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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 36

Fred’s Premiere

On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng didn’t watch the gala or play games. They just ate dumplings. In the early morning, a large number of fireworks burst in the sky outside the window and countless colorful fireworks decorated the sky, illuminating the night sky that was as bright as day.

Jiang Shaoyu slept for a day and his body finally recovered some strength. He got up and out of bed to stand by the window. He looked at the fireworks in the distance and really felt the liveliness of the festival.

Pei Feng walked up to him and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. “Master, Happy New Year.”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Happy New Year to you too.”

The two of them looked at each other. Then they uncomfortably looked away at the same time.

The sound of the fireworks outside was deafening and their hearts seemed to be beating violently.

This was the first Spring Festival where they were alone together and they had an unexpectedly intimate relationship. They always felt that they couldn’t be as broad-minded as before when they looked at each other.

Just then, Pei Feng’s phone rang. He picked it up and said with a smile, “Sister Hui, Happy New Year.”

It was quite noisy on Qi Hui’s side. There was the sound of a child as she walked to his side and said excitedly, “Happy New Year, Xiao Pei! What is the situation over there? Why haven’t you forwarded the publicity of the premiere? If you have time then repost it!”

Pei Feng touched his nose. “Sorry, I was busy and I forgot. I’ll go and do it now.”

He was cooking the New Year’s Eve meal in the kitchen this afternoon and was busy taking care of his master. He really didn’t have time to forward the official post. After hanging up, Pei Feng opened his phone to log onto Weibo and quickly forwarded the official publicity.

The official Weibo of Little Bear TV had sent the message: Welcome the streamer @Fred in joining Little Bear TV! At 2 p.m. on the first day of the new year, the streamer Fred will see you in Little Bear’s live stream room 1024.

Pei Feng reposted it on his Weibo: See you at 2 p.m. on the first day of the new year. I’ll be waiting for you at Little Bear TV [hug.jpg]

The news was quickly sent to the hot search and Pei Feng’s fans were excited.

“Did you actually jump ship to Little Bear? Fred is awesome!”

“I am going to Little Bear to register!”

“I’ve already become a member. I will follow Fred!”

“The fan group is rushing to report! Squeeze me onto a bench in the front row!”

“I think the interface style of Little Bear TV is so cute. The gifts are donuts and chocolate bars!”

“Sit back and wait for the new year. Then I will send Fred a donut to eat!”

The industry reporter issued a press release: The streamer Fred has jumped ship to Little Bear TV with a signing fee of 60 million yuan!

In the streamer circle, Pei Feng was the real top class.

Not only did he have many Weibo fans but his recognition was also among the best.

He played games very well and was rarely overturned when he played with the boss. The live stream style was relaxed and fun. Many Gun King players clicked on his live stream room to learn his operation skills when they were free.

In the 1024 live stream room of Little Bear TV, the number of followers in just one day exceeded 3 million. The number of people who applied for cards and opened an annual membership was countless and this showed how much influence he had.

The boss of Little Bear TV looked at the data that was skyrocketing and smiled.

It still hurt to spend so much money to sign Fred. However, the agent had said, “Our Xiao Pei will become the face of Little Bear TV in the future. This means the traffic in the Gun King section of your site will be improved to a higher level.”

Every website had a signature streamer and Pei Feng was a typical example. He could help drain fans to the website!

After many meetings and discussions, the senior management of Little Bear TV finally gave him a streamer signing treatment that shocked the industry.

This high signing fee really made others envious and it attracted the jealousy of different streamers.

The original resident streamers of Little Bear TV secretly made sarcastic remarks in private group chats.

“Can he earn back such a high signing fee? Does the boss have water in his head?”

“Many streamers will fall off the altar after jumping ship. Fred might not be satisfied.”

“HE was praised by Xing Network and jumped ship immediately after becoming popular. This type of person won’t be popular for long. I am waiting to see a good play.”

The boss of Xing Network heard the news and sneered. “Are they crazy? Not only is this signing fee so high but the gift profit sharing is calculated separately? Are they going to lose money to death?”

The news of the top streamer Fred’s job hopping in the circle quickly spread. It wasn’t just in the streamer circle but through the Gun King e-sports circle. Ye Zi, Xiao Zhou and Lao Lin had a good relationship with Pei Feng and helped him forward the publicity.

Shu Chen was afraid of society so he never sent a message on Weibo. Even so, he secretly used a side account to like it.

Yu Mingxiang was the leader of the national team and it was inconvenient for her to come forward with her special status. She privately sent a message to Pei Feng: Congratulations to Xiao Pei for changing to a new owner. I wish your new year’s stream to go smoothly!

Pei Feng replied with a clenched fist thanks emoji.

