Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 51


The final round of the Rising Stars Cup had a B07 format. Pei Feng had a 3:0 lead and grabbed the first match point.

Gui Siyang could only win against Pei Feng by winning four consecutive games, which was very unlikely.

In the training room of the BM team, a group of players huddled in front of the computer to watch the game and sympathetically said, “Little Demon is behind 0:3 and has been headshot in three consecutive games. It is too miserable. Isn’t Fred too fierce?”

“It is definitely impossible for Gui Siyang to win four games against Fred. It seems that the champion of this Rising Stars Cup is Fred.”

“It is unexpected. Fred has been out of the e-sports circle for five years and has been a streamer, yet he can still be so strong!”

“If it is our Captain Liu, he should be able to win against Fred, right?”

Everyone was discussing this. Liu Shaozhou had gone to the pantry next door to get some water and came back. He heard their arguments and shook his head with a smile. “If I went up, I might not necessarily win against Fred.

The newcomers stared in a wide-eyed manner. “Captain Liu, you are being too modest, right?”

“Yes, you are a professional player after all. You have played for so many years…”

Liu Shaozhou told them, “You don’t understand. Fred is nominally a streamer, but in reality, he has always been a professional.”

In the live stream room, the camera swept over the faces of the two contestants.

There was only a five minute break before the match point game was played. Pei Feng was adjusting his state. He took a sip of water and looked calm. On the other hand, Gui Siyang tried his best to be calm but his pale lip color betrayed his nervousness.

Liu Shaozhou smiled. “Just as I don’t want to embarrass Master, Pei Feng never wants to leave any stains on God Wing. Therefore, he is very demanding of himself and has been training all these years. Perhaps his daily training intensity is even greater than that of the newcomers at the youth training camp.”

This special master-disciple relationship might be difficult for people who hadn’t worshiped a master to understand, right?

Liu Shaozhou could see through Pei Feng’s thoughts instantly.

It was because he was also an apprentice. He was taught by Qi Heng, the former captain of BM.

Qi Heng was a very good master who taught Liu Shaozhou with all his heart. After retiring, he went to work for the league and handed over the captain’s position to his apprentice. Liu Shaozhou had been doing his best to lead the team over the years and the BM team’s performance in the A-grade League had never fallen out of the top three.

However, Pei Feng was different. Pei Feng’s master retired and ACE was disbanded for some reason.

If ACE hadn’t disbanded, Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng would be the next generation of snipers and would be each other’s strongest opponents on the field!

Everyone thought so at the time. Unfortunately, things were unpredictable. Pei Feng changed his career to a streamer and victory or defeat between the Liu Pei duo was never determined.

Liu Shaozhou was actually very impressed with Pei Feng’s decision. Could he have resolutely refused if other clubs had extended an olive branch to him and offered tens of millions of transfer fees? He wasn’t so certain.

Pei Feng had this type of boldness.

God Wing’s meaning to Pei Feng wasn’t just an idol and mentor, but also his original intention to play e-sports. It was the most important existence in his heart.

Liu Shaozhou sighed and looked at the screen with complicated eyes. “Today, his master God Wing is sitting in the audience.”

“He definitely won’t lose.”

It didn’t matter that his opponent was Gui Siyang, a youth trainee with no experience in the competition. Even if he met the experienced BM captain and league’s current number one sniper, Liu Shaozhou, Pei Feng would never let himself lose the game in front of his master.

It was because his master was watching him. If he lost, he would be slapping his master in the face!

The fourth game started quickly.

This was Gui Siyang’s home game and it was also the only chance he had to win back a game.

Gui Siyang took a deep breath and quickly adjusted his condition. He submitted the map for the game: Fountain Square.

This map was the simplest map in the game and it was also the one that all players would encounter in the ‘novice guide.’ There were only four large pillars in the east, south, west and north where one could hide. The rest of the place was very empty and it wasn’t suitable for a sniper to play.

They couldn’t climb up the pillar so they could only snipe sideways while fighting with reaction speed and marksmanship accuracy.

Below the stage, Chang Rongxuan said, “The idea of Little Demon is to simplify the complicated into pure technique, right?”

QIn Bo nodded. “Yes, he has met Fred and can’t play using tactics even if he wants to. He can only fight directly as a sniper.”

Gui Siyang’s thinking was quite clear and he adjusted very quickly. Jiang Shaoyu appreciated this newcomer.

It was just that fighting directly as a sniper…

Little Demon, do you think you can fight against Fred?

