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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 25

Stricter Management

Jiang Shaoyu came to the training room and found all members of the national team sitting in front of the computer with the training software turned on. Even the always free-spirited Ye Qingming was particularly obedient today. He stared intently at the computer screen while his fingers tapped the keyboard quickly. He had an expression of undivided attention and full concentration.

The assistant coach Cui Rong saw him come and immediately walked over to him to whisper, “Coach Jiang, everyone is training very seriously today.”

Jiang Shaoyu said indifferently, “Yes, they just finished writing the self-criticisms. They don’t want to continue writing it, right?”

The moment the players heard his voice, their backs stiffened and the expression on their faces became more serious. Their eyes widened and they seemed to want to stare a hole into the computer.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the content of their training and frowned slightly.

The training software for the national team was developed by the in-house engineers and had been used for five years. After logging into the software with the Intranet account, the players could choose their own training items which included dodging exercises, shooting exercises, map exercises, etc. Each sub-item was divided into different difficulties.

This training system was similar to that of the ACE team in the past.

Yet in today’s World Series, it was obviously outdated and couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the times.

Jiang Shaoyu walked behind Shi Xiaobin to watch him practice. Shi Xiaobin sensed that the coach had approached and immediately straightened his back nervously. The finger holding the noise trembled slightly and he missed the target that flew past him.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t say anything and moved behind Mo Hantian. Xiao Mo was practicing dodging. He felt the coach standing behind him and his back inexplicably felt a bit cold. The hand pressing the keyboard slipped and the little person on the screen was killed by a grenade.

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Am I that scary? One by one, you see the coach approaching and make a mistake?

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and ignored these newcomers. He turned and moved behind Zhou Yiran. Xiao Zhou was still very stable. He still looked calm even with Jiang Shaoyu standing next to him. The AK assault rifle in his hand quickly shot in all directions, shooting all the balloons that appeared around him.

He looked back and saw Ye Zi diving underwater to repeatedly practice the breathing rhythms, which was the key to water warfare.

Just, why was there a mobile phone on the table?

Did they still bring their phones to training? Wasn’t this as outrageous as bringing their phones to the examination room during an exam?

Jiang Shaoyu coldly ordered, “Everyone, turn in your phones.”

Everyone heard this and hurriedly took out their phones from their pockets, afraid they would be criticized by the coach if they slowed down.

The assistant coach Lao Cui acted quickly and put away everyone’s phones in the cabinet at the entrance of the training room.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Be more conscious in the future. Once you enter the training room, mute your phone and put it at the door. It is easy to be distracted if you bring your phone.”

Everyone nodded to show their understanding.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced around the training room. “Your training content is too simple. The requirements of the national team should be more stringent. I will talk to the engineers about improving the training software and training models for the national team. Of course, it can’t be changed in just a few days. The next season will use a new one. There will surely be some of you coming to the next season, right? Be mentally prepared in advance.”

Many people started sweating when they heard this.

The more ‘stringent’ that Coach Jiang mentioned was probably a ‘hell difficulty’, right? They were really sweating for the next national team players.

Wait, if they came back next time… then light a candle for themselves in advance!

Jiang Shaoyu walked around the training room like an invigilator during an examination. During his inspection, everyone had their backs straight as they stared intently at the screen. Jiang Shaoyu didn’t bother to look at these pretending people. After walking around, he turned and returned to the office. Then he sent a message to the group chat of the national team’s work team: @Qin Bo @Anna @Lao Cui, find me in the office  half an hour later for a meeting.

The three of them received the notice and quickly came to the head coach’s office. Upon entering the door, they found that Jiang Shaoyu was writing and drawing in a black notebook. He raised his head, pointed to the sofa in front of him and said, “Sit down. The management of this year’s national team was too relaxed and I have several plans to discuss with you.” Then he put down his pen and asked the engineer, “Qin Bo, can the software for daily training be redone?”

Qin Bo nodded. “Of course. Coach Jiang, what do you want to do?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “When it comes to shooting the moving target in the practice range, the maximum speed should be adjusted to 10 times the speed. Make another program where the heads of in-game characters will appear randomly in a 360 degrees area. They should have different genders, hairstyles and skins according to the character model in the game. The speed at which the human heads appear will get faster and faster. The faster one will appear in 0.1 seconds. They have to shoot all of them to leave. If they miss one, they can start all over again. Lock them in a little black room to practice reaction speed.”

