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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 219

Extra Fifteen

After Jiang Shaocheng got home, he just finished taking a shower when a message popped up on his phone. It was sent by his asked. “Mr Jiang, you asked me to pay attention to news in the e-sports circle. There are two hot searches about your brother today.”

It was followed by a hot topic link. It was the paparazzi’s breaking news Weibo post.

Jiang Shaocheng glanced at the Weibo post and frowned. “Some people believe in this type of nonsense Weibo post?”

The assistant sent a second link in a frightened manner, saying, “He didn’t clarify and instead admitted it.’

Jiang Shaocheng: “???”

He opened the topic and saw Jiang Shaoyu posting on Weibo. “Thank you for your concern. We are together.”

Jiang Shaocheng’s expression sank.

They were together? Were they joking?

He knew that the wolf cub Pei Feng had bad intentions!

His younger brother had no experience in dating yet he was pursued by Pei Feng so quickly. What tricks did Pei Feng use? Jiang Shaocheng wished that he could drag Pei Feng over and cut him to pieces. He took out his phone and called Jiang Shaoyu, but Ah Yu didn’t answer at all.

Jiang Shaocheng had to call his assistant. “Book me a ticket to the capital. The sooner the better.”

The assistant asked in a trembling voice, “Do you need me to arrange a hotel?”

Jiang Shaocheng said, “No, arrange a car to take me to the national team’s base.”

Listening to the boss’ murderous voice, the assistant had no choice but to quickly book him a ticket to the capital that night. He also arranged a special car to pick the boss up from the airport.

At this time, Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu were preparing to start a live stream. Jiang Shaoyu muted his phone so he didn’t hear his older brother’s call.

The moment the 1024 live stream room of Little Bear TV turned green, countless fans who followed Fred entered excitedly. Netizens rushed to tell each other. In just a few minutes, the number of people in the live stream room exceeded one million.

Netizens who clicked into the live stream room saw a familiar ID on Fred’s team list.


This digital ID seemed to belong to a wealthy person who had sent many gifts in the live stream room. There was also a distinguished VIP sign attached to it.

Many fans questioned it:

[It is a familiar ID. Is Fred leading the boss to play the rankings?]

[Fred, has your account really not been hacked? Are you really with God Wing?]

[Ahhh, CP fans are ecstatic. You must be happy!]

[What about your master? Is it appropriate for you to lead the boss and leave your master aside after the official announcement?]

[I’ll expel Fred from the school on behalf of Coach Jiang!]

[Please ask God Wing to show up!]

At this moment, Pei Feng’s deep and gentle voice sounded in the ears of the audience. “Is it checked? Have I turned on the team voice?”

Immediately afterwards, a cold voice came through the microphone. “Yes, it is okay.”

Netizens in the live stream room: “??”

Strange. Why did the voice of this digital boss sound a bit like God Wing?

The next moment, Pei Feng turned on the camera and said with a smile, “Hello everyone, welcome to Fred’s live stream room. Let me introduce you to 7766501, who is in my team. Everyone knows him.”

Then he looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “Say hello to everyone?”

As the camera turned in another direction, netizens saw a familiar face appearing in front of everyone.

Jiang Shaoyu waved and said casually, “Hello, everyone. I am Wing. I am playing as a duo with Fred today.”

Netizens: “!!!”

This wealthy fan in Fred’s live stream room was actually God Wing?

This rich person sent a lot of gifts when Fred was still on the Star Network platform.

Later, Fred jumped to Little Bear TV. On the first day of streaming, this rich fan also came to support Fred and directly topped the list that day…!

They thought this was just a rich fan who appreciated Fred’s live stream style.

As a result, this person was actually Jiang Shaoyu?

How much did he dote on his apprentice?

CP fans were so excited that they couldn’t wait to go downstairs to set off firecrackers.

Netizens booed in the barrage area.

[So, was the mysterious rich person who came to the live steam room to cheer for Fred actually Coach Jiang?]

[Master is just giving gifts to his apprentice. You are making too much of a fuss~~]

[Woo wooo, God Wing is so fond of his apprentice. Fred is so blessed!]

[Did you notice that Fred is smiling very happily today? His face is full of sweetness.]

[This smile makes me want to beat him up when I see it!]

[Hehe, starting a live stream after the official announcement? Do you think I will bless you”? I will only move the Civil Affairs Bureau for the two of you!]

[A happy marriage for a hundred years, a new baby will be born soon!]

Pei Feng saw the barrage in the live stream room and said seriously, “Thank you for your blessings. I started today’s live stream because I want to make it clear to the fans who support us that we only got together after the World Series. Some people are deliberately making comments on the Internet to drive the rhythm. Don’t pay attention to them.”