During their time at ACE, Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng played against each other every day. Pei Feng was originally beaten by his master and even abused to the point of gaining a psychological shadow. Then he gradually learned how to calmly judge the situation and shoot at the right rhythm… the accuracy of his marksmanship was one of the best in the world.

At the beginning of the game, Gui Siyang refreshed in the upper right corner while Pei Feng was in the lower left corner. They were still in the diagonal position.

The two of them quickly found a pillar to hide behind.

Relying on obstacles such as pillars and walls for cover and finding opportunities to shoot was one of the most basic skills for a sniper.

If two snipers met then they fought using prediction and speed.

Xiao Hu sighed. “It is a simple and rough method of fighting so it tests the details! The timing of the shot and the speed of the reaction. If there is a difference of even a few tenths of a second, it might cause a different outcome between life and death!”

Ah Yan exclaimed, “I’m nervous! A sniper duel is probably a matter of a single bullet!”

Gui Siyang was very active and quickly shot in Pei Feng’s direction. This shot was a blind shot. In other words, it relied on luck. If Fred happened to emerge then he might be able to hit Fred. If it didn’t hit then it didn’t matter. It was just a test.

Pei Feng was just about to take the initiative to observe when there was a gunshot and a bullet flew over his head. He immediately hid behind a pillar and waited patiently.

A moment later, Gui Siyang fired another bullet and the path of the bullet had changed.

Was this forcing him out?

Pei Feng wasn’t in a hurry and stayed hiding behind the pillar. The moment that Gui Siyang fired the third shot, he suddenly threw a smoke bomb and moved through the smoke at the speed of the wind. At the same time, he fired three shots toward Gui Siyang’s position!

The MSG’s clear gunshots rang out.

The audience was shocked to find that Pei Feng fired the gun while running quickly. Even so, the three consecutive bullets landed precisely near the stone pillar where Gui Siyang was located! If Gui Siyang had dared to take the lead, he would’ve been easily killed by Pei Feng.

The audience in the live stream room saw the enlarged bullet marks on the screen and couldn’t believe it.

[Is this right? Running quickly and shooting, but also shooting at the same location?]

[Adjusting the muzzle direction while running and firing three shots in a row. This is forcing the opponent to not come out. This wave of running and firing is too 6!]

[If it was me who fired three shots in a row, it is estimated that it would have the effect of a goddess scattering flowers in the sky [dog head.jpg]

Mobile sniping. This was the skill that Pei Feng learned from his master.

Forget three shots. Pei Feng could even run quickly around the field and hit the target with ten consecutive bullets while running.

It wasn’t that he was good at math and could calculate precise angles.

He just formed muscle memory and instantaneous reactions from his repeated training day and night.

Gui Siyang was overwhelmed by the continuous firepower coverage. By the time the gunfire stopped, Pei Feng had already moved to the rear of a bunker.

This time, Pei Feng took the opportunity to snipe while Gui Siyang hid and looked for opportunities.

The gunshots kept ringing out. Bullets hit stone pillars and sent out flying sparks.

Unlike the previous games where only sporadic shots were fired, this round was a decisive game and the map was too simple. A sniper’s face to face confrontation was even more intense and Gui Siyang had the idea of a ‘last stand’ that made him play very actively. In the blink of an eye, he had fired 14 bullets.

Just then, a smoke bomb exploded in the center of the square.

Immediately after that, Fred went around behind the smoke at lightning speed. In one breath, he went around the side of the pillar where Gui Siyang was located.

The moment the smoke cleared, the silver-white barrel of the MSG-Aurora was aimed at Gui Siyang’s head.


The bullet roared through the air and its trajectory was like a snow-white aurora.

Then the white aurora instantly pierced Little Demon’s head.

Blood splashed.

-A headshot!

[’Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Little Demon’ with a headshot!]

4:0, winner!

Pei Feng’s slender fingers left the keyboard and he stood up with a smile.

Four consecutive headshots. Was this a sniper at the level of a great demon king?

At this moment, it was as if God Wing of the S3 season was back on the field! His apprentice didn’t disappoint the audience either.

In the commentators’ booth, the two commentators were already trembling with excitement.

“Congratulations to Fred for winning 4:0 and winning the Rising Stars championship!”

“This detailed duel between snipers was really fun. Both of them fired over a dozen bullets! Little Demon stubbornly resisted, but in the end, Fred seized the opportunity of the cover of smoke to quickly move his position and snipe his opponent from the side!”

