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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 56

Neglected Medic

The 1st team led by Lu Xingyun was originally 2:0 behind but they lost the match point. The score became 2:1.

He thought this was a medic problem. If Shu Chen had saved him in the wave just now, the outcome would’ve been different. After all, Shu Chen was older and his reaction was slow. He was the substitute for the 2nd team and it was normal that he couldn’t keep up with Lu Xingyun’s rhythm.

Lu Xingyun frowned. “Medic, follow me closely and don’t go too far. We will play the same way as before. Rush left and right to kill those in the front row first!”

Han Ting replied, “Received!”

Shu Chen typed a 1 to indicate that he had received it.

The fourth game was the same as how they just played, except that Shu Chen followed Lu Xingyun very closely.

Lu Xingyun went around from the left and collided head-on with the opposite scout Sing. At this time, it was too late to switch to the gun. He immediately threw a smoke bomb, moved and ran across several containers in a row to arrive at a safe area. The moment the smoke cleared, he switched to a submachine gun and was about to kill the opposite scout, only for a sniper’s bullet to suddenly penetrate his brain from the side.

Lu Xingyun hurriedly shouted, “Medic, help!”

Shu Chen carried the bulletproof light board all the way to the container and pulled up the fallen Lu Xingyun. Unfortunately, as soon as Lu Xingyun was pulled up, he was shot in the head by the sniper.

Lu Xingyun’s expression was ugly and he cursed in a low voice, “F*k, can’t you do it faster?”

The moment he died, the rest of the 1st team were quickly killed by the 2nd team’s sniper and scout.

The score was 2:2 and it was the deciding game.

Lu Xingyun knew he was being targeted and was in a bad mood. After all, the sniper from the 2nd team was changed with the one from the 1st team and knew him very well. He thought for a moment before saying, “Han Ting, let’s go around and kill the sniper! Don’t let Xiao Pang live to the end!”

Han Ting replied, “Brother Lu, received.”

Shu Chen typed and asked: Who am I with?

Lu Xingyun sneered. “You play by yourself. You can’t keep up with the rhythm of our 1st team.”

Shu Chen didn’t speak.

Lu Xingyun didn’t realize that he was seriously disconnected from the medic just now. He directly moved over four containers like a monkey and even an immortal couldn’t keep up. Shu Chen’s speed was fast enough and he even carried a bulletproof light board to save people…

He got such an evaluation in return.

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes and continued to watch the final game.

Lu Xingyun and Han Ting teamed up to kill the sniper but the sniper of the 2nd team, Xiao Pang, had good senses. He ran quickly after he was exposed. The two of them wanted to chase him but he turned back to shoot two shots to block them. The thing the two people didn’t know was that the scout Sing had already circled around from the side and quietly stabbed Han Ting first.

Lu Xingyun turned around and shot the scout.

Then the opposing charger and assaulter came from the side and quickly joined forces to kill him!

2:3. The 1st team actually lost.

Lu Xingyun raised an eyebrow and typed quickly on the team channel: F*k, Xiao Pang, you are specifically targeting me today!

Xiao Pang of the 2nd team smiled and said: Brother Lu, you are the strongest and we can’t fight without killing you.

Lu Xingyun loved to hear this sentence so he joked: I will come back and clean you up.

The group was giggling while typing and chatting. It was just an intra-team training match and it didn’t matter if they won or lost.

Just then, Coach Xu suddenly appeared: The two teams will exchange medics.

Everyone was stunned and Zhang Yue was confused: Coach Xu? You mean that I will swap with Shu Chen?

Old Xu: Yes.

Lu Xingyun had long felt that Shu Chen couldn’t keep up with him. After all, they had never cooperated. He heard this and immediately used the authority of the room manager to switch the positions of Chenchen and Zyue. This way, Zhang Yue became the medic of the 1st team.

Old Xu: The match mode is Extreme Duel. The map is Ghost Castle. Let’s start another round.

