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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 50

The Final Showdown

This all-sniper Skyscraper map had more than 20 sniper points and was very suitable for snipers to set up their guns and open the scope. There were many tall buildings on the map and the narrow alleys between buildings were very suitable for melee players to hide and scout. Such comprehensive maps often appeared in team battles.

The audience was no stranger to this map. In the last World Series, the Chinese and US teams faced each other on this map in the group stage.

In this game, the sniper rifle chosen by Gui Siyang was DSR-Netherworld.

There were several types of sniper rifles in the game. The DSR had a long range and the accuracy was very high, so it was very popular with players. The advantage of the MSG selected by Pei Feng was that it could shoot continuously after opening the scope. Its gun body was the lightest and it was suitable for mobile combat.

For the secondary weapon, Pei Feng chose the heavy sniper rifle ‘Balot-Jungle Hunter’ while Gui Siyang chose the FR-Ghost, which had a fast reload speed and stronger destructive power. It was a sniper duel so he didn’t have to worry about the opponent coming close to him to fight. The key lay in the accuracy of the bullets and the timing of each shot.

For a sniper duel, bringing two sniper rifles was a regular operation.

For the third weapon, Pei Feng chose smoke bombs while Gui Siyang had flash bombs. Both interfered with the opponent’s vision.

The two of them were ready and the map loaded.

At this time, the professional players of many clubs in the professional league had opened up the live stream room to pay attention to this match. No matter whether it was the strongest youth camp trainee Gui Siyang or Fred, the heir of God Wing, these two had the level of professional players and it was a top sniper duel.

Pei Feng was born in the upper left corner of the map while Gui Siyang was in the lower right corner.

The range of the sniper rifle could cover most of the map. They couldn’t see the opponent with the naked eye, but as long as they opened the 8x scope of the sniper rifle, they could still observe the opponent’s position. Therefore, the movements of both people were very cautious.

Pei Feng moved quickly in a Z-shaped position and hid behind a building. This was followed by a smoke bomb to cover his position as he quickly climbed to the sniper point on the other side.

Gui Siyang had already found a sniper position. Once he saw the direction of the smoke, he immediately set up his gun and opened the scope.

Fred didn’t appear in his vision so he didn’t shoot rashly. He quickly turned the gun to look around.

The snipers were too far away from each other to hear their footsteps.

Pei Feng didn’t find his opponent so he jumped down decisively. He moved from the upper left corner to the upper right corner in a very short time. He crossed a quarter of the map and rapidly climbed up a tall building, occupying a sniper point in the upper right corner. He set up his gun and opened the scope, but he still didn’t find Gui Siyang’s location.

Three minutes passed in the game and there were no gunshots on the map.

However, the nervous movements of the two snipers had already touched the hearts of the audience.

The commentator Xiao Hu said, “Fred is investigating. Little Demon seems to have sensed that something is wrong and has jumped off the sniper point.”

Ah Yan added, “Little Demon is worried about his position being exposed. He moved to the left and found a sniper position on the left side to set up the gun.”

Xiao Hu exclaimed, “Fred isn’t looking for a sniper spot. He is still moving!”

At this time, the training room of the BM team.

A newcomer asked in a low voice, “Captain Liu, why does it seem like Fred’s playing style is similar to a scout who moves around everywhere?”

BM’s captain, Liu Shaozhou smiled slightly. “In most cases, snipers look for a good position to set up a gun defense point, like a stable long-ranged fortress. However, after God Wing gets the MSG sniper rifle, he can turn the sniper into a long-range turret with frequent movements. Fred is using his master’s mobile search style in this game. He is playing tribute to his master.”

The newcomer suddenly realized. “A mobile search point? In the process of moving, find the target and instantly snipe?”

Liu Shaozhou sighed. “Yes, in the S3 finals that year, God Wing killed my master in this way.”

The players, “……”

The S3 season was too far away and most of the current newcomers hadn’t watched the match from that year. However, Liu Shaozhou remembered it very clearly. He had been a youth trainee at BM that year and he was impressed by that final.

The former captain of BM, Qi Heng who was now Vice-chairman Qi, died under the gun of God Wing that year.

Could Gui Siyang hide today?

Facts proved that as the successor of God Wing, Fred used his master’s ‘mobile search point’ tactic to the fullest!

On this complex map with sniping points everywhere, he was like a nimble fish. He carried the MSG-Aurora that symbolized his master’s glory and moved quickly and flexibly while searching for his opponent’s traces.

In the blink of an eye, he actually circled the map once and unknowingly ended up behind Gui Siyang.

In his field of view, he saw the back of Gui Siyang’s head.

Gui Siyang didn’t see him.

“The moment you find your opponent, shoot immediately. Your response should be fast.”

“Be careful. If you snipe while moving then the bullet will have a small angle offset due to the direction you are moving.”

“Calculate the path of the offset. Don’t just practice it repeatedly.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s cold and clear voice seemed to echo in his ears.

Pei Feng had never forgotten his master’s earnest teachings back then.

