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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 28

Terminate the Contract

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Pei Feng sent his master back to the national team.

He still had many things to say to his master, but his master was now the coach of the national team. He couldn’t delay the other person too long. Moreover, he had many problems to solve on his side.

The master and apprentice came to the gate of the base. Pei Feng looked at the E-sports Park through the fence and asked, “Master, the national team’s base looks quite big and the environment is also good. Outsiders aren’t allowed in, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu suggested, “If you want to visit, I can take you around.”

Pei Feng smiled and shook his head. “No need, I’ll wait to enter as a member of the national team in the future. You are now the coach. It isn’t good if you take your apprentice to visit the park and are seen by other players. Once I enter the national team in the future, they might think I came in due to our relationship.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng. “Then I’ll go in first? Contact me on WeChat if there is anything.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Goodbye, Master.”

The two of them said goodbye at the gate.

Pei Feng watched his master’s back disappear into the base before turning to leave.

He returned to the hotel and immediately called his agent. “Sister Hui, are you in the capital?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”’

“I’ll come to you in the afternoon. I want to talk to you in person about the contract.”

“Yes, I’ll be at the company. Just come to my office.”

Pei Feng hung up and leaned toward his suitcase to pull out his contract with the Xing Network.

In the past, he rejected the invitations of the major clubs and changed his career to a streamer. Star Network was one of the largest live stream platforms in China. In particular, the Gun King game area was very popular and had high traffic. There were many streamers but this also meant it would be difficult for new streamers to get ahead.

During his first negotiation of the contract with the Xing Network, this agent Qi Hui had an idea based on the fact that he was a youth trainee from ACE. “In any case, ACE has been disbanded. You can use ACE as a selling point to promote yourself and hang the name of ‘Wing God’s personal apprentice Fred’ in the live stream room to attract all your master’s fans.”

Pei Feng didn’t hesitate to reject her offer.

At that time, God Wing had retired and the ACE fans didn’t know Pei Feng at all. After all, he hadn’t even played a game. Netizens didn’t know that God Wing had a personal apprentice called Fred. Pei Feng didn’t want to gain popularity using the banner of his master and he didn’t want ACE’s fans to pay attention to him as a newcomer out of sympathy.

He had to break out into this world on his own.

Qi Hui felt that Pei Feng was stupid. His master’s popularity was so high. What was wrong with borrowing his master’s fame? Did he have to be unshakable and break through on his own?

However, Pei Feng was very stubborn.

He concealed the fact that he was God Wing’s apprentice and started from scratch, slowly climbing up by himself. Even his contract with Xing Network was pitifully poor. At that time, he had only one thought in his mind. He had disbanded ACE and betrayed his master’s trust. He couldn’t take advantage of his master’s popularity as well.

He couldn’t embarrass his master.

There were too many game streamers on Xing Network to count and it was really hard to start from scratch. Pei Feng streamed day and night until his voice was hoarse. No one paid attention to him in the beginning and he slowly gained some passersby fans.

Some people ran into the live stream room and mocked him. “You’re so weak yet you want to be a game streamer?”

Someone also asked him, “You look good. How much money do you want in order to be supported?”

The keyboard warriors had a lot of malice but there were also some cute netizens who would encourage him in the barrage. “This streamer plays well, jiayou!”

”Is this a new streamer? You play the game so seriously. I will follow you!”

Every game was a solo queue and using his own strength, he won the title of Gun King for that season. He became the one with the highest points ranking among all the streamers on the Xing Network.

He personally proved that everything was false in the face of strength.

He could still get ahead without relying on Wing.

Fred started streaming in March and by May, his number of followers in the live stream room had surpassed five million. His popularity was like riding a rocket.

The owner of Xing Network immediately came to Pei Feng and wanted to sign a long contract with him.

Pei Feng might’ve been young but he was very assertive. The first time he signed the contract, he only signed for one year. Then he renegotiated it after it expired and all terms in the second version were modified. His agent Qi Hui won the treatment of a top streamer for him and the signing period was three years. If the contract wasn’t terminated then it would be renewed for another year.

Pei Feng looked at the contract in his hand and had mixed feelings.

He never mentioned to anyone his hard work in the past few years.

He was very grateful to his master Jiang Shaoyu, who abused him for three months and trained his tenacious heart. Don’t shrink back when encountering difficulties. If he fell down then get up and continue to move forward in order to surpass others. This was what his master taught him and it was the key to his perseverance.

He was now bright and beautiful, the ‘number one brother’ in the world of Gun King streamers and his income per quarter could easily exceed 10 million, which was higher than many professional players. But…

There were still regrets in his heart.

