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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 212

Extra Eight

A double free person style. The two people could switch between offense and defense at any time. They had to eliminate both players at the same time or wait for one to be completely dead before killing the other. Otherwise, if the two people cooperate and save each other, then the opponents would be dragged into a deadlock.

Kim Minho thought about this clearly and immediately made a decision. “I’ll keep an eye on Wing. You go to Fred. Remember to guard the corpse after killing him!”

Kim Minji nodded. “Understood.”

The Crystal Cave map was dimly lit. There were a large number of stalactite obstacles in the cave. Every few steps, there were stones of different heights and shapes blocking the view. This wasn’t conducive to long-range aiming and shooting by snipers. For a profession like a scout, which was light and flexible, they were like a duck in water on maps with many obstacles.

This map was one of the best maps for the Korean team. Kim Minho chose this map because he wanted to score one point on the home map.

The map loaded, and the game quickly began.

Jiang Shaoyu made a mark on the map. There was no need to say anything else. Pei Feng knew what his master meant.

The two people quickly dispersed, one on the left and the other on the right.

Pei Feng switched to the lightest Poisonous Bee Dagger and quickly sneaked into the rocks. He rushed to the northeast corner like a gust of wind. Meanwhile, Jiang Shaoyu switched to the light pistol, the Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon, and headed toward the northwest.

The master and apprentice maintained a distance where they could support each other at all times and acted in sync.

The two of them had the same rhythm. Even their footsteps sounded at the same frequency, and they were like copies of each other.

The viewers in the live stream room couldn’t help sighing.

[Their walking rhythm is exactly the same!]

[Fred stops when God Wing stops. Fred moves forward, and so does God Wing. It is just like it is programmed!]

[100% copying. It is worthy of being a personal apprentice!]

[This amazing understanding is really amazing~]

Pei Feng had a strong learning ability and was very good at imitation. In the previous World Series, he had imitated Yezi and placed the double scout synchronized sneak attack tactic. He also imitated Zhou Zhou, Lao Lin, and Shu Chen. However, what everyone didn’t know was that the person he most resembled was actually Jiang Shaoyu, his mentor.

Pei Feng had been studying with Jiang Shaoyu since he was a teenager. He knew his master’s rhythm very well. He was also familiar with the terrain of the Crystal Cave map. Therefore, he could guess in advance when Jiang Shaoyu would move and when he would stop. He reacted in the same way.

In the eyes of the audience, the master and apprentice were following the same steps at this moment. It was as if it was copied and pasted.

This tacit understanding was simply unmatched!

Crystal Cave was a cave-like map, and footsteps would reverberate. The result of the complete synchronization between master and apprentice was that Kim Minho and Kim Minji couldn’t accurately locate their positions through the sound of footsteps. The footsteps echoing in the cave overlapped completely. It was impossible to tell whether the enemy was in the east or the west!

Kim Minho said, “The 9 o’clock direction.”

Kim Minji said, “It sounds like it is 3 o’clock.”

The two of them were stunned. Kim Minho frowned before saying, “There are probably people on both sides. Spread out and look for them separately!”

The Korean brothers raised the Sand Eagle in their hands and quickly dispersed to find people.

Jiang Shaoyu whispered, “Stop.”

Pei Feng immediately stopped. The chaotic footsteps of the Korean players sounded in the cave, gradually approaching from a distance.

It seemed that they were trying to find people separately, turning 2V2 into two sets of 1V1.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng’s free person style was varied. The South Korean brothers weren’t their opponents at all when fighting 2V2. As for a 1V1, no matter how the position changed, they just had to kill one of the master and apprentice, and they could establish an advantage.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “Xiao Pei, lead him out. I’ll cover you.”

Pei Feng smiled and replied, “Understood.”

The enemy’s footsteps were getting closer and closer. Seeing that South Korea’s Kim Minji was about to go around the side of the stone where Pei Feng was hiding, Pei Feng suddenly jumped out from behind a stalactite and quickly shuttled between the stones like the wind. Kim Minji just felt a black shadow in front of his eyes and shot out of reflex.

After all, Kim Minji was a world-class scout. His instantaneous reaction speed was extremely fast, and this shot hit Pei Feng’s shoulder.

