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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 49

Rising Stars Cup Finals

Chang Rongxuan returned to his room and immediately changed his ticket. Then he called his friend and Internet cafe partner, “I won’t be going back immediately. Help me look after the Internet cafe.”

The other person wondered, “Didn’t you fail to make it to the top four? What are you doing in the capital? You won’t be able to take orders this way.”

Chang Rongxuan laughed. “Brother, I won’t be picking up passersby to play with me in the future. I will be accompanying top players, the type that ordinary people can’t invite. Hahaha!”

The other person was confused. “What top players? Have you not woken up yet?”

Chang Rongxuan kept him in suspense. “It is a secret and I can’t tell you yet. Wait a few days and watch the news. In any case, help me with the snacks at the Internet cafe and I will come back later to do a handover. After that, I will be staying in the capital to work.”

From now on, he would be the assistant coach of the national team.

Accompanying the national team was a legendary experience, right?

Chang Rongxuan was in a happy mood as he lay on the bed. He remembered when the first public beta of Gun King was released eight years ago. He had just come into contact with the game and was deeply attracted by the hot blooded world of guns and bullets. He loved to play a medic, carrying a first aid kit through the arena. He rushed to the 2500 segment in the first season on his own.

Being able to get to the 2500 segment as a lone medic was rare. Just as the first Gun King Professional League started to be held, Chang Rongxuan ran to a club to introduce himself. As a result, the club coach told him, ‘You are somewhat talented but unfortunately, you are too old to play professionally.’

He didn’t give up and ran to almost all the clubs with some reputation in the country. Unfortunately, he was turned away from all of them.

There was no way to change his age and he could never make up for the regret in his heart.

He had to watch the game every year. He would be happy when watching the young people fighting on the field.

Unexpectedly, after eight years, he was actually discovered by the ‘talent scout!’ God Wing was right. Wasn’t becoming a coach to train a new generation of players another way to realize his dream? He would do his best to assist Coach Jiang.

Chang Rongxuan opened his phone with mixed feelings and sent Jiang Shaoyu a row of ‘thank you’ emojis: Thank you Coach Jiang for your appreciation. I am really too flattered.

Jiang Shaoyu replied: You’re welcome. I’ll have to ask you for more help in the future.

Chang Rongxuan: That is a must! Coach Jiang, just casually arrange what I need to do when I enter the national team.

Jiang Shaoyu was much younger than him but he could see that the other person was a very strong head coach with clear thinking. He believed that the national team’s coaching team led by Jiang Shaoyu would welcome the new players who came to the national team with a new look.

He really couldn’t wait to see the children of this national team!

At 7 p.m. the next day, the final four of Pei Feng, Hua Ran, Gui Siyang and Lin Ke came to the competition venue together.

Today was the weekend and the audience for the finals was obviously larger than it was yesterday. The venue was very lively. Pei Feng’s fans held up posters to cheer for him and there were also many viewers holding posters that said ‘The legend of ACE will live forever.’ It seemed that the old fans of ACE had come to cheer for Pei Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu invited Chang Rongxuan to sit in the guest seat where the coaching staff was located in order to watch the match from the first row.

In the semi-finals, Pei Feng and Gui Siyang had higher winning percentages so the two of them were separated by the system.

It was Pei Feng (Fred) VS Lin Ke (KiKi) and Gui Siyang (Little Demon) VS Hua Ran (Hua Hua Da Shao).

The first match was Pei Feng against Lin Ke.

Fred chose an assaulter in this match and played head to head with KiKi’s assaulter.

KiKi might be a relatively outstanding youth trainee this year but Pei Feng’s strength was world-class. He personally ranked in the top 20 of the Korean server’s peak tournament. In addition, the tactical ideas he developed in ACE were very rich and his playing style was flexible. He didn’t encounter any difficulties in the semi-finals and successfully advanced.

The second match was Gui Siyang against Hua Ran.

Jiang Shaoyu was also looking forward to this match.

Gui Siyang was the youth trainee with the strongest comprehensive strength this year while Hua Ran was the passerby king who emerged in the Rising Stars Cup.

A sniper and a charger. The duel between the two would be very beautiful.

Gui Siyang fought steadily while Hua Ran bombarded wildly and the visual effect was like a 0.5 yuan special effects gunfight blockbuster.

To Jiang Shaoyu’s surprise, Hua Ran chose the ‘Misty Forest’ map as his home map and he brought out the special throwing weapon, the incendiary bombs.

The throwing weapons in Gun King were actually very numerous.