The several assistants: “……”

In this case, wouldn’t the players of the national team have nightmares in the future?

Surrounded by countless human heads with different skins and hairstyles. The random appearance of human heads was almost like the shooting scene of a ghost movie.

If they missed one, they would have to restart it. They also weren’t allowed to come out until it was finished?

Wasn’t it too difficult? The three of them could already anticipate the collapse of the national team players in their daily training in the future.

Qin Bo pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose and asked, “Is it designed as levels and each level will get faster?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes, the speed can gradually change from 1 second to 0.8 seconds, giving them a process of adaptation.”

Qin Bo nodded. “Okay, these two programs aren’t difficult. I will make them when I go back.”

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “In addition, make 3D models of all the maps in the map library. Each sniper point, ambush point and key intersection should be displayed with coordinates. I need them to clearly engrave all the map models in their minds. During the game, the commander just has to speak and they can immediately go to the corresponding position.”

The three people: “……”

Players with poor spatial thinking skills would probably have to kneel down. However, as a professional player, knowing every map like the back of their hand was what should be done.

Qin Bo hesitated for a moment. “There are too many maps in the map library. It will take a while to model all of them.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “This isn’t urgent. Just do it before March next year.”

Qin Bo simply said, “That’s no problem.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the assistant coach. “Lao Cui, I have a lot of things to deal with here. Please help me supervise the daily training in the future. The daily training tasks must be completed. Those who can’t complete it will have to train even if they don’t eat. Let them know that the national team isn’t a place to just be happy.”

Lao Cui immediately responded. “Coach Jiang, rest assured, I am very skilled in this.”

Jiang Shaoyu added, “Anna, please pay more attention to foreign competitions, especially the competitions in the United States, Europe and South Korea. Your ability in foreign languages is better than ours and you can understand the game commentary. You can show us the wonderful game recordings and also look at the evaluation of these players by foreign media. The game data will be handed over to Qin Bo for analysis.”

Anna smiled brightly. “Understood. I will summarize the foreign competition videos and player data every week for you to see!”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “After the A-grade League starts next season, I will conduct a round of inspections at the domestic clubs. Lao Cui and Qin Bo will go with me to get the data of the clubs’ players for analysis. Anna, you will stay at the base and continue to keep an eye on the situation abroad. Any news about the competition should be told to us in time. Thank you for your hard work, everyone.”

The three of them looked at each other and nodded in understanding.

It was the end of December and the year was coming to an end. This national team could’ve been disbanded a long time ago. Jiang Shaoyu just kept them in order to examine the candidates for the next season. In another week, before the new year, Jiang Shaoyu would officially disband the fifth national team and start to look for candidates for the next one.

It wasn’t that simple to lead a good national team. All aspects had to be considered carefully.

There was no need to bring two players with the same styles. In the World Series, the probability of the main players getting sick and letting the substitute play was actually very low. Substitutes couldn’t play in most cases and many substitutes just came to accompany them.

Jiang Shaoyu’s philosophy was that since it was difficult to enter the national team, every player should have an opportunity to shine in the World Series.

The substitutes shouldn’t just sit on the bench and wait for the main player to be sick or in bad shape. For example, this year, several substitute players had no chance to play in the World Series at all. If they went abroad in vain then they would definitely have regrets in their hearts.

In his view, every substitute player must have their own role.

The meaning of the coach’s existence was to tap into the greatest potential of each player, making them stronger and integrate into a team that fit best according to the style and characteristics of different players.

Now that he had taken over the title of ‘national team’s coach’, he had to do his best to do his part.

Jiang Shaoyu arranged the division of labor for his assistants and the simple meeting ended within 10 minutes.

After going out, Anna looked at her two colleagues and smiled. “Coach Jiang’s meeting is really straightforward. It is arranged in an instant.”

Lao Cui sighed with emotion. “I have been the assistant coach of the national team for five years and he is indeed the one who handles things the most neatly.”

Qin Bo pushed up his glasses. “The new training mode should become a nightmare for the next players.”

They couldn’t wait to see the players of the new national team crying due to the coach!

