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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 34


Pei Feng stayed where he was. He thought that he had been playing games for so long that he was having an auditory hallucination when his mind wasn’t clear. He scratched his head and when he looked out, Jiang Shaoyu had already come to the living room. He changed his shoes and urged, “Pei Feng, what are you doing? Hurry up.”

Pei Feng turned back violently and ran downstairs at a fast pace.

Halfway through his run, he remembered he was wearing pajamas and couldn’t go out like this. He hurried back to the bedroom and put on his clothes and pants.

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Why was this person so stupid at a critical moment? The reaction was half a beat slower. Was he scared?

By the time Pei Feng got dressed and came to the living room, Jiang Shaoyu was frowning. His originally pale face had strangely become rosy and he was constantly sweating. His hair was soaked with sweat and at the same time, a very strong smell of pheromones emanated from him.

It was a very special mint scent.

It was just like mint water in the scorching sun. There was a refreshing coolness that swept over his face, making Pei Feng shiver in an instant. He looked at Jiang Shaoyu in shock. “Master, you…”

Was this an alpha’s pheromones?

An omega’s pheromones were usually sweet and seductive. Therefore, the cold, noble and aggressive mint mostly appeared on an alpha’s body. His master’s pheromones were too aggressive and Pei Feng was almost provoked by him into a fight.

Alphas usually had a ‘territorial awareness’ when releasing pheromones which excluded other alphas from their territory. The side with stronger pheromones would force the other party to retreat. His master’s pheromones seemed to be frantically attacking him and trying to force Pei Feng back.

Pei Feng was stunned for a moment. He scratched his head before asking, “Master, are you in your susceptible period?”

Otherwise, why attack him?

Jiang Shaoyu rolled his eyes. “Didn’t you hear what I just told you?”

Pei Feng carefully looked at the man in front of him, who was about to enter a violent state, and spoke out of a desire for survival. “I heard clearly! E… estrus period… inhibitors? Those are for omegas…”

Jiang Shaoyu interrupted him. “I am an omega.”

Pei Feng: “……?”

Jiang Shaoyu was almost unable to stand. He took a deep breath to stabilize his violent heartbeat and turned to look out the window to divert his attention. Then he said as calmly as possible. “I have a pheromones disorder and my pheromones smell like an alpha. It will attack other alphas… can you bear it? You don’t want to run away?”

Pei Feng nodded with a confused expression. “I-It is okay.”

In fact, it smelled pretty good?

His master’s pheromones might be strongly aggressive but they weren’t so annoying that he wanted to flee.

Of course, it wasn’t as appealing as other omegas. For Pei Feng, these pheromones were more like the good smell of perfume?

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned when he heard the answer. His pheromones repelled most alphas from approaching. Last time when he was in California, the pheromones released during his estrus period scared away all alphas around him.

The only case was if the alpha was strong enough not to be afraid of him.

Facing Pei Feng’s still dazed eyes, Jiang Shaoyu briefly summed it up. “…In short, the date of my estrus period was unexpectedly advanced and I didn’t bring enough inhibitors. Send me back immediately to the national team’s base. It is 40 kilometers from this place to the E-sports Park. It will take 30 minutes on the highway and it should be in time.

Pei Feng finally understood his master’s explanation.

Pheromones disorder, estrus period, not enough inhibitors.

The most handsome master in the world in his mind was actually an omega?

Pei Feng’s mind suddenly became a mess. His three views established since childhood completely collapsed at this moment.

He still remembered in physiology class when the teacher said that the omega estrus period was very painful. The omega’s body would be weak and needed the help and care of an alpha. Moreover, after the omega was marked, there was a high probability of becoming pregnant.

In his heart, Master had always been a very powerful person.

It was impossible to associate his master with an omega, who was weak and allowed an alpha to possess him with a mark.

The thought of other alphas hugging his beloved master caused him to clench his fists hard. He wanted to smash that alpha’s head with one punch.

Wait, now wasn’t the time to think about this.

Once the estrus period went out of control, it would become very serious. It was important to deal with this matter first.

Pei Feng’s expression changed. He quickly grabbed the car keys and said, “Let’s go, Master. I will take you to the E-sports Park!”

Jiang Shaoyu was already wearing clothes and shoes. Pei Feng changed his shoes and took the elevator to the underground garage. Jiang Shaoyu was worried that the pheromones would be excessive if he was too close to Pei Feng and this would affect Pei Feng’s driving. Therefore, he sat in the back seat and pulled up the soundproof board of the car.

Pei Feng immediately started the car. He stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out of the villa area. Then he quickly got on the highway.