Over the years, he had insisted on training every day, rain or shine, and even formed a conditioned reflex.

Quickly move the search point, see the target and immediately open the scope to snipe—

[’Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Little Demon’ with a headshot!]

The ‘Little Demon’ in the game was instantly shot in the head. Blood splashed on the screen and Gui Siyang’s brain seemed to buzz. He hadn’t found Fred’s location and he didn’t even know where the bullet came from! As a result, he was shot in the head by the opponent?!

A strong chill went down Gui Siyang’s back.

Those who played a sniper naturally knew how awesome God Wing was. This big devil sniped countless professional players in S3 and his dominance in the sniper world was unmatched. As Wing’s successor, Pei Feng played out 90% of his master’s mobile warfare tactics.

Gui Siyang lost in a convincing manner.

At the commentator’s booth, Xiao Hu and Ah Yan were very excited. “In this game, Fred only fired one shot! It is also the shot that determined victory and defeat!”

“Yes, it is the mobile search. He used the mobile sniper that God Wing is best at and Little Demon couldn’t lock onto him. Meanwhile, he took the lead in finding the opponent!”

“Let’s congratulate Fred for winning the first game!”

The guest seats below the stage.

Old Chang couldn’t help clapping. “Beautiful! Fred’s positioning was amazing. It can be seen that he is very familiar with the map.”

Qin Bo praised it. “He used the fan-shaped search method and didn’t miss a sniper point. The moment he found his opponent, he opened the scope to shoot and Gui Siyang didn’t have time to react.”

Old Chang added, “No one can react to this, right? The elusive sniper is the most frightening one.”

Jiang Shaoyu listened to them praising his apprentice and was very happy.

Well played.

However, this was just the beginning.

The second round was Gui Siyang’s home game.

Gui Siyang knew that he wasn’t Pei Feng’s opponent in mobile warfare. Pei Feng was more flexible and faster than him. Pei Feng could snipe without attracting his attention. He really couldn’t keep up with such a fast pace.

However, he might not necessarily lose to Pei Feng if he set up a gun to defend a position and had a fixed point to snipe!

The map he chose was Cross Street. It had four sniper points and was a fixed-point sniping. Whoever had the higher hit rate was more likely to win.

The moment the game started, Gui Siyang took the initiative to look for opportunities. He went to the sniper position in the lower right corner and raised his gun. Pei Feng went exactly to the upper left corner in the northwest. The two of them were diagonal to each other but both were within each other’s range.

Gui Siyang seized the opportunity. He opened the scope first and fired at the sniper point in the distance.


Pei Feng immediately dodged.

The bullet almost rubbed against Pei Feng’s skin as it flew over his head!

This thrilling scene made the hands of the audience members become sweaty.

Pei Feng was about to emerge when Gui Siyang fired another bullet at him.


The DSR’s clear gunshot was heard and this time, the bullet flew past Fred’s ear.

Gui Siyang’s fixed-point sniping wasn’t bad and his marksmanship was actually quite accurate. It was just that Fred dodged too quickly. It rubbed against his skin twice and he seemed to have predicted the timing of Gui Siyang’s shooting.

Gui Siyang’s tactic for this game was obviously a ‘fixed-point suppression’ style. Pei Feng knew his opponent’s thoughts so he quickly jumped off the building and threw a smoke bomb.

Gui Siyang saw the smoke bomb and immediately jumped down.

He thought that since Pei Feng jumped from the upper left corner and moved in parallel, this person would definitely go to the northeast sniper point in the upper right corner. Meanwhile, he would move parallel from the southeast lower right corner to the southwest lower left corner. The two of them would still be diagonal but at different angles.

Diagonal sniping was the most convenient. The opposite corners for this map had no obstructions to the field of view.

Gui Siyang was full of confidence. He quickly came to the lower left corner, climbed to the top of the building and set up his gun behind the wall.

He was just setting up his gun when he heard a clear gunshot.

[’Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Little Demon’ with a headshot!]

Gui Siyang: “????”

Was this right? How could this be possible?

At this time, the two people in the commentator’s booth were somewhat speechless.

Xiao Hu said helplessly, “Little Demon has been fooled! Fred just threw a smoke bomb to create the illusion of ‘I’m going to run.’ In fact, he didn’t move at all. He returned to the same place and waited for the rabbit to come!”

Ah Yan wondered, “Is this the deceptive use of the smoke bombs?”

In the live stream room, the netizens complained one after another.

[I feel a wave of heartache for our Little Demon brother.]

[This Little Demon is too simple and Fred’s heart is too dirty!]

[Fred: Little Demon, you are too young. Brother just threw a smoke bomb to deceive you~]

[Hahaha, Fred often uses this method to deceive his opponents. Too bad, Little Demon, don’t be fooled!]

Do you think I lost a smoke bomb to cover myself moving to another sniper point?

No, I’m just doing a feint to make you think so.

This wave is: I predicted your prediction.

The way to play the game couldn’t be fixed and it had to be flexible.

God Wing was the most flexible sniper. Just like the flexible ‘make use of every gap style’, his bullets could appear anywhere throughout the map.

