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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 23

The live stream room suddenly turned dark. The netizens who were watching the live stream were suddenly a bit confused.

A large row of question marks flashed in the barrage area.


[Am I disconnected or is the streamer disconnected?]

[A dark screen! Is there anything us VIP members can’t see?]

[The screen went black after the second round between the streamer and the boss. Is this going to do a private transaction with the boss?]

[Fred, what are you doing secretly? Report it!]

Pei Feng wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the ridicule of his friends at this time. A crazy idea suddenly popped into his mind.

This boss—the familiar tone, familiar movement positioning and even the familiar rhythm. Everything was so much like his master!

In the first match, the boss did nothing the entire time and nothing could be seen. Then in the second match, no matter whether it was the boss’ sudden double kill or the parallel search tactic where the two people cooperated…

Everything made Pei Feng think that he had returned to the ACE training room and saw a familiar figure.

“The pace is slow.”

“Pay attention to your positioning.”

Even the comments were neat and simple. He cherished words like gold. Could it be that person?’

Pei Feng’s heart was thumping violently and his hands on the keyboard trembled slightly. He wasn’t sure if his guess was right and didn’t dare rashly call the boss ‘Master.’ Thus, he sent a message to test it out.

The other person was silent for a few seconds before sending a reply.

7766501: ?

7766501: Do I have to report my name after giving gifts?

Pei Feng hurriedly replied: I don’t mean that. I just think the boss is very strong. I thought you are a professional player~”

7766501: Oh, I’m actually an e-sports scout.

7766501: Are you interested in playing professionally?

Pei Feng was surprised. An e-sports scout?

There were indeed a few scouts in the e-sports circle who specialized in digging up passersby who played well in the online game, testing their e-sports talent. Once they found good seedlings with potential, they would recommend going to clubs as youth trainees and training for a year and a half before signing a contract to become a professional player.

All the major clubs had scouts who were responsible for finding people in the game. Pei Feng had encountered this type of scout before…

However, how could this boss be a scout? If the scout was so strong then how strong did the players of the club have to be? Pei Feng didn’t believe in this person’s identity and chatted tentatively.

Sniper002: Is the boss actually a scout~

Sniper002: Which club?

7766501: I want to build my own club. Will you come?

Sniper002: Building your own club? Boss, you are brave enough!

Sniper002: But I have no plans to play professionally for the time being.

Jiang Shaoyu in front of the computer raised an eyebrow.

No plans for the time being?

Through today’s test, Jiang Shaoyu had found that Xiao Pei’s strength hadn’t declined. It could even be said that he was more advanced than before.

Even a professional player would have a situation of ‘hand freeze’ and be unable to keep up with the rhythm if they abandoned training for a period of time only to suddenly be pulled to play a game.

However, Xiao Pei kept up. He faced a world-class sniper yet immediately seized the opportunity and shot to kill the enemy the moment Jiang Shaoyu went out to die.

The only explanation for such a fast reaction speed was that over the years, he hadn’t abandoned training. He had been demanding of himself to maintain the high level of a professional player and his basic skills were very solid. This formed the muscle memories like the instantaneous reaction and conditioned reflexes.

The training of professional players was quite boring. Every day, they repeatedly practiced moving, firing and shooting targets in the arena…

Sometimes they had to practice for hours. Some young players couldn’t help being lazy despite the supervision of the coach.

Then what about consciously practicing with no one there to supervise? How did Pei Feng persist? Why did he keep training as a professional? Was he unwilling?

Jiang Shaoyu tentatively suggested playing professionally. Pei Feng’s reply was as he expected but it also made him more confused.

7766501: Not for the time being?

7766501: Do you plan to play professionally in the future?

This time, Pei Feng didn’t reply for a while. The thing Jiang Shaoyu didn’t know was that at this moment, Pei Feng was frantically sending messages to his old friends in ACE.

Fred: Brother Ye, do you know where my master is?

Fred: Brother Zhou, do you know where my master is?

Fred: Lao Lin, do you know where my master is?

The group of people who received Pei Feng’s series of messages were training in the national team’s training room at this time.

Ye Zi was the first to discover the private message. He hurriedly lowered his voice and asked the two people sitting next to him, “F*k, Xiao Pei suddenly asked me about his master. Did Brother Yu run to the game to abuse his apprentice?”

Zhou Yiran also picked up his phone. He saw the message and couldn’t help smiling. “It should be, otherwise Pei Feng wouldn’t have suddenly sent a message to inquire about his master.”