Fortunately, the national E-sports Park wasn’t far from here. It was only 40 kilometers and it should be able to reach it within 30 minutes if they took the highway. An omega’s estrus period also had a gradual process. Jiang Shaoyu had just injected himself with the six inhibitors and this temporarily suppressed his surging pheromones. It wouldn’t go out of control in these 30 minutes.

Pei Feng pushed the accelerator to the bottom and used a speed like he was racing.

Jiang Shaoyu sat in the back seat, his entire body hot and cold. He pulled back his neck slightly, closed his eyes and forcibly controlled his consciousness.

Pei Feng was also uncomfortable. In the confined car space, the pheromones of his master’s body were becoming more concentrated.

The pheromones disorder made Jiang Shaoyu’s pheromones more like an alpha. Pei Feng felt like he was constantly being attacked, just like his master was whipping him with a small leather whip.

This feeling was very subtle. There wasn’t the legendary natural attraction between an alpha and omega, nor was there the alpha losing his senses when encountering an omega’s pheromones and wanting to uncontrollably mark the other party as mentioned in physiology class.

Pei Feng had absolutely no intention of marking his master. He didn’t have the courage.

It was just that his brain was suffering from the impact of the other person’s pheromones. The cold pheromones smell was constantly reminding him: Your master is an omega, a rare and aggressive omega. If you want to live, you must drive as quickly as possible or he will beat you up.

Pei Feng drove at a high speed. The lingering pheromones smell in the car didn’t make him lose his mind and instead made him especially awake. It was as if his brain had been washed with cold water. As expected of his master. Even after differentiating into an omega, the pheromones were so special and refreshing.

The car GPS showed that they were still 20 kilometers away from the E-sports Park. However, the map suddenly turned into a red line.

There was the navigation prompt: The road ahead is under construction. Please take a detour.

Not far away, a robot wearing fluorescent clothing was waving at passing vehicles and signaling for them to take a detour.

Pei Feng cursed and got off the highway from the ramp next to him. He said with a calm face, “Master, the highway is closed due to high-speed construction. We have to go from below.”

The distance on the GPS turned from 20 kilometers to 30 kilometers.

It was indeed a bit far if they took a detour. He didn’t know if this was too late?

The GPS continued to give prompts: Turn right ahead and enter Times Avenue. There are still 30 kilometers remaining from the destination. The estimated journey time is: 25 minutes.

Pei Feng looked back at Jiang Shaoyu and asked with worry, “Master, are you okay?”

Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes and didn’t speak.

His body had reached the limit and the data of the pheromones detector was starting to ring the alarm. It was probably too late even if they arrived in 10 minutes. 25 minutes was too much. Once he lost control in the car… He wasn’t worried that Pei Feng would mark him. He was only afraid that he would cripple his apprentice in his frenzy and injure himself at the same time.

The two of them would have to run to the hospital for emergency treatment while covered with bruises. If it wasn’t good then it could be fatal.

Omegas like him were so rare.

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a moment before saying in a low voice, “Park on the side of the road.”

Pei Feng braked and parked the car on the side of the road.

It was 12:10 in the morning and this neighborhood wasn’t a commercial area. Pedestrians were barely visible on the road and there were very few vehicles passing by.

Pei Feng parked the car and looked back at Jiang Shaoyu. In the warm light of the car, he saw the man’s entire body soaked in sweat. His thin sweater was stuck to his body, outlining the lean and beautiful curve of the waist. His face was red and his lips wet, like he was tempting someone to kiss him.

However, the pheromones from his body were cold and fierce, frantically repelling all alphas who wanted to get close to him.

Was this a pheromones disorder?

An alpha’s fierce violence and an omega’s seductive sweetness—these contradictory qualities merged in his master.

Pei Feng tensed and said, “Master… shall I call an ambulance?”

He saw that his master’s situation was too bad. If they didn’t get to the E-sports Park in time then what if his master entered his estrus period on the road?

Jiang Shaoyu was silent for a moment before asking in a low voice, “Xiao Pei, can you stand my pheromones? You don’t find it annoying?”

His voice wasn’t as cold as usual. The slightly trembling end tone made people itchy when they heard it.

Pei Feng’s heart thumped and he hurriedly replied, “I’m fine. The impact isn’t big.”

The impact wasn’t big?

Jiang Shaoyu’s pheromones forced back most alphas. It was rare to see it have little impact. This showed that Xiao Pei’s ability to withstand pressure was still very strong. He could withstand the attack of Jiang Shaoyu’s pheromones.

Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes. He ignored the awkwardness in his heart and whispered, “You help me.”