Everyone: “……”

In the meeting room, Old Xu’s hair was already soaked with sweat. He looked at Jiang Shaoyu, who was sitting in front of the computer, and said softly, “Coach Jiang, since you want to play the Extreme Duel mode, why don’t you change the players back? After all, the cooperation isn’t tacit and their real strength can’t be seen…”

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at him. “Coach Xu, are you teaching me how to arrange the lineup?”

“No no no, that’s not what I mean…”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were as cold as ice in winter, without any emotion. Old Xu was stared at by him and hurriedly shut up.

There were three types of game modes in Gun King. The simplest was Endless Bloody Battle, the medium difficulty was Life and Death Explosion and the highest difficulty was Extreme Duel.

In Endless Bloody Battle, killing all five people on the opposite side counted as winning a small game. Once the group was destroyed, the game started again and it required three wins out of five games.

Life and Death Explosion was the most classic police and bandit mode in shooter guns. The bandits needed to install a timed bomb at points A and B on the map. The bomb would explode after a countdown of 30 seconds. If the bomb exploded then the bandits would win. The police had to dismantle the bomb in time or destroy the opponents before the bandits installed the bomb.

In the blast mode, throwing weapons were limited to 5 to avoid the direct bombing of grenades of one side, making it impossible for the opposite side to defend.

In the Extreme Duel mode, there were no small games and it only looked at the number of heads.

Killing the opponent once counted as one head. The one who got 50 heads first won.

In the Extreme Duel mode, teams could bring up to 10 offensive throwing ammunition such as grenades, incendiary bombs etc. The number of bullets for firearms was also limited. For example, the MSG sniper gun had a total of 20 bullets while the Uzi MAC assault rifle had 140 bullets. If they used one then it was one less bullet. It wouldn’t refresh.

If they used too many bullets at the beginning, they would face the embarrassment of no bullets at the end. Once the heads were too far behind, they would face psychological pressure. The requirements for the players’ psychological quality, tactical strategy and teamwork were very high.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t give them time to talk nonsense and directly pressed ‘start.’

The map was loading.

Lu Xingyun opened his mouth. “Xiao Zhang will follow me. Han Ting will move to the left and I will go to the right. The sniper will set up a gun in the middle of the road. Scout, pay attention to investigating from the outside. Report the location in time! I will bring 10 grenades and the others will bring smoke bombs.”

On the side of the 2nd team, Xiao Pang started to command seriously. “Chen Chen, hide well at the start and look for an opportunity to save people. Old Sing, go around the side to scout or give priority to killing the group! The charger MMP will go forward with the grenades. Send a signal before blowing it up.”

Everyone typed ‘1’ to indicate they had received it.

The match started and there was the first wave of confrontation between the two sides. Lu Xingyun rushed forward with Zhang Yue, the ‘personal bodyguard.’ After all, he was the captain of TNG. He had some skill and his ability to fight in close combat was very strong. In the blink of an eye, he killed the 2nd team’s charger and assaulter who were approaching from behind a statue.

1 hit 2, it was a wave of double kills!

The crows of the Ghost Castle map were startled and flew around. Lu Xingyun was excited by the kill and continued to run forward, only to be killed by the sneak attack of the 2nd team’s scout.

As the bodyguard, Zhang Yue wanted to rescue Brother Lu as soon as possible.

He hurriedly pulled Lu Xingyun to a safe position behind a statue and used a first aid kit to save him.

Just then, a red gun barrel suddenly aimed at his head. Before he could react, he heard a clear gunshot in his ear.

Bang bang!

[’Chenchen’ has killed ‘Zyue’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

Shu Chen actually came from around the side and killed the medic, interrupting Zhang Yue’s rescue. Then he ran over and pulled up his teammates with the first aid kit.

At this point, the head to head ratio on the big screen was 2:2.

It was just that due to the medic Shu Chen’s timely rescue of the people of the 2nd team, all team members were alive while only three people were left on the 1st team.

It was a wave of 5 to 3.

In the Extreme Duel mode, players would refresh at the resurrection point immediately after death. However, it would take time for Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue to refresh and then rush over.

