coach of the national team for the first time. Everyone stood up to say hello. Mo Hantian was the only one standing there in a daze like a petrified statue.

The teammate next to him lightly patted him on the shoulder. He suddenly came to his senses and hurriedly stood up. He lowered his head and tried to reduce his presence.

However, Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over everyone’s faces before once again fixing on Mo Hantian’s body.

Feeling the other person’s gaze, Mo Hantian felt like he had been hit by an electric rod. His entire body was numb. He couldn’t help thinking of the scene when Coach Jiang first saw him in the national team and called him ‘Eldest Baby.’ Then he was abused by Jiang Shaoyu in 1V1 and lost his confidence, followed by a sudden training match and self-criticism report.

Coach Jiang was staring at him again. Could it be that he made another mistake? Mo Hantian clenched his fists nervously.

At this moment, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly spoke. “Who is Song Ming?”

The teenager next to Mo Hantian responded clearly. “Coach Jiang, it’s me!”

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Zhou Shuai fought with the villain boss. Did he win or lose in the end?”

Song Ming instinctively replied, “He naturally won.” Then the young man’s face changed after speaking and his head was about to drop to his chest. Zhou Shuai, wasn’t this the male protagonist of the novel he just read? How did Coach Jiang know he was reading a novel? He just sneaked a glance and it was less than 5 minutes!

JIang Shaoyu said coldly, “Reading novels during training time? Do you think that you will also become the male protagonist, fighting all over the world and becoming the champion? Will reading more novels increase your skills?”

The boy who was criticized blushed and lowered his head. “I-I was wrong…”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “With your strength, if you are put into the novel then you will be a cannon fodder who only appears in one chapter.”

Song Ming: “……” It was so heartbreaking!

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Spend more time on training. Can you be lazy on the competition field?”

Song Ming hurriedly said, “I know I was wrong. I won’t dare do it in the future…”

Jiang Shaoyu ignored him and looked at Mo Hantian. “Mo Hantian, do you know when I came?”

The named Mo Hantian immediately stood up straight and stammered, “N-No, I don’t know.”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “When you entered the rankings and said you are the intelligent AI robot No 007 from the future.”

Mo Hantian: “……”

There was a burst of snickering around him that people tried hard to hold back. His teammates hadn’t expected Mo Hantian to be so funny and to be caught by Coach Jiang.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him and asked, “This robot, can your program understand human language?”

Mo Hantian’s face was red and he couldn’t wait to dig out a castle with his toes and bury himself! Why did he die in front of Coach Jiang every time! Last time, It was the gourd baby and this time it was the intelligent robot. Why couldn’t he behave a bit more normally in front of his idol?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him and asked, “You don’t understand? Would you like to plug it in and reboot?”

Mo Hantian’s face was red to the point of bleeding. “I heard you, I understand.”

Qi Heng was about to die of laughter. He coughed lightly and desperately tried to hold back. Jiang Shaoyu still looked calm as he slowly walked to Mo Hantian. “Do you know who KillerJ and KillerQ are that you encountered in the second match?”

Mo Hantian thought about how Coach Jiang also watched the second match and his heart was even more broken. His ‘Wu wu, Oppa let me, I can only be a sniper’ and ‘Oppa lead me’ were all seen by Coach Jiang!

Mo Hantian’s head lowered to his chest and his voice was as weak as a mosquito. “It seems to be the Kim Korean brothers.”

Jiang Shaoyu said coldly, “Kim Minji and Kim Minho, didn’t you see them in the last World Series? You can’t even remember the names of your opponents? No wonder why you played so badly in the World Series.”

Mo Hantian’s head buzzed. He remembered how he was blown up by the US team in the World Series and he couldn’t help his eyes turning red. ‘No wonder why you played so badly in the World Series.’ These words were like a sharp knife that stabbed straight into his most vulnerable heart!

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “In the game just now, there was a smoke bomb to the left so you fired to the left and exposed the back of your head to the other person? Why didn’t you immediately withdraw to point 1 when you were surrounded by the two opponents? What? The sniper of the US team killed you at point 1 so it became your forbidden area? Will you never go there again? Do you want to put up a monument saying ‘Mo Hantian died here’ and burn some paper for you every year?”

“If you get beaten in one match, this map will become a knot in your heart. Are you so fragile?”

Mo Hantian bit his lip desperately and tears constantly appeared in his eyes. Last time, there was the group of people from the Gourd Babies Squad to accompany him so he wasn’t particularly uncomfortable when Coach Jiang scolded him in front of everyone. Yet today, Coach Jiang personally came to the CIP team and said he was useless in front of his teammates. His glass heart was almost shattered at this moment!

