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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 216

Extra Twelve

Pei Feng’s consciousness was already a bit blurry at this time. The pheromones in the susceptible period were gradually getting out of control. It was like a fire was raging everywhere inside his body, making him irritable and restless. The cold smell of the person in his arms made him feel obsessed and intoxicated. Like a person who had been walking in the desert in the hot summer for a long time before finally encountering a clear spring, he held Jiang Shaoyu and asked for it passionately. The kiss became more and more intense. It was filled with a strong possessiveness.

The two of them were physically close to each other.

Jiang Shaoyu could clearly feel the almost melting heat of Pei Feng’s body, as well as the strong muscles of his abdomen.

Pei Feng usually liked to wear simple t-shirts and jeans. He gave the impression that he was a tall and handsome man in his 20s. Unexpectedly, he had such a good figure after taking off his clothes. Neat eight-pack abs, and a young body full of hormones that was sexy and muscular. It had a strong visual impact.

Jiang Shaoyu heard his violently beating heart.

He had no interest in other alphas and was usually pure-minded. He had few physical needs in recent years.

But at this moment, he had to admit it…

He had an instinctive desire for the young and enthusiastic Xiao Pei.

Jiang Shaoyu originally wanted to resist and go back. However, Pei Feng’s kiss became more passionate and caused him to gradually lose control.

He just had a pheromone disorder. All his physiological functions were normal. He wasn’t a piece of wood. It was normal to react when someone kissed him like this, right? Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes. The awkwardness and embarrassment in his heart were gradually replaced by the desire to monopolize Pei Feng.

Pei Feng’s mind was in chaos. He resisted the urge to possess his master. He forced himself to stop and whispered, “Master, I know you aren’t ready yet, and I don’t want to hurt you. I’m really happy that you are willing to stay with me during my susceptible period.”

An omega would definitely be hurt if forcibly marked by an alpha. Pei Feng might want his master very much, but he didn’t want to hurt his master. After all, the person in front of him was the most cherished person in his heart. How could he be willing to let Jiang Shaoyu suffer any grievances?

He was just about to get up and take a cold shower when Jiang Shaoyu pulled him back. Pei Feng was stunned for a moment. Then he looked back and found that his master had actually reacted. His eyes widened, and he looked at Jiang Shaoyu in disbelief. “Master, you…”

Jiang Shaoyu’s ears were red, but his voice was as calm as possible. He said calmly like he was giving an order. “Go on.”

Then he took the initiative to lower Pei Feng’s head and block this person’s mouth so that he couldn’t speak.

Pei Feng: “……”

His original dazed mind was completely sober now.

His master reacted to him and took the initiative to kiss him? Was this a dream?

Also, what was the sudden mint smell in the room? His master’s pheromones?

Could it be that… his master’s estrus period was induced by him?

Pei Feng froze stiffly, completely unable to believe this result.

The estrus period for an omega was generally fixed. Jiang Shaoyu’s estrus was in July every year. Occasionally, there would be disorders that were related to pheromone fluctuations. Being induced by an alpha to enter the estrus period could only mean that instead of rejecting an alpha, he liked the alpha very much. He became passionate because of his attraction.

Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu in surprise. The omega in his arms had rosy cheeks and a trace of moisture at the corners of his eyes. He was obviously emotional but pretended to be cold. This contradictory look was really sexy to the extreme.

The pheromones in the room became more and more intense. The coolness of the mint and the aroma of coffee blended together, wrapping around the two of them like silk.

Pei Feng’s heartbeat became more and more intense. He rubbed his head against Jiang Shaoyu’s neck and whispered in a coquettish tone, “Master, since you let me continue, can I mark you? I want a complete mark. Is it okay?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s heart was beating like a drum. Once he met Pei Feng’s burning gaze, he nodded and kissed his alpha again.

In the past, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t tolerate an alpha taking possession of his body at all and completely marking him. The moment he thought of this, a chill ran down his spine, and he wanted to cut the other party with a thousand knives.

But at this moment, he found that he wasn’t psychologically repulsed. Rather, he was looking forward to it.

It was because the other person was Xiao Pei.

Xiao Pei, who loved him wholeheartedly and wanted to walk side by side with him.

Not only did Pei Feng want him, but he also became possessive of Pei Feng. He also wanted Pei Feng to belong to him completely.

Pei Feng looked surprised and excited after receiving permission. Neither of them had any experience in this area. Pei Feng was worried about hurting his master, so he tried to be gentle with his movements. Seeing his cautious look, Jiang Shaoyu’s heart slightly softened. He urged in a low voice, “You are clumsy. Do you want your master to teach you about this type of thing?”

Pei Feng blushed. “I’m afraid you will be hurt…”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Go to the bathroom.”

Pei Feng reacted and immediately carried his master to go to the bathroom.

Jiang Shaoyu might not live here any longer but when he returned to China, he didn’t take away many daily necessities. There was still unopened shower gel left in the bathroom. Pei Feng wisely opened a bottle of shower gel and turned on the shower.

Jiang Shaoyu knew it wasn’t that Pei Feng didn’t know how to do it. Pei Feng was just worried that he would be injured, so he had many worries.

