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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 57

Face to Face Review

Among the TNG players, Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue were the only ones who had seen Coach Jiang in the national team. The others didn’t know Jiang Shaoyu. Moreover, these newcomers hadn’t experienced the era of the S3 season and only heard the name of God Wing. They didn’t know what God Wing looked like. They saw him coming in with Vice-chairman Qi and everyone thought he was just a staff member of the league.

However, the moment Shu Chen saw Jiang Shaoyu, his eyes lit up and he clenched his hands hard. It was Brother Yu! After five years of not seeing each other, he still recognized Brother Yu at first glance. It was the former captain of the ACE team who treated him like a brother!

Shu Chen’s nose was bitter as he remembered Jiang Shaoyu’s tolerance and care for him during his time at ACE. He didn’t know what to say on such an occasion. He couldn’t stand up and spoke so he could only lower his sense of existence. He silently hid in the back and lowered his head.

Qi Heng always had a hot temper. He had kicked in the door just now and he was so aggressive that all the team members were shocked.

Manager Zhao’s face was ashen. Before he could open his mouth to ease the atmosphere, he heard Qi Heng scolding them. “It turns out that this is the state of your daily training? Every time I came to TNG for a discipline inspection, you were serious and diligent. It is because you received a notice in advance so you put on a show for me, right? If I hadn’t looked at the door number of the TNG training room, I would’ve thought I came to a market!”

Everyone: “……”

The players lowered their heads in unison and the manager and coaching staff had ugly expressions. A market? This noisy appearance really was like a market!

Qi Heng’s eyes swept over the group. “Eat seafood? If I remember correctly, TNG has a match in three days. During the daily training time in the afternoon, you play a training session with casual smiles and dirty words and you don’t even know how to review the match? Instead, you are discussing where to eat seafood? You are really good!”

Compared to Vice-chairman Qi’s fury, Jiang Shaoyu was a bit too calm. There was still no expression on his face but his indifferent gaze penetrated their hearts like sharp arrows. The hairs on the back of the newcomers stood up when they saw this but they didn’t dare ask about the identity of this person.

Manager Zhao hurriedly came out to smooth things over. “Cough, Vice-chairman Qi and the coaching staff of the national team came to our club today for an inspection… This is Coach Jiang of the national team and he watched the match just now. You guys, you have been training until 3 o’clock at night for a few days. Old Xu saw that you were too tired and let you take half a day off today to rest. This made you relax your vigilance and you played the training match with casual smiles. You should really be scolded!”

Manager Zhao was worthy of being an old fox. The explanation of ‘training until 3 o’clock at night for a few days and you got half a day off today’ saved a bit of face regarding TNG’s behavior. Of course, both Qi Heng and Jiang Shaoyu knew that he was fooling around. If the TNG players had the spirit to train so hard then would they be like that in today’s training match?

The players heard Manager Zhao’s words and finally understood. The person who was staring at them coldly was the legendary God Wing, the head coach of the national team! Vice-chairman Qi brought the national team’s coach to raid and inspect the club. The former was to check discipline and was there any need to ask about what the latter was doing? It was obviously watching everyone’s daily performance to select the members of the national team… It was over! Their performance today was worse than awful!

Lu Xingyun’s face was very wonderful at this time. Sometimes it was red and other times it was pale. The smile that he barely managed to squeeze out was uglier than crying.

As a member of the Gourd Babies squad, he had once been scolded by Jiang Shaoyu. Then he showed serious efforts in the training of the national team and wrote two full pages for the self-criticism in a very sincere tone. The result? Coach Jiang actually carried out a surprise inspection and his mask was instantly revealed. It was hard to prevent!

During the match just now, not only did he habitually use foul words but he also scolded Shu Chen. A chill suddenly rose in Lu Xingyun’s heart.

Jiang Shaoyu just gave him an extremely calm look before telling him slowly, word by word, “Xiao Lu, I remember I told you before that the key to a professional player isn’t in the player but in the professionalism.”

“It doesn’t matter if you win or lose—is that how you treat training matches as a professional?”

Lu Xingyun: “……”

Compared to Qi Heng’s fierce scolding, Jiang Shaoyu’s words were very calm and there were no emotional ups and downs.

However, every word was like a knife and the knife drew blood!

What did a training match represent? It represented the practice of tactics, team cooperation and command coordination. Professional players played training matches in order to discover their own shortcomings and to correct them and improve as soon as possible. It was only in this way that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes in the official competition.

Then what were they doing? They laughed happily like they were playing house.

