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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 44

Hide and Seek Tactics

After winning the first round, the second set was the home of the opponent, Ah Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu had seen the profiles of the top 16 players. Ah Feng’s full name was Liu Ruifeng. He was a youth trainee of the Imperial Capital Youth Training Camp. He mainly played an assaulter and hadn’t signed with any club yet. He came to participate in the Rising Stars Cup because he wanted to directly enter the national youth training team and play in the World Series.

This young man’s marksmanship and basic operations were good but he lacked spirituality when playing in the game. For example, in the game just now, he looked for the hiding medic but couldn’t find him in 10 minutes. He was completely taken by the rhythm of the other party.

In the second game, Liu Ruifeng quickly submitted a map that was suitable for melee players to play: Subway Station Line 7.

The map was very wide and there were many pillars in the subway station that could be used to hide. Battles could also take place in the subway carriages.

After seeing the map, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent changed his weapons.

In this round, he brought a bulletproof shield, a first aid kit and smoke bombs.

At the beginning of the game, Liu Ruifeng quickly rushed to the opponent’s refresh point.

He passed by and found it was empty and there was no one. Liu Ruifeng went back to the carriage to look but still didn’t find anyone.

Liu Ruifeng’s mind was a bit dazed. Why did it become a single player game again?

This medic ran faster than a mouse!

At this time, from a god’s perspective, the audience could see that The Affairs of the World are Impermanent was hiding under a seat in the subway carriage.

The uncle was lying down below the seat and looking around secretly. Liu Ruifeng passed by but his vision was straight ahead of him. He didn’t see the person hiding under the seat. He just… passed by in front of The Affairs of the World are Impermanent.

In the live stream room, the netizens were laughing.

[F*k, a shooter game can still be played like this?]

[Exciting! This is really a cat and mouse game!]

[Just now, my heart was in my throat. I was afraid that the hiding uncle would be found!]

[I have played the subway station map hundreds of times but I didn’t know that you could hide under the seats?]

[Lying under the seat, is this right? Hahaha, I’m going to try it.]

Jiang Shaoyu saw this and said calmly, “This map was chosen by the opponent but he can still hide in the dead corners of the field of view. It seems that he has specifically studied how to hide in each map?”

Qin Bo nodded. “Yes, I have also done the 3D modeling of this map. Carriage 7 has a row of seats with a height that allows you to hide in it.”

Liu Ruifeng ran around the entire subway station but couldn’t find anyone. He couldn’t help doubting life.

What about the person? What about the person?

Dare to come out and fight him head-to-head? What was the point of hiding?

At this point, exactly two minutes passed.

Gun King stipulated that players who were motionless for two minutes would be judged as a negative game. This meant that The Affairs of the World are Impermanent finally had to move. Liu Ruifeng heard footsteps coming from not far away. It was in carriage 7!

He immediately changed after the opponent at a quick pace. The assault rifle in his hand frantically fired at the door of the carriage!

Bang bang bang!

The Affairs of the World are Impermanent raised the bulletproof shield.

The bullets hit the metal shield, causing sparks that splashed around. The shield was just wide enough to cover the door of the carriage.

Liu Ruifeng simply blew up the shield in anger!

There was a bang as the shield fell to the ground in pieces.

Liu Ruifeng went through the shield only to find that the opponent was gone?

It only took him 5 seconds to break the shield with a wave of sweeping shots. How could the opposite side run so fast?

Yu Mingxiang couldn’t help smiling. “The Affairs of the World are Impermanent left the shield there on purpose to confuse the opponent.

A medic’s shield was very flexible to use. The medic could carry the shield through a rain of bullets or it could be left somewhere as a cover to protect the medic or their teammates.

Shields were equipment that could be ‘placed.’ The Affairs of the World are Impermanent deliberately placed the shield at the door and led the other person to attack his shield.

Meanwhile, he had slipped out of the carriage like a rat and found a pillar to hide behind.

Then he remained motionless for another two minutes.

Liu Ruifeng was about to go crazy. He once again launched a thorough search of the subway carriages but he still couldn’t see the figure of the medic.

So tired!

The bloody gun battle became a ‘hide and seek’ game where he chased while the opponent hid!

After two minutes, Liu Ruifeng once again locked onto the position of the other party using the sound of footsteps. As a result, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent threw smoke bombs and took advantage of the large spread of white smoke to flee again. Liu Ruifeng once again lost his vision.

The smoke cleared and the shadow of the opponent couldn’t be seen at all.

Liu Ruifeng: “……”

The netizens in the live stream room were dying of laughter.

