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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 66

The Chuunibyou Sick Teenager

Mo Hantian had played on the Korean server for a long time and had reached the 3,000 segment. Due to his outstanding record, this wasn’t the first time he encountered a scout of a professional club.

He couldn’t say that he was Chinese and already a professional player, so he made up the lie that he was an intelligent AI robot from the future. The scouts from South Korea thought he was mentally ill and didn’t continue to harass him.

The scout of the TQ Club watched as M007 on his friends list immediately started a new ranking round and couldn’t help complaining. “This person is either mentally ill or the side account of a professional player, right?”

He sent the video of this game to the head coach of TQ. The head coach quickly watched the video of the game and said, “His reaction speed and marksmanship accuracy are at the level of a professional player at first glance. He should be the side account of a professional player from a club who is practicing. Continue to pay attention to him.”

He clicked to follow his friend M007 so that he would receive a system notification when the other person was online.

At this time, Mo Hantian had already started the next game quickly.

His winning percentage was too high so among the teammates he matched with in this game, there was a name that Jiang Shaoyu was very familiar with: Winner02.

Wasn’t his Pei Feng’s account in the Korean server? Then the chenchen should be Shu Chen?

Jiang Shaoyu thought about what he told Pei Feng a few days ago. “If I am away, take Chen Chen to play the rankings when you are idle.”

He wanted Pei Feng to help Shu Chen adapt to the environment of the national team as soon as possible and rebuild his confidence. This afternoon, Pei Feng didn’t watch any videos and he was indeed idle. He happened to play the rankings with Shu Chen. It was easy to be recognized by fans on the national server so he took Shu Chen to the Korean server.

In other words, Mo Hantian, Pei Feng and Shu Chen happened to be matched together!

The people on the enemy team definitely wouldn’t be weak and there was a high probability that there would be professional players lining up as a duo or trio.

Mo Hantian copied and pasted a line of Korean in the team channel: I play sniper, thank you.

Pei Feng understood Korean and also typed in Korean: Brother, I play sniper. Thank you.

Mo Hantian: I can only play sniper and nothing else. Cry, Oppa, please let me. [Grievances.jpg.]

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Oh, it changed from intelligent robot Mo Hantian to little princess Mo Hantian?

This girlish cute emoji pack was very handy.

Coach Lin saw this scene and had an embarrassed expression of ‘I can’t save you, child.’

In the training room of the national team, Pei Feng chucked. “This person is pretending to be cute but doesn’t look like it at all. It is estimated that he is a big man who is pretending.”

Shu Chen asked in a low voice, “Then do you want to give the sniper position to him?”

Pei Feng shrugged indifferently and typed in Korean: Whatever you want. I’ll fill in any position.

Mo Hantian: Oppa, you are so good. Thank you, Oppa. [Flowers.jpg]

The other two teammates chose charger and assaulter respectively so Pei Feng filled in the position of scout.

Pei Feng quickly changed his firearms and asked, “Brother Chen, will you follow me or the sniper later?”

Shu Chen replied, “I’ll follow the sniper. If he is too weak, I’ll go to you.”


The two of them quickly chose their firearms.

Mo Hantian also quickly changed his weapons. His main weapon was still his favorite DSR-Apocalypse, his secondary weapon was the M200-Galaxy and his third weapon were smoke bombs.

His style of firearms wasn’t the same as Pei Feng’s style of playing a sniper.

Pei Feng was a light sniper and heavy sniper. He could flexibly switch between them to play mobile combat or be a fixed point sniper.

Mo Hantian’s DSR wasn’t very suitable for mobile combat and had a slow changing speed, but it had a higher hit rate and accuracy. This was very suitable for long-range precision shots. The M200 was a manual sniper rifle with very ferocious firepower. It could carry two magazines for a total of 14 rounds and was suitable for intercepting long-range targets. One was for marksmanship and the other for interception. It was very flexible when fighting.

In the 3,000 ranking segment, the match mode and map were random. Endless Bloody Battle, Life and Death Explosion and Extreme Duel. The three modes ranged from easy to difficult and the probability of them occurring was the same.

Pei Feng never thought that his master would go to inspect the CIP Club but actually ended up watching him play a game remotely.

Mo Hantian also didn’t know that his idol God Wing was currently in the training room next door and watching this game from the administrator’s perspective.

