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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 64

New Goal

In the post-match interview, the officials invited Ye Suian, the MVP of the match.

The young man with dyed red hair had a lively smile and he wasn’t nervous at all in front of the camera. The reporter praised him first. “Congratulations to Xiao Ye for winning today’s MVP. This is your first match since you debuted. What do you want to say about such a good result?”

Ye Suian replied, “Thank you to the YY Club for giving me the opportunity and Master for training me.”

The reporter wondered, “Who is your master?”

“Of course, it is our Captain Ye! I am Little Ye and my master is Big Ye. We have the same surname. Isn’t it quite lucky?”

The reporter didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Is this the reason why you named yourself Little Yellow Leaf?”

“Yes, aren’t yellow leaves autumn leaves? My birthday is in autumn!”

Everyone: “……”

This little guy’s thinking seemed a bit out of the norm?

The reporter changed the topic. “Cough, what do you think is the key to winning today’s match?”

He thought Ye Suian would say something like the YY team played well, their teammates were very united, etc. As a result, this guy didn’t know how to be polite and said bluntly, “The reason why we could win is naturally because TNG played too chaotically and didn’t cooperate much.”

The reporters were shocked. For the post-match interviews, most players would save some face for their opponents. It was really the first time there was someone like Ye Suian who directly revealed the shortcomings of their opponents! The TNG fans watching the live broadcast were furious.

However… Ye Suian followed up on his words and added another knife. “We have been targeting the sniper this time. The medic didn’t go back to protect him and the front and rear rows were disjointed. The charger and assaulter in the front row didn’t post a threat to us. It was quite easy to win after solving the sniper.”

The players of TNG: “……”

Lu Xingyun’s expression was already too dark to look at.

Backstage, Pei Feng couldn’t help smiling. “This apprentice of Brother Ye speaks so bluntly. Isn’t he afraid of offending people?”

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Can you see who Ye Qingming is afraid of?”

Pei Feng thought for a moment before replying in a low voice, “He is only afraid of you.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Yes, his apprentice Xiao Ye Zi has evolved and isn’t even afraid of me.”

Pei Feng: “……”

Little boy, you really have a future!

Of course, after this interview, the fans of TNG collectively rushed to Ye Suian and their scolding was particularly ugly. At such a young age, he actually dared to say that TNG’s front row wasn’t a threat? So arrogant!

The fans of YY really liked this straightforward little apprentice of Captain Ye and they went to protect him. On the Internet, the fans of both sides launched a fierce scolding battle. In the end, YY’s fans won a big victory.

“In e-sports, being weak is the original sin.”

“Xiao Ye Zi is right, this one was indeed easy to win.”

“50:35, I’m going to die laughing. You can catch up if the YY group was wiped out three times in a row!”

“Their front row really isn’t a threat. Your God Lu has been beaten into a hornet’s nest. Go and burn paper for him [lights candle.jpg.]

TNG’s fans were speechless.

Pang Yu thought that the fans would scold him after this match. After all, he had died the most. As a result, the opposite team’s Xiao Ye Zi took the initiative to jump out and pull a wave of hatred. The TNG fans went to scold Xiao Ye Zi and not many people came to scold him, making him a bit dazed.

They returned to the base and Pang Yu called Si Wenhui to the dormitory to discuss things in a low voice, “Let’s transfer together? Our cooperation is okay. Didn’t Coach Jiang also say that we are the core of TNG? I don’t want to go on like this.”

Si Wenhui was a bit worried. “The question is whether any team will want us if we are packaged together and transfer together.”

They were indeed not very good-looking. One was a big, chubby man and the other was a small thin man. There was no commercial value to attract fans.

Pang Yu scratched his head and lowered his voice. “The HW team just contacted me privately and asked if I was interested in transferring.”

Si Wenhui’s eyes lit up. “You mean, Zhou Yiran’s team?”

Pang Yu nodded. “Yes. The atmosphere on their side with Captain Zhou is definitely better than TNG. If the two of us go over as a scout and sniper, we can cooperate with Zhou Yiran’s assaulter. This is much cooler than cooperating with the eldest young master of the Lu family!”

Si Wenhui nodded excitedly. “Of course! Captain Zhou is famously gentle and good-tempered… but they didn’t look for me?”