The rhythmic comments that Pei Feng mentioned were that some black fans questioned the relationship between the two people, thinking that Coach Jiang promoted Pei Feng because Pei Feng was his boyfriend, letting Pei Feng be the captain of the national team. They even made extreme remarks like, ‘The captain and coach have a personal relationship with each other and it is unfair for other players.’

These keyboard warriors had always disliked them. Now they found something to use to blacken the duo and they naturally wouldn’t let it go.

The two of them didn’t care and didn’t bother to pay attention to the comments.

Pei Feng took the initiative to mention it because he hoped the netizens would look at the problem rationally and not argue.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “We didn’t want to deceive everyone, so we decided to make it public. Some fans in the live stream room have supported us since the ACE period. You have the right to know the truth.”

Fans listened to his explanation and it was very heartwarming.

-You have the right to know the truth.

A simple sentence was enough to see his respect and importance for his fans.

Concealment and deception were counterproductive. If they were made public, they would come across as open and fearless.

There were many fans gossiping in the live stream room.

[Who chased whom?]

[Is it Xiao Pei who had enough courage to chase his master first, or was it Coach Jiang who had a crush on Xiao Pei first?]

[Can Fred answer this?]

Pei Feng replied calmly, “I chased him first. You say every day that I don’t have the courage, but in fact, I am quite courageous.”

He glanced at Jiang Shaoyu and said with a smile, “I used to write self-criticisms every day. I have trained my shamelessness.”

The netizens: “……”

This person was truly shameless!

Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu and said in a gentle voice, “Go to the international server and play the rankings to relax?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Okay, go ahead.”

Listening to their conversation, fans weren’t used to it for a while.

In the past, Pei Feng was very respectful to Jiang Shaoyu and said ‘Master in almost every sentence.’ This was the attitude of a fan toward his idol.

But now, the relationship between the two of them were more like a couple. When Pei Feng spoke, his tone was very gentle and there was a smile in his eyes. The two of them looked at each other in tacit understanding. It made the singles in front of the screen collectively suffer critical damage.

The two of them quickly logged into the international server accounts.

Pei Feng’s account in the international server was Sniper002 while means No. 2 Sniper. Fans who watched his live stream had long known this. Unexpectedly, Jiang Shaoyu’s account in the international server was actually Sniper001.

Netizens couldn’t help wondering.

[I was very curious when Fred used the name Sniper002 before. Why not 001? It turns out that 001 is for his master.]

[Is it a coincidence or is it intentional?]

Pei Feng explained, “I registered these two accounts together at the beginning. I used 002 for myself and reserved 001 for my master.”

[In other words, the number one position in your heart can only be your master?]

[F*k, is this a live stream of playing games or is it a live stream of abusing single dogs?]

[I was given a show of affection.]

[Today is the day when the CP sugar content exceeds the limit!]

[No matter how strong Fred is, the number one in his heart will always be reserved for his master. I am dying of sweetness again.]

[The room number of his live stream room is still his master’s birthday!]

[I banged the wall for WF!]

[It is really hard if you don’t get married!]

Pei Feng smoothly started the rankings and quickly matched with the opponent.

Since the two of them had high ranks in the international server, the opponents they were matched with in this game had familiar IDs. One was the scout Simil and the sniper Venus of the US team.

Venus and Simil teamed up to kill Pei Feng. However, Jiang Shaoyu brought healing equipment in this round. Seeing that Xiao Pei was killed, he immediately braved the hail of bullets and quickly came to Xiao Pei’s side. He put up the bulletproof light board, blocked the opponent’s fierce firepower and resurrected Pei Feng.

Pei Feng was rescued by his master and immediately turned around to kill Venus. Then Jiang Shaoyu followed up by switching to his pistol and killed Simil with a headshot.

Their teammates might’ve died, but the master and apprentice relied on their tacit cooperation to turn the situation around and win the game.

Netizens in the live stream room commented 666 one after another.

In the second game, they were matched with professional players from the European division. In this round, Pei Feng played a scout and asked Jiang Shaoyu to use the sniper rifle.

The moment the game started, Pei Feng quickly moved around and opened up the vision for his master. He even lured the enemies out of the hole, sacrificing himself to help his master win three kills in one go!

In the third game, the two of them played close combat together, charging side by side and breaking through the opponent’s defense.

In the fourth game, they played as snipers together. They covered each other with crossfire and prevented the opponent from taking the lead.

The master and apprentice team were too strong. They had won five consecutive victories in one go.

They could be each other’s eyes or backing.

The two of them could always understand each other’s thoughts immediately, protecting each other, attacking together and retreating together…

Such a tacit cooperation was really rare.

It seemed natural for them to fall in love with each other, because only they could stand by each other’s side and keep up with each other’s train of thought.

Together, they moved forward side by side.