He couldn’t go to the match site to experience a passionate battle in person.

Tacit cooperation, exquisite tactics, the thrill of killing the opponent in a downwind game and the boiling blood of an instant turnaround in a big headwind would only be experienced in the professional arena.

His biggest dream was to become a professional sniper.

Now the opportunity had come.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Pei Feng came to the office building of the Xing Network on time.

Qi Hui was a 30 year old female beta and a very reliable streamer agent. She saw Pei Feng and smiled as she pointed to the sofa in front of her, signaling for him to sit down. She asked, “Xiao Pei, didn’t you say that you were going to meet an important person? Have you finished seeing them?”

Pei Feng sat down on the sofa. “Yes, I’ve seen them already.”

Qi Hui saw him smiling and in a good mood. It seemed that his personal affairs were handled quite smoothly. She felt at ease and took out a contract from her drawer, handing it to Pei Feng. “This is the renewal contract. I discussed it with the boss and the treatment for you has increased by 5% compared to before. Look at it and if there are no problems…”

Pei Feng interrupted her in a low voice, “Sister Hui, I won’t renew my contract.

Qi Hui was stunned and stared at him with disbelief. “What?”

Pei Feng was still smiling but his voice was very calm. “I won’t renew my contract. The contract with Xing Network expires in January next year. Let’s part without hard feelings.”

Qi Hui abruptly stood up. “Why are you joking around?!”

Pei Feng put away his smile and his expression became serious. “I’m not joking. Being a streamer isn’t my goal. I want to go back and be a professional player.”

Qi Hui didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “The salary of a professional player isn’t as high as yours! Besides, you offended all the major clubs back then. Even if you want to go back, they won’t be able to offer the price you expect, right? If it is low, you will reduce your self-worth and it isn’t cost-effective. If it is too high then the club can’t afford it.”

Pei Feng shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I want to go back to play and it isn’t for the salary.”

Qi Hui’s expression was a bit ugly.

Pei Feng was so popular that his termination would be a big loss for the website!

Yet looking at Pei Feng’s firm eyes, she didn’t see any room for persuasion. It was just like when she suggested that he borrow the name ‘Wing’ to gain popularity and was firmly rejected by the teenager.

She had been his agent for five years and knew that this alpha had a very stubborn personality. Once he made a decision, even eight horses couldn’t pull him back from it.

Qi Hui’s head was about to explode as she tentatively asked, “Is there room for negotiation? How can the conditions be raised?”

Pei Feng smiled. “The only way is for the website to agree that there is a quota for the length of the live stream and I can stream every month as I please.”

Qi Hui pressed a hand to her forehead in a dumbfounded manner. “Are you joking? If professional streamers don’t have a quota for the duration of the live stream and have full freedom then isn’t this like an entertainment company signing an actor who doesn’t want to act? There is no audience and no traffic without streaming! The boss won’t agree.”

“That’s why I said to just terminate the contract. It is good for everyone.”

Qi Hui was silent for a long time before sighing softly, “Xiao Pei, you have to think carefully. It took you five years to accumulate such a high popularity on the Xing Network. Do you really want to give it up so easily? In fact, there are no conflicts between a professional player and a streamer. The major clubs will also sign contracts with live stream platforms. You can completely follow the streaming time of the club.”

Pei Feng definitely knew this but he didn’t want to go to any club.

He wanted to enter the national team.

Jiang Shaoyu was the coach of the national team and it was impossible for him to allow the players to stream live and receive gifts during training. The members of the national team needed to be more focused on preparing for the game.

Pei Feng thought of this and smiled. “Thank you Sister Hui for thinking of me. Let’s cancel the contract first. If I want to be a streamer again in the future, we will re-sign the contract.”

Qi Hui said helplessly, “Okay, I will discuss it with the boss and give you a reply within three days.”

Pei Feng left the Xing Network building and exhaled softly.

There was nothing he couldn’t give up. This time, he just wanted to accompany his master and follow his master to fulfill his youthful dreams.

At this time, the top floor office of the Xing Network Group.

President Zhang heard Qi Hui’s report and he jumped up furiously. “Is this Pei Feng crazy? What is he thinking? No required duration for the live stream? Does he think that Xing Network was opened by his family so he can do whatever he wants?”

The boss was so angry that the veins of his forehead bulged. “I see that he is spoiled by fans so he thinks he is really a big star in the streamer industry and can’t be replaced! Okay, if he doesn’t want to renew the contract then don’t renew it. He isn’t the only streamer on our platform. I will throw resources to support others in the future and I don’t believe I can’t get a second Fred!”