On this night, he stayed up until the early hours of the morning. The next day, he woke up at noon. After washing up and knocking on the opposite bedroom, he noticed that there was no one in the bedroom. The sheets were neatly laid out. Pei Feng was stunned. He thought that his master had sneaked away and rushed downstairs to see Jiang Shaoyu cooking in the kitchen.

Today’s Jiang Shaoyu looked very energetic. He wore clean home clothes and an apron while his face still had the usual indifferent expression. Noodles were being cooked in the pot and scooped up a handful of soup to taste if it was salty.

Jiang Shaoyu sensed footsteps behind him and turned back to look at Pei Feng.

Pei Feng took a step forward and asked with concern, “Master, is your health better? Why are you cooking your own meal?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, I’ve made lunch so get ready to eat.”

During this time, he had stayed in Pei Feng’s house and had his apprentice taking care of him every time. Jiang Shaoyu was also a bit sorry. After being marked by his apprentice, he lay down all day yesterday. His body adjusted and adapted and today he was refreshed.

In the morning, his pheromones were stable and he didn’t need another injection.

It was also the first time in the five years since he developed the pheromones disorder that he didn’t need to inject an inhibitor.

Pei Feng brought lunch to the table.

His master had made noodles, poached eggs and there were a few fresh green vegetables. It was a light meal for the new year but it was made by his master’s hands!

Could other people taste the noodles made by God Wing? No, they couldn’t.

Pei Feng ate in a very satisfied manner. He ate two large bowls in a row and praised while eating, “The noodles made by Master are really delicious.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “I can only cook porridge and noodles. I can’t do stir-fries.”

Pei Feng waved his hands. “It’s fine. I can do it. If Master wants to eat then I will make it for you at any time.”

The two of them finished their lunch and Pei Feng took the initiative to get up and clean. However, Jiang Shaoyu stopped him. “I’ll do it. Aren’t you starting the live stream today? Get ready so it doesn’t interfere with your work.”

Jiang Shaoyu was a very principled person. If someone made a mistake then they should be scolded and made to write the review. If they didn’t make a mistake, his attitude toward people was actually quite good. In particular, Xiao Pei was busy taking care of him all of yesterday. Today, Xiao Pei wanted to go to the new website to stream live. A lot of preparations were needed so Jiang Shaoyu made lunch ahead of time.

Pei Feng turned around and went to the e-sports room to check his equipment and connected the camera. He found a few fans who had been following him since his debut to be the room manager of the live stream room. He jumped ship and went to the new platform to stream live today. There would definitely be a water army to change the rhythm. The room managers were people he trusted and could maintain the order of the live stream room.

Soon it was 2p.m. and it was time for Fred to live stream on the new platform.

The fans who had been waiting in advance clicked into the live stream room one after another. The number of online users soared from 10,000 at the beginning to one million in just one minute. Many of them were old fans who followed him from the Xing Network and there were also resident members of Little Bear TV who heard the news and wanted to watch the big streamer who jumped over with a sky high signing fee.

There was heating at home so Pei Feng wore a simple t-shirt. He had clean and fresh hair and a bright smile on his face as he greeted everyone on camera. “Dear old friends and new friends of Little Bear TV. Happy New Year. I am the streamer Fred. Welcome to my live stream room.”

The barrage area started to fill up like crazy. The dense white barrage was like snowflakes.

[Welcome Fred to Little Bear TV.]

[Wow, this is the legendary Fred. He is very handsome!]

[The top streamer who refreshed the record signing fee in the streamer industry? I’ll take a look.]

[He looks handsome and has a good voice. I have to say that the boss of Little Bear TV has vision.]

In addition to passersby filling the barrage, Pei Feng’s rich fans started to send gifts.

Glowsticks, donuts, chocolates and balloons were constantly appearing in the lower left corner…

The style of Little Bear TV was completely different from that of Star Network. The message area of the platform was full of cute chibi version emojis and the gifts were also of various cute styles.

Pei Feng smiled and said, “Thank you ‘Fred’s Eldest Son’ for the 666 glow sticks, thank you ‘I Hit a Big Wall for Brother Feng’ for the 50 balloons…”

The gifts were sent too fast and Pei Feng was a bit dazzled.

The room managers were helping him sort out the rich person list and Pei Feng was also very polite as he thanked them in turn.

The fans that followed him from the Xing Network really gave him face.

Fred’s live stream room rose to Little Bear’s real time popularity ranking and the monthly gift ranking in the blink of an eye… he comprehensively dominated the platform!

In the living room, Jiang Shaoyu picked up his phone to watch his apprentice’s first stream. Such high popularity was achieved by his apprentice working hard step by step. It would be a pity to give it up.