Pei Feng gave up his shoulder, and his health dropped by 30% in an instant. He hid behind a rock. Kim Minji naturally wouldn’t let him go and immediately chased after him. However, at the same time, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly switched to the sniper rifle in the distance. He opened the scope, aimed, and fired.

Bang, bang!

The clear sound of gunfire was heard in the distance. The bullets of the sniper rifle hit the stalactites and caused dazzling sparks.

Due to the large number of obstacles in the cave, it was difficult for a sniper to hit the enemy. Jiang Shaoyu moved quickly while shooting from different angles. The angle of his bullets was very tricky. He didn’t hit Kim Minji, but he used long-range continuous shooting to block Kim Minji’s movement directly!

Kim MInji was forced to take two steps back and find a stalactite to hide behind.

Pei Feng took advantage of his master’s remote protection to switch to the first aid kill and fill up his health in one go. Immediately afterward, he jumped out from the other direction of the stone, switched to the AK-47, and fired fiercely toward Kim Minji’s position!

Bang bang bang bang!

The AK-47 was violently fired. Bullets with a black mist rained down on him.

Kim Minji was obviously hiding in the blind spot of Pei Feng’s field of view, so he was caught off guard by Pei Feng, who moved in the opposite direction and suddenly appeared.

Apparently, Jiang Shaoyu saw Kim Minji’s movements clearly and reported the enemy’s exact location to Pei Feng.

Pei Feng didn’t disappoint his master. At this moment, Jiang Shaoyu was Pei Feng’s eyes. Pei Feng suddenly jumped to Kim Minji’s side in the distance and fired the assault rifle in his hand across a large range. Kim Minji was unable to avoid it and was instantly killed.

[’-Fred’ killed ‘KOR-Killer’ with an AK-47!]

Pei Feng neatly killed Kim Minji.

At the same time, Kim MInho discovered Jiang Shaoyu’s position. He quietly moved around and wanted to sneak attack Jiang Shaoyu. Unfortunately, the movement he moved behind Jiang Shaoyu, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly pulled out the powerful Thomson submachine gun as if he had eyes in the back of his head and fired wildly behind him!

Bang bang bang!

The fierce firepower of the submachine gun formed a gorgeous tongue of flames and swept toward Kim Minho in an instant!

Jiang Shaoyu was like a calm hunter when killing people with his sniper rifle. His precise headshots sent chills down people’s spine.

But now, Jiang Shaoyu was like a fierce god of war with his submachine gun. He stood there, and the submachine gun in his hand crackled and fired, creating a wide range of firepower. It left the enemy with almost nowhere to hide!

Kim Minho didn’t even have time to shoot before he was completely swallowed up by the flames sweeping from Jiang Shaoyu.

[‘-Wing’ has killed ‘KOR-King’ with the Thomson-Flames.]

There was warm applause from the audience at the competition venue.

Fans in the live stream room also excitedly filled it with 6666.

[Is God Wing so aggressive as a charger?]

[His behavior is so violent this time. Just confront the enemy head-on!]

[The two people cooperated very well.]

Fred killed the younger brother, and Wing killed the older brother.

The Korean brothers originally wanted to sneak around and attack. But due to the tacit cooperation between the master and apprentice, they were counterattacked immediately.

Kim MInho and Kim Minji’s expressions were extremely ugly. This was f*king free person!

One second, Pei Feng was running away with a dagger. The next second, he took out the first aid kit to increase his health. After increasing his health, he pulled out his AK to kill the enemy. Jiang Shaoyu also used a sniper rifle to shoot remotely and cover his apprentice. Then he pulled out his submachine gun, killing the enemy in one wave!

Sometimes ranged, sometimes melee, sometimes output, and sometimes healing!

Both men were versatile and adept at playing all positions.

This was called the ‘double free person combination’!

With the tacit cooperation of the master and apprentice, they didn’t just beat the Korean brothers with a suppression of firepower. There was also a crushing of IQ.

[This pair of master and apprentice is the strongest combination in the world. Do you agree?]

[It is awesome! Two people have the momentum of five people!]

[It looks like the master and apprentice are fighting, but I feel like the five ACE members are fighting~]

[God Wing is so handsome! The long-range sniper instantly transforms into a violent charger, killing the enemy behind him in one wave!]

In China, the two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to Fred and Wing for winning the first game!”

