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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 29

New Year

On December 30th, the players of the national team packed their bags and prepared to leave the E-sports Park.

Before leaving, Shi Xiaobin reluctantly took pictures in the dormitory building. Xia Li saw him taking photos on the balcony and opened the window. She stuck out her head and asked, “Shi Xiaobin, why does it look like you are taking a graduation souvenir? You don’t plan to come back next year?”

Shi Xiaobin looked lost as he shook his head. “I always feel that next year… I can’t be selected for the national team.”

Mo Hantian happened to hear these words as he came downstairs carrying his suitcase. His heart trembled and his face couldn’t help turning pale.

In fact, the incident of the Gourd Babies Squad lining up to die was brought about by his ‘Oldest Baby.’ He now regretted his impulse at the time. If he knew that he would bump into the big Buddha called God Wing when playing a random ranking battle, he would rather go to the shooting training ground and be killed by the grenade 100 times then to go online and play the ranking battles.

Unfortunately, there was no regret medicine in the world.

They had already left an extremely bad impression on Coach Jiang.

Mo Hantian felt guilty when he saw Shi Xiaobin’s lost expression and whispered in this person’s ear, “It isn’t necessarily the case, right? Don’t be too pessimistic. Your boss really likes you and will definitely continue to recommend you for the next season.”

Shi Xiaobin scratched his head and felt very uneasy. He was afraid that the recommendation would probably have the opposite effect on Coach Jiang, right? He felt that the boss would push him into a fire pit. Shi Xiaobin looked at Mo Hantian’s luggage and changed the topic. “Brother Mo, what time is your flight?”

Mo Hantian replied, “10 o’clock.”

Shi Xiaobin suggested, “Mine is 10:15. Let’s go to the airport together.”

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin had come from the same youth training camp and had a relatively good relationship. Now that the national team was on holiday, they wanted to return to their respective clubs. Their flight time was so close that Mo Hantian naturally wouldn’t refuse. He said, “I booked a car in advance. Let’s go.”

The two of them were just about to turn away when they heard Xia Li’s voice from the window of the second floor. “My flight is at 10:30. Wait for me. I’ll hitch a ride!”

Just after saying this, Tang Kai also walked downstairs and told them, “Then take me as well. My flight is at 10:30.”

Jiang Shaoyu was in the dormitory on the fourth floor and he could clearly hear their conversation.

This Gourd Babies Squad even had to go to the airport as a group. It was quite cute.

The nature of these children actually wasn’t bad. It was just that their psychological quality was too poor. They wouldn’t be selected for the next national team if they didn’t grow up as soon as possible.

A moment later, Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue of the TNG Club came out with their luggage. The TNG Club was in the capital and the club kindly sent a car to pick them up. The remaining people also left one by one while Ye Zi, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou stayed behind until the end.

The three of them came to Jiang Shaoyu’s dormitory and knocked on the door.

Jiang Shaoyu was wearing pajamas. He opened the door and raised an eyebrow when he saw the three people standing neatly at the door like pillars. “Why? Do you also have to team up to go to the airport?”

Zhou Yiran gracefully held out a hand, his voice gentle. “Brother Yu, we will try to reunite with you again in the national team. It is just that before leaving, we want to say goodbye to you. I don’t know when we will meet next.”

Ye Zi smiled in an ingratiating manner. “Brother Yu, I will listen to you in the future and won’t give you an opportunity to let me write a self-criticism!”

Lao Lin laughed. “Aren’t you familiar with writing self-criticisms? You can come up with a guide to writing one.”

This familiar laughter seemed to bring back the time of the ACE team.

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help his expression softening as he looked at the three people. “Are you going back to the club to train or are you going home on vacation?”

Zhou Yiran replied, “I will go back to the club first to report. My club isn’t officially on holiday yet.”

Lao Lin agreed. “Me too.”

Ye Zi sighed. “I’m different. After all, I was suspended and can’t play next season. My club gave me a long vacation. They let me go home to reflect on it and we will talk about it next year.”

Ye Zi had a nonchalant expression on his face when speaking of the suspension.

Jiang Shaoyu was silent for a moment as he looked at Ye Qingming. “The suspension is for half a year and the World Series won’t start until November of next year. As long as you work hard to get into the national team, it won’t affect the World Series. However, does your YY team have another scout? You can’t play in the A-grade League next season and will need a substitute.”

Ye Qingming smiled. “There is a child with good talent. I personally taught him and will let him play next season.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay, don’t forget to train during the holidays. In addition, control your temper and don’t get angry with reporters later.”

Ye Qingming scratched his head with a sincere attitude of admitting his mistake. “I understand.”

The three of them looked at each other before Lao Lin said, “Brother Yu, we’ll be going first?”

