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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 33


Professional streamers usually went to bed at three or four in the morning and woke up at noon. Jiang Shaoyu thought that Pei Feng would sleep until noon as usual and didn’t deliberately lock the door when injecting inhibitors in the morning. Unexpectedly, Pei Feng woke up early today for the first time and happened to see him injecting an inhibitor?

It wasn’t a shameful thing to differentiate into an omega. He had already been discovered by his apprentice so Jiang Shaoyu wanted to make it clear. As a result, before he could open his mouth, Pei Feng consciously helped him explain this matter. It was injecting medicine to adjust the stomach and intestines.

Injecting gastrointestinal medicine into the arm?

Pei Feng asked, “Master, what do you want for breakfast? Should I make some porridge?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes.”

Pei Feng turned around to go cook. Jiang Shaoyu stared at his apprentice’s back and sighed lightly.

Maybe in Xiao Pei’s heart, his master was the most A-like alpha in the world, right?

He never thought that his master would be an omega so his brain subconsciously ruled out the correct answer when he encountered the scene of his master injecting medicine.

No wonder. Jiang Shaoyu’s personality was too strong. Even if he differentiated into an omega, his pheromones were very aggressive. In the past when he was in California, there was an accident and Jiang Shaoyu released his omega pheromones. Forget attracting alphas. He directly scared all the alphas around him and caused them to flee.

The doctor said that a situation like Jiang Shaoyu’s one meant it was hard for him to be marked even if he went into estrus.

After all, alphas couldn’t feel any attraction or seduction from his pheromones. It was only attack and provocations…

Jiang Shaoyu gently rubbed his temples.

In any case, he didn’t plan to marry anyone. He had this type of ‘born to be lonely’ disease. He couldn’t be marked and he didn’t see himself as an omega. He had to spend five minutes a day injecting an inhibitor while the rest of the time, he lived like an alpha. This was fine.

He was living with Pei Feng now. An adult alpha and omega were under the same roof. If it was someone else then they might worry about mutual influence and something happening… However, if it was them, Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t worried about this at all.

Xiao Pei only regarded him as a master and he had no other thoughts about Xiao Pei. The master and apprentice relationship established when they were young was pure and sincere. The two of them had a clear conscience and had no physical contact. Jiang Shaoyu felt there would be no sparks even if he lived with his apprentice for a year and a half.

At this time, Pei Feng was making breakfast in the kitchen while the scene of Jiang Shaoyu injecting himself was repeatedly played back in his mind.

Was that injection really gastrointestinal medicine?

His master suddenly retired. Did it have to do with stomach bleeding, a stomach ulcer or other problems? Due to his bad stomach, he couldn’t stay up late to play e-sports and retired to go abroad to recuperate? This was also why he was very thin? This logic seemed to make sense?

In the future, he would buy more food that warmed the stomach and give his master a good conditioning.

Pei Feng thoughtfully found a very reasonable explanation and no longer dwelled on this matter. He swiftly made a pot of preserved egg and lean meat porridge.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the master and apprentice ate face to face in the dining room.

Jiang Shaoyu picked up the white porcelain spoon and sat at the dining table to slowly eat porridge. The way he ate was very elegant and it was pleasing to the eyes. His originally pale lips were moistened by the porridge and became much rosier.

Pei Feng saw his master’s calm expression and couldn’t help caring about this person. “Master, can’t you take the medicine orally? You have to get an injection every day and it hurts to look at.”

Jiang Shaoyu casually said, “The effect of the injection is faster.”

Pei Feng made an ‘oh’ sound and said enthusiastically, “I know an expert in gastroenterology. Wait until after the new year and I will take you to have a good check?”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s mouth twitched. “My situation isn’t as serious as you think.”

Pei Feng: “……”

Why did he think his master was looking at him like he was a fool?

Pei Feng was puzzled but didn’t dare to ask anything else. He cleaned up the tableware and called Jiang Shaoyu to the e-sports room to continue to play the rankings.

The accounts of the two of them had reached the 2500 segment yesterday. At the beginning of the season, this segment was almost all masters. Yesterday, they practiced the two person guerrilla tactics for a whole day. Today, Jiang Shaoyu changed his strategy and said, “I’ll be a scout and you will continue to play sniper. We will try the ‘ghost scouting’ style of play that cooperates from both near and far.”

Pei Feng readily agreed. “Yes, I will listen to Master.”

The so-called ghost scouting style was that the scout lurked in the complex like a ghost, never showing their face. The scout detected the enemy’s movements and provided vision for the sniper teammates in the distance. This would allow the sniper to do the main output while the scout was more like the sniper’s eyes.

This style of play required a high degree of tacit understanding between the scout and sniper. The two of them moved quietly one after another. After they detected the position of the opponent, the sniper had to quickly kill the other person and the rhythm must be fast enough to achieve this ‘surprising victory.’

After the master and apprentice entered the game, Jiang Shaoyu smoothly circled around the back and provided Pei Feng with vision.

