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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 37

Rising Stars Cup

Pei Feng would open a live stream every afternoon. His live streams on Little Bear TV had become very popular. In just a few days, he had reached first place in the streamer rankings of the game area. A large number of his old fans followed him for support and there were many new fans attracted by his live streaming style. The growth rate of the follows of his live stream room was like a rocket.

The first time he jumped ship, there were private and jealous words from the small streamers that ‘he wouldn’t be able to adapt’ and ‘he would definitely be overturned’. Their eyes were red and seemed to be dripping blood.

However, Pei Feng’s traffic was terrible and it didn’t move at all. Everyone could only watch him reach the peak again.

In less than a week, his various data swept first place in the rankings.

This was the influence of big streamers.

The backend showed that the traffic of Little Bear TV’s Gun King area had broken through a new high. The number of newly registered users made the boss smile.

A strong uneasiness rose in the heart of the boss of Xing Network when he heard this. Was he wrong for letting Pei Feng go?

No, he had to seize this time to raise a streamer who could compete with Pei Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t go to the first floor to disturb his apprentice in the past few days. He took Doudou around the community during the day and watched videos and news on his phone. He lived a relaxing and comfortable life. Most importantly, his physical condition seemed to have improved ever since being marked by Pei Feng. He didn’t need to inject inhibitors for the past few days so he was full of energy and his appetite had improved. Perhaps the alpha pheromones that entered his body calmed his disordered omega pheromones?

He didn’t know how long this temporary mark would last but Jiang Shaoyu wouldn’t let Pei Feng mark him a second time.

He would definitely bring enough inhibitors when he went out in the future.

On the third day of the new year, Jiang Shaoyu packed his luggage when he woke up in the morning and said, “Xiao Pei, I want to go back to the base early. I have some things to deal with.”

Pei Feng was reluctant to let his master leave but he also knew his master was a very principled person. The issue of work wasn’t negotiable. He took the initiative and cooked a hearty meal. He had lunch with Jiang Shaoyu before driving his master back to the base.

Jiang Shaoyu took away the custom keyboard and mouse that Pei Feng had given him, as well as the uneaten canned food that Doudou had brought.

After coming to the gate of the base, Doudou turned back and barked at Pei Feng, his tail wagging nonstop.

Pei Feng touched his head and said with a smile, “Yes, I’ll see you later. I will also bring all the uneaten canned meat to you.”

Doudou was very excited. “Bark!”

Jiang Shaoyu had often seen Pei Feng and Doudou’s ‘barrier free dog language communication’ over the past few days but he was still surprised. He looked at his apprentice and said, “I am going in. You should also go back early. You need to stream in the afternoon.”

Pei Feng looked at the empty base and frowned. “Is the chef back at work? You came back so early. How can you solve the problem of eating?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “The chef officially goes back to work on the 6th so it will be a few days. There is a supermarket in front of the base. I will buy some food and cook porridge for myself.”

Pei Feng looked at him with worry.

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Rest assured, I cooked for myself when I was in California. I didn’t starve to death.”

Pei Feng had no choice but to stop struggling and could only watch his master enter the E-sports Park.

That evening, the official Weibo of the China Gun King Professional League released a message.

The first national Rising Stars Cup Challenge would officially open on February 1st!

The official Weibo of the national team forwarded the message. Pei Feng saw that his friend ‘Coach Jiang Shaoyu’, who he followed on his homepage, had also forwarded it.

His master also forwarded it? It seemed that this competition was related to the national team?

Pei Feng immediately clicked on the announcement to see the description of the event.

The Rising Stars cup was a national event where all players (no club contract, unofficial pros) could sign up for the competition. There was no age limit but they required a legendary mercenary of 2500 or higher to qualify.

The competition was a 1V1 individual competition. The preliminary stage and semi-finals would be an online competition. The officials would set up a professional competition server. It was a five rounds, three wins match system and there was one self-selected map for each player and three random maps from the specified gallery. The winner of seven matches would advance to the round.

In the final round, the top 16 with the highest winning percentage would be selected and go to the Capital E-sports Center to participate in the offline Competition.