“Yes, go.”

The three of them went downstairs and the building where the players and coaches lived became empty in the blink of an eye. Jiang Shaoyu watched the team members leave from the balcony of the dormitory. Next year, there would be new people staying here and it would become lively again.

Why did he feel a dean who sent away a group of students and welcomed a new batch of students?

Jiang Shaoyu smiled before turning around and carrying Doudou to the sports field to walk the dog.

Some time later, Vice-chairman Qi drove his car into the park. The staff members of the league’s publicity department were with him. Qi Heng saw Jiang Shaoyu walking his dog and approached with a smile. “Ah Yu, it will be officially announced. Do you want to post your photo directly or do you not want to show your face first?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “There is no need to show my face, right? The coach is a behind the scenes worker and putting up photos to increase hype is more like the entertainment industry.”

Qi Heng thought about it. “Okay, we won’t post any photos when the official announcement is made. However, the introduction of the World Series and the live stream of the event requires you to show your face. I brought a photographer today. We will take two formal promotional photos of you which can always be used later.”

The live stream of the World Series would indeed introduce the head coach of the national team. Before the match, the coaches of both sides would shake hands on the stage in a friendly manner. If a player was replaced in the middle then the coach would have to come forward personally to do it. Jiang Shaoyu thought about this and said, “Okay, take a photo. Do I need to wear a suit?”

“It is better to be formal.”

The national team coach was going abroad to represent the image of the national team. It wasn’t good to be too casual. Jiang Shaoyu hugged Doudou back to the dormitory and changed into a suit. He might’ve lost some weight but he was well-proportioned, tall and long-legged. He looked good in a suit.

The photography crew immediately took action. They shone lights on his face and several promotional photos in different poses were taken.

In the photos, Jiang Shaoyu had indifferent eyes and no smile on his face. He looked at the camera coldly and seemed very severe at first glance.

Qi Heng saw the photos and couldn’t help wondering, “Why do you still have a murderous air when taking photos?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

A few staff members also joked around. “Coach Jiang is really handsome but he is too serious!”

“As a coach, being serious can bring out a good team.”

“That’s right, a severe teacher raises brilliant students!”

“I think this one is really good. Once the time comes to release it, the sharp eyes can scare the opponents.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

He didn’t like to smile and he couldn’t smile at all when the camera was aimed at him.

The photos taken were really serious.In any case, he didn’t live by relying on his face. There was no need to smile at the camera.

Once the photos were taken, Qi Heng handed Jiang Shaoyu a document. “This is the plan for next year’s Rising Star Cup challenge. I asked the secretary to seize the time to write the first draft. Look at it and if there is anything you need to change, tell me.”

Jiang Shaoyu was surprised as he took the document. “It is written so quickly?”

Qi Heng smiled. “Get the plan done earlier to submit the application. The league will approve it as soon as possible and we can prepare in advance.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, I’ll take a closer look and we’ll discuss the details later.

On the evening of December 30th, the official Weibo of the Chinese Gun King National Team released a message: The year is coming to an end and the fifth national team is officially disbanded. The players have left the national team’s E-sports Part. It is very happy to meet so many friends in the national team and we wish everyone a bright future [Flowers.jpg.]

The netizens saw the post and rushed in to scold them.

“It is time to separate. Wash and go to sleep.”

“What is the national team doing with this group of good-for-nothings? They aren’t even good enough to be vases.”

“A bright future? I see that each of them has no future.”

“Please don’t come here next year.”

“Why don’t we entertain ourselves and give up the right to participate in the World Series? This way, we won’t go abroad and lose in an embarrassing manner.”

The official Weibo of the national team would be scolded every time it posted something. The girls in the publicity team were used to being scolded and were very Buddhist.

January 1st, midnight.

The official Weibo of the national team, which had received tens of thousands of scolding comments, actually shamelessly jumped out and sent a new publicity post.

“Happy new year to everyone! Here, we also have good news to announce. The coach for the sixth Gun King national team has been officially determined to be @Coach Jiang Shaoyu. Welcome Coach Jiang to take over as the head coach of the Gun King national team! We hope that in the new year, under the leadership of Coach Jiang, the national team can present everyone with a new look! [Flowers.jpg][Flowers.jpg]

The netizens were startled and soon rushed over to leave messages.

“Brothers and sisters, do you want to start scolding directly or go through the procedures first?”

“They say this every year but changing coaches is useless. It has been changed five times and the results are still the same.”

“It should be the players who are changed. One by one, they drop the chain!”

“Who is Jiang Shaoyu? I’ve never heard of him.”