The random mode of this map was the relatively simple Endless Bloody Battle and the map was the classic full sniper map, Skyscraper.

In the previous World Series’ group stage when the Chinese team fought the US team, Mo Hantian was shot in the head by the sniper of the US team on this map and his mentality collapsed immediately. He couldn’t adjust for the next few games.

Now he encountered this map again. Jiang Shaoyu wanted to see what Xiao Mo could do when he had a ‘stable mentality.’

The moment the game started, Xiao Mo sneaked into a building complex. Shu Chen took the initiative to follow him and Pei Feng went in the other direction.

Mo Hantian opened the game panel and the opponent IDs and their gun information in this game appeared on the panel.

Jiang Shaoyu took a closer look. “The scout on the opposite side, KillerJ, should be Kim Minji’s side account, right?”

Qi Heng nodded. “That’s right. Kim Minji’s accounts in the Korean and international server all have this name.”’

Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “Then KillerQ… could it be his brother, Kim Minho?”

Qi Heng was stunned for a moment before thoughtfully saying, “It is possible that the two brothers are lining up as a duo. Xiao Mo’s record and win rate are quite high so his hidden score must be high. It is normal to meet a professional player teaming up in the rankings.”

Next to him, Coach Lin was sweating profusely.

Xiao Mo, the national team’s coach is watching over you. You just said that you are an intelligent AI robot. Then the next second, you pretended to be a little princess and called people Oppa. Now you are meeting two players from the Korean national team. Don’t die too badly!

Kim Minji and Kim Minho. The two brothers were the pair of aces of South Korea’s TQ Club and the main force of the last Korean national team.

Their style was very distinct. They both played scout and they liked close combat and hidden sneak attacks. The older brother was like a killer dormant in the night. He was very patient and liked to wait for the rabbit to appear to sneak attack the enemy. He attacked very decisively. The younger brother was like a wandering ghost. He stared at the back of the heads of the opposing side and from time to time, he would rush out to deal a blow.

TQ’s results in the Korean A-grade Pro League had always been very good and relied on the classic ‘double scouts’ tactic.

Their scouts not only used knives to kill people but also brought very flexible pistols to shoot at people’s heads. Their marksmanship was very accurate.

Qi Heng smiled. “This game seems good.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, let’s see how long Xiao Mo can live.”

There were many sniper points in Skyscraper. Mo Hantian had been instantly killed by the US team at the sniper point in the middle and seemed to have a psychological shadow of this position. He never went to this position and quickly headed to the lower left corner to find the sniper point. He quickly climbed up and set up a gun to observe.

At this time, Pei Feng had already sneaked into the complex.

Pei Feng often played in the Korean server and he also recognized the Korean brothers. It was best to find a scout first or their back row would be sandwiched to the left and right by the two scouts. Even with Shu Chen there for protection, they would have a high probability of losing if it was 2V2. If he couldn’t find the opposite scout then he could also kill the sniper.

He stopped at a fork in the road. It wasn’t long before he heard footsteps nearby.

Pei Feng shot very decisively. He pulled the trigger in his hand and shot the moment the enemy came over.

Bang bang!

Two consecutive shots were fired. Unfortunately, the other person moved quickly and only had his health decreased by half. The head of the other person couldn’t be collected.

Mo Hantian heard the gunshot from the front left and immediately turned the barrel to aim the scope there. Sure enough, he saw his team’s scout and the enemy player exchanging gunfire. However, the other person wasn’t dead and was going around to the other side of the building.

Mo Hantian opened the 8x scope and could see clearly. The moment the man appeared, he immediately pulled the trigger.


[’M007’ has used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘SS333’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng shouted, “Nice. This sniper is okay and his shot was well placed.”

Shu Chen told him, “Yes, I’ll continue to follow him.”

Pei Feng said, “Let him withdraw. He is exposed.”

Shu Chen gave a signal to retreat.

Mo Hantian saw the signal. He found that the medic had been following him since the beginning. It seemed that this was a player with a strong awareness. Protecting the sniper? Mo Hantian decisively jumped down from the tall building and moved with the medic.

Shu Chen carried the bulletproof light board and moved quickly with Mo Hantian following behind him. The other sniper really shot at Shu Chen. The bullet hit the bulletproof light board and there was a harsh metallic sound. Pei Feng’s eyes narrowed and he immediately detoured to find the enemy sniper.

