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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 214

Extra Ten

Pei Feng hugged Jiang Shaoyu and refused to let him go. Jiang Shaoyu gently pushed him and said in a low voice, “Okay, go and receive the award.”

If they kept hugging, the whole world would know that something was wrong with their master and apprentice.

Pei Feng smiled and let go of his master. The two of them walked side by side to the center of the stage. The lights on the stage were bright, making Jiang Shaoyu’s face look fairer and more handsome. Pei Feng was handsome. The master and apprentice had a perfect height difference. Standing side by side like this, there was an inexplicable sense of matching.

Many netizens who watched the live stream in China discovered this and commented in the live stream room.

[I suddenly feel that Xiao Pei and God Wing are a good match?]

[They are indeed a pleasure to watch when standing together! It is even better than an idol drama~]

[The omega master and alpha apprentice. They are quite good?]

[Xiao Pei doesn’t have the guts to do anything to his master. You guys are thinking too much!]

[I also think that Fred is a little fanboy in front of God Wing. He is very well-behaved and obedient. He doesn’t dare to mess around.]

[Let him mark God Wing? Don’t tease. Does he dare?]

Netizens unanimously agreed: Fred didn’t dare.

After all, Pei Feng had said many times in interviews over the years that, ‘The player I admire most is my master’, ‘I am very grateful to my master for teaching me how to play a sniper’, and ‘he is my idol and role model.’ His position as a brainless fanboy was set up very steadily.

In the eyes of netizens, Pei Feng’s feelings for Jiang Shaoyu were an apprentice’s gratitude and admiration for his mentor. The fan filter was ten layers thick. How dare he have the audacity to have ‘disrespectful’ thoughts about his master? How could it be possible to violate his master and mark his master as an alpha?

Fred would never dare to do such a rebellious thing!

There were only a few such barrages in the live stream room. They were overshadowed by the overwhelming, ‘Congratulations to the master and apprentice team for winning the championship.’

On stage, the host said excitedly, “Congratulations to Wing and Fred from China for winning the 6th All-Stars Doubles Competition!”

The host awarded the championship trophies to them. Pei Feng raised the trophy with his right hand and a smile on his face. Jiang Shaoyu also raised the trophy in cooperation. The photographer in the audience immediately took a precious photo of the two of them.

The host asked, “Do you have anything to say to each other after winning the All-Stars Doubles Competition?”

Pei Feng looked back at Jiang Shaoyu and said seriously, “Master, I fell in love with e-sports after watching your competition. Now I can stand on the podium of the doubles competition with you. I have finally fulfilled my wish when I was young. In my heart, you are the best master in the world.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was calm, but his gaze was very gentle. “You are also the best apprentice.”

Netizens in the live stream room: “??”

Wait, why did it smell strangely sweet?

The host didn’t notice anything wrong between the two of them and continued the interview. “For the first time in the World Doubles Competition, there was a double free people combination. The two of you also won the championship all the way. I want to ask the two of you, is there any solution to this free person style of play?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied calmly, “A free person isn’t invincible. This style of play is just more flexible. No matter how the weapons change, we are just two people. We can only fight with two weapons at the same time. As long as the opponent finds a way to kill us, they can still win.”

The opponents: “??”

But how hard was it to kill them?!

The host asked, “There are many viewers who are curious about how to play as a free person. Can you tell everyone how to practice this type of gameplay?”

Pei Feng smiled. “In fact, a free person isn’t simple. Professional players need to spend a lot of energy just to practice one position. A free person is five times the training intensity. I can play as a free person because when I was getting started, Master had me PK with masters of different positions every day in order to train my comprehensive quality. I mastered the gameplay of all professions. I’ve been proficient in all professions from the beginning, so it is smoother to switch to a freelance talent later.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “It isn’t that you can be a free person with a few different weapons. The most important thing for a real free person is actually the free switching between awareness in the game. For example, an excellent sniper after long-term training, will form the habit of opening the scope, finding the target, and sniping the target. They will hide first and wait for opportunities… On the other hand, a free person needs to change their position at any time according to the situation on the field, making corresponding actions after the conversion. How to judge the situation and when to switch weapons is the most difficult thing.”

Pei Feng continued, “That’s right. We all know that there is a cooldown time after switching weapons and switching it back. If you switch incorrectly, it will expose a mistake to the opponent. Therefore, if you want to play well, you need to accumulate a lot of experience.”

The audience finally realized after hearing this.

It wasn’t like they could become a free person just by selecting a submachine gun, a sniper rifle, and a first aid kit. In this way, there would be countless free people in all countries of the world. The most important thing about a free person’s style of play was actually the ‘transformation of awareness.’ Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu could perfectly qualify for the position of free person because the master and apprentice were both masters with superior awareness, a strong overall view, and proficiency in all professions.

A lot of medics were very good at saving people, but letting them hold a sniper rifle to aim?

People who were good at close combat were used to fierce strafing. It was difficult to calm down after switching to long-range, silently waiting for the prey to appear and shooting them in the head.

Professional masters would form the operation skills and awareness of the profession they were good at. It was difficult to change.

It was best to start training a free person from the entry stage, so that they didn’t form a ‘fixed thinking’. They had to change their position, and switch weapons and playing styles at any time. This way, the all-rounder free person trained could keep up with the fast pace of the World Series. Otherwise, they would only be a drag on the team.

