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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 47

Pei Feng’s Special Play

At 7 p.m., the top eight players returned to the big stage to draw lots.

The rule of the eight to four round was still the B07 elimination system. There were two maps of their own choice and three maps randomly chosen by the system.

The first one to appear was the youth trainee Gui Siyang and he drew a passerby sniper. The duel between two snipers required more attention to the details. Gui Siyang’s basic skills were solid and his marksmanship was very stable. In the end, he won the match with a score of 4:1 and became the first player to advance to the semi-finals.

The second random person was Hua Hua Da Shao vs the Number One Killer. This Number One Killer was a relatively good scout among passersby while Hua Hua Da Shao was the charger with the highest winning rate among passersby. The duel between the two of them was very interesting. Hua Hua Da Shao’s playing style was still distinctive. He carried a submachine gun as his main weapon and two types of throwing ammunition as his secondary weapons, disrupting the opponent’s rhythm. In the end, he won two games with his home map and won the two system random maps, defeating the opponent 4:2 to advance to the semi-finals.

Two of the top four had been confirmed and the remaining four were becoming more nervous.

On the big screen, the names of the four people jumped quickly before finally freezing.

The Affairs of the World are Impermanent VS Fred!

Cheng Rongxuan saw this and couldn’t help sighing. “Hey, it is really the affairs of the world are impermanent! It seems I can only stop in the quarterfinals.”

He was very self-aware and felt that he would lose before he even played.

His strategy of ‘survive until the end’ was fine to deal with ordinary people but he was afraid it wouldn’t work against the strongest youth trainee of ACE, the disciple of God Wing. After all, Fred could also play a medic. Wasn’t it a big deal if the two of them played a medic together?

The commentator Xiao Hu saw this and was full of anticipation. “Fred has shown four positions in his last match and also took the medic in the last game. I wonder if Fred will choose a medic in this game?”

Ah Yan said, “In the duel between medic and medic, there is no way to determine victory or defeat if both of them are alive after 10 minutes. Therefore, it won’t follow the rule of dragging it out to 10 minutes and surviving. Instead, there is no time limit and the battle will continue until one person is killed.”

“In this case, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent must carry an offensive weapon. Still, he could qualify from the medic area and advance to the top 16 of the nation, which means he rose according to the ‘decisive battle to the end’ rule of the medic zone. He can definitely use a gun!”

In the previous match, the Affairs of the World are Impermanent didn’t carry a gun because he met an assaulter and couldn’t drag it out to 10 minutes to win.

However, if Pei Feng chose a medic in this game then it would be ineffective for two medics to drag it out for 10 minutes. The Affairs of the World are Impermanent would have to carry a gun.

At the beginning of the game, the Affairs of the World are Impermanent drew the first hand and chose his preferred home map.

He quickly submitted a map: Yuehu Park.

This was a map with a very complex terrain. It was adapted to the scale of a real park and there were pools, trees, flower beds, statues and buildings. Some areas weren’t open in 1V1 but the open area was still the largest among all 1V1 maps.

Pei Feng saw this map and immediately changed his equipment.

Primary weapon: Uzi MAC-Bloodthirsty.

Secondary weapon: AK12-Dark Night.

The third weapon slot: Rose Blade.

The audience’s minds were full of question marks when they saw this.

The two commentators looked at each other and Xiao Hu exclaimed with surprise, “Is this a pure output method? Moreover, he brought three types of weapons. There is a submachine gun, an AK assault rifle and a dagger. Does he want to combine the styles of a charger, assaulter and scout?”

Ah Yan looked at the screen thoughtfully. “Lao Lin’s favorite submachine gun, Zhou Zhou’s favorite AK and Ye Zi’s champion skin Rose Blade?”

The ACE fans excitedly filled the screen of the live stream room.

[Is this an ACE three outputs combination?]

[Fred is too 6! This is the first time I’ve seen such a weapons combination hahaha.]

[If he does this, is he a charger, assaulter or scout?]

The two commentators were also talking about this topic. Xiao Hu stated, “In fact, Gun King has never stipulated what type of weapons a player in a certain position must bring. It is just that in the many years of competition, players have to think about dividing the work and cooperating with the team so the mainstream belt methods of the charger and assaulter will be produced.”

“That’s right! Once a person carries a weapon in a different position, it is determined by the attributes of the main weapon. It is because the switching time of the main weapon is the shortest and the power is the greatest. The power of the secondary weapon is reduced. In this game, he should be considered a charger, right?”

“Yes. He is carrying pure output weapons so he must follow the rules of the 10 minute limited game time with a medic.”

“Let’s look at the strategies that The Affairs of the World are Impermanent is using to cope. He brought a shield, gauze and smoke bombs. It seems he is trying to drag it out for 10 minutes!”

Pure output vs pure healing—this game made the audience full of expectations.

In the guest seat, Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Strictly speaking, Xiao Pei’s belt method isn’t a charger.”

Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo both looked at him.