Pei Feng took a few heads with several shots in a row and won the game.

The two of them cooperated in the ghost scouting style and the rhythm became smoother. Once again, they won three games in a row.

Jiang Shaoyu turned his head and asked, “If Ye Qingming was the scout, would you be able to cooperate with him?”

Pei Feng replied, “Brother Ye’s position is relatively ghostly and I might not be able to keep up with his rhythm. However, if we practice privately and cooperate a few times then we can definitely cultivate a tacit understanding. After all, I came from ACE and know his style of playing.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. Ye Qingming’s style is very special. He can play a ghost scout as a support and he can play the assassination flow tactics that is the core of a scout. Then once the time comes… if you all make it to the national team, I will adjust things again.”

Pei Feng was a sniper with excellent tactical awareness. Jiang Shaoyu changed his gameplay to cooperate with Pei Feng and he was thinking about the tactical allocation of the national team in advance. Based on the strength of his apprentice, he would definitely be successfully selected for the national team. At that time, Jiang Shaoyu had to match up some lineup systems around the core of Pei Feng, the sniper. Adapting to Pei Feng’s rhythm in advance would make it easier for him to choose the best candidates.

The next period of time passed very quickly. The master and apprentice seemed to be back in the ACE period when they trained together without distraction every day, discussing tactics and having the same views on many things. The two of them had found the tacit understanding of that year.

Due to the assistance of his master, Pei Feng made rapid progress. His reaction speed wasn’t inferior to that of Wing, who was in the peak state in the past. For each round, he could take more than three heads and became the MVP. He was worthy of being the apprentice taught by Jiang Shaoyu himself.

On the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Pei Feng answered a call. There was a courier at the door who delivered a thick stack of documents.

He opened it and sure enough, it was the contract that his agent had helped him sort out. Pei Feng sat on the sofa and read carefully page by page while Doudou circled curiously around him. Pei Feng smiled and touched Doudou’s head. “Yes, Brother signed a contract with the new platform. I can get a lot of money and then buy you delicious food.”

Jiang Doudou shook his tail excitedly. “Bark!”

Jiang Shaoyu sat next to him and asked casually, “How much did they give you?”

Pei Feng didn’t hide it and answered directly, “It is a 60 million signing fee. The gift sharing and membership profit share are calculated separately.”

“…So much?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Master, my current value is around this number. They signed me for my fame as well. During the time when the national team hasn’t been officially selected, I will stream live on the new platform for a period of time to help them gain publicity.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, the World Series only starts in November and that is still a long time away. Just stream live if you want. The national team hasn’t been formed yet.”

Pei Feng looked at him with sincere eyes. “Master, I’ve always wanted to thank you in person.”

Jiang Shaoyu was puzzled. “Thank me for what?”

Pei Feng earnestly told him, “Back then, it was because of you that I liked the game Gun King and aspired to become a good sniper. Without you, there wouldn’t be the present Fred. I haven’t forgotten for a moment the knowledge that you taught me.”

After becoming famous, some apprentices felt that they were very capable and their feelings for their master who taught them would become weaker.

Meanwhile, Pei Feng was very affectionate and righteous. For him, Jiang Shaoyu was a ‘benevolent teacher’ and a good judge of talent.

He knew very well that his master’s credit was the greatest for his current achievements. Whether it was training his perseverance or teaching him a sniper’s sense of play by hand—without God Wing, there would be no Fred.

This was why he always respected Wing.

Jiang Shaoyu patted his apprentice’s shoulder. “I know that you treat me as an idol and you have mentioned me many times in interviews. But… Xiao Pei, your current achievements are due to yourself. Therefore, you don’t always have to talk about me. You have already finished your apprenticeship.”

Pei Feng smiled slightly and shook his head. “I don’t want to finish my apprenticeship. You will always be my master.”

He paused before earnestly staring at Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, do you know why my account for the international server is called Sniper002?”

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned.

Sniper (English) meant sniper so Sniper002 (English) meant the number two sniper.

Could it be…

Sure enough, Pei Feng continued, “It is because Master is Sniper001. I registered two accounts and number one is reserved for Master.”

Pei Feng’s meaning was obvious: No matter how strong I become, how popular I am or how many fans I have, I will always be number two in front of Jiang Shaoyu.

In his heart, his master was the world’s number one sniper.

This was truly worthy of God Wing’s number one die-hard fan.’

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t say anything else.

Xiao Pei regarded his master as an idol then just allow it. There was no bad impact anyway. When he was young, it was because he watched Jiang Shaoyu’s sharp performance in the game that he liked the game Gun King and became a sniper.

In his eyes, the filter over Jiang Shaoyu was ten layers thick.

On the afternoon of the same day, Pei Feng signed the contract and sent it back by courier.

The headquarters of Little Bear TV was in the capital. After the other person received the contract, they immediately asked the agent to decide the premier date.

The premiere was scheduled for the first day of the Spring Festival.