The coaching staff of the national team would be present in person as a referee.

The prize money for the champion was 1 million yuan, second place got 500,000 yuan, third place was 300,000 yuan and every player who advanced to the top 16 would get 50,000 yuan.

The players who advanced to the semi-finals could get their choice from the Ice Flame Series gun skin and it was permanent.

Pei Feng continued to look down. There was a sentence that was bolded and in red: Out of the champion, runner-up and third place of the Rising Stars Cup, those under the age of 21 can enter the national team’s youth training camp while those who perform well can be selected into the main team of the national team.

Obviously, this was a selection channel for the national team that was open to the public!

Jiang Shaoyu was truly courageous enough. The new official made many changes when he took office. He completely changed the secret selection method of ‘club recommendation to enter the national team’ in the past and directly opened the door to the public!

Professional players with club contracts were prohibited from registering for this Rising Stars Cup. Those who could register were youth trainees who hadn’t joined various places, students who loved Gun King and a large number of experts from among the people.

It was an individual competition without the need to find a team. They just needed to sign up and countless private masters would flock one after another, no matter whether it was for the one million cash prize or for the national team. This was a very good channel.

Pei Feng’s heart seemed to be churning with blood.

His master was the head coach of the national team!

In the next national team, every member of the team would be carefully selected. As Jiang Shaoyu’s direct apprentice, Pei Feng must not embarrass his master.

Pei Feng suppressed his excitement and sent a message asking: Master, can I participate in the Rising Stars Cup?

Jiang Shaoyu: Of course. You aren’t a professional now so you can get tickets for the national team through the Rising Stars Cup.

Pei Feng sent a row of smiling emojis: Yes, I’ll go and sign up!

He had still been wondering which club he should go to in order to get a recommendation. After all, he had offended many people when he was young and it was really difficult to choose. Now it seemed that his master had thought about it very well. Such an open event was specially prepared for those who hadn’t signed to a club!

In fact, there were many masters in the civilian sector who didn’t like to play in the professional leagues or hadn’t been discovered by major clubs for various reasons. If these good seedlings were selected for the national team and personally trained by Jiang Shaoyu, the overall strength and reserve strength of the national team would be qualitatively improved.

The news caused a sensation soon after it was announced.

“The new official made great changes after taking office. This new coach is awesome. He directly burned the entire country!”

“This is the highest prize money for a private event that I have ever seen. The champion of the individual competition will actually win one million [drool.jpg.]

“I’ve already signed up! Just casually play the online matches and enter the semi-finals to get a skin. It isn’t a loss.”

“I happen to be idle at home during the holidays so I also signed up! What if I make it to the top 16? It is enough for four years of college tuition!”

“Wait, look at that bold statement. National team youth camp?”

“Is Coach Jiang going to hold a national team youth training camp?”

For a time, there were many opinions on the Internet.

Some netizens thought, “The newly appointed coach is putting on such a show but it is a gimmick. It is done for everyone to see.”

“In the end, it isn’t him who has the final say in the national team. He just wants to bring a group of people to the youth training camp to accompany the club’s professional players.”

“Those selected from the Rising Stars Cup are just sacrificial victims. I don’t believe he really dares to bring new people with no competition to the World Series!”

“Isn’t the quota for the national team already fixed?”

“Mo, Lu and Tang, these three big stars won’t go to the national team and they will instead choose ordinary people with no background?”

It was normal to have doubts. After all, the internal selection mode of the Gun King national team had lasted five years. Almost every year, the final list of those selected for the national team were the star players of the clubs that netizens were familiar with.

It was just like last year’s Mo Hantian, Lu Xingyun, Tang Kai, Shi Xiaobin and Xia Li. These newcomers were all players supported by the major clubs and they were selected for the national team. Of course, the fans were happy and the clubs used this opportunity for promotion. They sold merchandise and made a lot of money.

As for the results…

What did poor results have to do with the club? They weren’t the coaching staff of the national team.

For five consecutive years, the head coach of the national team had been scolded.