Jiang Shaoyu seemed calm but his eyes were filled with an admiration that couldn’t be concealed. He said in a clear voice, “It is a free person.”

Qin Bo was stunned. “A free person’s playing style?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, a free person can fill any position at any time and is competent in any position. His main weapon is a submachine gun that makes it convenient to quickly sweep through a medic’s shield. Meanwhile, the assault rifle and dagger will make his style of play very flexible. He can be a charger or assaulter or he can play a scout’s sneak attack.”

Yu Mingxiang was excited. “Yes! Our Xiao Pei is all powerful!”

Jiang Shaoyu’s lips slightly curved. Ever since the moment he returned to China, he had been paying attention to Pei Feng. He opened a side account to give Pei Feng gifts and played doubles with Fred. He personally observed whether the level of his apprentice had declined and this was the most critical reason for his actions.

Pei Feng could play a free position.

He was the only player in the country who was qualified for the free person position.

He could always find good snipers, assaulters, chargers, scouts and medics from civilians or major clubs. However, for a free person who could play any position very well—there was only Pei Feng.

This also stemmed from Jiang Shaoyu’s original training method. He had ACE’s people take turns to abuse Xiao Pei. The purpose was to let Xiao Pei know how to play as a sniper against various positions as soon as possible. He hadn’t expected that Xiao Pei would be too talented. During the games, he actually learned how to play in all positions.

Fighting with Ye Zi and learning how to play a scout, PKing with Lao Lin and learning how to charge and suppress…

Everyone in ACE had also been surprised. This child’s learning ability was too strong, right?

Due to this, Pei Feng was the most important candidate for the national team in Jiang Shaoyu’s heart. It was also something that had never been seen in the World Series before: the free swinging position.

In the 5th World Series, the US national team brought three snipers and two people for the other positions. South Korea brought three scouts, many European teams brought three chargers and the Chinese team also had the configuration of three chargers, two assaulters, two snipers, two scouts and two medics.

This was the mainstream configuration of the World Series lineup.

Nearly 99% of the national teams chose two players for each position, one main force and one substitute. The final 11th player was determined according to the performance of the domestic players. If there was a good sniper then add a sniper. If there was a good scout then add a scout.

So far, no national team had a free person. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to bring it. It was that they rarely met this type of all-rounder talent.

Unsurprisingly, Pei Feng would be the first free person in the World Series.

Pei Feng just had to join the national team and the Chinese national team’s lineup and tactical ideas would make the opponents completely abandon analyzing and guessing. It was because Pei Feng’s appearance meant he could fill any position. It wasn’t known what position he would play until he chose his weapons.

In this way, Jiang Shaoyu’s tactical thinking could be expanded to the greatest extent.

Xiao Pei was the tactical core of the sixth national team that he would lead.

The master and apprentice probably also had a tacit connection? In this style, Pei Feng finally brought out Jiang Shaoyu’s long-awaited free person playing style.

He directly mixed up three weapons to deal with the hide and seek medic. Use the charger’s fierce strafing to break through the shield, the assault rifle to quickly cause damage and the dagger to sneak around.

No matter how the medic hid, it would be difficult for him to survive once he was caught by Pei Feng.

Cheng Rongxuan saw this and felt very emotional. He was 32 years old and had followed the Gun King Professional League for eight years.

Five years ago, he witnessed ACE’s legendary experience with his own eyes and he also knew how strong God Wing’s tactical ideas were. At present, many of the popular playing styles in the A-grade Professional League were created by God Wing.

Now God Wing’s apprentice was back on the field. Fred, who could play all positions, would definitely be a member of the national team!

Chang Rongxuan’s participation in this Rising Stars Cup was with a relaxed mentality of ‘I’m bored anyway, just come and play.’ He didn’t mind winning or losing. He felt that he would most likely lose when he drew Pei Feng just now, but it didn’t matter if he won or lost. It was enough to play every match well and leave with no regrets.

The top 16 received a bonus of 50,000 yuan and got their round-trip flight tickets and accommodation fee reimbursed. This was very cost-effective!

Cheng Rongxuan quickly pressed the ready button.

The map of Yuehu Park was very complicated. The two of them refreshed in different corners of the park.

Cheng Rongxuan ran quickly and reached the pond as fast as he could. Then he dived directly into the water.

It didn’t take long before he heard the sound of light footsteps nearby. If a person carried a submachine gun, assault rifle, heavy sniper rifle or other firearms, their footsteps would become heavier due to the weight of the gun. Meanwhile, daggers, pistols and throwing weapons were light and the footsteps would be lighter accordingly.

Experienced players could judge the weapons carried by the opponent based on the sound of footsteps.

Pei Feng had obviously switched to a dagger and was looking for him.

Cheng Rongxuan hid under a lotus leaf and held his breath. This was a blind spot and Fred wouldn’t be able to see him from his position.

The fans in the live stream saw Pei Feng passing by the pool in the park and filled the screen one after another.

[Fred, don’t go! There is someone under the lotus leaf!]