Lu Xingyun even said words like, ‘It is just a training match. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose!’

This was like the teacher saying, ‘It is just a normal class. It doesn’t matter if you go or not’ or the doctor saying ‘It is just a small operation. It doesn’t matter if you cut the knife at will.’ Professionalism was a word that Jiang Shaoyu had emphasized before.

A professional should respect their profession!

The first rule for e-sports players was ‘respect e-sports and take every match seriously.’

They were usually so sloppy and half-hearted then who would believe they would play seriously when on the field?

The group of people collectively lowered their heads. Coach Jiang’s criticism went straight to their core!

The subtext was—you don’t deserve to be pros.

Lu Xingyun’s expression was extremely ugly and he found that he couldn’t say a single word of rebuttal.

Old Xu knew that it wasn’t good for TNG and hurriedly said with a smile, “Coach Jiang, don’t be angry. They did train too late for a few days and they are too tired. Today they took half a day off to rest. Maybe it is because they slept until noon but they are confused and their brains can’t react properly.”

Jiang Shaoyu ignored him and walked into the training room. “You didn’t do a replay after the training match? Okay, I watched the match today so I will help you review it.”

Everyone: “……”

It was a face to face review. Was this tearing them to shreds in front of everyone?

Before the players could react, Jiang Shaoyu nodded at Qin Bo.

Qin Bo quickly connected his laptop to the projection screen of the training room and replayed the match from scratch.

The players were stunned. Just now, Coach Jiang had watched the training match from start to finish? No wonder why Old Xu was so strange today and didn’t come to the training room. It turned out that Coach Jiang was sitting with Old Xu at that time. All of this was instructed by Coach Jiang, right?

Everyone got a chill when they thought of this.

Jiang Shaoyu stood in front of the projection screen and said indifferently, “Let’s watch the first match.”

The video of the match was clearly played frame by frame on the projection screen that was over two meters wide. There was even sound from the voice channel. Everyone hide Lu Xingyun saying, “F*k, hiding in this corner is really dirty. Medic, come to help.”

The moment he won the first game, Lu Xingyun laughed happily. “It is still simple after changing people.”

Han Ting enthusiastically flattered him. “That’s right. Our team has Brother Lu and it is easy to play against the 2nd team.”

The players of the 2nd team: “……”

During the match, they could only listen to their teammates. They hadn’t expected that Lu Xingyun would actually look down on people to such an extent.

The next round was the third game. After losing, Lu Xingyun yelled, “F*k! Is the medic stupid? I told you to save me first but you saved Tim? Couldn’t you see that he was surrounded?”

In the quiet training room, Lu Xingyun’s voice was clearly heard by everyone.

Lu Xingyun’s expression was already extremely ugly. He clenched his fists hard and forcibly endured the urge to rush out the door! Jiang Shaoyu’s actions were worse than slapping him in the face! It was like stripping him of all his disguises in public and letting him parade naked on the streets!

The teammates looked at Lu Xingyun with slightly complicated eyes.

Shu Chen lowered his head and his face turned red.

As a support profession, he was used to being scolded. Yet at this moment, he clearly heard Lu Xingyun’s words and his heart was particularly uncomfortable. During his time in ACE, no one had every scolded him like this. In particular, Brother Yu would always say things like ‘Chen Chen, raise me up’, ‘Chen Chen has worked hard’, ‘Chen Chen is beautiful’… Even Ye Zi and Lao Lin would often say ‘Chen Chen, nice.’

However, in TNG, he never felt the respect of his teammates. If he saved them, it was natural. If he couldn’t save them then what was the medic doing? He had heard these words so many times that he was almost numb to them.

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze shifted to Shu Chen. He saw that Shu Chen was lowering his head and it felt like his heart was pricked by a needle. His beloved brother, the medic he had personally trained, was being bullied so badly at TNG!

Shu Chen clearly hadn’t made a mistake but he needed to bear the anger of his teammates for losing? How long had it been like this? He was a person with social fear. If he was wronged, it would only swallow it down silently and endure it, never confiding in others. How many wrongs had he suffered over the years? How did he persevere?

Jiang Shaoyu took a deep breath and tried to remain as calm as possible. His current identity was the coach of the national team and he couldn’t be biased in favor of Shu Chen.

He pressed the pause button and looked at Qin Bo. “Do 3D position modeling and ballistics analysis.”

Qin Bo quickly opened the software and did a very professional analysis from a god’s perspective of the movement paths and a ballistic restoration for the group battle just now. The software could restore the path of each bullet. Based on Qin Bo’s professional modeling, this wave of group battle was very clear.

