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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 5

Coach’s Right to Speak

Jiang Shaoyu had lived in California for the past 5 years and had been playing the qualifiers in the 2500 segment of the international server. The teammates and opponents he had encountered were all world-class masters. Players from the international server came from all over the world so there was a language barrier. They couldn’t understand each other when they spoke and their communication usually relied on simply English typing and in-game signal marking. The voice channel was very quiet and almost no one spoke.

Meanwhile, the national server was different. Everyone was Chinese and there was no language barrier. This was the reason why Classmate Doudou turned on the microphone to speak in the voice channel. His teammates could understand as long as the microphone was on.

It was just that this Classmate Doudou was too energetic and twittered like a sparrow.

It was really a hot-blooded example of ‘output all depends on shouting.’

Jiang Shaoyu was in a high place and he could clearly see the encounter just now in the narrow passage. Classmate Doudou carried a powerful submachine gun and shot indiscriminately. The flames sprayed by the bullets scored the wall. It looked very fierce but it actually hit no one. The bullets were excitedly fired but he only swept the corner of his opponents’ clothes. He could be called ‘master of tracing the body.’ (Meant to ridicule players in shooting games whose marksmanship is so bad that they can’t hit the enemy at all.)

Jiang Shaoyu promptly shot his rifle in time to remove the other person’s head. At that time, Classmate Doudou should’ve moved immediately but he stood there in a daze. This allowed him to be shot by the assaulter who came from the flank.

The five person team on the opposite side was destroyed so the first round ended.

The red letters ‘Round 2’ popped up on the screen.

All the players on both sides reappeared at their respective respawn locations on both ends of the map.

In the second round, Jiang Shaoyu still calculated the time and path. He grabbed a high terrain at the fastest speed and set up the MSG sniper rifle in a hidden position.

The players on the opposite team rushed over from the left and right. Jiang Shaoyu quickly changed his perspective to observe their positions.

Scope, aim and shoot!

Scope, aim and shoot continuously!

The clear and pleasant sound of gunfire echoed through the dilapidated factory.

The opposing players had just emerged from the back of the box when Jiang Shaoyu killed two of them. The enemy sniper spotted his location and shot at him immediately. Jiang Shaoyu dodged the bullets fired by the opponent and seized the opposite to kill the sniper. Then he took advantage of the terrain to shoot from a high position, one enemy at a time.

Five messages appeared in a row in the middle of the screen.

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘I am the Biggest Hidden Bomb’ with a headshot!]

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Five Consecutive Kneeling in Qualifiers’ with a headshot!]

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘I am the ‘Happy Respectu’ with a headshot!]

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘I am the ‘Dragon War Eight Wastelands’ with a headshot!]

System: [‘Casually’ used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Brother Rui’ with a headshot!]


[The guardian team has been destroyed.]

His teammates: “……”

What did it feel like to lie down and win? Everyone was a bit confused.

The five kill messages continuously filled the screen.

Was this a typical ‘sniper high position clearance’ style of play?

The so-called high position clearance was for a sniper with excellent consciousness to seize the high point of the terrain at the fastest speed. Then use an excellent accurate hit rate to shoot and kill the five people on the opposite side in a row. It usually only appeared when a master abused weak players.

A shooting game was simple and crude. There weren’t as many skills to unleash. Players only needed to shoot. The bullets shot would hit the opponent’s arm, back, chest and other body parts and this would cause them to lose health. In addition, the ‘one hit headshot’ would instantly kill them.

However, players in the game weren’t static targets and moved quickly. It wasn’t so easy to accurately lock onto a fast-moving target and hit the opponent’s head with one shot!

Brother Rui saw the five consecutive ‘headshot’ killing method and he was very afraid. He couldn’t help scolding, “F*k, where did this bigshot come from?”

Respectu, who was also a sniper, exclaimed, “His reaction is too fast!”

Dragon War Eight Wastelands questioned it. “His marksmanship is too accurate. Is it possible he used a cheat?”

Brother Rui refuted it. “The investigation of cheats is so strict. No one would dare to be so arrogant and directly use an automatic targeting cheat, right?”