Pang Yu patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll ask their manager if it is okay for us to transfer together.”

Si Wenhui was a bit sad. In the TNG team, Lu Xingyun was surrounded by a bunch of sycophants who flattered him. The two of them were the only ones who played the game seriously. Perhaps only he and Xiao Pang still retained their original intention of playing e-sports? It was really boring to stay here and not be taken seriously. If they lost the game, they had to take the blame. It was really boring.

The HW team was a veteran strong team. Their captain, Zhou Yiran, was once an assaulter of ACE and was the gentlest alpha in the circle. He was polite and gentle. It was said that he was rarely scolded by God Yu back in ACE? The main assaulter of the last national team had always been very stable.

Lu Xingyun only scolded his teammates when he lost the match. He was short-tempered and full of foul language. Captain Zhou was the exact opposite. If his team lost the match, he would take responsibility and comfort his teammates with a smile and ‘It is okay’…

The two captains weren’t on the same level at all!

The two of them came to an agreement and immediately contacted the manager of the HW team privately. The other person agreed very happily, “Great, we welcome the two of you to come together!”

The Gun King Pro League played two rounds of the regular season in the first half of the year. After the regular season, a mid-season transfer window would open up. Players could choose to transfer and clubs could find ways to recruit people.

HW had been making tactics around Zhou Yiran and their sniper and scout positions were relatively weak. Therefore, they aimed for TNG.

They originally thought they might not be able to poach the sniper. Then it turned out that it was buy one, get one free and they actually poached the pair?

Zhou Yiran was very happy when he heard the news and he said with a smile, “I guessed that there were some internal problems in TNG. There are probably many clubs staring at this pair so we had to start quickly. If we poach them, HW might be able to win the championship this year.”

The alpha who looked gentle and good-tempered wasn’t as simple as he seemed.

Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu returned to the national team’s base together after watching the match. Today, it was Pei Feng who drove and he asked his master to sit in the front passenger’s seat.

Unexpectedly, it snowed heavily in the imperial capital in March. It was still clear when the match was being played but once the results came out, the snow outside was already very thick. After the match, the cars of the major teams had to go back and there were many fans and media reporters at the scene. This caused a traffic jam.

Pei Feng was blocked at the exit of the parking lot. He saw the cars lined up in a long line and had to sigh, turn on the heating and wait patiently for the traffic police to let him go.

He saw Jiang Shaoyu writing in the black notebook and couldn’t help joking, “Master, your notebook looks a bit like a death note. If you make a cross, it is over, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at him. “Do you really want me to give you a cross?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Is Master willing to do it?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu stared blankly at his apprentice’s gentle, smiling eyes. Then he turned to Pei Feng’s page and simply put a cross after the name.

Pei Feng: “……”

F*k, was this digging his own grave?

Pei Feng immediately repented. “I was wrong. Master, I shouldn’t have challenged your authority. Quickly remove it. How ugly is a cross?”

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly and wiped away the red cross. “I will give you another chance.”

Pei Feng said in a flattering manner, “Change it to a pair of ticks. A pair of ticks looks good.”

Jiang Shaoyu ignored him and carefully closed the book.

The notebook recorded Coach Jiang’s impression of every player he focused on. In fact, Xiao Pei had only seen his name but he hadn’t seen that for all the following items, including operational strength, reaction speed, stability, tactical awareness and psychological quality—Jiang Shaoyu had given him all an S.

For the other people, even Ye Qingming had many scores of A.

Pei Feng saw his master put away the book and changed the topic. “Master, have you been in better health recently? You have to travel around the country like this. One day, you go to A City and the next day you go to B City. Each place has different food. Can your stomach get used to it?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “It is okay. The accommodation and food are all arranged by Sister Yu and she is very careful.”

Pei Feng nodded. “That’s good. You are too skinny. You should eat more meat.”

Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t injected any inhibitors for over a month but his physical condition was much better than before. Due to being marked by Xiao Pei during the Spring Festival, the alpha’s gentle pheromones calmed the grumpy omega pheromones in his body. He had been full of energy recently and his stomach hadn’t felt sick for a long time.

Jiang Shaoyu turned his head and met Pei Feng’s concerned gaze.

Outside the car window, snow was falling.

Inside the narrow car, the two people looked at each other and their image could clearly be seen in the other person’s eyes.