The advantage of the grenade was that it exploded across a certain range and the damage was huge. If it happened to explode under their feet then it could instantly kill an opponent. The disadvantage was that the explosion was delayed. If the opponent’s reaction was fast then they could run and dodge.

The smoke bomb released smoke in the area and covered the opponent’s field of view.

The flash bomb released a wide range dazzling light that made the opponent lose their vision instantly. This was a powerful weapon for snipers.

The incendiary bomb caused a large fire in the area, igniting the surrounding flammable materials such as trees, dry grass, gasoline barrels etc. The opponents who were burned by the fire would quickly lose health.

The poisonous gas bombs released a diffusible poisonous mist. Any opponents who entered the range of the poisonous mist would slowly lose health. The teammates who were affected by the poisonous mist would also lose health.

The tear gas would cause any opponents within range to shed tears for five seconds, losing their vision.

There were six types of throwing weapons, each with different functions and blasting ranges. it wasn’t easy to master them all. The most common ones in the qualifiers were the smoke bombs and grenades. One was to cover up the player’s running position and the other was to blow up the enemy. They didn’t require too much precise coordination.

Yet in the professional league, more tactics could be developed!

The throwing weapons used today were very interesting.

Int he first round, Hua Ran used the incendiary bombs on the Misty Forest map, creating a fire that prevented the opponent from chasing. He relied on the flames of the incendiary bomb to block and move quickly. He took the opportunity to circle around before raising his submachine gun and firing clearly and neatly. He instantly killed Gui Siyang!

Gui Siyang was also very calm. In the first game, he was burned by Hua Hua Da Shao’s incendiary bombs. In the second round, it was his home field and he immediately changed to a full sniper map. He didn’t give the opponent an opportunity to throw the ammunition. He prejudged the position and quickly aimed, ending the game with a headshot.

In the third game, Hua Hua Da Shao entered the field with the flash bombs. The dazzling light that frequently appeared made it impossible for Gui Siyang, a sniper, to aim. He once again moved around in a wretched manner and took away Gui Siyang’s head.

In the fourth game, Gui Siyang pulled back the score with his home map.

The two sides had a draw at 2:2 and the battle was quite fierce.

In the fifth game, the system randomly selected a maze map. Hua Hua Da SHao brought the poisonous gas bombs and a poisonous fog spread in the maze, making it impossible for Gui Siyang to pursue him.

The two sides actually fought to a 3:3 draw. In the six rounds, a large number of different throwing weapons were used. It was sometimes burning, sometimes poisonous fog or sometimes a dazzling white light. This was really a ‘0.5 yuan special effects gun battle movie.’

The media reporters watching the match were also surprised and secretly discussed it in private.

“This passerby king is very distinctive! The wide variety of throwing weapons are used particularly skillfully.”

“However, his playing style is a typical lone wolf style. It will be difficult to form a combination with his teammates, right? Throwing ammunition like this during a game can easily kill his teammates.”

“It is really cool one on one! He knows where the ammunition is and won’t step on it.”

“In the 16 to 8 round, he eliminated the most promising youth trainee Xu Fei and now he tied with Gui Siyang at 3:3. He is truly the dark horse of the Rising Stars Cup!”

In the final tiebreaker, the map that the system randomly chose was a map with four sniper points: Cross Street.

The terrain of this map was relatively complex and there were many buildings. Both melee and long ranged combat could be used. The key lay in the investigation of the four sniper points.

The two maneuvered around the map for 10 minutes. Finally, Gui Siyang replied on his accurate judgment to snipe and kill Hua Ran the moment this person emerged.

Gui Siyang entered the finals with a score of 4:3.

Hua Ran would need to fight Lin Ke again to compete for third place.

After a 10 minute break, the third place battle began. Hua Ran’s various throwing weapons confused Lin Ke and he eventually lost 2:4.

Hua Ran actually won third place in the Rising Stars Cup with his distinctive style of play!

The reporters moved quickly. On the Internet, an overwhelming number of press releases immediately appeared.

#Passerby King Hua Hua Da Shao won third place in the Rising Stars Cup#

#The special style player Hua Ran won third place in the first Rising Stars Cup of Gun King#

#A freshman of the School of Fine Arts of the Imperial Capital College is actually a hidden passerby master of Gun King?#

All types of articles were flying around the Internet and Hua Ran’s Weibo also attracted a lot of attention. Many netizens left messages there.

“I really like your fancy way of playing!”

“I also like to buy all types of skins, but I am just a fancy rookie. I’m not as powerful as Hua Hua.”

“You are actually from the School of Fine Arts of the Imperial Capital College. So powerful!”

“This little brother has white skin and purple hair. It is art no matter whether going to school or playing a game.”