The thoughts of the fans were simple. “The players I like perform well when they are in the club. They are the MVP and their data is very good. How can they not play well at the World Series? The national team’s coach doesn’t know how to use the lineup at all and the cooperation is sloppy.”

Of course, the reason for the poor tacit cooperation between different teams couldn’t be ignored.

Yet starting from the root cause, this group of people who were selected had a big problem. They were praised by fans without any great knowledge and their mentality was poor. Their income was too high and the gameplay too bad. Even so, there were still fans who gave them money so they didn’t have the courage to think ‘I must win!”

The moment the news from Jiang Shaoyu came out, the major clubs all became nervous and privately discussed it with each other.

“Is this ancestor going to completely break the pattern and choose from the public?”

“Really? If he chooses a miscellaneous army then he will be scolded to death by the netizens!”

“The club itself has absorbed a large number of talented e-sports newcomers and he can’t completely ignore the club to not give us a quota.”

“I don’t know how many places he is going to leave for the clubs? Our TNG is the champion of the last domestic competition and it must be at least two.”

“I heard that the league intends for the selection of the national team this year to be entirely under Coach Jiang’s responsibility.”

“He will have full responsibility? F*k, does the league trust him so much?”

The clubs were panicked for a while.

The members of the Gourd Babies Squad, who had written self-criticisms in the national team, were even more nervous.

The national team had a total of 11 places. There were five members of the main team, five substitutes and one flexible member.

This meant that as long as one person entered from the Rising Stars Cup, one precious spot would be taken. This would decrease the possibility of them entering the national team.

Lu Xingyun frowned and sent a message to the club manager: Brother Zhao, the coach has changed for this season and the selection method seems to be different from before. Do you want to inquire about information in advance? Are we still going to sponsor the national team as we did in the previous season?”

Manager Zhao quickly replied: I’m talking to the league. Don’t worry, you should be fine.

Lu Xingyun: Yes, Lao Lin is going to retire and Shi Xiaobin’s level is far inferior to mine. Among the chargers of the major clubs, my data is the best. I am very confident [smile.jpg.]

Manager Zhao: That’s right! Xiao Lu, you will definitely be able to play as a starter this time.

Jiang Shaoyu might’ve engaged in a gimmick to hold the Rising Stars public event but he couldn’t completely ignore the existence of the major clubs.

After all, there were many large domestic clubs and young people who wanted to play professionally would almost all sign with the clubs. If they didn’t choose a club then they couldn’t join the national team and play in the World Series.

The talent and reflexes of professional players were important, as was the game experience.

Lu Xingyun was a substitute for the last season. He might’ve failed to play at the World Series but that was because the Chinese team only played three group matches in the World Series. Lao Lin appeared twice while Shi Xiaobin appeared once and his performance was very bad.

If so, letting him play was better…

He might not be able to win but he felt he must be better than those two people, right?

Lu Xingyun was full of confidence.

At this time, Shi Xiaobin sent a row of tearful emojis in the newcomers group chat of the national team.

Refined and Courteous: Did you see the news? Coach Jiang wants to hold the Rising Stars Cup and select people from there [big cry.jpg.]

Refined and Courteous: What should we do?

Xia Xia’s Summer: What are you afraid of? Just enter.

Xia Li had always been simple-minded and her mind seemed to be lacking.

Tang Kai reminded her: Sister Xia, we can’t enter. Professional players can’t sign up to the Rising Stars Cup.

Xia Xia’s Summer: Oh.

Xia Xia’s Summer: I didn’t look carefully [cracked.jpg]

Everyone: “……”

Xiao Lu: You are worrying for nothing. The Rising Stars Cup will just select people as a youth trainee for the advanced national youth training camp. It is only by performing well that they can enter the national team.

Xiao Lu: Do you think we will be any worse than these grassroots masters who haven’t received professional training?

Everyone thought about it carefully and agreed. Yes, even if Coach Jiang selected some talented youth trainees from the public, these people had no experience with competitions or formal professional training. Wouldn’t they be younger brothers in front of real professional players?

An amateur challenging a professional? It definitely wouldn’t be easy.