Xiao Pang exclaimed, “Pretty! Let’s round up a wave!”

The five people moved from all directions and quickly killed the remaining three people of the 1st team.

In this wave of 2 for 5, the 1st team suffered a big loss.

After Lu Xingyun was resurrected, he didn’t wait for his teammates and rushed over with Zhang Yue to hide behind a statue.

However, the scout Sing of the 2nd team was very knowledgeable about his position. He soon found the location of the two men and pressed a signal on the map.

The charger directly blew up a grenade.


The powerful grenade exploded nearby. Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue were blown up and instantly lost a lot of health.

Lu Xingyun hurriedly threw a smoke bomb to cover his position. Zhang Yue wrapped a bandage on Lu Xingyun while running but ignored himself. As a result, Zhang Yue was shot in the head by the sniper who had already set up the gun. Lu Xingyun was surrounded 3 against 1 and was killed.

The heads ratio was 2:7.

In front of the computer, Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and said coldly, “Sending in waves of death one after another and not waiting for teammates after resurrection. The Extreme Duel mode is played like this?”

Everyone in the meeting room: “……”

They really didn’t know what was going on with Xiao Lu today. Why was he rushing forward like he had no brains?

Lu Xingyun had finally calmed down at this time. He took a deep breath and said, “In the next wave, wait until all members are resurrected before going out.”

The heads ratio was 4:10.

The 1st team was destroyed in two waves. They resurrected and set off again.

This time, Lu Xingyun played well. He joined forces with Han Ting to kill the three front rows of the 2nd team, the scout, charger and assaulter. The two of them ended up with low health at the end.

However, the sniper of the 2nd team, Xiao Pang was very obscene. He hid behind the statue and secretly set up the gun. He suppressed  them with three shots, running and fighting. This covered Shu Chen and allowed him to save people. Shu Chen quickly went around from the side.

[’Chenchen’ has killed ‘Zyue’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

He first killed the opposite medic before raising the bulletproof light board to quickly save his teammates. In the blink of an eye, the three corpses that had fallen to the ground were all rescued by Shu Chen.

The three people destroyed Lu Xingyun and beat the 1st team to wipe them out.

The game became more intense and the cooperation between the 2nd team gradually became tacit.

On the side of the 1st team, Lu Xingyun was becoming more irritable. “F*k! Kill the opposite medic first. This Shu Chen is too annoying!”

The first aid kit instantly filled the teammates with health. The teammates rescued by Shu Chen gathered quickly and the pace would become faster. It was just like when there was a group battle in an online game. If they died, which was faster between the healer resurrecting them in place or resurrecting at the resurrection point and slowly running over? It was obvious!

For a powerful medic, the best mode to play was actually Extreme Duel.

Lu Xingyun had just scolded Shu Chen twice. As a result, Shu Chen was moved by the coach to the 2nd team and became their most annoying opponent. The equipment he brought with him were very interesting such as the bulletproof light board, the first aid kit and the Red Cross double guns!

Every time he gave support, he first killed the enemy medic and interrupted the rhythm of Zhang Yue’s rescue. Then he raised his teammates up and reversed the situation.

Zhang Yue was also very irritated. The bandages and first aid kit that he brought with him had no means of attack. He wanted to cough up blood after being killed twice in a row by Shu Chen.

They continued fighting and the heads ratio became 10:20…



The gap was getting wider and the people of the 1st team became more impetuous. Lu Xingyun continued to say foul words on the voice channel.

The match lasted 15 minutes and the heads ratio was 35:47.

The 1st team played well this time. Lu Xingyun led the team to rush and a fierce strafing meant he killed three without dying. He swept the front row of the 2nd team to death. The 2nd team only had the sniper and medic left. It wasn’t known where the medic was hiding so everyone surrounded the sniper and Xiao Pang didn’t survive.

The 2nd team lost four people and only the medic was alive.

Lu Xingyun said with a calm face, “Find the medic and don’t let him save people!”

