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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 40

God Level Operations

The game soon started.

The map was loaded and the two players refreshed in the diagonal positions of the upper left corner and lower right corner respectively.

It was due to a simple combat idea. This type of map tested the reaction speed and operation skills of the players.

The light in the corridor was dim and it was necessary to listen to the footsteps to judge the position of the enemy. At the beginning of the game, Brother Hai directly switched to the AK-47 and moved forward clockwise steadily. Meanwhile, Fred held a lighter smoke bomb and also moved forward in a clockwise direction.

The two people headed in the same direction and it was like running circles in the same direction on the playground. They wouldn’t meet in the short term.

Brother Hai played very cautiously and soon came to the corner in the upper right corner. For this type of map, he had to be very careful when passing the corner. It was easy to turn the corner and meet the enemy. He could be ambushed by the enemy’s headshot. He held the gun and moved slowly, listening carefully to what was going on around him.

There was no one?

Judging from the time, Fred should be nearby if he was also running in this corridor.

Circular Corridor was a closed space and the sound of footsteps was very obvious. He didn’t hear any footsteps so it meant Fred wasn’t on this side. He was most likely going clockwise to the left corridor.

The corners of Lin Hai’s mouth curved up. He immediately turned back and set up a gun in the corner, waiting for the rabbit. As long as Fred dared to pass by this corridor, he would be met by the fierce rain of gunfire from the AK assault rifle.

At this point, the audience with the god’s perspective found that…

Fred held the smoke bomb and passed by the upper left corner very cautiously, which was the birth place of Brother Hai just now.

He paused at the corner for two seconds before quickly running to this side.

Fred’s fans saw that the two of them were about to meet in the upper right corner and Brother Hai had already prepared an ambush in advance and they all had their hearts in their throats. They silently thought in their minds: Don’t go over there. Someone is at the corner!

Brother Hai was staying still so Pei Feng couldn’t hear any sound.

On the contrary, Brother Hai heard his footsteps.

One step, two steps…

It was getting closer!

Lin Hai narrowed his eyes slightly and put his light hand lightly on the keyboard in preparation. He was like a hunter ready to attack.

The moment Pei Feng turned the corner, Lin Hai slammed against the keyboard and mouse to pull the trigger.

Bang bang bang bang!

The clear sound of the AK-47 assault rifle produced a deafening echo in the corridor!

The crackling bullets with whistling sparks rushed toward Pei Feng like a beast.

However, there was no notification on the screen that ‘Brother Hai’ had hit ‘Fred’.

The commentator Xiao Hu saw this and analyzed, “Fred just shook a bit and used the superb operation skill of ‘flashback.’ His body didn’t come around the corner but he used the terrain at the corner to block it .Then he flashed and returned to his position in an instant. It is a classic deceptive gun action.”

The commentator Ah Yan agreed. “Yes, Brother Hai fired but he didn’t even hit a corner of Fred’s clothes!”

Deceiving the gun—this was the basic skill of professional players.

Deliberately showing one’s whereabouts, tricking the opponent into shooting but actually exposing the opponent’s position.

This operation must be fast enough or else the moment they emerged, they might be killed in seconds by the opponent who had been waiting for a long time.

As long as they were faster than their opponent, they could flash back under cover before the opponent shot and the bullets wouldn’t hit them.

Just now, Pei Feng had been tapping the keyboard very quickly and manipulated Fred to flexibly ‘flash back’ around the corner. Brother Hai shot fiercely but he didn’t hit Fred at all. Immediately after that, Pei Feng switched weapons in seconds and threw a smoke bomb around the corner.


Smoke spread in a widespread area from the bomb blast. This made Brother Hai lose his vision and he couldn’t see where Fred was at all.

Lin Hai was shocked. He immediately turned around and ran to the lower right corner.

The map space of Circular Corridor was extremely narrow. One corridor was more than 10 meters long and if one ran quickly, they could reach the next corner in a few seconds.

At this time, Lin Hai was holding a gun in his hand and aiming while retreating to prevent his opponent from chasing after him.

Fred didn’t chase Brother Hai to the lower right corner.

After throwing a smoke bomb to force Brother Hai back, Fred actually turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

The corridor was a circular circle. No matter how they ran, they could meet the opponent.

Pei Feng rejected closeness to look for distance. What did he really want to do?

The audience was puzzled.

Brother Hai quickly came to the lower right corner while Fred headed counterclockwise to the lower left corner.

Lin Hai noticed that Fred wasn’t chasing after him and immediately stopped at the lower right corner. The assault rifle in his hand moved as he quickly turned the corner. It was sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left. It moved left and right so he could react as fast as he could no matter which side Fred came from.