Lao Lin had a headache. “How should we reply? I always feel a sense of guilt about hiding it from Xiao Pei.”

Ye Zi thought about it before coming up with an idea. “Didn’t Brother Yu say that we shouldn’t tell Xiao Pei about being the coach of the national team for the time being? Just say that we don’t know.”

The other two looked at each other and nodded. They quickly pulled out their phones to reply to the message.

Ye Zi: I don’t know.

Zhou Yiran: I don’t know.

Lao Lin: I don’t know.

Pei Feng, “……”

The alpha in front of the computer narrowed his eyes slightly. Their replies were too neatly aligned. It was like they were sitting together and discussing how to reply.

Ye Qingming, Zhou Yiran and Lin Haoyan were all selected for this year’s Gun King national team.

Some time ago, the national team was eliminated in the group stage of the World Series. After returning home, they were scolded by the netizens on the hot search. Pei Feng had a good relationship with them so no matter whether it was the live stream or other occasions, he left some face for the national team and didn’t make any comments.

Even so, he knew that Ye Zi was suspended and Lao Lin was going to retire. Zhou Yiran was the least worrying one and would continue to play in the next season.

Coach Zhang of the national team had resigned so it was reasonable to say that the management of the national team should be relatively relaxed recently. The day before yesterday, he had seen several players of the national team playing in the rankings to kill time. This showed that there was no unified team training after the coach resigned.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, Ye Qingming was usually sleeping, Zhou Yiran would casually play the game and Lao Lin should be preparing to retire.

Now all three of them replied to his messages at the same time. How could it be so coincidental? The three of them saw his message at the same time and responded at the same time? Unless…

They happened to be together and for some reason, they discussed how to reply.

Pei Feng’s heartbeat was increasing as a clearer guess emerged in his mind. If he sent a message to Ye Zi, this person would usually take a long time to reply. Now Pei Feng mentioned his master and Ye Zi replied in seconds?

Did God Wing really come back?

Was that why the people from ACE were so abnormal?

Pei Feng didn’t send a message to these three people to get a definitive answer—it was to see how they reacted.

Their reactions indirectly confirmed his suspicions.

Pei Feng felt a bit confused for a while.

After five years, he thought that man was gone forever.

He couldn’t remember how many times he had dreamed of his youth over the years. He followed behind the man, his voice clearly calling out ‘Master.’ He learned how to play master from that man and swore to his master that he would become an excellent professional player.

Later, he failed to fulfill that original promise and became a streamer. He didn’t know if Master blamed him.

Pei Feng’s eyes became slightly hot as he thought about the scene when Jiang Shaoyu left.

He forced himself to suppress the complicated feelings and opened the game interface. He found that the boss had sent him another message asking if he planned to be a professional player in the future.

Sniper002: Sorry, Boss. I just went to pour myself a glass of water~

Sniper002: My contract with the Xing Network will only expire next year. I can’t say for sure what will happen in the future.

Sniper002: Boss, play another round?

7766501: Okay.

The live stream room was opened again. Pei Feng’s explanation to the netizens was the same. “Sorry, I just went to pour myself a glass of water. We will continue.”

The netizens immediately welcomed Fred in the barrage. Jiang Shaoyu didn’t notice that something was wrong and continued to press the ready button. The two of them quickly matched with their teammates and opponents.

Pei Feng smiled. “Boss, I will play a scout in this game. How about you play sniper?”

Jiang Shaoyu had come to Pei Feng’s live stream room to check if his apprentice’s strength had declined and if he could still play professionally. He heard this and typed decisively: Or you play sniper and I will assist you.

Pei Feng didn’t force it. “Yes, I will listen to the boss.”

‘Are you afraid of being recognized by me?’

After all, his master’s sniping style was too distinctive.

At the beginning of the match, Pei Feng still chose a sniper. The scout in this round was robbed by the teammates and the charger and assaulter were gone. Jiang Shaoyu had no choice but to choose a medic. The random map for this match was the familiar Ghost Castle but they were the lurkers in this match. This made it more difficult to fight.

Jiang Shaoyu followed by Pei Feng’s side from the beginning.

The medic followed the sniper and a two person guerrilla battle could be fought. A sniper with a medic’s protection had two lives. If necessary, the medic could take the initiative to lead out the enemy so the sniper could shoot.

The sniper in the middle had a good sense of awareness and set up a gun guarding point in the middle. Their three teammates died not long after and Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t rescue them. He was forced to give up and could only protect Pei Feng alone.