Pei Feng might be the apprentice and Jiang Shaoyu the master, but the level of the two was evenly matched.

The more netizens watched, the more excited they became. This live stream fed everyone with a mouthful of dog food… but everyone had a great time.

The streaming of the two people went until the early hours of the morning before Pei Feng stopped airing.

Jiang Shaoyu took the initiative to wave to the netizens in the live stream room. “Good night, everyone.”

He usually never streamed live because he didn’t like to explain to netizens how to play the game. He also didn’t like to watch the barrage and answer netizens’ various questions. This time, he had a double live stream with Xiao Pei and greeted the fans in front of the camera. It was really satisfying for Pei Feng.

After turning off the camera, Pei Feng smiled. He leaned over and kissed Jiang Shaoyu’s forehead, whispering, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It’s okay. I’m going to take a shower first and get ready to sleep.”

“Okay, good night.”

At this time, in the private group of the national team, many people suddenly appeared.

Lao Lin: @Fred, if you dare to kidnap our Coach Jiang, come out and die!

Yezi: Come and let your Brother Ye stab you!

Zhou Zhou: My AK is also ready ^_^

Hua Hua: My colorful grenades are hungry and thirsty!

Pei Feng was live streaming just now. With Coach Jiang present, no one dared to express any opinions. Now that they were off the air, everyone’s accumulated anger finally had a chance to be vented.

What a joke! He actually secretly abducted their Coach Jiang!

There were only 11 of them in the private group. Coach Jiang wasn’t in the group, so everyone came one after another to sharpen their swords against the dog Pei.

Pei Feng raised an eyebrow and typed: Coach Jiang has recognized me. It is useless for you to disagree~~

Everyone: “F*k!!”

Look at the way he was waving his tail. Was he looking for abuse?

Lao Lin: Let’s first head-on.

Yezi: Let’s fight!

Looking at the row of invitations, Pei Feng had no choice but to click into the game.

Pei Feng: A solo duel? I’m not afraid of you!

The moment he entered the custom room, he saw 10 players from the 6th national team standing in a row. Pei Feng was startled by the lineup and asked doubtfully, “Isn’t this a one-on-one challenge? Which one of you will come first?”

Lao Lin said simply, “Let’s go together.”

Pei Feng: “????”

Yezi smiled and said, “There are 10 of us against you alone.”

Pei Feng: “???”

Was this call a head-on fight?

Before he could react, the owner of the room, Lao Lin, started the custom match.

Pei Feng: “……”


The 10 players of the national team teamed up to kill Pei Feng.

The map: Yuehu Park. Opponents: 10 people.

Pei Feng experienced the excitement of one person fighting 10 for the first time. It was so sour! Sometimes, two chargers surrounded him on the left and right sides, sometimes two sniper rifles fired from the left and right and killed him instantly, or two scouts circled around and attacked him secretly!

Even 10 people came together to besiege him!

He experienced all sorts of ways to die.

For example, being stabbed to death by Brother Ye’s knife, swept to death by Lao Lin’s charger, being shot in the head by Xiao Mo, being blown to ashes by Hua Hua…

He was either dying or on the way to death.

After being killed countless times in a row, Pei Feng simply lay down. ‘Go ahead, kill me as many times as you want. Just kill me 180 times to vent your anger. In any case, you can’t change the result.’

Everyone stopped after finishing a round of killing.

Lao Lin said, “Stinky boy. As the first person to stop being single, shouldn’t you send red envelopes to everyone?”

Pei Feng immediately consciously opened the group chat and sent more than a dozen big red envelopes in a row. Everyone quickly grabbed them.

Pei Feng promised in the group, “I know you don’t trust me, but I am absolutely devoted to him! I am with him with the idea of getting married. When I get married in the future, I will definitely invite everyone to the wedding reception!”

Everyone saw his serious promise and finally felt a bit relieved.

Pei Feng’s character was still trustworthy. He definitely wasn’t the type of scumbag who played with emotions. Since Coach Jiang chose him, everyone could only send blessings.

Although some people were unwilling…

Who asked Coach Jiang to personally admit Pei Feng?

In the early morning, all the members of the 6th national team forward Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo post one after another as if they had discussed it.

Lao Lin: “You must have you reasons for what you decide. Now that you are with Xiao Pei, be happy!”

Zhou Zhou: “It is quite unexpected, but I still respect your choice.”

Yezi: “Congratulations on no longer being single~”

Shu Chen: “Brother Yu’s vision must be right.”

Xia Li: “Whoever Coach Jiang chooses, I will support him!”

Xiao Mo: “My idol should be happy!”

The netizens saw everyone’s comments and thought, ‘The national team is really harmonious and friendly!’

What they didn’t know was that just now, all members of the national team formed a group to kill Pei Feng, one against ten, showing no regard for martial ethics.


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