Everyone: “…Indeed.”

In order to protect the game environment, the officials of Gun King cracked down on external cheats very severely. Once found, they would be permanently banned.

A few years ago, there were still people who used the ‘perspective cheat’ to see where the opponent was hiding. There was also the ‘automatic targeting’ cheat that allowed them to automatically lock onto the opponent’s head and kill them with one shot.

Later, there was a period of thorough investigation and in today’s game environment, the cheats had almost disappeared.

Respectu said with a bitter expression, “It seems we have encountered a master. We can’t fight in this game. There is a sniper god on the other side and I can’t kill him!”

Brother Rui murmured, “Casually? This name is too casual. It looks like a side account at first glance.”

“Isn’t it the side account of a professional player?”

“It is possible. I have voted.”

In the five rounds, three wins system, the opponent was behind 0:2 and they directly pressed to surrender.

They didn’t want to play the third round.

A system notification appeared on Jiang Shaoyu’s screen.

[Congratulations, Mercenary. You have performed well on the battlefield. You have been rated S+ in this game and you have gained 80 points. You currently have 1580 points. Please continue to work hard.]

Gun King’s ranking system gave different point rewards based on each person’s performance. Under normal circumstances, winning a game added 50 points. A well-played MVP could get 80 points and the upgrade speed would be very fast.

Jiang Shaoyu exited the room and saw an application message pop up in the lower right corner from Classmate Doudou: [Great god, do you still lack brainless fans? I can be your number one loyal fan! can you take me and can I be your friend?]

Jiang Shaoyu easily pressed to accept the invitation.

He didn’t like teammates who talked and relied solely on shouting for output. It was just that his teammate’s name was the same as his puppy Jiang Doudou. Wasn’t it fate? In any case, he could play casually in the 1500  segment and it didn’t matter if he took a person with him.

After adding a friend, Jiang Shaoyu pulled Classmate  Doudou into the friend’s team room.

Classmate Doudou: Great god 666!

Classmate Doudou: The wave of five kills just now was so handsome!

Classmate Doudou: Great god, are you lacking any gun skins? I’ll give you a few skins so can you take me to the 2000 segment? I’ve been stuck in the expert segment for almost a month Q_Q

Doudou’s voice sounded like a young student. Jiang Shaoyu was just casually bringing him and naturally wouldn’t receive any remuneration.

Casually: I don’t use skins.

Casually: Do you want to hit the master section?

Classmate Doudou: Yes! My roommates are all in the master rank and I’m the only one still hanging around in the expert rank.

Classmate Doudou: Maybe it is because I am weak  Q_Q

Casually:   Be confident and remove the ‘maybe.’

Classmate Doudou: ???

Great god, you are talking so rudely!

Casually: Your submachine gun has a big problem with how you use it. You just rushed to the road and fired, standing still like a live target. The trajectory of the bullets also missed. You should go to the human versus machine mode to practice moving. Find the hiding points of each map and learn to move and fire. Otherwise, even if you make it to the master segment, you will soon fall down.

The great god typed at a fast speed and a paragraph appeared in seconds. It was just like he copied and pasted it.

Classmate Doudou was stunned for a moment before hurriedly replying: Thank you for the guidance of the great god. I will practice seriously!

Jiang Shaoyu typed a ‘hmm’ and pressed to prepare.

A few consecutive rounds passed and he used the violent sniper to clear them all. Doudou didn’t have to do anything. He just called out ‘666’ and lay down to win.

Time passed quickly. In one afternoon, Jiang Shaoyu reached the 2000 segment and was promoted to the ‘Master Mercenary’ rank.

Classmate Doudou originally had 1600 points. Then he followed this great god and scored 50 points in each game. This allowed him to also reach 2000 points.

[Congratulations, Mercenary. You have been promoted to the ‘Master Mercenary rank. Please continue to work hard.]

Classmate Doudou was about to cry.

He had been playing for more than a month and he won two games and lost two games every day. His points went up and down and was always maintained at around 1600. He couldn’t improve.

As a result, he encountered great luck today. He met a sniper god and was directly taken to fly!

His rank soared like a rocket and he became a master in a few hours.

