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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 22

Who Are You?

The key to the parallel search tactic was the consistent pace of the two players.

The two people had to move in tandem. If the cooperation wasn’t right, it was easy to be broken by the other side.

The sniper had to ensure that their firepower would always cover their scout teammate and protect the scout from being killed. At the same time, the moment the scout found the position of the opposite player, the sniper had to shoot and kill immediately. If they were slow by even one second, their teammate might be counter-killed by the opponent.

Jiang Shaoyu sneaked into the building complex on the side. Pei Feng saw the small dot on the map and immediately followed.

The master and apprentice kept a cooperative distance from each other and moved quickly to the southeast like two parallel lines.

Just then, Jiang Shaoyu abruptly stopped and Pei Feng immediately stopped as well. The next moment, a cloud of white smoke rose in front of him. The opposite scout had used a smoke bomb as cover to go around. Pei Feng instinctively wanted to shoot and protect the boss…

However, the moment he emerged, a bullet suddenly struck from the side rear.

[’Robert444’ has used FR-Scarlet to kill ‘Sniper002’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng, “……”

The opposite side made a sound in the east and struck in the west! It seemed like they were going to surround the boss but the real goal was to get rid of him.

Pei Feng smiled helplessly. “Boss, it is my fault.”

Jiang Shaoyu typed calmly: It is okay. Pay attention to your positioning.”


The sniper had died and Jiang Shaoyu didn’t last long fighting 1V2. The first small game was quickly lost.

The qualifying matches were a best of five format.

At the start of the second round, Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu cooperated from the beginning. Jiang Shaoyu sneaked into the building complex to help Pei Feng with his vision. Pei Feng was also strong enough. The moment he locked onto the other side’s position, he simply and neatly opened the scope and killed three people in a row!

The opposite had a similar style of playing.

The scout Kim Minji provided the vision and the sniper Robert quickly killed three people.

The situation became 2V2 again.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng tried to cooperate again. However, Kim Minji and Robert were professional players after all. In terms of operation or reaction, they were world-class. It wasn’t known where Kim Minji came from but he quickly fired the two guns in his hands and both shots hit Jiang Shaoyu!

[’KillerJ’ hit ‘7766501’ with the Twin Titans.]

Pei Feng saw the boss’ low health and immediately fired to protect him. He narrowed his eyes and fired. Kim Minji reacted quickly and dodged so that Pei Feng only hit his shoulder. However, the Balot gun was so powerful that Kim Minji’s health instantly lowered.

Jiang Shaoyu only had 20% health left at this time. He decisively went around and stabbed Kim Minji, who was hiding behind a wall.

[’7766501’ assassinated ‘KillerJ’ with the Scarlet Blade!]

Pei Feng couldn’t help praising him. “Boss, nice!”

The enemy scout was killed and the two of them continued to cooperate in the search. They used the strategy of wrapping dumplings to kill the sniper.

The score was 1:1. The Pei Feng duo had won back a game.

In the third round, Kim Minji’s positioning on the other side was even more extreme. Not long after it started, he suddenly attacked and killed the medic. Robert shot and killed the assaulter and charger, directly turning the situation into a crushing advantage of 5V2.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng cooperated to quickly kill three people on the other side in a row.

However, it was easy to reveal their location during the time when they killed these three people. Kim Minji locked onto Pei Feng’s position, circled around and directly killed him with a wave of sneak attacks from his pistols. Jiang Shaoyu was also killed by Robert.

The score was 2:1 and the opponent took the lead in taking the match point.

Jiang Shaoyu took advantage of the countdown to type in the team channel: The pace is slow.

Pei Feng was surprised for a moment before saying, “Boss, are you saying that I need to be faster when doing the parallel search?”

Jiang Shaoyu: Yes.

Jiang Shaoyu: Take out your fastest speed.

Jiang Shaoyu: Don’t keep thinking about protecting me. I can protect myself.”

Pei Feng, “……”

His mind suddenly flashed with scenes of his training in the ACE team. There was once a person who pointed out his shortcomings in this simple and straightforward manner.

“The pace is slow.”

“Pay attention to your positioning.”

“Don’t look ahead or back. Shoot decisively.”

The man’s calm voice was like a bright light in the night and always guided Pei Feng when he was confused. It was also under his patient guidance that Pei Feng made such rapid progress. In just half a year, he became the most outstanding youth trainee of that year.


That person had disappeared for so many years. Where was he and was he doing well?