In the end, the players from the club had a higher probability of entering the national team.

Refined and Courteous: Brother Lu is right.

Refined and Courteous: But I’m still worried TAT

Lu Xingyun was very annoyed with Shi Xiaobin. This person acted cautiously and obediently every day and hid in his shell like a little turtle worried about being attacked. Not only did he play e-sports but it was also the charger position?

Coach Jiang’s sharp tongue was right. He might as well play as a shrinking turtle, putting up a shell and shrinking back while waiting for all his teammates to die. Then he would collect the corpses of his teammates.

Mo Hantian looked at the chat history of the group.

Unknowingly, their group also had differences.

In fact, this group wasn’t particularly harmonious at first. At the beginning when he created the group, he just felt that everyone was around the same age and they were all newcomers to the World Series. There would be a common language…

The thing that made him uncomfortable was that there had never been any exchange of competition experience or training experience in the group.

Every day, they gossiped, complained or worried.

Mo Hantian was silent for a moment before saying: There is no point in everyone discussing these things. The Rising Stars Cup has little to do with us. The news of how the people from the club will be chosen hasn’t come out yet.”

The moment he finished sending this, he saw Xia Li’s message: I don’t know if the Rising Stars Cup has little to do with us but it has a big relationship with you!

Xia Li: Fred signed up.

Mo Hantian’s eyes widened slightly: What?

Shi Xiaobin sent a row of surprised emojis: Fred? God Wing’s apprentice, the streamer who has just jumped to Little Bear TV a few days ago?

Tang Kai also saw the news and sent a screenshot: F*k, this streamer is awesome. The moment the message of the registration came out, there were tens of thousands of comments. His popularity doesn’t lose to Brother Mo’s.

Mo Hantian: “……”

Fred-Pei Feng was Jiang Shaoyu’s personal apprentice and the most powerful streamer in this game.

He played a sniper.

Mo Hantian was also a sniper!

There were only two sniper places in the national team so Fred was the most direct competitor with him.

It was no wonder why Xia Li said it had a lot to do with him.

Lu Xingyun was watching the good show in his heart but on the surface, he came out to comfort the other person: It’s okay, Brother Mo. After all, you have played for a year and have a lot of experience. Even if Pei Feng is selected for the national team, won’t you easily win against him head on due to your experience? Coach Jiang can’t choose Pei Feng to join the national team just because Pei Feng is his apprentice.

Mo Hantian: “……”

This was right.

Then what was this strong uneasiness in his heart?

Mo Hantian entered Weibo and saw the popular message on the homepage, which was automatically forwarded after the registration.

Fred: I signed up to participate in the Rising Stars Cup.

The fans in the comments area had already exploded. “F*k, is brother Feng actually participating?”

“Fred is competing! This year’s Rising Stars Cup looks good!”

“A few streamers from Xing Network seem to have also signed up. I will grab a seat to watch the play. I will be selling peanuts and melon seeds in the front row!”

“Brother Feng, jiayou. I will be watching you!”

There were still three days to go until the start of the Rising Stars Cup. However, these messages entered the Weibo homepage’s hot search. One was the official publicity and the other was information about Fred’s participation.

Mo Hantian was terrified to see it.

His hunch was right. The moment God Wing came back as the head coach of the national team…

The Chinese Gun King e-sports circle was about to change completely.


  1. ak20yearsago says:

    I feel a bit sad for them but alas it was them who lazed around did not take it seriously and in eSports only the strongest can win , So they should be ready for this cruelty .

  2. Mac says:

    Success doesn’t come from popularity, or backroom deals, and certainly not empty promises from braindead coaches.

    In e-Sports the only thing that matters is strength.

  3. littlemonarch says:

    In esports, only the strong ones survive. It has nothing to do with popularity. This isn’t an entertainment industry. Strength always makes the loudest noise. I hope the gourd babies can enter the team’s youth training camp at least so they can improve while the tough ones take the main stage for the meantime. They still have a lot to learn. They’re all so over their head yet gets hammered the moment they’re on the field 🥹

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