At this time, the two Korean brothers were quietly moving.

The older brother Kim Minho locked onto the sniper’s position and made a mark. He switched to a gun and patiently waited at the corner. Meanwhile, the younger brother came around the other side. He held double pistols in his hand and threw a smoke bomb at Mo Hantian.

Mo Hantian was startled. He knew that his position was exposed and the enemy scout had come over. He hurriedly fired two shots in the direction of the smoke bomb, trying to block the other person’s pursuit. He guarded against the right side but he didn’t know there was a scout hidden on the left side.

He had just shot to the right when there was a clean gunshot from behind him.

Bang bang!

Kim Minho held the Sand Eagle and immediately shot Mo Hantian in the head!

Jiang Shaoyu saw this and personally felt the power of the Korean brothers. One was to the left and the other to the right. They couldn’t take care of both sides at the same time and it was easy to be killed 2 against 1. They crossed positions like this, killing like dumplings. This allowed them to kill their opponents in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, there was Shu Chen next to Mo Hantian.

Shu Chen’s position was very clever. He and Mo Hantian maintained a distance of around two meters and they could coordinate with each other. However, it also wasn’t in a straight line but used the corners of the buildings as cover. Mo Hantian could be seen by the opposite side but he couldn’t be seen.

After Xiao Mo died, Shu Chen immediately erected the bulletproof light board and pulled Xiao Mo up.

Mo Hantian knew that the medic had been following him and would definitely save him. So from the moment he stood, he opened the scope and sniped at the same speed as a conditioned reflex—Bang!

The bullet whistled past and instantly pierced Kim Minho’s brain! It was a headshot!

Just then, the smoke on the right side dispersed. Kim Minji, who was hiding there, also came over with double pistols in his hands. He quickly fired two shots, knocking Mo Hantian to the ground again.

Shu Chen didn’t save him this time and instead shot back.


[’chenchen’ has killed ‘KillerJ’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

Do you think a medic can only save people?

No, this time I will kill you first and then save them.

Shu Chen fired unexpectedly from the corner and Kim Minji was killed instantly. Mo Hantian was helped up by him again and typed a row of emojis with the words ‘Oppa is so powerful’ on the public screen.

On the other side, Pei Feng went around and resolved the enemy sniper. They won the first game quite smoothly.

In the second game, the Korean brothers changed their strategy and killed the medic first. Once Shu Chen died, Xiao Mo couldn’t be saved. He killed one person on the opposite side but died under the brother’s gun.

In the third game, Pei Feng instructed, “Brother Chen, protect the sniper. I’ll lure away the two scouts.”

Pei Feng deliberately used himself as bait and rushed directly to the enemy team. He took a position and quickly led away the two Korean brothers. Mo Hantian sniped from a distance and killed the older brother. Then he covered Pei Feng’s retreat. Pei Feng turned around and instantly killed the younger brother!

This match was very difficult. Mo Hantian was killed several times but he soon found that Winner02 and chenchen had a very strong awareness. If it wasn’t for the medic repeatedly reviving him, he definitely wouldn’t be able to beat the scout on the other side.

The three of them inexplicably formed a cooperation and won the game 3:2!

Mo Hantian hit the table. “Nice!”

Then he took the initiative to send a friend request and wrote a Korean verification message in a translator: Oppa, take me to fly [flowers.jpg.]

[Winner02 has rejected your friend request.]

[chenchen doesn’t accept friend requests.]

Mo Hantian: “T_T”

Jiang Shaoyu gently smiled. “Let’s go and see the sad little princess.”

In the training room next door, Mo Hantian didn’t really care about having his requests rejected. He just felt that the two of them had the level of professional players. If he played more ranking games with professional players then his awareness would also be improved.

If you don’t add me then don’t add it! I won’t care about you!

He was just about to start the next ranking battle when the door of the training room was opened. Coach Lin walked in with two people, clapped his hands and shouted, “Everyone, pause. This is Vice-chairman Qi and this is Jiang Shaoyu, the coach of the national team. They came to our club for an inspection!”

Coach Lin’s voice was loud enough even with the soundproof headphones. Everyone stopped their movements in unison and turned around.

Mo Hantian thought he heard incorrectly so he immediately took off his headphones and turned around. Then he met a pair of calm eyes.

Those eyes were staring at him.

Mo Hantian: “……”

When did God Wing come? Ahhhhhh!


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