[Isn’t this uncle too funny? Will he just hide?]

[Did he reach the final round by hiding? This is pretty awesome as well.

[I sympathize with his opponent. His mentality is about to explode.]

The time was gradually reaching eight minutes and Liu Ruifeng’s mentality was indeed about to explode. He had encountered various opponents who loved sneak attacks, frontal gun battles, long-range sniping…

He had just never seen a shooting game played as hide and seek!

From beginning to end, he failed to hit even the clothing of The Affairs of the World are Impermanent.

In the second round, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent won!

The two commentators looked at each other.

Xiao Hu held back his smile. “Congratulations to The Affairs of the World are Impermanent for once again hiding for 10 minutes and winning the second round!”

Ah Yan said, “His style of play can be regarded as a reasonable use of the rules of the game. As long as the medic lives for 1- minutes, his victory will be determined. It is really difficult for other players to kill him in 10 minutes when encountering such a medic with abnormal positioning.”

Xiao Hu agreed. “That’s right! The first aid kit he carries can restore his health in an instant and the smoke released by the smoke bombs makes his opponent unable to see his position. He takes advantage of this opportunity to quickly move in position and use obstacles to hide and delay the time. This is also a very novel strategy!”

Ah Yan said with interest, “The third game is his home field. I don’t know what type of map he will choose?”

Soon, the map submitted by The Affairs of the World are Impermanent appeared on the screen.

Xiao Hu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “This time it is the Dark Swamp. Is it a water battle map?”

Liu Ruifeng’s eyes darkened when he saw this map!

Dark Swamp was a map where 90% of it was water. They needed to hide and do underwater operations. There were many rotten lotus leaves in the swamp pool that could be used to hide. Based on The Affairs of the World are Impermanent’s style, it would be another hide and seek game once he found a lotus leaf to hide!

Sure enough, it was as he expected. From beginning to end, he couldn’t find where his opponent was hiding.

He swam in the swamp pool and there was silence all around him. Occasionally there was the sound of water flowing or the sound of human contact with lotus leaves. However, every time he rushed over, he couldn’t find the opponent’s position.

Liu Ruifeng resisted the urge to drop his keyboard and swam around in the swamp for 10 minutes.

His mentality was about to collapse! Wasn’t it too hard to play the game? He was looking for the opponent but he never found it!

The commentator couldn’t help laughing. “Congratulations to The Affairs of the World are Impermanent for winning the third round!”

In the live stream room, the netizens started to fill the barrage with ridicule.

[This is really The Affairs of the World are Impermanent!]

[I thought I was playing a shooting game to fight with people. Unexpectedly, “I had to swim with people?]

[If I was the opponent, I would like to take out this medic and beat him up!]

[Is this uncle here to be funny?!]

In the fourth game, Liu Ruifeng directly and angrily chose Fountain Square.

The square was empty with a fountain in the center and no obstacles around. Let’s see where the opponent could hide!

As a result, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent relied on the clever use of smoke bombs and the first aid kit to drag things out for eight minutes.

Liu Ruifeng’s fierce strafing finally swept the opponent away and he won back a round.

The score was 3:1.

The fifth game was a random map selected by the system. The map drawn by the system was: Factory Ruins.

It was a map full of cargo boxes with plenty of obstacles to hide behind. The results could be imagined.

Liu Ruifeng once again single-handedly looked for someone for a full 10 minutes.

The teenager started to doubt life as he saw the gray screen. He had never seen such an abnormal hide and seek style?

Who was this person?

In the soundproof room, Chang Rongxuan stood up, walked over and shook hands with the teenager in front of him. He said with a smile. “Little friend, you are still too young.”

Liu Ruifeng: “……”

F*k! Could they really PK?

Chang Rongxuan gracefully bowed from the stage and withdrew. There was warm applause from the venue of the match.

The host said, “Congratulations to The Affairs of the World are Impermanent for advancing to the final eight of the Rising Stars Cup!”

Jiang Shaoyu said softly, “Take a video of this match back and do a path analysis.”

Qin Bo immediately replied, “Yes, Coach Jiang.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the 4:1 score on the big screen and was thoughtful. “His positioning is very strong and he has a good vision of the dead corners. It can be seen that he knows every map of the game very well.”

Yu Mingxiang was a bit confused. “However, isn’t it useless for a medic to hide? They have to cooperate to rescue their teammates, right?”

The survivability of the medic was very important. If a medic died too early then the opponents who killed them would be unscrupulous. However, if the medic was still alive then it didn’t matter if their four teammates were dead. The medic could move quickly and secretly save people. They could even help revive all four teammates.

