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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 218

Extra Fourteen

Jiang Shaoyu decided to make their relationship public. First of all, he had a clear conscience. It was his own choice to be with Xiao Pei. Besides, the two of them had completely marked each other. He should take responsibility and give Xiao Pei a status.

Secondly, he didn’t like to rack his brains to hide from his friends around him who cared about him and to deceive the bright-eyed netizens. It was too tiring to live so cautiously. It was better to just go public and frankly admit the relationship.

It was just a relationship. Was there any need to hide it?

Seeing Pei Feng’s shocked expression, Jiang Shaoyu gently held his hand and said in a low voice, “In terms of public opinion, you are more experienced. You can decide how to make it public. I will cooperate with you.”

Pei Feng turned around and hugged Jiang Shaoyu excitedly. His voice trembled slightly. “I am very happy that you are willing to admit that I am your boyfriend. When I saw the hot search just now, I thought you would…”

He thought Jiang Shaoyu would deny it outside. After all, Jiang Shaoyu was such a proud person. He would feel embarrassed to have his relationship revealed, right? It was even more difficult since it was a relationship with his apprentice, who was several years younger.

Pei Feng had long been prepared for a hidden relationship with Jiang Shaoyu. He even thought that if his master didn’t want to make it public, Pei Feng would be willing to guard him silently. Unexpectedly, Jiang Shaoyu chose to make it public!

He wanted everyone to know that Pei Feng was his boyfriend. He didn’t care what the outside world said about him.

Such recognition was more impactful than the words, ‘I like you.’

Pei Feng’s eyes were slightly hot. He tightened his arms and whispered, “Have you really decided? Once we make it public, we will be a couple in everyone’s eyes. It isn’t that easy for you to go back on your word.”

Jiang Shaoyu said helplessly, “Are you stupid?”


Jiang Shaoyu gently rubbed Xiao Pei’s hair. His voice was gentle. “Why should I regret it?”

He knew that Xiao Pei was actually insecure in this relationship.

In Xiao Pei’s eyes, his master was a superior god. Even if the two of them completed the mark, Pei Feng still worried about gains and losses. He felt that his master might end the relationship at any time.

It was only when loving someone too much that he would worry about the other person leaving him.

Jiang Shaoyu once left Pei Feng behind and went overseas.

Now he couldn’t bear to leave behind this alpha whose eyes were only full of him.

Jiang Shaoyu thought of this and hugged Pei Feng. “Xiao Pei, I am also serious about this relationship. Do you believe it?”

Pei Feng was stunned and nodded excitedly. “I believe it!”

Jiang Shaoyu disdained lying.

Since he said he was serious, he must be serious!

He rarely took the initiative to say affectionate words like, ‘I like you.’ Daring to make an official announcement was his best response to Pei Feng.

Pei Feng took out his necklace and said with a smile, “Since the paparazzi secretly photographed our necklaces, let’s show it to them openly.”

Pei Feng took out the necklace in cooperation. Pei Feng put the couple’s necklace together and took a group photo. Then he said, “I’ll post it on Weibo. Master, you can just repost it when the time comes. If they don’t believe it, we will live stream the official announcement when playing a doubles ranking match tomorrow.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay. You make the arrangements.”

At this time, the 6th national team’s ‘Victims Squad.’

Mo Hantian was the first to jump out and say angrily, “These paparazzi are really full of it! They actually dare to say that God Wing and Brother Feng are a couple? Only those with no IQ would believe this type of gossip.”

Xia Li sent a laughing emoji. “I saw the hot search! If they are together, I will do a live stream doing a handstand while washing my hair on the spot!”

Shi Xiaobin added, “I also think it is unlikely.”

Lao Lin couldn’t help saying, “Hahaha, this is the funniest joke I have ever heard! Was Xiao Pei not abused hard enough by his master back then? How dare he?”

Zhou Zhou agreed. “I think so too. @Fred, won’t you come out and clarify?”

Ye Qingming gloated. “Xiao Pei, the paparazzi actually said that you are with your master! Does your master know about this? Be careful that he doesn’t make you write a 1,000 word self-criticism [smirk.jpg].”