What snipers feared most was being attacked at close range. Once at close range, the sniper wouldn’t have time to open the scope to snipe the enemy. Their bullet could easily miss when facing a target at close range.

However, once a sniper was also good at close combat then such a sniper would have no weaknesses.

Jiang Shaoyu proved this with his actions. The strongest gameplay of Gun King was the free person gameplay.

For example, if a sniper brought a submachine gun then he could switch between offense and defense freely.

He could give firepower suppression from a distance and support his teammates, and he could also charge into close combat to kill enemies who tried a sneak attack!

How scary was a sniper who could attack from a distance, fight at close range, and had no weaknesses?

The two brothers of the Korean team personally experienced this nightmare today at the world doubles competition.

The second game was Fred and Wing’s home game.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the map without hesitation: City of Ice.

It was a five star difficulty map with the fastest tempo in the game. The skating speed on the ice would be several times higher than on normal ground.

This time, Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng didn’t separate. The master and apprentice glided quickly on the ice, one behind the other.

Pei Feng went to search for the enemy, and Jiang Shaoyu covered behind him.

The Korean brothers didn’t separate this time. They wanted to stay together and kill one of the master and apprentice in a 2V1 fight. However, when the two sides met at the ice sculptures location, they found that Fred and Wing also hadn’t separated on the Chinese side.

2V2 head-on!

Pei Feng switched to the assault rifle while Jiang Shaoyu took out the submachine gun. The two of them rode the slide on the left and right, flying from high to low!

For a while, bullets rained down from the slide made of ice and snow!

The brothers of the South Korean team were beaten so hard that they didn’t dare to take the lead. Their health both dropped.

It wasn’t until Fred and Wing slid into the group of ice sculptures that Kim Minho and Kim Minji found a chance. There were many ice sculptures here. They could fight a quick guerrilla war and sneak around to attack the master and apprentice. However, the audience from a god’s perspective could find that at this time, Jiang Shaoyu had quickly climbed to the tallest ice sculpture, while Pei Feng switched to the lightest dagger and floated into the ice sculpture maze like the wind.

The Korean brothers ran around an ice sculpture. Once they saw Pei Feng, they immediately surrounded him on the left and right.

The two of them attacked from the left and right. They cooperated tacitly to block Pei Feng around the corner.

Pei Feng was surrounded and had nowhere to escape for a while.

The Korean brothers were overjoyed. They shot at almost the same time, wanting to kill Pei Feng.

Just as they thought they had won the game, clear gunfire came from above them.

Bang, bang!

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-King’ with a headshot!]

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Killer’ with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu, who had been hiding on an ice sculpture in advance, switched to the sniper rifle he was best at. He fired two shots in a row simply and neatly, killing two people!

Pei Feng stood next to the corpses of the Korean brothers and said with a smile, “Master, nice!”

This wave of cooperation between the master and apprentice was very tacit. The two of them switched to a melee battle first and took the slide to force the enemies into the ice sculpture maze. Pei Feng used it as bait and deliberately lured the Korean brothers into the range of the master and apprentice. Meanwhile, Jiang Shaoyu ambushed them in advance and took the opportunity to kill the two of them.

If Pei Feng made a mistake or Jiang Shaoyu’s marksmanship wasn’t accurate enough, their cooperation would easily become disjointed, and they would be killed by the Korean brothers.

Facts proved that Pei Feng’s positioning had zero mistakes, and Jiang Shaoyu’s marksmanship also had zero mistakes!

The strongest master and apprentice in the world couldn’t be disconnected.

In this game, the rhythm was so fast that the Korean brothers were a bit confused. They ended up inexplicably killed by Jiang Shaoyu?

On the big screen, the combination of Wing and Fred won the first doubles match with a score of 2:0. The Korean duo, who once won the world championship… had no way to fight back against the master and apprentice?

In the audience, Captain Venus watched the match and couldn’t help having a headache. “How can we play against them? If I knew, I wouldn’t have joined the doubles competition!”

The German captain, Kaiser, also complained. “Two free people is simply a bug!”

This game also made viewers all over the world aware of a terrible problem.

Pei Feng’s teacher was Jiang Shaoyu. If Pei Feng could do it, then Jiang Shaoyu could naturally do it as well!

This master and apprentice pair weren’t just world-class snipers.

They were the strongest free people in the world!


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