Jiang Shaoyu looked coldly at the red-eyed teenager. In fact, Xiao Mo played just fine in the match just now. After all, his opponents were world-class double scouts. The two of them acted to the left and right and most people couldn’t escape. Once Mo Hantian was rescued by the medic, he immediately killed one person. His reaction was fast enough.

Jiang Shaoyu just said these words on purpose. Xiao Mo’s biggest problem was that his psychological quality was too fragile. The princess was seriously ill. if he had a stable mentality then his strength was no worse than the top players in the league. However, once his mentality collapsed then he wasn’t as good as the players in the low level bronze matches. He could directly sleepwalk through the game!

Jiang Shaoyu wanted to smash Princess Mo’s glass heart on people and see if this teenager had progressed despite his collapsed mentality. He collapsed once or twice and had already been given a chance. If he kept continuing to collapse, did he want his teammates and opponents to support him?

The surroundings were silent. In the training room, Mo Hantian’s shoulders twitched slightly. His head was lowered to his chest as he forced back tears.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t comfort him and said indifferently, “Are you crying? If you lose a game, you cry and collapse. The opponent won’t feel sorry for you and let you win. They will only kill you more! Control your emotions and show me a practice match.”

Mo Hantian’s mind was confused. He reached out his hand and wiped his eyes indiscriminately. Then he turned around and sat in front of a computer like a stiff statue.

A chill went down Coach Lin’s back. Their usual attitude toward Mo Hantian was to coax him and support him. After all, this guy had a serious glass heart and his mentality could collapse at any time. Unexpectedly, Jiang Shaoyu went directly in the opposite direction and scolded Mo Hantian in front of so many people, making Xiao Mo tearful.

As Mo Hantian logged into the game, the picture in front of him was blurry and his mind was even more chaotic.

Why was he so unlucky to bump into Coach Jiang every time? Why was he caught and scolded every time?

He had obviously worked very hard during this time! He trained for an hour more than the others every day and went to the Korean server to play in the 3,000 segment. He would go to bed at 3 o’clock in the morning every night and he had dark circles under his eyes.

However, Coach Jiang wasn’t satisfied with him. Was he so bad?

Mo Hantian pressed the ready button with red eyes and his hand holding the mouse was shaking.

Jiang Shaoyu’s indifferent voice came from the side. “The match mode is Extreme Duel and the map is Skyscraper.”

Skyscraper again? Did he have to live with this map?

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Mo Hantian, get up whenever you fall. Do you hear me?”

Mo Hantian choked up. “I hear you.”

Jiang Shaoyu turned around, sat down and logged into the referee’s perspective. “Let’s go.”

The 1st team was the home team of the CIP team and the tactics revolved around Mo Hantian’s sniper. The 2nd team were the sparring team and the substitutes. Most clubs usually played this way in practice matches. Under normal circumstances, the strength of the main team was stronger than the substitutes. However, today Mo Hantian was scolded and there was a problem with the tactical core.

Coach Lin was stunned. After scolding, he didn’t give Mo Hantian time to adjust and directly played a practice match? This Coach Jiang was even scarier than the legends!

The game started.

In the Extreme Duel mode, they needed to calculate the number of ammo. One bullet used was one less bullet. The team that got 50 heads first won so they needed to remain absolutely calm. Mo Hantian’s nose twitched but as the map loaded, he gradually calmed down.

If he was like before and sleepwalked in a daze after being scolded, his image in Coach Jiang’s heart would no longer be restored and he would never have hope for entering the national team. All his hard work during this period would be lost!

He wasn’t willing!

He wanted to let Coach Jiang see his efforts and see that he wasn’t so bad. He lost to the US team on this map but he wouldn’t lose all the time!

Yes, get up whenever he falls. What was wrong with being scolded? At least Coach Jiang still remembered his name.

Mo Hantian took a deep breath and forced back his tears. He stared at the mini-map with red eyes, gripped the mouse in his right hand and quickly gave instructions, “I will set up a gun at point 3. The scout will investigate and lead the way. The medic will be with me.”

His teammates were a bit surprised. Princess Mo’s voice was obviously choked up and sounded wronged, but the instructions were given quite clearly. It seemed that he had adjusted this time and wouldn’t bring everyone down.

Naturally, everyone wanted to perform well in front of the national team’s coach. They immediately dispersed after hearing this and cooperated with each other when moving forward.

Soon, gunshots were heard from the front left. His teammates marked ‘enemy found’ on the mini-map.

Mo Hantian hurriedly opened the scope.


A gunshot rang out and the blood-red headshot icon appeared on the screen.