For a time, Hua Ran’s popularity skyrocketed. Compared to the youth trainees who were eliminated from the Rising Stars Cup, he was the passerby king who suddenly emerged and became the second most popular player after Pei Feng who received a lot of attention from netizens.

In the audience, Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Brother Chang, how do you evaluate Hua Ran as a player?”

Chang Rongxuan was flattered. “God Wing, don’t call me brother. Haha, I can’t bear it. Just call me ‘Old Chang’ as usual.”

Qin Bo joked, “32 years old isn’t old, right?”

Chang Rongxuan said, “I am indeed old compared with these children!”

Jiang Shaoyu spoke according to his meaning. “Okay, Old Chang. What do you think of Hua Ran?”

Chang Rongxuan seriously commented on it, “His style of play is unique but he is difficult to cooperate with. The incendiary bombs and poisonous gas bombs look very dazzling but if he doesn’t use them well, he will easily affect his teammates’ vision and movement. For example, if he loses a poisonous gas bomb and his teammates accidentally enter the poisonous mist, losing health, it will be a tragedy.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. It isn’t easy to match with these throwing weapons. It can be seen that he has done research on throwing weapons. If he can familiar himself with his teammates’ positions and practice cooperation more, so as to not affect the situation of his teammates, it can enrich the team’s tactics.”

Chang Rongxuan smiled. “Of course. For some specific maps, the effect of the incendiary bomb is much better than the smoke bomb.”

The fire field created by the incendiary bomb couldn’t be walked through and would cause a loss of health. Meanwhile, the smoke bomb just created thick smoke. A player could pass through it to chase people.

Different throwing weapons had different functions.

In the World Series, the European teams actually used a lot of throwing weapons to play. In this regard, the tactical development of the Chinese national team was far from enough. If Hua Ran joined the national team then adding the tactic of throwing weapons would allow Jiang Shaoyu to fully exert his imagination.

At 9:30 p.m., the finals of the Rising Stars Cup officially began.

Gui Siyang, the strongest youth trainee this year VS Pei Feng, the strongest youth trainee of ACE five years ago.

The two commentators were excited. “Welcome back, audience friends. This is the scene of the finals of the Rising Stars Cup! The upcoming championship battle is the ultimate showdown between Little Demon and Fred!”

“Gui Siyang is the first place student of the youth training camp and his results are very good. Fred is God Wing’s personal apprentice. This match will be very interesting.”

“Little Demon plays a sniper. I don’t know if Fred will take out his sniper?”

“If Fred uses a sniper’s style of play then it will be a duel between two generations of top snipers!”

On the big stage, Pei Feng and Gui Siyang each sat in a soundproof room and checked their equipment.

Both of them looked calm.

Gui Siyang wasn’t nervous. For him, he could enter the national team’s youth training camp no matter whether he won the championship or was runner-up. His goal had been achieved. However, Coach Jiang was watching the match offstage and his opponent was Coach Jiang’s apprentice. He had to play to his own level, regardless of whether he won or lost.

Pei Feng’s thoughts were also very simple.

If it was against a sniper then he would naturally take out his strongest sniper. Master was sitting in the audience. He couldn’t embarrass the former ‘sniper god’!

Both of them pressed the ready button with the mentality of ‘I must play well.’

The system randomly chose and Pei Feng drew the first hand. Pei Feng’s home field was first.

He quickly submitted the map: Skyscraper.

It was a full sniper map.

The audience cheered excitedly and the live stream room was full of 666.

[F*k! Fred is finally taking out the sniper!]

[I’ve been waiting for him to play sniper. I’m so thankful!]

[Fred’s sniper is the strongest!]

[Two snipers in a full sniper map duel. This will be fun.]

The two commentators were also excited. Xiao Hu exclaimed, “The strongest youth trainee of the new generation, Little Demon, and Fred, the heir of the Sniper God. It is the ultimate duel between two snipers. Let’s wait and see!”

Ah Yan said, “The two sides are changing weapons. The main weapon that Fred chose is…”


The exclusive champion skin of ACE – Wing, the MVP of the S3 Professional League.

After paying tribute to all the players of ACE…

Pei Feng left his master until the end.

His master’s style of play was only worthy of the finals. As God Wing’s apprentice, he would use God Wing’s favorite weapon and exclusive skin to play the finals of the Rising Stars Cup.

He wanted his master sitting in the audience to know: I have never forgotten your teachings. I will be the apprentice who makes you proud.


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    1. Souwmi says:

      Well Pei Feng played against Lin ke and won. Gui Siyang played against Hua ran and won , thus making them the finalists who face each other at last.

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