The moment Pei Feng put him into the bathtub, Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes, took the initiative to hug the alpha’s shoulders, and completely handed himself over to Xiao Pei.

This time, he was no longer the superior master.

He was willing to be Pei Feng’s partner.


Yu Mingxiang couldn’t get through to Ah Yu’s phone, and Xiao Pei also didn’t answer any calls. She called several times in succession. Finally, once it was almost dark, the call was picked up. The voice that entered her ears was strangely deep. “Hello, Sister Yu.”

Yu Mingxiang said excitedly, “Xiao Pei, didn’t you accompany Ah Yu to the hospital for a check-up? Why haven’t you come back? Something must’ve happened, right? Also, why can’t I get through to your master’s phone?”

Pei Feng glanced at his master, who had been tossed by him and fell asleep in his arms. He said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, something happened suddenly…”

He paused and made an excuse. “There is something going on in Master’s family, and he needs to stay to deal with it. I will accompany him. Sister Yu, do you want to book a ticket back to China? Leave us alone and take the others back first. Master and I will return on our own.”

Yu Mingxiang asked with concern, “Is there something going on at home? Could it be that Ah Yu’s family doesn’t agree with him continuing to be a coach?”

Pei Feng said, “That isn’t it. It is just some trivial things. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it with Master. We will go back to China together in a few days.”

Yu Mingxiang asked, “Where is your master?”

Pei Feng looked at the person in his arms gently and said, “It is inconvenient for him to answer the phone now. I’ll ask him to call you later.”

It was the league’s vacation person, and it didn’t matter when they returned home. Once Yu Mingxiang thought of this, she said, “Okay. Then pay attention to safety.”

Pei Feng hung up.

The person in his arms opened his eyes just in time. His voice was a bit hoarse. “Is it Sister Yu?”

Pei Feng said softly, “Yes. Don’t worry. I told her we had some business to attend to and would be back in a few days.

Jiang Shaoyu was silent for a few seconds before asking in a low voice, “Is the mark complete?”

Pei Feng’s face flushed slightly. He carried Jiang Shaoyu from the bathroom to the bed and said, “Not yet.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Not yet?”

Pei Feng said with an innocent face, “Of course, it will happen but… I couldn’t hold back just now.”

It wasn’t that easy to do a complete mark. The two people had to be very compatible. It was normal to do it once without marking the omega. Xiao Pei didn’t have experience in this area after all. He couldn’t be asked to succeed in one go.

Jiang Shaoyu had no choice but to say, “Then you continue.”

Pei Feng hugged his master excitedly.


The result of Jiang Shaoyu’s indulgence was that Pei Feng ate the marrow and knew the taste. He took advantage of it, and the marking process lasted for three days and three nights. In the end, Jiang Shaoyu felt that all the bones in his body were falling apart. He had the urge to expel Pei Feng as a rebel from his master’s door.

However, the moment when Pei Feng finally successfully marked him, Jiang Shaoyu still relented.

The feeling of complete integration between soul and body made him feel extremely warm. It was as if the missing part of his heart had been completely filled.

Pei Feng, who was successfully marked, hugged Jiang Shaoyu excitedly and whispered in his ear, “I love you. From now on, I completely belong to you Master.”

Jiang Shaoyu listened to these words and felt very satisfied.

A complete mark had a special meaning to both omega and alpha. This meant they were the only ones for each other.

Pei Feng said, ‘I belong to you.’

This alpha, from body to mind, was completely his.

This was the most precious gift that God had given him.

Jiang Shaoyu stretched out his hand, gently touched Pei Feng’s hair, and said softly, “Master also belongs to you.”

Pei Feng hugged him tightly with a smile. “Great! It feels like a dream!”

The two of them secretly completed the mark at Jiang Shaoyu’s residence in California, hiding it from Jiang Shaoyu’s family and Chinese teammates who came to participate in the All-Stars. It was like stealing the forbidden fruit. It was fresh and exciting.

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t believe that he had done such a crazy thing.

In fact, an alpha didn’t have to mark an omega during the susceptible period. Jiang Shaoyu just needed to accompany Xiao Pei and appease the other person, so that Pei Feng’s mood could gradually stabilize.

Neither of them expected that things would develop like this.

Jiang Shaoyu was induced by Pei Feng to enter his estrus period…

As a result, the two people couldn’t end the battle, and the fire became more intense.

Jiang Shaoyu rubbed his pained temples. Over the years, he had always been calm and wasn’t in a hurry when dealing with anything. However, he was the one who couldn’t hold back when facing Pei Feng. This time, he put down his master’s airs and took the initiative to hug and kiss Pei Feng.

He felt uncomfortable when thinking about the three days of indulgence, but he could calmly accept the result.

The two of them liked each other, and the process of completing the mark was a mutual one. They were master and apprentice. They weren’t related by blood. The law didn’t stipulate that master and apprentice couldn’t be together, so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

He, Jiang Shaoyu, was a mortal after all. He wasn’t a cold-blooded machine. He couldn’t escape the word ‘love.’

He had no regrets about falling here with Xiao Pei.


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