Shu Chen rarely spoke in the group. Seeing everyone’s chat content, he also felt it was impossible. Brother Yu was so serious and cold, while Xiao Pei particularly respected his master. They both had the model relationship of ‘a strict teacher teaches a good apprentice.’ How could they be a couple? The paparazzi were too good at making things up.

Huan Ran pinged Shu Chen and said, “@Brother Chen, do you think it is possible?”

Shu Chen replied, “Isn’t it impossible? Xiao Pei has always regarded Brother Yu as a master.”

Hua Ran said, “I think so too!”

Qin Xueyao was worried. “Has Coach Jiang seen the hot search? Will he be angry?”

Liu Shaozhou also appeared. “Probably not. The paparazzi took two photos and deliberately created topics to attract traffic. I guess this wave of hot search won’t last more than an hour before it is withdrawn by Fred.”

After all, Fred was very experienced in dealing with this type of public opinion incident. Everyone thought that Fred could handle a few paparazzi with ease.

The first step was to say that he and Coach Jiang just had a simple master-apprentice relationship.

The second step was to take screenshots and preserve evidence. Then send a lawyer’s letter to warn the blogger to see them in court.

Pei Feng had dealt with a lot of negative public opinion of the national team in the past. This time, everyone believed that Xiao Pei could handle it well.

Everyone had the mentality of ‘watching the paparazzi’ show’ as they waited for Pei Feng’s response.

Until dinner time, more and more people were browsing the Internet, but the hot search topic hadn’t been removed.

Vice-chairman Qi called Jiang Shaoyu anxiously. “Have you seen the hot search about you and Xiao Pei? Do you want the league’s public relations team to help you deal with it?” He subconsciously felt that Jiang Shaoyu must be too busy to see it if he hadn’t handled it yet.

Jiang Shaoyu just said, “I saw it. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Vice-chairman Qi’s mind was put at ease, and he said with a smile, “Okay. Don’t take this type of gossip to heart. Just clarify it and withdraw the hot search.”

At 7 o’clock in the evening, Pei Feng finally logged into Weibo.

Fans, who had been waiting for a response, saw him logging in. They immediately became excited and ran to leave messages.

[Fred, explain it! You have nothing to do with God Wing, right?]

[Our Fred is an honest and innocent alpha at first glance. He should have nothing to do with his master. Haha.]

[He is a novice in love and only has games in his mind. It is estimated that he never thought about falling in love.]

[Fred is single until now due to his strength [dog head.jpg]]

The next moment, everyone saw a long Weibo post by Pei Feng popping up in front of them.

“@Coach Jiang Shaoyu, I want to be with you, becoming your exclusive alpha and protecting you for the rest of your life~”

The fans: “……”

F*k! Was Pei Feng’s account hacked?

Exclusive alpha. Was this a public confession?

The Weibo photo also surprised netizens.

This photo showed a pair of necklaces. The pendants of the necklaces were engraved with the words, ‘Wing’ and ‘Fred.’ They were the same necklaces worn by Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng that were photographed by the paparazzi.

It was actually a couple’s model with their names engraved on it?

Pei Feng’s photo of the couple’s necklace was showing affection?

In the private group of the national team, Mo Hantian said excitedly, “Look, everyone. Fred has clarified on Weibo!”

He didn’t have time to look at Weibo. He instinctively thought that Fred was clarifying the matter.

The moment the message was sent, Hua Ran came out and said, “F*k! Take a closer look. This isn’t a clarification. This is a confession [horror.jpg].]

Mo Hantian: “????”

After carefully reading Pei Feng’s Weibo, Mo Hantian’s jaw was about to drop.

This plot seemed to be different from what everyone expected?

Lao Lin: “What the?”

Ye Qingming: “Xiao Pei, are you sleepwalking?”

Zhou Zhou: “I think his account was hacked.”

Mo Hantian: “@Fred, come out and explain, ahhhh! My idol won’t really be with you, right?”

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Shaoyu forwarded Pei Feng’s Weibo.