It was a new year and a new atmosphere. Since the big streamer Fred changed platforms, it must be publicized to build momentum. The lineup should be enough!

On the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, Pei Feng took Jiang Shaoyu to the supermarket to buy vegetables.

Only the two of them were spending New Year’s Eve together this year but the New Year’s Eve meal couldn’t be missed. Pei Feng pushed the shopping cart and said, “Master, I will make more light dishes tomorrow. I will wrap dumplings with three fresh vegetarian fillings. You can pick and eat some. If you still have something you want to eat then put it in your shopping cart.”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes.”

The two of them walked beside each other in the supermarket. Tomorrow was New Year’s Eve so the supermarket was crowded and very lively. The stereo played the festive ‘Happy New Year’s Eve’ song and many children were wearing red clothes. Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t felt the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival for a long time during my years abroad.

His mood gradually improved as he looked at the smiles on the faces of the people around him.

He might like the quiet but he had friends and his apprentice around him when he returned to China. This was much more interesting compared to when he lived with just Doudou in California.

The two of them bought a cart of vegetables and fruits and Pei Feng also bought a pair of couplets.

On that night, Pei Feng prepared the materials for making dumplings in advance. He processed the fish and ribs for the New Year’s Eve dinner and froze them in the refrigerator. He was busy in the kitchen while Jiang Shaoyu was watching TV in the living room with Doudou.

Pei Feng packed up the materials and walked out of the kitchen. Then he saw Jiang Shaoyu on the balcony and talking on the phone.

“I’m celebrating the New Year at a friend’s house.. yes, Happy New Year as well. I came back to China to be a coach. Don’t tell him.. rest assured, I’m fine and have been stable lately… yes, goodbye. I’ll see you when you’re free. I’m hanging up.”

Pei Feng walked over and asked casually, “Master, was it a phone call from a family member?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, my brother called and asked me where I was staying for the New Year.”

He never heard Jiang Shaoyu mention his family before. Unexpectedly, his master had a brother?

Jiang Shaoyu added, “My parents aren’t in China and my brother is currently in Xing City. He has a wife and children so I don’t want to bother him.”

Pei Feng said ‘oh’ without asking any more questions. He smiled and said, “That is just right! We can celebrate the New Year together!”

That night, the two of them continued to team up to play games on the Korean server. At midnight, Jiang Shaoyu went to bed on time.

His biological clock was very regular. He usually got in bed after taking a shower and fell asleep within five minutes.

Yet for some reason, there was no sleepiness today. His entire body was hot and sweat was dripping down his forehead. His entire body was as uncomfortable as soaking in hot water.

His skin might be hot and sweaty but the depths of his body were cold. There was a strange feeling of emptiness, as if he was longing to be hugged and comforted.

Jiang Shaoyu remembered his brother’s call just now. “You suddenly returned to China. Is your body okay? Have you brought enough inhibitors?”


Oops, based on his body’s reaction, was this his estrus period?

Jiang Shaoyu’s expression changed and he immediately got out of bed. He rummaged through the suitcase for the inhibitors.

He had always been cautious. This time, he went out and naturally brought enough inhibitors. He stayed in Pei Feng’s house for 10 days and bought 12 inhibitors. It was one inhibitor per day, which was definitely enough. But… in estrus, he required more than 10 times the usual dose to suppress it!

In the past five years in California, his estrus period had been in July of every year and it was very regular. How did it suddenly move forward to January? Was it due to the changes in his living environment that caused an imbalance of pheromones in his body?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the remaining six inhibitors in the box and had a headache.

Six definitely wasn’t enough. If his pheromones got out of control, there would only be him and Pei Feng in the villa.

It would be bad if he beat up Pei Feng in a fit of rage and sent him to the hospital…

The master omega suddenly went into estrus and violently broke his alpha apprentice’s head?

The national team’s coach crippled the well-known streamer Fred?

He didn’t want to be on the front page of the social news with Pei Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly calmed down. He changed his clothes and knocked on Pei Feng’s door.

Pei Feng recently followed his master’s schedule in going to sleep early and getting up early. At this time, he had just finished his shower and put on loose pajamas. Then he heard his master knocking on the door and hurried to open it. The straps of his pajamas weren’t tightened, revealing a large chest. Even his strong abdominal muscles were faintly visible.

Pei Feng wondered, “What’s wrong, Master?”

An adult alpha was right in front of him and his young and muscular body was extremely s*xy and full of seduction. Jiang Shaoyu took a breath and quickly removed his gaze. He forced himself to suppress the emotions that were surging in his heart and his voice tried to maintain his calm. “Immediately drive to the E-sports Park.”

Pei Feng was confused. “What happened? Master, why do you want to return to the national team in the middle of the night?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained with a cold face, “I suddenly entered my estrus period and didn’t bring enough inhibitors. I want to go back and quickly get it.”

Then he went downstairs like a gust of wind.

Pei Feng: “……….?”

What period? What inhibitor?

Master, what are you talking about?!


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