Pei Feng asked in a confused manner, “How to help?”

Jiang Shaoyu said in a trembling voice, “Haven’t you learned how to help an omega solve the estrus period? Do you still need your master to teach you?”

At a time like this, he still hadn’t forgotten to speak a few sharp words.

Pei Feng reacted to his meaning. “You mean, let me temporarily mark you?”

“Yes. Will you?”

Pei Feng: “………”

F*k! He never dreamed that his master could be marked.

In his heart, his master was always a god-like being. Asking him to mark his master was like blasphemy.

Pei Feng’s brain was a mess while the pheromones in the car were becoming stronger. Mint-scented cold air struck and seemed about to freeze people into ice.

Pei Feng turned his head and met Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze. His master’s eyes had already started to blur. The usually indifferent and cold eyes showed a rare hint of tenderness as he asked for help at this moment.

Pei Feng heard his own intense heartbeat.

He opened the car door, went to the back seat and gently lifted his master up.

Jiang Shaoyu’s entire body was weak and he leaned into the arms of his apprentice. He took the initiative to twist his head, revealing the white and slender back of his neck.

He trembled. “Come on.”

Pei Feng gulped and his Adam’s apple moved up and down.

The person in front of him was his most respected master. If he did this, would it count as committing a crime? Was he disrespecting one’s superiors and taking unfair advantage of his ancestors?

Would Master wake up tomorrow and expel him from being an apprentice?

Jiang Shaoyu seemed to have guessed his concern and said softly, “I allowed you to mark me so I won’t blame you.”

Pei Feng was silent for a few seconds. Then he leaned over and cautiously approached from the other side.

After all, he was an adult alpha. The moment that Pei Feng released his pheromones, Jiang Shaoyu felt that his entire body was wrapped in a warm smell.

Pei Feng’s lips pressed against the glands on the back of his master’s neck. Such intimate contact made both of them tremble slightly.

Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes.

He said softly, “Xiao Pei, don’t blame Master either.”

Pei Feng’s heart was soft. How could he blame his master? The estrus period was suddenly advanced and his master must be very uncomfortable, right? Obviously, he was uncomfortable like this but was still holding onto the last shred of his sanity. There was really no way but to let his apprentice mark him.

Master was so proud no matter what.

Pei Feng’s voice was low and gentle. “Master, don’t worry. I know what to do.”

Then he hugged his master onto his lap. He wrapped his strong arms around his master from behind, controlled the other person’s body completely, aimed at the omega’s glands and bit down neatly.

After all, he was an alpha. If he didn’t know how to do a temporary mark then his master would definitely scold him tomorrow for not studying in his physiology class. Then he would be asked to write a 1,000 word self-criticism.

Therefore, he had to help the first time his master asked for it.

The alpha’s teeth pierced the glands and the pheromones belonging to an alpha and omega started to rapidly blend in the confined space.

Warm and mellow coffee and fresh and cold mint. The two scents intertwined with each other. and Jiang Shaoyu’s entire body seemed to be gently soothed.

He had never been marked by an alpha.

He always thought he would survive with inhibitors his whole life.

Unexpectedly, the first time he was marked, it was actually by an apprentice personally taught by him?

The alpha’s pheromones flowed along the bloodstream. The invasion of the pheromones from outside made Jiang Shaoyu, who had always been proud, feel uncomfortable…

Still, he didn’t hate it.

Pei Feng’s pheromones were very gentle and just happened to neutralize the sharpness of Jiang Shaoyu’s pheromones.

As if using softness to overcome rigidity, he slowly calmed Jiang Shaoyu’s irritability.

In the closed car, Pei Feng sat in the back seat. He held his master on his lap and controlled him, completing the first temporary mark.

For Pei Feng, this was also the first time he had been so intimate with someone.

This feeling was very novel. The person in his arms was like a hedgehog who would stab people at any time. Yet when he hugged the other person, he suddenly had an urge to protect this person.

In the past few years, he had been following his master’s footsteps and he always regarded his master as a god-like being.

He never thought that his master was also mortal… he still had the seven emotional states and six desires.

It wasn’t known how much time passed before Jiang Shaoyu’s pheromones gradually stabilized.

He found himself held in the arms of his apprentice and Jiang Shaoyu’s expression changed. He quickly moved to the side while embarrassment flashed in his eyes.

Pei Feng’s ears were also a bit red. Was his performance just now okay? He was a bit inexperienced since it was his first time. Would he be criticized by his master?

Tonight was like a dream.

His master was an omega and he… marked his master?

Forget it, destroy it. He didn’t know how to face Jiang Shaoyu tomorrow.


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