Jiang Shaoyu opened his mouth. “Lu Xingyun, Han Ting, open your eyes and look carefully! In this wave, Lu Xingyun made a mistake when moving and was killed by the sniper. Han Ting encountered the opposite charger and assaulter and was killed in the two against one battle. The position of the medic is five meters away from Han Ting and 10 meters away from Lu Xingyun. Tell me… who should he save?”

Lu Xingyun and Han Ting didn’t dare to say a word.

The software engineer did modeling on the spot and a path analysis. It was really scientific and accurate!

Anyone who knew a little bit about the game could understand this question. The distance was too far for Shu Chen to go and save Lu Xingyun. He would be killed by the sniper in seconds. He was closest to Han Ting and there was a statue nearby to hide behind. Therefore, saving Han Ting was the best choice.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Han Ting. “Han Ting, what were you doing? After seeing the medic coming to save you with a bulletproof light board, you should’ve immediately gone around and killed the two people on the opposite side with low health. It is 2 against 2. can’t you understand such a simple cooperation? You were rescued so why stand around in a daze and let the opponent kill you?”

Han Ting’s head quickly lowered to his chest. He had been stunned at the time because Lu Xingyun had been shouting for the medic to save him. He thought that Shu Chen would go to save Captain Lu so he really couldn’t react. Looking at the video right now, he saw that he stood there in a daze after being rescued and really looked stupid.

Jiang Shaoyu turned to Lu Xingyun and asked slowly, “Xiao Lu, do you still think that it is the medic’s fault?”

Lu Xingyun: “……”

Lu Xingyun instantly turned red after hearing this. He didn’t expect that his scolding words toward Shu Chen would be taken out by Jiang Shaoyu alone to do a review, analysis, 3D path modeling and ballistic analysis in front of everyone. Then his mistakes were pointed out little by little so that everyone was convinced.

He didn’t have any words to refute it.

In this wave, Shu Chen hadn’t saved the wrong person. If Han Ting and Shu Chen had cooperated well, they could’ve killed the two people on the opposite side! It was his mistake in positioning and the fact that Han Ting’s reaction was too slow. Shu Chen did a really good job while they both were idiots!

Jiang Shaoyu pressed the play button. Then the next wave came and Lu Xingyun’s voice was heard again, “Play by yourself. You can’t keep up with the rhythm of our 1st team.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was cold. “You ignored your teammates and rushed forward brainlessly, yet you still blamed your teammate for not keeping up with you? Even an immortal can’t keep up with your sprinting style that is like a wild horse! You don’t know how to cooperate when playing games and will scold your teammates if you lose. You are so powerful that you can play 1V5. Then why bother with teammates?”

Qi Heng wanted to laugh but held back. Ah Yu’s vicious tongue and scolding could really make people collapse. It was hard to look at Xiao Lu’s expression.

Some of the TNG team members couldn’t help smiling when looking down. They didn’t know why but they felt refreshed when hearing Coach Jiang scold Lu Xingyun. Lu Xingyun relied on the support of his wealthy backer and acted like the big brother of the team. His teammates had to give him heads in the game. If they won then it was all his credit. If they lost then it was because his teammates couldn’t keep up…

Many people were afraid to speak out about him to the manager and coach. In fact, in private, everyone hadn’t been happy with him for a long time. Of course, his little followers Han Ting and Zhang Yue were the exception. They were Lu Xingyun’s dog legs.

Jiang Shaoyu finished reviewing the first match and immediately opened the video of the second match. “In the Extreme Duel mode, a few people on the 1st team died and rushed out to continue sending away their heads without waiting for their teammates. The positioning was chaotic and uncooperative. It really refreshed my understanding of professional players. If it wasn’t for your IDs, I would’ve thought you were rookies who were new to the game.”

Everyone: “……”

Comparing their professional players to rookies who just came into contact with the game—this sentence completely broke their confidence.

Jiang Shaoyu turned off the computer. “Let’s end it here for the review. There are three players who performed well in today’s training match. They are the sniper Pang Yu, the scout Si Wenhui and the medic Shu Chen. The others are all unqualified. The three who were named by me will go to the next meeting room to talk to me alone. As for the others…”

He glanced at the group led by Lu Xingyun. “Didn’t you want to eat seafood? Go ahead and eat more. Maybe you can win the eating competition championship.”

Everyone: “……”

Forget about the seafood.

How could they still have the appetite to eat and drink right now? They were all scolded!


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