The group was about to turn back to find the medic when they saw continuous notifications pop up on the screen.

[’Chenchen’ has resurrected ‘MMP’ with the first aid kit!]

[’Chenchen’ has resurrected ‘Kevin’ with the first aid kit!]

[’Chenchen’ has resurrected ‘Sing’ with the first aid kit!]

The first aid kit had a five second cooldown after being used. Shu Chen could actually accurately use the cooldown time to quickly move and resurrect three people in a row!

Lu Xingyun was shocked and immediately passed by the statue to kill the opposite medic. However, Shu Chen was like a flexible fish when moving around. For a while, Lu Xingyun couldn’t catch up with the other person. As a result, the members of the 1st team were disjointed while the resurrected people of the 2nd team killed the 1st team and they were instantly wiped out.


The 2nd team took the lead in getting 50 heads and won the Extreme Duel mode.

Xiao Pang smiled and exclaimed, “Brothers, nice!”

On the side of the 1st team, Lu Xingyun complained with a sullen expression, “The lineup was disrupted and there is no cooperation at all! The rhythm is too chaotic.”

This meant that the two people exchanged from the 2nd team were too bad to keep up with their rhythm.

The two members of the 2nd team were accustomed to complimenting and respecting Lu Xingyun so they took the initiative to apologize. “I’m sorry, Brother Lu.”

”We really couldn’t keep up.”

They said this but they thought in their heart, ‘Why can the other side cooperate well? Why can’t we cooperate? You are blaming everyone for your bad command!’

Old Xu: Okay, that’s it.

The group saw the coach’s words and took off their headphones.

In the meeting room, Jiang Shaoyu stood up. His eyes swept over the group and he said clearly, “The TNG Club? Is this the level of your training matches?”

The coaching staff members bowed their heads in unison.

Usually the 1st team and 2nd teams played together but there was a sudden change today. Perhaps the players weren’t used to it? It was quite a mess.

Jiang Shaoyu said coldly, “The cooperation is disorderly and the command is chaotic! If you lose then you scold your teammates and use foul language… my eyes are really opened.” He looked at Manager Zhao, who had an ugly expression, and said unceremoniously, “The daily management of the club is so loose. It is no wonder that the people recommended to the national team are becoming worse and worse.”

Manager Zhao: “……”

Was Coach Jiang scolding him? This was the first time he had been scolded in his many years as a manager!

Jiang Shaoyu ignored Manager Zhao, who was blue in the face, and turned around. “Let’s go and see these amazing players.”

Qin Bo and Yu Mingxiang immediately stood up and followed him like protectors. Vice-chairman Qi also followed and he asked Qin Bo in a low voice, “Did you record the screen?”

Qin Bo whispered in response, “Vice-chairman Qi, rest assured. The screen recording software built into my laptop was open.”

The group came to the training room next door.

In the training room, everyone was taking off their headphones and chatting while laughing. “Brother Lu, where are we going to eat tonight?”

“You got gifts worth hundreds of thousands from yesterday’s live stream. Brother Lu, would you like to treat us to a large dinner?”

Lu Xingyun smiled. “Okay, let’s have a seafood dinner in the evening.”

Outside the door, Qi Heng’s expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

They didn’t review the training match and reflect on it at all, but were discussing where to eat seafood? The training room was as noisy as the market? Were they still professional players?

Qi Heng had a hot temper. He couldn’t bear it any longer and kicked open the door with one foot.

There was a bang as the door hit the wall, making a harsh sound.

All the players jumped in a startled manner and immediately quieted down as they looked over at the door in unison.

Then they saw Vice-chairman Qi with a dark face and a thin young man standing next to him.

The man had cold, sharp eyes. As if looking at dead bodies, his eyes slowly swept across every individual in the training room before finally settling on Lu Xingyun’s face.

Lu Xingyun: “……”

The teenager’s smile instantly froze and there was a buzzing sound in his head.

Next to him, Zhang Yue also trembled violently.

F*k?? How could Coach Jiang be here?!


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