The countdown for the next round popped up on the screen. Pei Feng took a deep breath and gently placed his fingers on the keyboard.

The alpha’s eyes gradually became sharper.

A faster pace? Got it. He would take out the speed he used to cooperate with Master. This was the real ‘parallel search.’

It was the fourth game, the match point game for the guardians.

The cooperation between Kim Minji and Robert had become smoother. One was the substitute sniper of the US national team and the other was the main scout of the Korean national team. They might come from different countries and didn’t know each other privately, but masters were very sharp. They played several rounds together and both of them recognized each other.

They were cooperating.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng were also playing together. They were in a team state and could communicate by voice.

Jiang Shaoyu typed a line: You command.

Pei Feng chuckled. “Okay, Boss. Scout in the 15:00 direction.”

Jiang Shaoyu immediately went around. He bypassed the fork in the route and scouted in the 15:00 direction.

Pei Feng resolutely followed while quickly turning the camera with his hand. He covered Jiang Shaoyu while observing the surroundings.

Move, roll, stop to observe and move forward after confirming the safety!

Stop and go, a parallel search.

At this moment, the rhythm between the master and apprentices finally became consistent!

Jiang Shaoyu’s pace was very fast and the weapons he brought in this round were all light weapons. Pei Feng had also changed to the MSG, a light sniper rifle suitable for mobile combat. He followed Jiang Shaoyu at a distance. The two of them started a full search of the map, one after the other.

Kim Minji came around from the side. Jiang Shaoyu immediately jumped and dodged the moment he found this person!

There was a sharp gunshot in his ear. Obviously, Robert had also discovered Jiang Shaoyu’s location.

Pei Feng ordered, “Withdraw in the 4 o’clock direction!”

Jiang Shaoyu rolled back and withdrew, using a building to protect himself. At the same time, he threw a smoke bomb to protect his figure.

At the same time, Pei Feng fired decisively.


The clear gunshot sound belonging to the MSG light sniper rifle was heard and Kim Minji was shot in the head by Pei Feng!

Immediately after this, the two of them started moving to find Robert. Pei Feng shot and forced Robert out of the sniper point. Robert moved around the complex very cautiously, wanting to switch guns to fight a guerrilla battle. He didn’t expect that what would be waiting for him was Jiang Shaoyu’s sharp dagger.

He was assassinated by Jiang Shaoyu.

[The lurkers have won!]

The score became 2:2.

The audience in the live stream room held their breaths nervously. They hadn’t expected that the boss and Fred would casually play the rankings in the international server and would actually play in such an exciting manner!

Pei Feng smiled. “Jiayou, Boss. It is the match point.”

Jiang Shaoyu typed out a word: Yes.

It was still the cold boss.

The fans in the live stream room screamed with excitement and many people were already fans of the boss who ‘didn’t talk much.’

The fifth game was the deciding game.

After the fierce battle in the fourth round, Pei Feng had mastered the rhythm of cooperating with the boss.

This familiar feeling made him feel like he had returned to the days when he and his master practiced the parallel search in machine versus human mode in the ACE team.

When to move quickly, when to stop and observe, when to release the smoke bombs to move, when to shoot…

The moment the two people’s rhythms were exactly the same, the opponents would have a hard time finding any loopholes!

Pei Feng turned on his microphone so it was very convenient for him to command. At the beginning of the final round, he took the initiative to say, “Boss, first search in the northwest direction.”

Jiang Shaoyu pressed the ‘receive’ button in the game and quickly sneaked to the northwest area of the map.

The scout could help provide visibility for the sniper and spot the opponent’s positions. The sniper could provide cover to protect the scout.

The two of them maintained a certain distance.

During the period when the boss was heading northwest, Pei Feng switched to the heavy sniper rifle with the longest range and followed him using the 8x scope.

Jiang Shaoyu moved very agilely. In the blink of an eye, he found the assaulter and medic on the opposite side. He threw a smoke bomb and moved quickly. The opposite player had been killed for four consecutive rounds and had a psychological shadow. The moment he saw Jiang Shaoyu coming, he shot wildly but he didn’t even touch a corner of Jiang Shaoyu’s clothes.

The moment the smoke dissipated, the thing that was waiting for them was Jiang Shaoyu’s surprise attack from behind and Pei Feng’s long-distance shooting!

The clear sound of the pistol and sniper rifle was heard at almost the same time.

Bang, bang!

[’7766501’ has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill ‘Gavin’ with a headshot!]

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘Angel’ with a headshot!]