This elusive sniper style made the map less important. Even if there were no sniper points, he could create the sniper points himself.

The third lesson that Jiang Shaoyu taught Pei Feng was, “Snipers don’t necessarily have to set up their guns in a fixed position. This is a regular way of playing while you have to learn to be flexible. As long as the opportunity is seized, you can shoot and kill from any position.”

In the second game, Fred won.

Gui Siyang had been hit until now. He was trying to maintain his calm expression but his heart was extremely shocked.

He was the strongest youth trainee from the Xing City youth training camp. He was the best among newcomers, whether it was in terms of reaction speed of marksmanship accuracy. Yet today, he was actually taught by Fred to be a man in two consecutive games?

The first game was mobile warfare and he could admit it. After all, his mobile combat level wasn’t strong and he lost in a convincing manner.

However, he was tricked in terms of position in the second game? He felt really unwilling!

Gui Siyang quickly pressed the ready button with a sullen expression.

It was the third game and it was back to Fred’s home field. The map that Fred submitted this time was very distinctive: Logistics Park.

Xiao Hu was excited. “Logistics Park? This is a very penetrating map.”

Ah Yan explained, “That’s right. There are many stacked boxes. Some are iron boxes while others are cardboard boxes. Among them, the iron boxes can block the bullets but the cardboard boxes can be pierced by bullets. You have to pay attention to your positioning in this map. Don’t think that you can be safe by hiding behind any box.”

Logistics Park didn’t have regular high-altitude sniping points.

Rows of messy boxes could be used to hide and snipers could only play guerrilla warfare in this map.

The game started.

Gui Siyang knew that Pei Feng’s mobile warfare was very powerful. In this round, he increased his speed, moving quickly as he dropped flash bombs. He moved through the boxes of Logistics Park like the wind.

In this huge logistics park, the sound of gunshots was heard from time to time. This made the audience members tense.


Gui Siyang shot through a box near Pei Feng and almost hit him.


Another shot rang out. Pei Feng turned and shot toward the intersection, forcing Gui Siyang to quickly retreat.

This was different from the intense strafing in melee combat. Every bullet for a sniper was critical.

The two of them were so far apart that they couldn’t see each other. They could only greet their opponent with bullets.

Pei Feng leaned over a row of boxes, only to hear a ‘bang’. A bullet shot directly through the box from a distance and almost hit him. Pei Feng immediately threw down a smoke bomb and judged the opponent’s position according to the direction of the gunshot.

The two of them moved quickly through Logistics Park. They ran around while shooting, testing each other and looking for the opponent.

In the blink of an eye, the boxes in Logistics Park were full of bullet holes.

Five minutes passed, with each side using seven bullets each while being unable to hit the opponent.

Just then, the venue fell quiet.

Pei Feng was staring intently into the distance while Gui Siyang carefully moved forward. He had already judged Fred’s position. He just needed to bypass from the side and he could kill Fred with a surprise hit!

The situation reached its most tense point and the audience held their breaths.

Warm sunlight shone through the windows of Logistics Park, casting a dappled glow.

Someone passed behind the row of boxes and blocked the sunlight for a moment, causing a slight change in light and shadow.

This change was only for a few tenths of a second.

Pei Feng opened the scope and pulled the trigger.


The muffled gunfire of a heavy sniper rifle rang in the ears.

A bullet burst through the air. It shot from a super long distance and instantly penetrated a cardboard box!

Then a shot hit Gui Siyang’s head!

[’Fred’ has used the Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘Little Demon’ with a headshot!]

From Pei Feng’s point of view, he could only see the boxes in front of him. Gui Siyang walked quickly behind a box and was far away from him. He couldn’t hear the footsteps of his opponent.

As a result, Pei Feng shot a bullet through the cardboard box and killed Gui Siyang?

The barrage area of the live stream room was filled with messages like snowflakes.

[F*k, is this right?]

[How did he snipe when there was no vision?]

[Could this be a perspective cheat program? Can it still be opened in an official competition?]

[I don’t know how to explain it except for a perspective cheat program. How did he see that Little Demon would pass by that box?]

[Little Demon moved very quickly but he could still be hit?]

In the guest seat, Chang Rongxuan wiped the sweat from his forehead and exclaimed, “Fred is really amazing! Did he look at the light and shadows?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s lips slightly curved up. “Yes.”

Little Demon thought that he had found Fred and wanted to go around to kill his opponent with a surprise attack.

It was a pity that Fred had already judged his position. He switched to the heavy sniper rifle and waited for the rabbit.

Light and shadow changes, displacement prediction.

Then set up the heavy sniper rifle and shoot through with one shot!

At this moment, Xiao Pei didn’t use his master’s style of play but the heavy sniper rifle he was best at, the Balot.

Accurate judgment and fierce fire penetration.

Then a neat one-hit kill!

It was as he said when he was an apprentice: Master, I want to be a sniper like a hunter!.

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were full of pride and satisfaction.

Xiao Pei, you did it. In this game, you are the real ‘hunter.’


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