On this map, if the lurkers wanted to break through then they would have to take out the enemy’s sniper point.

Jiang Shaoyu typed quickly: I’ll go and lure the sniper out. You pay attention to the timing of the shooting.

Pei Feng replied, “Okay, Boss. You go!”


Jiang Shaoyu ran to the side with the bulletproof light panel, drawing out the sniper on the opposite side.

He thought that Pei Feng would seize the opportunity to kill the opponent. As a result, he was only two steps away when he saw a message appear on the screen.

[’Linda’ seriously injured ‘Sniper002’ using the Balot-Night!]

Jiang Shaoyu: “?”

In the teammate data panel, Pei Feng’s health instantly dropped to 5% and he was in a dying state. He had only one breath left.

Pei Feng’s aggrieved voice entered his ears. “Boss, save me~”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned when he heard the coquettish voice in his ear and he typed bluntly: Are you sleepwalking?

Just now, Jiang Shaoyu had clearly determined the position of the sniper on the other side and went out carrying the bulletproof light panel. As long as the enemy sniper appeared, Pei Feng could immediately kill the other person. As a result, Pei Feng was in a hurry to emerge and was almost killed by the enemy?

What was he thinking? Hadn’t Jiang Shaoyu reminded him to pay attention to the timing?

The fans in the live stream room were stunned again when they saw this.

[F*k, is the boss scolding Fred?]

[Are you sleepwalking? Hahaha.]

[Hahaha, this is the first time I am seeing Fred being lectured. Why am I a bit happy?]

[The boss is so fierce. I’m afraid!]

[Boss, continue to scold him! Look at him. He went out to die and asked for a medic’s help? Don’t save him!]

[Fred: Boss, help me up. I can still give away my head~]

The fans were going crazy with happiness. It was the first time they had seen such a fun boss and streamer. The boss really wasn’t polite. Fred asked to be saved and he directly came out with the sentence, “Are you sleepwalking?”

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t see the barrage in the live stream room. He just instinctively criticized Pei Feng’s bad positioning. It was the most basic cooperation between a medic and sniper. Such a low-level mistake couldn’t be made.

Was it because his mentality drifted after winning the last match? He didn’t intend to fight well?

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t know that Pei Feng’s positioning mistake just now was deliberate. He was testing the boss’ reaction.

At this moment, the fingers of Pei Feng in front of the computer were trembling slightly. It was the familiar sharp-edged tongue.

In the past when he played the rankings with his master, he didn’t pay attention to his position and was killed by the enemy in seconds. Then Jiang Shaoyu had said this to him.

Are you sleepwalking?

This person was Wing! It was definitely his master!

Pei Feng resisted the urge to call out ‘Master’ and his voice trembled slightly from the excitement. “I was wrong, Boss. I will fight well.”

The fans in the live stream room: ???

[Something was wrong with Fred’s voice just now.]

[Oh my god, did he cry after being scolded?]

[Hahahaha, Fred, you also have a day like today.]

[The boss said: This streamer is really weak. Refund the money, refund the money!]

[I’m laughing to death! This boss is simply Fred’s nemesis. There is also a time when our big streamer doesn’t dare to talk back~]

Of course, Pei Feng wasn’t crying because he was scolded.

He was just too excited, excited to the point where his voice was a bit unstable.

He was aware of his gaffe and coughed softly. Then he laughed and said, “Boss, help me up. I can still kill this person.”

Jiang Shaoyu rolled his eyes.

The medic in the game carried the bulletproof light panel and braved the rain of bullets as he ran back to save his stupid apprentice.

The medic’s treatment was in place and Pei Feng was instantly full of health.

The next moment, the alpha seemed to have suddenly awakened his game talent. He switched to the MSG-Aurora, quickly dodged behind a statue, moved the muzzle of his gun and fired a decisive shot!

[’Sniper002’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘Linda’ with a headshot!]

After eliminating the enemy sniper, Pei Feng used quick guerrilla attacks to kill the entire opposing team in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

What was this situation? Why did his apprentice’s level go up and down?

At the end of the match, Pei Feng got the MVP again.

Pei Feng asked earnestly, “Boss, how did I play?”

Jiang Shaoyu hesitated for two seconds before typing: It is okay.

Pei Feng laughed lightly, his voice low and gentle. “Thank you for your praise.”

It was the familiar ‘okay.’

Master, you are finally back.

The author has something to say:

Fred: Please call me Little Detective Pei Feng!


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