This also reminded them of that snowy night during the new year.

The high speed road was closed so Pei Feng reluctantly parked the car on the side of the road. The two of them squeezed in the back. Pei Feng hugged Jiang Shaoyu on his lap and bit the back of the other person’s tender neck.

Jiang Shaoyu looked away uncomfortably. He thought he had forgotten about it but in fact, his memory was very vivid.

He was just too busy at ordinary times to think about these trivial things. Yet at this moment, the master and apprentice were sitting in the same car. It was a snowy day and they were blocked on the road. The memories buried deep in his heart instantly flooded up.

The sensitive back of his neck was even slightly warm. There was still the mark of Pei Feng’s alpha pheromones on it.

Jiang Shaoyu looked sideways at the snow outside the window and ignored the embarrassment in his heart.

Pei Feng saw his master looking away and also felt a bit embarrassed for some reason. He coughed lightly and quickly changed the topic, “It is snowing heavily outside and we will probably be blocked for a long time. Alas, if I knew this then we should’ve come by subway.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It is okay. It isn’t a big deal to get back later.”

There was once again silence in the car.

Pei Feng scratched his head and tried to find a topic to break the embarrassment. “Which club will Master go to next?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “I will look at the schedule and pick one from the few that won’t compete next week.”

Pei Feng smiled. “I feel like Master is playing a stamp collecting game. You will bring back someone every time you go to a house.”

Jiang Shaoyu heard this description and explained it, “That isn’t true. I brought Chen Chen back because he suffered a lot at TNG. His talent was buried and there was no need for him to continue wasting time at TNG. As for Ye Zi, his tactical ideas aren’t bad. In any case, he is suspended and he sleeps every day. YY doesn’t care about him. It is better for him to come to the national team, cooperate with you and practice various tactical ideas.”

Pei Feng nodded with understanding. “In other words, Master won’t bring people back next time?”

“Everyone else is playing and I can’t compete with the club. There are eight months to go until the World Series so I can take my time.”

Pei Feng asked, “I remember that last year, the national team was officially assembled in November. They trained together for one month before going to the World Series. Will this timing be too late? We are putting players with different styles together and doing complex tactics. It is different to develop a tacit cooperation in one month, right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “This year, I will determine the national team members in June. In the second half of the year, they will play in the playoffs while participating in online training. The players who don’t need to participate in the playoffs can move directly to the national team to live. There is a longer period of time to cooperate and there can be richer tactics.”

“Master has a point. The national team will definitely win an award,” Pei Feng said confidently.

“…In the past few years, the Chinese national team hasn’t even reached the final four. Are you so confident?”

“That is because Master wasn’t there.” Pei Feng smiled. “This year is different. We are training in advance and spending half a year developing tactics. Master is the head coach. I don’t believe that the national team can’t win an award.”

“……” Jiang Shaoyu had mixed feelings.

Blind trust and worship of his master seemed to have been engraved in the depths of Pei Feng’s mind.

He was indeed the number one fan of God Wing.

However, Xiao Pei’s trust gave Jiang Shaoyu enough motivation. It didn’t matter who among the members of the national team would obey his coaching style in the future. He knew that Pei Feng would always stand behind him and fully support his decision.

Due to the snow and traffic jam, it was already midnight when the two of them returned to the national team’s base.

Before the heavy snow stopped, Pei Feng parked the car at the door of the dormitory building and went upstairs with Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu took a shower after returning to the room and touched the back of his neck. The tooth marks left by the alpha had long disappeared but the pheromones integrated into his body were still there. He didn’t know how long it would last.

After all, he and Pei Feng were master and apprentice. He asked his apprentice, who had always respected him, to mark him. This was very inappropriate. Last time, it was a sudden accident and there was no way. However, he wouldn’t trouble Xiao Pei in the future. In any case, the inhibitors were enough.

Jiang Shaoyu took a deep breath and found a blocking patch that was very close to the color of his skin. He pasted it to the back of his neck. This way, no one would see that he was an omega.

Why not think about where to go next? Jiang Shaoyu opened the memo on his phone and glanced at the league’s arrangement.

CIP? They didn’t have a match next week and all the players would be at the base. Why not go and see their daily training. If his memory was correct, the eldest baby of the Gourd Babies Squad, Mo Hantian, was in this team.


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