“Yes, Fred’s mobile sniper is really too strong. It is really similar to the style of God Wing!”

“Congratulations to Fred and let’s also applaud Little Demon from the Xing City youth training camp!”

The applause from the audience was thunderous and many ACE fans cheered excitedly.

Some spectators shouted, “Fred is awesome!”

Another girl yelled, “God Wing who taught Fred is the best!”

It caused a lot of laughter around them.

The live stream room was full of ‘666’. Those who just said that Fred opened a cheat program all closed their mouths.

A cheat program? With such terrifying strength, was it necessary for him to cheat? He was even more accurate than a cheat!

Gui Siyang felt a bit sad in his heart. It was a score of 0:4 and four consecutive headshots. For a newcomer like him, it was like slapping him in the face and completely shattering his self-confidence. He never imagined he would fight like this.

Why was it so hard to play a game?

Gui Siyang took a deep breath. He maintained his demeanor on the surface while waiting for Fred to come over and shake hands.

He was ready to be ridiculed by his opponent.

Unexpectedly, Pei Feng didn’t have the arrogance of the victor. He politely patted Gui Siyang on the shoulder, like an older brother to a young brother, and brought Gui Siyang to the middle of the stage to bow.

Gui Siyang bowed in a confused manner. Then he heard Pei Feng’s gentle voice in his ear, “Little Demon, you played very well. It is just that you have only been playing this game for a year while I have played it for over five years. I have more experience than you.”

Gui Siyang looked at him doubtfully. Was this sarcasm… or comfort?

Pei Feng explained in a low voice, “In the third game, you passed behind the box and blocked the sunlight, causing changes in the light and shadows. This allowed me to predict your path. For the last game, I guessed that you were going to change your magazine so I took the opportunity to shoot you.”

Gui Siyang: “………”

F*k, why didn’t he expect the light and shadow to change? He was very nervous and didn’t pay attention to these details!

Pei Feng was far stronger than he thought.

Even Liu Shaozhou, the captain of BM and the number one sniper in the league might not be able to win when facing Pei Feng, right?

Gui Siyang thought like this and his mood suddenly became much better.

After all, Pei Feng was the apprentice of God Wing and he was a youth trainee. It didn’t seem shameful to lose? It was just that 0:4 was a bit ugly.

Gui Siyang blushed and said, “Brother Feng, you are really awesome.”

Pei Feng joked. “Don’t hate me. My master is sitting in the audience so I didn’t save face for you. If I lost a game, I’m afraid he will ask me to write a self-criticism.”

Gui Siyang’s expression froze. “…A self-criticism?”

Did he still have to write a self-criticism if he lost? Was Coach Jiang so terrible?

At this time, the host stepped on the big stage and said excitedly, “The first Rising Stars Cup ends here and the awards ceremony will be carried out. We would like to invite the third runner up, Hua Ran, the runner up Gui Siyang and the champion Pei Feng to come to this big stage!”

Hua Ran, who had been watching in the viewing area, quickly ran up and stood with the two of them.

The male host said, “I would like to ask the head coach of the national team, Mr Jiang Shaoyu, to give the awards to our winning players!”

The exciting Gun King theme music played through the venue. Jiang Shaoyu went to the big stage under the guidance of a staff member. On the big stage, he first presented the awards to the third place and second place while simply encouraging them, “You performed well. Continue to work hard.”

The two of them happily shook hands with him.

Pei Feng’s eyes were on his master. His gaze had been following Jiang Shaoyu from the moment this person came to the stage.

In the end, the eyes of the master and apprentice met in the air.

Pei Feng looked at him with gentle eyes. He seemed like a big dog wagging his tail and asking, ‘Master, I played well! Isn’t it time for you to praise me?’

Jiang Shaoyu’s lips curved up. He turned around and took the golden Rising Stars Cup trophy from the tray and handed it to Pei Feng, saying softly, “You played very well.”

Okay, not bad and very well.

Master’s praise had been raised three levels in a row!

Pei Feng took the trophy from him and gently hugged his master. Then he raised the trophy above his head.

It was only the championship trophy of the Rising Stars Cup but this scene moved many ACE fans to tears.

The golden championship trophy seemed to be a type of inheritance. God Wing personally handed the sniper’s baton to his apprentice’s hands.

In the future, the master would be the head coach of the national team, arranging troops behind the scenes and giving advice. The apprentice would inherit his master’s style of play and lead the players of the national team to the stage of the World Series!

This time, we are master and apprentice and we are moving forward together.


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