Jiang Shaoyu spent the afternoon reading documents in his office. In the evening, he returned to the dormitory and turned on the computer. He wanted to go to Pei Feng to play two rounds of ranking battles, but as a result, Fred’s live stream had an announcement pinned: There is something at home for the next two days. The live stream is temporarily suspended and the streaming time is to be determined.

A big streamer was so willful. If he said to stop streaming then he stopped streaming?

Jiang Shaoyu wanted to quit the Xing Network when he saw that the message sign in the upper right corner was flashing. There were several unread messages.

He was puzzled and clicked into his inbox.

“Hello Master, I am a talent scout of the TNG Club. I watched the video of you playing the rankings with Fred today and found that you have a talent for playing games. Your operation skills are particularly excellent. Are you interested in playing professionally?”

“Hello, I wonder if you have any interest in becoming an e-sports player? I am from the CIP Club and our club just happens to be lacking a scout. You play a scout very well. Why not come to our club for trial training? We are sincerely inviting you If you join, the specific salary can be discussed when you pass the trial training!”

“Hello, I’m a scout of the RED Club…”

Jiang Shaoyu: “???”

These clubs actually took the initiative to come to the door.

He pretended to be a scout to catch Pei Feng but as a result, he provoked a large number of ‘real scouts.’

It seems they were quite dedicated. They didn’t even spare the national team’s coach.

However, scouts shouldn’t be squatting in Fred’s live stream room. Pei Feng had long rejected these clubs and the clubs couldn’t poach him based on his current value. So how did they know about him?

Jiang Shaoyu casually searched the Internet while feeling doubts. The result was that a video was hung on the homepage of Weibo.

#A well-known streamer teamed up with a mysterious boss to kill international professional players#

Jiang Shaoyu clicked on the Weibo post and found that it was the video of him and Pei Feng playing on the international server in the afternoon and bumping into Robert and Kim Minji.

At that time, the South Korean player Kim Minji was also streaming. The Chinese students in South Korea saw his live stream and happened to see Fred’s live stream, so they recorded the video and posted it online.

It was the highlights of the game. The visual effect of a headshot combined with the bloody sound effects was really handsome.

Many fans in the comments area were screaming. “The boss and Fred are so powerful. They actually beat Kim Minji!”

“Hasn’t Kim Minji claimed to be the strongest scout in the world? As a result, he was stabbed to death by the mysterious boss?”

“I am a student in the United States. Robert444 is Robert’s side account! I’m sure of it!”

“F*k, so the boss and Fred killed two world-class pros?”

“I feel like the boss’ skills are much better than some rookies in the national team. @China Gun King’s National Team, come out and be ashamed.”

“It is cool to see Brother Feng killing Robert in one shoot. Ahhh, I haven’t felt refreshed in so long!”

The video was widely reposted in a short period of time, so it attracted the attention of the scouts from major clubs. These scouts went to see the recording of Fred’s live stream. Then they found Jiang Shaoyu’s registered account on the live streaming platform and asked if he was interested in playing professionally.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The popularity of his apprentice was too high. Any ranking battle would be recorded and pushed to the hot search.

However, the reason why this video reached the top of the hot search wasn’t just because he and Pei Feng had played a simple ranking battle.

The point was that they won against foreign pros.

For a long time, the domestic public opinion was that they couldn’t beat foreign players and that they would lose.

Yet in this game, the cooperation between the master and apprentice defeated Robert and Kim Minji, two players from the United States and South Korean national team.

The key to winning today was that the two teams could communicate at any time. Pei Feng spoke directly and could retreat, fight back and cooperate more efficiently. The two players from the United States and South Korea didn’t speak the same language and their understanding of the rhythm of the game was inconsistent.

In any case, they won.

This showed that players from China could win against world-class professional players.

There might be some cynical keyboard warriors in the comments area but most netizens were excited. They liked and praised Fred and the mysterious boss as being very powerful.

The video was forwarded more than 100,000 and two comments with more likes were pushed to the top. “If the national team can have half this ranking then I will burn incense.”

“The national team? Don’t be funny. Those good-for-nothings will only go to the World Series to lose.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at these comments and had mixed feelings.

The poor performance in the World Series for several consecutive years had made the domestic audience lose confidence in the Gun King national team.

Still, it was okay.

From now on, I will help you rebuild little by little the faith you have lost.

One day, the Gun King national team will win the World Series with dignity


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