In the S3 season, Shu Chen once saved Ye Zi in a game where all his other teammates were killed. He had Ye Zi interfere with the enemy while he saved Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou, using them to suppress the enemy with firepower. Finally, he saved Brother Yu. The opposite side was originally 3 against 1 and surrounded the medic. As a result, the medic couldn’t be solved and it became 3 against 5 in an instant. They were destroyed in a reversal!

An excellent medic was always a very important part of the game.

Moving and avoiding damage was just the basics of playing a medic.

Jiang Shaoyu preferred a medic with an offensive ability. He forced Shu Chen to practice the gun every day and Xiao Chen’s marksmanship was very accurate.

However, this uncle’s style was completely different from that of Xiao Chen.

He didn’t bring any offensive weapons. It was just pure defensive and healing equipment and would delay things to the end.

In the end, victory was victory.

Hiding under the chair and quietly waiting for the opponent to pass by was really wretched to the extreme.

This style of play could easily break the opponent’s mentality. No matter how good their marksmanship or how fast their rhythm, what was the point if they couldn’t find the opponent?

If they couldn’t find anyone then it was easy to become irritable.

If such a medic was integrated into a team battle then it could greatly interfere with the rhythm of the other side.

Jiang Shaoyu carefully thought about the configuration of the national team. This type of play could be used as a surprise winning tactic in key matches.

However, this uncle was 32 years old and his reflexes and improvisational speed were likely to be unable to keep up with the rhythm of young players.

The youth trainees he met in this competition had never seen anyone play this way so they were confused.

He wouldn’t live for five minutes if he met Xiao Pei.

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at Qin Bo. “Can you find his social media account?”

Qin Bo searched the Internet for the ID of The Affairs of the World are Impermanent. He soon saw a player with the same name on a professional companion website.

He saw an introduction written at the top: A professional medic to accompany you in the game. 50 yuan for one round and it will be a boss all-round protection! No matter which corner the boss dies in, I can save you [heart.jpg]

It was followed by the sentence: Taking orders will be suspended for a month. I have signed up for the Rising Stars Cup and have entered the top 16. Hehe, at least I can get the bonus of the top 16.

Jiang Shaoyu: “………”

It appeared to be the same person.

Yu Mingxiang was surprised. “Is he actually a companion player?”

Gun King had been released for many years and various occupations making a living from the game had risen. The most popular were substitute training and accompanying players.

Substitute training was an officially prohibited behavior. It was looking into an account to take the player to qualify like ‘taking an exam for someone. Anyone who was caught would be banned. Once a professional player was involved in ‘substitute training’, it would be a stain on their career and they would be banned from the league.

Meanwhile, an accompanying player wasn’t prohibited. It was equivalent to ‘I play games with you, you pay me, you like me.’

Unexpectedly, this The Affairs of the World are Impermanent was quite famous in the accompanying world.

He had been registered with the platform for nine years and the number of orders had exceeded 5,000. Many customers had given him five star praise.

A medic with a good awareness wasn’t easy to find. Most medics would only be the follower of their teammates, following behind and adding health. Medics who could travel all over the map to rescue their teammates were precious. For the players whose level weren’t bad and they wanted to find someone to score with, it was a good choice to bring a medic to protect themselves.

Playing with him meant that in every game, his teammates might be different.

He had contact with teammates from all walks of life with various styles and quickly adjusted his rhythm to keep up with them.

Such a person would be very adaptable.

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it. “Contact him after the game. He is a rare talent.”

He was very adaptable and had a very comprehensive understanding of maps.

A medic with wretched positioning and whose survivability was comparable to a cockroach…

It was truly a talent!

It was a pity that he was 32 years old and missed the golden age of playing e-sports. His reaction speed wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rhythm of the competition.

Don’t look at his outstanding performance in the Rising Stars Cup. Once it came to the high-intensity World Series, it would be difficult for him to survive the hiding process when up against a scout who was good at searching or a sniper who could do a headshot in one go.

However, he could greatly improve the positioning awareness and map understanding of the national team’s players.

What if the national team’s training in the future included a hide and seek game with The Affairs of the World are Impermanent?

Would they still need to be afraid that they wouldn’t be able to find the opposing medic during the World Series?

—He was the assistant that Jiang Shaoyu needed most.


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    As someone over 30 years old with no hope of eSports glory, I have tears in my eyes when this young coach with such vision sees the worth in an older gentleman with love for the game.

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