The feeling of lying down and winning was so refreshing!

Classmate Doudou: Thank you, god!!!

He used three consecutive exclamation marks to express his inner excitement.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the time and typed calmly: I’m going to have dinner.

Classmate Doudou, who played games all night, rubbed his sleepy eyes. He saw the 9 a.m. displayed in the lower right corner of the computer and was stunned. “D-Dinner? God, are you having dinner early in the morning?”

Jiang Shaoyu: I’m in the United States and there is a time difference.

Doudou reacted: Oh! Then you go and eat. Great god, goodbye. Thank you for taking me to lie down and win!

Jiang Shaoyu went offline very quickly. By the time Doudou’s words were sent out, he was already in the state of ‘your friend isn’t online.’ Doudou scratched his head doubtfully. Why didn’t this great god in the United States not play in the American server but came to play in the national server? It was so far away. Was there no delay in the connection?

Well, novices didn’t understand the world of the great gods.

Doudou looked at his winning streak and went to bed in a satisfied manner.

In California, Jiang Shaoyu turned off the game and went to the kitchen to cook dinner

Today’s lunch was noodles with eggs and vegetables while dinner was shrimp and seafood porridge. Recently, the side effects of the omega inhibitor were becoming more obvious. His stomach wasn’t good and he easily got a stomach ache from greasy things. He could only eat some light and digestible food. The meat bones were given to Doudou.

After finishing dinner, Jiang Shaoyu took Doudou out for a while and didn’t return home until 7 p.m.

California was currently in winter and China was 16  hours ahead of California. By estimating the time, it should be 11 o’clock over there. He was just thinking this when the phone rang again. The caller ID showed it was Yu Mingxiang.

Jiang Shaoyu picked up the phone and the female voice in his ears was very gentle. “Ah Yu, the previous matter about the coach’s right to speak that you mentioned, the leaders have agreed to it after some discussion. The moment you return home, you can immediately sign a contract as the national team’s coach.”

She took a deep breath and said seriously, “The leaders say that you will have full responsibility for the next national team.”

Jiang Shaoyu was a bit surprised. “It was decided so quickly?”

Yu Mingxiang said happily, “Yes! The vice-chairman tried his best at the meeting this morning. In addition, the e-sports league has changed their leaders. Everyone was scolded for five years and they all want the national team to have a result. After hearing your story, the leaders think you have the strength to suppress the players of the national team. They are looking forward to you returning to China to coach the team!”

It definitely wasn’t this simple.

The national team’s coach couldn’t be determined with two or three sentences. The vice-chairman must’ve spent a lot of effort behind the scenes, right?

Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “Who is the vice-chairman?”

Yu Mingxiang answered, “Your old acquaintance. It is Qi Heng, the former captain of the BM team. Do you remember him?”

“Captain Qi?” Jiang Shaoyu naturally remembered this person. The former captain of the BM team was a very good captain. ACE and BM met in the finals that year and the difference in the deciding blow was 0.1 seconds. Jiang Shaoyu took the lead in shooting and killed Qi Heng, winning the championship in a thrilling manner.

It seemed that Qi Heng went to work in the league after retiring and he was now the vice-chairman of the Gun King League. It was no wonder that he suddenly pulled out Jiang Shaoyu as the coach. He was well aware of Jiang Shaoyu’s tactical awareness and personal strength.

“Thank him for me,” Jiang Shaoyu told her. “I will return to China the day after tomorrow and fly directly to the capital’s international airport.”

“That’s great. I’ll pick you up at the airport!” Yu Mingxiang paused before saying, “By the way, let’s add each other on WeChat. I’ll send you the list and information of the last national team. You should understand this first. We’ll talk about who and how to choose the players of the sixth season when you return to China.”

“Okay.” Jiang Shaoyu hung up the phone and took the initiative to add Yu Mingxiang’s WeChat.

Sister Yu soon sent a document that contained the information of the fifth national team. This included the names and genders of all the players, their height and weight, their professional league registration ID, the position they were good at, data from the game etc. It was very detailed.

Jiang Shaoyu saw several familiar names.

—They were his old teammates from the ACE team.


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