After taking down one person, Mo Hantian immediately jumped off the sniper point and moved to the side.

Next to point 3 was point 1. The familiar building caused Mo Hantian’s heart to feel slightly cold. It was in this position, in front of a global audience, that he was instantly killed in seconds by the sniper of the US team when he climbed up it. It was also in two consecutive games.

It was as if he was an idiot who couldn’t wait to climb up and give his head to the other side.

Mo Hantian’s hands trembled slightly but he still climbed up. It was because this point was the best place to set up the gun and guard the position. If the opposite side came to attack him then he could guard the alley intersections on the left and right sides at the same time, like jamming something in the opponent’s throats. Yet at the same time, this point was also very dangerous. The sniper on the other side could see him. If he didn’t react fast enough then he would be killed instantly!

He was just thinking this when a bullet shot through the air. Mo Hantian consciously dodged and avoided it. The bullet almost rubbed against his scalp as it flew over his head! Immediately after, footsteps were heard on the left side. Mo Hantian swung his sniper rifle at a 90 degree angle out of a conditioned reflex and killed the scout that went around the opposite side to sneak attack him!

He stared at the computer screen with wide eyes. His heart was trembling slightly and he was afraid that his reaction speed would slow down.

Fortunately, the scout on the 1st team quickly resolved the enemy sniper and this wave ended as a score of 2:5, making a big profit.

Mo Hantian’s voice was choked up. “Go to point A!”

Players could be resurrected immediately after death in the Extreme Duel mode. There were four resurrection points on the Skyscraper map, which could be freely chosen. This allowed for a lot of changes in tactics. It was possible for their team to kill the opponents in the last wave. Then in the next wave, the opponents would suddenly appear at another resurrection point, surrounding them and killing them all in one go.

Mo Hantian was lucky this time. The 2nd team also happened to choose point A to resurrect. The two sides had a fierce battle at the resurrection point and played a wave of 3 for 5. Mo Hantian got two heads. Then the 2nd team chose another resurrection point to kill the sniper and interrupted Mo Hantian’s rhythm.

After Mo Hantian was resurrected, he continued to rush over with his gun and found a sniper point to set up his gun for observation.

There was no expression on Jiang Shaoyu’s face when he saw this but he was inwardly very surprised.

Xiao Mo had a crying voice when commanding. His eyes were red and the tears on his face weren’t wiped clean. He looked aggrieved but his ability to adapt to changes and his reaction speed to danger was indeed greatly improved compared with before.

Last time when he was scolded in the national team, he played the match in a daze and his brain was like a dead machine.

This time, he was scolded and his mentality collapsed but he was actually able to hold back his tears and continue to fight.

Mo Hantian didn’t collapse and the cooperation of the 1st team allowed them to gradually grasp the rhythm of the game. The 2nd team organized several counterattacks but Mo Hantian sniped key team members and successfully resolved them.

In the end, the 1st team won the Extreme Duel mode with a score of 50:40.

Jiang Shaoyu had deliberately chosen the Extreme Duel mode because in this mode, once one side fell into a disadvantage, the gap would snowball and become bigger unless they adjusted their mentality. The fierce battle to gain 50 heads would test the psychological quality of the players.

Mo Hantian’s performance this time didn’t disappoint Jiang Shaoyu.

At the end of the game, Mo Hantian still had his head lowered. He didn’t know if Coach Jiang would find fault with him and scold him again.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Shaoyu walked over to him and patted his shoulder lightly. “You played okay. You made some progress.”

Mo Hantian was stunned and stared at Jiang Shaoyu in disbelief.

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Keep up the hard work. For this year’s national team, the competition between snipers is very fierce.”

Mo Hantian looked dazed but his eyes soon lit up. Coach Jiang meant that he could participate in the national team’s sniper competition, right? Coach Jiang didn’t veto him and he still had a chance!

Mo Hantian was so excited that his voice trembled. “T-Thank you, Coach Jiang! I will definitely work hard!”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips raised slightly. He looked at the guy with red eyes in front of him and felt that this person was a bit cute. It didn’t matter if he made mistakes. Anyone could make mistakes. Those who knew their mistakes and corrected them were good. He hoped that Mo Hantian could learn a lesson and work hard to adjust his mentality, continuing to improve his game level.

This time, he inspected the CIP Club and saw Xiao Mo working hard to play in the Korean server and making such progress. It was a pleasant surprise.


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    I feel for Xiao Mo. It’s good he was acknowledged!

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    “What was wrong with being scolded? At least Coach Jiang still remembered his name.”

    Yaa that’s the mentality!!! 😭 Eldest baby is so precious, hardworking child

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