[This uncle’s psychological quality is very strong. The opponent is passing by yet he isn’t even breathing?]

[Hiding under the lotus leaf again. This player is too wretched!]

[Drag out until 10 minutes to win? In the end, it is still victory!]

[Uncle: Is it useful for you to bring so many weapons? You can’t find me~~]

[Hide and seek in the first game, the uncle wins!]

Just as everyone thought that Pei Feng hadn’t found the uncle and was about to leave, Pei Feng suddenly turned his head and instantly switched to the AK rifle. The sharp bullets of the gun aimed at the lotus leaves in the pool and smashed down like torrential rain.

Bang bang bang bang!

The bullets caused ripples on the surface of the water and pierced the lotus leaves, creating a row of bullet holes!

The Affairs of the World are Impermanent hidden under the water was swept away by the bullets. He immediately dived into the deep water and swam quickly to the short. Pei Feng’s bullets chased all the way behind him but the uncle swam very quickly. Pei Feng’s wave of attacks only reduced his health by 20%!

Blood floated in the pond. In the blink of an eye, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent swam to the opposite shore. He found a stone with ‘Yuehu Park Scenic Area’ written on it and hid behind it. Then he quickly took out medical gauze to restore his health.

The amount of his health returned to 100%.

There was a security booth in front of him. The Affairs of the World are Impermanent rushed inside it to hide.

Pei Feng had switched to a dagger to chase on the shore because the speed of chasing in water was too slow. He soon reached the area of the stone, switched to the submachine gun, aimed at the security booth and fired again!

The Affairs of the World are Impermanent threw a smoke bomb and ran away quickly.

Pei Feng rushed into the smoke area without hesitation and continued to chase by listening to the sound of footsteps.

The audience: “……”

This was the ultimate hide and seek game!

In the previous match, the opponent only knew how to use his eyes to look for the opponent. As a result, the uncle hid under the seat and wasn’t found. However, Pei Feng’s method of searching was the right one. If he encountered a location where the opponent might be hiding then sweep it with a wave of bullets?

There was no one? It wasn’t a waste of bullets. In any case, a submachine gun had more bullets. If there was someone then he could force out the opponent.

However, the uncle’s positioning was wretched enough. He scurried around and found many places to hide. Under the stool, behind the tree, in the pavilion, in the flower bed… the uncle could hide in any place that normal people couldn’t imagine!

Even Pei Feng took nearly eight minutes to catch up with him.

The Affairs of the World are Impermanent raised his shield and used the shield to block the bullets. Then he dropped a smoke bomb to make it easier for him to run away.

There were two minutes left and he had to go to the end to win!

Even so, Pei Feng finally caught up with him and it was impossible to let him go easily.

Fred switched to the submachine gun and fired a fierce strafing shot. In three seconds, the shield exploded!

Immediately after, he rushed into the smoke, switched to the assault rifle in an instant and fired in an S-shape in the direction of the woods where the uncle escaped!

Bang bang bang bang!

Multiple bullets with black smoke rushed toward the uncle’s back!

[’Fred’ has used the AK12- Dark Night to kill ‘The Affairs of the World are Impermanent’!]

This was Xiao Zhou’s signature drift shooting style. The bullets drifted quickly and covered a very wide area like the tail of a dragon. The back of The Affairs of the World are Impermanent was directly turned into a honeycomb by the bullets and it was too late for him to restore his health.

In the first game, Fred won.

There were a lot of barrages in the live stream room.

[The uncle can’t escape!]

[Playing like this when over 30 years old is already very powerful. if it was replaced by me, I am confident I will die under Fred’s gun in three minutes!]

[I have the confidence to die in one minute.]

[I’m different. I’ll directly vote to surrender if I meet Fred ^^]

Jiang Shaoyu saw this scene and gave rare praise. “He played well.”

The key to a free person’s playing style lay in the timing of switching weapons and the use of different weapons. Xiao Pei had mastered it very well.

Switching to a dagger to chase people, switching to a submachine gun to destroy the shield and switching to an assault rifle to deal real damage. In addition, the moment he caught up with The Affairs of the World are Impermanent just now, he switched between three weapons in just 10 seconds. His reaction and hand speed were ridiculously fast.

This was also the reason why many people weren’t qualified for the free person position.

A free person was the most demanding way to play in Gun King.

Not only did they need to be proficient in all weapons but they also needed to familiarize themselves with the different operating techniques of each position.

Xiao Pei’s performance today was indeed good but his opponent was a 32 year old passerby player who had a slow reaction speed and didn’t have the world’s best operating technique. In the future, Xiao Pei’s speed would have to be improved when encountering world-class players.

Jiang Shaoyu was thinking about the training method for Pei Feng in his mind.

There definitely wasn’t a problem with Xiao Pei’s basic operations. He hadn’t abandoned his training this entire time and he was in good condition.

However, it seemed that the improvement of his reaction speed and cultivation of his comprehensive awareness would have to be specially trained by his master.


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