Ah Yan praised him. “Brother Hai has a lot of experience in close combat. In such a narrow map, he occupied a favorable terrain at the corner. No matter which side the opponent comes from, they will enter the range of the assault rifle.”

Xiao Hu agreed. “Yes, the range of the assault rifle can cover the entire corridor. It will be difficult for Fred to break through.”

The moment these words finished, he saw a smoke bomb suddenly exploded in the lower left corner. Then large white smoke spread in front of their eyes and a figure rushed out of the smoke. Brother Hai’s expression froze and he shot at the figure!

Deafening gunshots rang out in the closed corridor. Brother Hai’s fierce style of play was like shooting the other side into a honeycomb!

The audience held their breath nervously.

Then a notification popped up on the screen.

[’Fred’ has used the AK12- Dark Night to kill ‘Brother Hai’!]

The audience was dumbfounded.

Brother Hai set up an ambush in advance and failed to kill Fred. How could Brother Hai be killed by Fred?

The skin effect of AK12-Dark Night was very low-key and the bullets didn’t have the usual sparks. Instead, it was a row of black smoke. From Lin Hai’s point of view, a row of black smoke swooped down from the white smoke like a giant dragon, shooting in an S-shape in the air and instantly emptying his health bar!

How was this possible?

Lin Hai stared at his gray screen in disbelief.

He had obviously fired the gun first but was killed by Pei Feng? How could Pei Feng see his position in the smoke?

There were many questions in the barrage of the live stream.

“It was Brother Hai who shot first. Why did Fred hit first?”

“Yes, Fred couldn’t see at all. Could he sweep through the smoke?”

“It isn’t scientific! He can hit Brother Hai through the thick smoke but he didn’t lose a single drop of blood. Is it a bug?”

“If this wasn’t an official match, I would’ve suspected him of cheating :)”

The two commentators glanced at each other and Xiao Hu hurriedly had the director open the slow motion replay.

The slow motion replay of the scene just now appeared on the big screen and the audience gradually realized something was wrong.

Xiao Hu said with surprise, “Fred’s operation just now seems to be the most difficult Dragon Drift style of the AK assault rifle?”

Ah Yan confirmed it. “Yes, it is indeed the Divine Dragon Drift!”

Xiao Hu excitedly raised his voice. “Dragon Drift uses superb positioning skills to avoid the opponent’s fire. Meanwhile, the rifle in his hand carries out a tail flicking operation like a racing car drifting. It uses the inertia of the character’s movement to sweep out a snake-shaped bullet, covering the opponent’s position and killing the opponent!”

Dragon Drift was one of the most advanced marksmanship techniques.

There were only a few players who could master this operation skill in the entire league!

The most famous one was the former assaulter of the ACE team, Zhou Yiran who was called Prince AK by his fans.

Anyone who had played racing games knew that when a high speed racing car passed around the corner, it suddenly changed directions and the car drifted due to inertia.

The Dragon Drift marksmanship used this principle. A giant dragon swung its tail when it was flying quickly and this would produce an airflow drift. If a fast moving player fired at a very fast speed, the path of the shot bullet would also be deviated by the inertia.

In order to perform such an operation, the player needed to achieve the coordination of speed, displacement and shooting accuracy.

Otherwise, the bullets shot out would be randomly swept away and they would be hit by the opponent.

In the thick fog just now, Pei Feng predicted the opponent’s position. In a situation where he couldn’t see the opponent clearly, he used the inertia of the S-shaped position so that the bullets shot out formed a ‘drift’ path, just like a dragon throwing out its tail. He covered the opponent’s position in a large area.

At the same time, he also used the S-shaped positioning technique to quickly dodge, avoiding the key firepower output of the other side.

Brother Hai shot wildly but failed to kill Pei Feng.

Rather, he was neatly killed by Pei Feng!

The bullets fired by the assault rifle in Fred’s hand had a black smoke effect and was like the tail of a dragon. The first wind instantly swept through Brother Hai’s position and Brother Hai was shot into a honeycomb by a large number of bullets!

In the first game, Fred won.

In the soundproof room, Pei Feng smiled, withdrew his hand and gently rubbed his fingers.

You want to target me on such a narrow map? You think that if you fight head on, I won’t be able to fight you?

Brother Hai, you are thinking too much.

The commentator Xiao Hu said, “Congratulations to Fred for taking the lead in winning the first game. Just now, no matter whether it was the flash back at the corner or the last Dragon Drift, his operation was very proficient and excellent. He has the style of the HW Team’s assaulter, Captain Zhou!”