It was too late for the medic on the other side to rescue his teammate. Both of them were killed in an instant.

Immediately afterward, Jiang Shaoyu dealt with the nearby charger and the three members of their team were also killed by Kim Minji and Robert.

The last game turned into 2V2 again.

There were two professional players on the opposite side. They could only rely on a more tacit cooperation if they wanted to win.

Pei Feng took the initiative to command. “Boss, retreat in the 5 o’clock direction. I will cover you.”

Jiang Shaoyu immediately withdrew. At almost the same time, there was a sharp gunshot in his ears and a bullet flew past his head! It was obvious that the enemy scout had locked onto his position.

Pei Feng immediately shot for cover. He fired several times in a row and blocked Kim Minji’s position.

Jiang Shaoyu soon withdrew to a safe area.

Pei Feng calmly told him, “Take care of him.”

The two of them cooperated to fight back.

Pei Feng suppressed with firepower and forced Kim Minji to retreat. Jiang Shaoyu pretended to retreat while actually moving around behind Kim Minji from the other side.

Kim Minji reacted extremely quickly and shot at almost the same time that Jiang Shaoyu emerged.

However, Jiang Shaoyu reacted faster and fired at the same time.

Kim Minji needed to turn around to shoot. Jiang Shaoyu was originally sneaking up behind him and took the initiative. He had one less ‘turning’ action than Kim Minji.

A fight between masters was often decided by just a few tenths of a second. Jiang Shaoyu’s gun was faster than Kim Minji.

Kim Minji was shot to death! Of course, the shot he fired before he died also decreased Jiang Shaoyu’s health.

Pei Feng jumped off the sniper point and started to move to the right.

The alpha’s sunny and straightforward voice came from the voice channel. “Do a parallel search in the northeast direction. Kill the sniper!”

Jiang Shaoyu: Received.

The two men moved simultaneously from the northwest to northeast. If someone was watching from a god’s perspective then they would find…

The rhythm was exactly the same!

It was like two parallel lines starting at the same time, extending rapidly from the left side of the map to the right!

They moved at the same time and stopped at the same time. It was the same rhythm as if the same person was moving in both directions.

Robert’s movements in this round were very extreme and it wasn’t easy to find his hiding place.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly moved through the building complex. He guessed that he had entered the enemy’s shooting range and deliberately sold a positioning loophole to the other side. Robert saw him appear at the fork in the road and thought there was finally an opportunity. He decisively shot Jiang Shaoyu.

[’Robert444’ has used FR-Scarlet to kill ‘7766501’ with a headshot!]

Yet the next moment, a bullet burst through the air, accompanied by the roaring wind. Then he was shot through the back of the head!

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘Robert444’ with a headshot!]

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.

Pei Feng seized the opportunity!

The moment Jiang Shaoyu had deliberately made a mistake to draw out the opposite sniper, Pei Feng decisively fired and killed the last person.

[The guardian team has been destroyed.]

It was 3:2 and the lurkers had won!

This wonderful wave of cooperation made the fans stunned. They couldn’t help filling the screen of the barrage area.

[F*k, how come there is the sense of tension of the World Series?]

[This double cooperation is too handsome!]

[The tacit understanding between the boss and Fred is really good.]

[I have become a diehard fan of the boss!]

The wave of cooperation just now was really thrilling. Jiang Shaoyu had such low health but he dared to be bold and directly entered Robert’s range like a living target. He used himself as bait to draw out Robert. If Pei Feng couldn’t grasp the opportunity then he would’ve died in vain.

He did this to see how Pei Feng would react when facing a world-class master.

It turned out… Pei Feng didn’t disappoint him.

Pei Feng actually did it.

At that time, there were less than 0.2 seconds to react. The location of Robert’s ambush wasn’t certain and there was only a general range. Pei Feng needed to quickly turn the camera, listen to the sound to determine the position, lock onto Robert’s location and shoot.

Not only did he do it but he also achieved a headshot!

A master’s reaction at a critical moment couldn’t lie. It was like a conditioned reflex engraved into the muscles.

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Xiao Pei had been away from the training ground for five years. How could he have such fast reaction speed and precise hit rate?

Jiang Shaoyu had been retired for five years but he could still compete with professional players because he had never given up on training.

Could it be that…

Xiao Pei also hadn’t given up on training for five years?

The moment this shocking thought emerged, Jiang Shaoyu saw Pei Feng turn off the live stream screen and send him two messages.


“Who are you?”


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