Qi Hui listened to the roars of her boss and hesitated. Pei Feng had climbed to this position step by step using his own strength. He didn’t rely on the platform to become popular.

She had an intuition…

If Xing Network refused to agree to Pei Feng’s request and really terminated the contract then they would definitely regret it in the future.

Jiang Shaoyu returned to his office at the national team’s base and received a call from Qi Heng. “Ah Yu, I have asked the secretary to draw up the first draft of the competition rules and publicity plan for the Rising Star Cup and will send it to your inbox when it is complete. Then take a look at what needs to be revised and tell me.”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes, I’ll take a closer look and give you an answer tomorrow.”

Then Qi Heng said, “By the way, you have taken over as the coach of the national team. The idea of the league is to take advantage of New Year’s Day on January 1st to announce the good news. What do you think about the atmosphere of the new year?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “No problem, I will cooperate with the publicity.”

“Do you want to activate your ACE-Wing Weibo account? Or do you want to register a new account?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it for a moment. “I will use a new one. I am no longer the captain of ACE so there is no need to rehash the same history. In the future, I will use a new account to cooperate with the national team’s publicity.”

Jiang Shaoyu ended the call and opened Weibo.

His ACE-Wing account currently had 30 million followers. In the year when Gun King first started the professional league, Jiang Shaoyu had more than 50 million followers and ranked in the top three among professional players at that time.

However, he hadn’t logged into this account for five years and many fans had been lost. Apart from some relatively long-term fans, the others forgot to stop following him. There were also some zombie accounts and advertisements.

He clicked into the comments area and the last message was left a week ago: Click to receive a 100 yuan coupon to buy 20% off XXXX.

He looked further down and the last message left by a fan was in October last year: Happy birthday, God Wing. I don’t know where you are but I hope you are okay.

This account was a precious memory.

There was no need to let passersby pour in and sneer at the long disbanded ACE.

Jiang Shaoyu clicked ‘re-register’, entered his identity information and registered an account on Weibo with the name ‘Coach Jiang Shaoyu.’ After registration, he sent the account information to Vice-chairman Qi.

There was only one week left until the new year.

In the next week, Jiang Shaoyu made a detailed score table for the players of the current national team based on the training data sent by Qin Bo. His scoring table included the five criteria:

Operation, reaction, stability, awareness and psychological quality.

This book would also serve as the daily scoring record book for the new national team players in the future.

After a week of training, it was precisely the end of the year. Jiang Shaoyu called the players of the national team for another meeting. The meeting consisted of only one thing. “This is a farewell party. Starting from today, the fifth national team will be officially disbanded.”

The players heard the coach’s calm words and had different reactions. Some people were glad that the nightmare was finally over while others were nervous and didn’t know if they could come back in the next season.

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over them. “The requirements for the next season will be more stringent. You are welcome to come again.”

The group: “……TAT”

How would it be more stringent? It sounded scary.

It wasn’t known if Engineer Qin’s new version of the training ‘little black room’ had been completed yet.

Jiang Shaoyu stood up and said, “Pack your bags and go back. The day after tomorrow will be New Year’s Day. I will give you a complete holiday. I wish you a happy new year in advance. I hope that in the new year, you will all make progress.”

The brief meeting ended and the group of players walked toward the dormitory with their heads hanging down.

In the short week since Coach Jiang took advance, they lived every day worrying, afraid that they would be scolded again. However, now that the national team was disbanded and they had to leave, they suddenly felt some reluctance.

Could they come back next year? No one had a certain heart. But they all had a hunch that the next national team…

It must be better than the current team, right?

The new team wouldn’t go to the World Series to be beaten, humiliated and then come back after only playing the group stage.

The newcomers hugged each other and said goodbye at the door of the dormitory. Their eyes were red and their voices choked up as they encouraged each other. “I hope to see you again next year!”

”Everyone, jiayou. We will definitely be selected again!”

Ye Qingming interjected with a smile, “You are welcome to come back to the national team next year to write the self-criticisms. If this week was the nightmare mode then next year will be the hell mode.”

Everyone: “……”

Can you please stop talking?

Zhou Yiran seriously pushed in the knife, “I heard that Qin Bo is designing a new training software. Based on my understanding of Coach Jiang, it wouldn’t be him if the daily training doesn’t torture everyone to the point of doubting life every day.”

Everyone: “……”

Lao Lin continued to push in the knife. “That’s right, if you don’t finish training then you won’t be able to eat.”

The teenagers glanced at each other.

How about we don’t come to the next one?


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