“Didn’t they say they wanted to hire a foreigner? Don’t take about hiring a foreigner for the rookies of the Chinese team, they can’t even hire an alien to save them [Dog head.jpg]”

“The new coach’s Weibo is blank and he has never been seen in the domestic competition? Is he a relative parachuted in?”

Pei Feng had long followed Jiang Shaoyu. He was the first fan of his master’s new account on the first day Jiang Shaoyu registered the Weibo account.

In addition, the people who followed Jiang Shaoyu included the national team’s leader, Yu Mingxiang, Vice-chairman Qi Heng of the Gun King League, Ye Qingming of the YY team, Captain Liu Shaozhou of the BM team, Captain Lin Haoyan of the JZ team, Captain Zhou Yiran of the HW team, Mo Hantian of the CIP team, Shi Xiaobin of the RED team and the other members of the national team.

Everyone clicked into the ‘following’ list of Coach Jiang Shaoyu and were immediately stunned.

The people who followed him were too good!

There were many familiar names and this group obviously knew the coach’s account. There was a wave of follows.

After the official Weibo released the news, Jiang Shaoyu forwarded the message: Forward Weibo.

There was no comment, just a mechanical forward. He didn’t say anything like ‘I will try my best to lead the national team well’, ‘let’s do our best together’, etc. He never liked to say such official things. Forwarding the official post was already cooperating with the publicity.

Immediately after, Fred-Pei Feng, a top streamer with 88 million fans, forwarded Jiang Shaoyu’s message: Welcome Coach Jiang to his post! [Hug.jpg][Hug.jpg]

Pei Feng’s fans: ???

It was natural for the national team to promote the new coach but what was Pei Feng doing?

Wait, Jiang Shaoyu—this name… seemed familiar?

The fans immediately searched for the name and a lot of news popped up.

“Congratulations to ACE-Wing (Jiang Shaoyu) for winning the S3 MVP Player Award!”

“ACE-Wing (Jiang Shaoyu) led his team to win the S3 championship and became the strongest dark horse in history!”

“The official customized ACE-Wing exclusive champion skin MSG-Aurora will be on limited sale in the mall…”

Many netizens opened their gun arsenal. The description of the MSG-Aurora skin did say ‘S3 MPV player ACE-Wing’s champion exclusive limited skin’, which was now out of print.

The fans were directly stunned. “F*k, is this God Wing?!”

“Fred forwarded it. It must be him!”

“Ahhh, Brother Feng’s master became the coach of the national team? I feel proud!”

“I just went to the national team’s official Weibo and scolded the new coach twice. I will delete it!”

In the Gun King’s A-Grade League, all player IDs would be followed by their real names.

For every match introduction, a brief introduction like Wing (Jiang Shaoyu) would be given.

Jiang Shaoyu used his real name so he didn’t intend to hide that he was Wing. After all, the players of the national team knew that the new coach was Wing and the news must’ve spread through the major clubs. There was no need to hide it.

He just didn’t directly use ACE-Wing’s authenticated Weibo account and changed to his new identity.

After all, he was no longer Wing, the captain of ACE. He was @Coach Jiang Shaoyu.

The fans of Pei Feng excitedly flocked to the official Weibo of the national team, as if worshiping the mountain top. “I greet Master!”

“Hurry up and grab the front row fan position!”

“Is this Fred’s legendary master? Isn’t he better than Fred?”

“Fred said in an interview that all his skills were taught by his master and his most respected player is Wing!”

“Brother Feng’s little fan has come to report. Hello, Master!”

“Hello, Master, how are you? Master, take a look at me~”

“I’m different, I’ll call him Master’s ancestor directly!”

The passersby who wanted to pour into the new coach’s Weibo to mock him: ???

Immediately after that, a large number of old ACE fans heard the news and poured into Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo.

“Oh my god, God Wing is back? Am I not seeing it incorrectly?!”

“Long time no see. God Wing actually became the coach of the national team?”

“God Wing, you are finally back!”

“Brother Yu, I missed you so much. I haven’t watched the A-graded League since you retired TAT”

“ACE’s old fan coming to check in and to welcome the captain’s glorious return~”

“God Wing wants to be the coach of the national team? Then I have the courage to watch the next World Series!”

The passersby: “……”

The Weibo followers of ‘Coach Jiang Shaoyu’ soared. In the blink of an eye, it changed from over a dozen to more than 100,000…

This rocket-like speed of gaining followers was really scary!

Many passersby who only paid attention to Gun King in the past few years wondered, ‘Who is God Wing? Why does he have so many fans?’

The coaches and managers of the major clubs saw the official announcement of the national team and instantly became nervous.

How did this troublesome ancestor get invited back? What exactly was the league trying to do? Why did their backs become cold with a bad feeling?


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