Jiang Shaoyu had trained Xiao Pei back then. It wasn’t to train Pei Feng to be a free person, but to train a commander with a strong sense of the overall situation.

Unexpectedly, a few years later, one became a coach, and the other became the captain of the national team.

Perhaps this was the best arrangement in the darkness.

Jiang Shaoyu’s patient guidance and Xiao Pei’s hard work weren’t in vain, and also achieved a good story.

After this world event, the free person style of play would definitely become popular in countries around the world. However, other countries still had a long way to go if they wanted to train truly good free people.

The domestic commentator said excitedly, “This is the first time that our Chinese team is at the forefront of world e-sports!”

“Yes, in the past, we used to run after others and study their playing style and tactics! Now other countries are going to follow our free person style of play!”

“It isn’t easy to be a free person, and it takes time to develop a good free person. I’m glad that Fred appeared on the field at the most opportune time. God Wing also returned to China as a coach when he needed it most.”

It was the beginning of the Chinese e-sports dynasty.

It wasn’t until this moment that netizens clearly realized. One day, their China would no longer follow in the footsteps of Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. They would be at the forefront.

After returning to the hotel after the interview, Pei Feng opened the door first. Jiang Shaoyu was about to say good night when Pei Feng pulled him into the room.

The moment the door closed, a strong force pressed Jiang Shaoyu against the wall.

Before Jiang Shaoyu could speak, his mouth was firmly blocked by Pei Feng.

“Um…” Jiang Shaoyu was kissed so hard that he was dizzy. He was still holding the trophy in one hand and was worried that the sharp tip of the trophy would hurt Pei Feng. He had to open his arms to keep the trophy away from Pei Feng. This open-arm posture made it easier for Pei Feng to squeeze in front of him.

Pei Feng held the trophy in his right hand while his left hand was tightly wrapped around his master’s waist. He pushed his master against the wall and kissed him.

Jiang Shaoyu’s legs were tightly pressed by the alpha’s legs. Between the friction of the light fabric, he could clearly feel the strong and powerful muscles of Pei Feng’s legs. Such an intimate and ambiguous posture made Jiang Shaoyu’s cheeks hot.

He opened his mouth and wanted to tell Pei Feng to let go, but he was kissed deeper by Pei Feng.

The ambiguous sounds in the room made the temperature continue to rise. Jiang Shaoyu was kissed so hard that his brain was almost blurred.

It wasn’t known how long it took before Pei Feng withdrew from his mouth in an unsatisfied manner. Looking at Jiang Shaoyu’s sexy appearance after being kissed, Pei Feng endured his violent heartbeat and asked in a low voice, “Master, why didn’t you push me away?”

Jiang Shaoyu said helplessly, “You put down the trophy first so that you don’t hurt anyone.

Pei Feng turned his head. He saw that when Jiang Shaoyu was forcibly kissed by him just now, Jiang Shaoyu stretched out his arms and held the trophy far away. He was apparently worried about hurting Pei Feng. This detail made Pei Feng feel warm in his heart.

In fact, if Jiang Shaoyu was unwilling then he could push away the other person at any time.

But Jiang Shaoyu didn’t push him away. Considering Pei Feng’s safety, he used this ‘convenient for the other person’ posture.’

His master was a person who wasn’t good at expressing emotions, so he had a cold and indifferent look.

His care and love were hidden in these details.

Pei Feng chuckled and took the trophy. He put it on the table next to him and said in a low voice, “Master really cares about me.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Not answering was tantamount to acquiescence.

Pei Feng hugged Jiang Shaoyu, rubbed against his neck affectionately, and said in a low voice, “I’m so happy today.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the spoiled alpha who was rubbing against him and couldn’t help saying helplessly, “Why are you happier than winning the world championship?”

Pei Feng said, “It is because it is a double award won with you. The meaning is different.”

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it carefully. It did have a different meaning. Winning the world championship represented China, but this doubles award represented their master and apprentice. The trophy of the world champion was to be placed in the showroom of the national team. Meanwhile, the All-Stars doubles trophy belonged to them. They could take it home.

This was a very precious commemoration for the two of them.

Pei Feng took Jiang Shaoyu’s hand, raised it to their lips, and kissed it reverently.

These hands were slender and beautiful. They were fast when typing on the keyboard, as if the fingertips were dancing on the keyboard. It was a pity that he hadn’t been able to play the game in all these years, and the audience couldn’t see the demeanor of God Wing.

Fortunately, Jiang Shaoyu could also participate in this year’s All-Stars.

The sniper god returned, and the master and apprentice were on the same stage. This made up for a lot of mistakes.

Pei Feng said softly, “In the future, you will be the coach, and I will continue to be the captain. I’ll stay as long as you are in the national team.”

Jiang Shaoyu was kissed by Pei Feng on the back of the hand. The numbing feeling was transmitted to his heart along the back of his hand. His gaze became rarely gentle, and he said in a low voice, “Okay. In the future, no matter what happens, we will bear it together.”

This was the promise he made to Xiao Pei.

He wasn’t good at saying ‘I like you’ and similar words.

He just wanted Pei Feng to know that in the future, he wanted to move forward with Pei Feng, just like they stood side by side in the All-Stars double competition, encouraging each other, trusting each other, and supporting each other.

Regardless of the wind and rain, walk side by side.


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