Fortunately, Pei Feng was very assertive. He directly jumped from Xing Network to Little Bear TV and the contract signed was very free. It was 400 hours of live streaming time a year. If he had time then he could stream for a few days. If he didn’t have time then he could take leave. This meant it wouldn’t affect the future training and competitions of the national team. It could be called a win-win result.

Just then, the direction of the barrage suddenly changed.

Anti-fans came out of nowhere and started sneering.

[Is this the legendary Fred? Jumping ship to Little Bear immediately after becoming popular on the Xing Network.

[Backstabbing your own owner, you are really amazing!]

[Star Network gave you so many resources yet you left as soon as possible. It is estimated that you won’t stay at Little Bear for a long time [Smile.jpg]

[From Xing Network to Little Bear and finally to Whale. He will probably jump to the three major platforms. The three homes slave Fred~]

[The house manager has permanently banned the user ‘Stupid Fred’.]

[The house manager has permanently banned the user ‘I Came to See the Play’.]

There was a row of banned messages in the system notification box on the right but there were too many water army soldiers. It was obvious that someone had deliberately invited a water army to make trouble for Pei Feng’s premiere.

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes.

He registered a side account, clicked to follow and sent a gift.

[’7766501’ has presented guardian heart x1 to the streamer Fred.]

[’7766501’ has presented guardian heart x1 to the streamer Fred.]


Dozens of messages filled the screen in a row and a golden heart-shaped shield in the lower left corner blinded the onlookers. A barrage frantically filled the screen.

[F*k so surprising!}

[If I remember correctly, this boss is very strong. He and Fred played doubles on the international server.]

[Hello boss! The boss actually came to Little Bear TV?]

[Ahhh boss, I’m actually your brainless fan.]

Pei Feng saw it and his heart thumped. ‘Master, what are you doing?’

He hurriedly said, “Thank you 7766501 for the 66 guardian hearts. Thank you very much for your support.” As he spoke, he took out his phone and sent a message to Jiang Shaoyu: Master, don’t send it. It is too expensive!

Jiang Shaoyu calmly typed: It’s fine. It is your premiere and I want to support it.

Pei Feng sent a row of hugging emojis: Thank you Master~~

Originally, Pei Feng was very annoyed when he saw these water army soldiers filling the screen. He wanted to have the room managers directly ban these IPs forever. However, his master’s 66 guardian hearts suppressed all the message barrages.

There was no need to mention how good Pei Feng’s mood was.

He coughed softly and said with a smile, “Those who are deliberately blackening me, are you a water army hired for a few yuan? Let’s ignore them. Today, I have come to teach you the details of a sniper. Thank you for your support.”

Pei Feng directly clicked into the custom mode to teach everyone the operation skills of a sniper.

He opened the story chapter of PVE. This instance was notoriously difficult and they needed to break through the zombie tide. After successfully completing the level, they could get a permanent gun reward. Countless players had a psychological shadow of this instance.

Pei Feng explained while changing firearms, “You can use the technique of mobile sniping in this chapter. Everyone, pay attention to my position. Change to a sniper here and fire three consecutive shots. You can kill the three elite zombies over there in seconds. Once the elites are dead, the remaining zombies can be swept away with the submachine gun.”

On the screen, a young man in a nest vest opened the scope and aimed.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three neat shots in a row actually killed three zombie targets in different directions in seconds.

The players: ???

“Are we playing a game?”

“F*k, the legendary teaching streamer not only plays in the arena but also teaches people about the instance?”

“Follow! I haven’t cleared this chapter yet! It turns out that it is due to these elite monsters!”

The game background of Gun King was very perfect. It was an apocalyptic world with human survivors, genetic replicants, zombies and mercenaries. The game with major forces was wonderful. Every six months, the game officially produced a new story chapter and made a series of main quests. Players could get rare guns after completing the quests.

The instance that Pei Feng was demonstrating today happened to be the plot instance ‘Seventh Legion’ that just came out during the new year. It told the story of the Seventh Legion being wiped out by a zombie tide and the player protagonists teaming up to break through.

Pei Feng smiled. “For this instance, I can pass alone. For everyone who isn’t skilled, you can form a full five person squad. Snipers can kill the elite monsters in seconds while chargers can shoot to kill the mobs. It is very good.

“…What do you mean by not so skilled?”

“You could’ve just said rookie!”

“Don’t doubt our level. We are really good!”

The fans in the barrage started to be naughty again.

Pei Feng chatted with the fans while playing the instance. In just half an hour, he cleared several instances of the new plot before going to the arena.

Jiang Shaoyu sat on the sofa in the living room and held his phone. He unknowingly watched for more than an hour.

Xiao Pei’s live streaming style was really relaxed and interesting. No wonder why it attracted so many viewers.

Later, Fred would definitely surprise fans when he entered the national team, right? He would be the first streamer in history to enter the national team through skills.


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