“Thank you all for your concern. We are together.”

Everyone: “!!!”

Was Coach Jiang’s account hacked as well?

Compared with Xiao Pei’s true confession, Jiang Shaoyu’s official announcement was neat and clear. There was a calm tone of, ‘We are together. What can you do to us?’

If they were together, what could they do? Did the paparazzi want to call the police?

The eyes of Jiang Shaoyu’s fans were about to fall out when they saw his forwarded post.

F*k! God Wing officially declared his relationship?

Their cold God Wing was actually taken away by his little apprentice?

Pei Feng’s Weibo had a series of question marks.

There were overwhelming exclamation marks under Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo.

Netizens were directly blown up.

Xia Li, who previously said in the group that she would wash her hair while doing a handstand, quickly went offline and pretended to be dead.

Mo Hantian looked at the Weibo post over and over again with a confused expression of, ‘Who am I? Where am I? He always felt like his eyes were dazzled, and he was wrong.”

Lao Lin, Ye Zi, Zhou Zhou, and the other teammates of ACE all showed expressions of disbelief.

They didn’t dare to ask Jiang Shaoyu, so they called Pei Feng one by one.

Pei Feng’s phone was about to be blown up.

He answered the phone and heard Lao Lin swearing directly, “F*k, stinky boy. You aren’t mistaken, are you? You dared to chase your master? He didn’t scold you, hit you or let you write a self-criticism?”

Pei Feng smiled. “No, we are very good together.”

Lao Lin couldn’t wait to crawl over the phone to beat up this person. Pei Feng actually dared to commit a crime of bullying his master?

All the ACE members couldn’t wait to start a group to divide this person into pieces to relieve their anger!

Ye Qingming called immediately afterward. “Is it real or not? He actually forwarded your Weibo. What is going on?”

Pei Feng said with a smile, “It is like he said. We are together~”

The rising end note expressed Pei Feng’s happy mood, but Ye Qingming wanted to go around and stab Pei Feng. He couldn’t believe that Brother Yu, who was indifferent and serious, was actually pursued by Pei Feng!

Zhou Yiran also called to ask. “If you can catch him, you must’ve spent a lot of effort, right?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Master didn’t agree at first, but I moved him with my sincerity.”

Zhou Yiran said softly, “If you dare to do anything sorry to him in the future, just wait to be divided into pieces by your old teammates in ACE.”

Pei Feng: “……”

Zhou Zhou, this was hiding a knife in a smile!

For the ACE old teammate, Jiang Shaoyu was everyone’s most respected captain, the male god in their hearts. But he was actually with Xiao Pei?

This feeling was probably like seeing their most cherished cabbage being eaten by a pig.

They were inevitably a bit unhappy in their hearts. They couldn’t wait to form a group to beat Pei Feng into a sieve. If they had known, they would’ve beaten him more severely and tortured him until Pei Feng gave up!

Pei Feng was cheeky. He had a proud attitude of, ‘He has already acknowledged me. What can you do to me?’

Jiang Shaoyu forwarded the official announcement, which was equivalent to personally stamping and certifying his ‘boyfriend’ status.

Forget how good Pei Feng’s mood was. His tail was about to soar into the sky.

Netizens finally came to their senses after experiencing a round of their eyeballs and jaws dropping.

[In other words, the master and apprentice have really become a couple?]

[God Wing actually forwarded Fred’s confession. F*k!]

[What about those who said that Fred doesn’t have the guts? Fred is too bold!]

[I have to calm down. I can’t believe what it is like for the cold-blooded God Wing to be marked by his apprentice. Wu wu wu.]

[Ahhh, this is a day for CP fans to scream! The CP I was talking about came true!]

[Coach Jiang’s official announcement is so handsome. Xiao Pei must treat his master well.]

[Weakly speaking, their appearance is actually quite compatible~]

[I just want to interview Xiao Gui. What should he call his master and grandmaster in the future? @Xiao Gui.]

At this time, Gui Siyang looked sluggish as he held his phone and scrolled through Weibo.

His master and grandmaster were together? How would he face these two people in the future? He would be bald!


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