Commentator Ah Yan added, “Yes, Captain Zhou’s favorite skin is the AK12-Dark Night series. Is it not a coincidence that Fred chose this skin?”

“The second game is Fred’s home field. Let’s wait and see what map he will choose.”

Everyone knew that Fred was the most powerful in sniping. The map he used the most in the preliminary round and semi-finals was the full sniper map Skyscraper. He had a lot of experience playing on this map. He won consecutive games all the way and almost completely abused his opponents. The fans thought he would continue to choose this map.

“Fred’s Skyscraper is coming again. Brother Hai, be ready to be killed in seconds!”

“Brother Hai chose a narrow secret room to force Fred to not use the sniper rifle. In the second round, don’t be polite and snipe him with one shot!”

“Full sniper map, full sniper map!”

99% of the audience speculated that he would choose the full sniper map.

However, Fred quickly selected a map: The Crystal Cave.

The two commentators were stunned for a moment. Then Xiao Hu took the lead in opening his mouth. “He actually chose an assassination map? It is a classic knife battle map!”

“The terrain of the Crystal Cave is very complicated and the light is very dim. It is difficult to snipe with a gun. Moreover, there are echoes in the cave so the footsteps of the players will reverberate. This will affect the accurate judgment of the location. It is very suitable for sneak attacks.”

Lin Hai was also confused when he saw this map.

Wasn’t Pei Feng the best at sniping? What was up with choosing a close range assassination map?

The Crystal Cave was a forbidden mine map. It was located underground so the bombardment of grenades might lead to the collapse of the underground cave. Therefore, the players entering this map couldn’t carry grenades but they could gather other non-offensive throwing weapons such a smoke bombs, flash bombs etc. as tactical cover. The cave had a large number of stalactite obstacles with different shapes and the strafing of the rifle was easily blocked by obstacles. The space for play wasn’t particularly large.

However, it was still possible to fight. He just needed to stay at a key intersection and the sneak attacks of the opponent wouldn’t work!

Lin Hai frowned and quickly changed his weapon. The weapon was still an AK-47 while his secondary weapon was changed to a handgun and his third weapon was a smoke bomb.

On the other hand, Pei Feng’s weapons in this round were very strange.

The main weapon was the Sand Eagle-Rose Queen, the secondary weapon was Kiss of Death and the third weapon was the Rose Blade.

The commentator Xiao Hu was stunned. “This… why is it so similar to Ye Qingming?”

Ah Yan said, “Captain Ye likes to carry these three weapons when fighting on a sneak attack map. In addition, the Rose Series skin is the champion limited skin of the YY team.

If one clicked on the Rose Blade weapon with the mouse then they would find the description:

“The Rose Blade skin, S4 Season Chinese Professional League MVP Player, YY-Leaf’s exclusive champion limited skin.”

After Jiang Shaoyu retired, ACE’s former scout Ye Qingming transferred to the YY team. In the S4 season, he unexpectedly won the championship of the domestic A-grade professional league with the scout sneak attack tactic of ‘being wanton and unrestrained and loving freedom’. Ye Qingming won the MVP award that year.

This was the first and only scout MVP in the history of the professional league.

The official dagger skin created for him was the Rose Blade.

The sharp blades of these daggers seemed to be stained with red blood. The hilts of the daggers had delicate and gorgeous rose carvings while the blooming petals seemed to be nourished by blood. After being hit by these daggers, it would cause a ‘bleeding’ effect. If there was no medical assistance then they would continue to bleed and die.

The audience of the live stream gradually became restless.

“What is Fred doing? Is he going to imitate the way that Leaf plays?”

“In the first game, he used Captain Zhou’s Dragon Drift skill. In the second game, does he want to use Captain Ye’s shadow attack tactics?”

“The ACE fans want to cry! He must’ve chosen this skin on purpose!”

In the first row of guest seats under the stage, Jiang Shaoyu looked at the alpha youth in the soundproof room with a complicated heart.

Xiao Pei, what are you doing?

Are you telling Master that you haven’t wasted your training all these years?

Or do you want to tell everyone that you have never forgotten you were once a youth trainee of ACE?


  1. Mac says:

    I’m not crying, there are ninjas chopping onions. I love nothing more than a respectful apprentice who isn’t arrogant and shows respect to the gods that came before him, these are my favorite types of characters.

  2. Ketkai says:

    🤧🤧 Oh oh ohh skskks ml using his senior’s styles 🥺💖 what a way to show both that he didn’t rest from training and that he have never forgotten his initial home. Ml really has a loveable personality sksksks

  3. littlemonarch says:

    Paying tribute to his ACE’s members through this national competition by using their signature weapons :(( xiao pei loves ACE so much. Go beat them all!

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