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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 211

Extra Seven

The host obviously didn’t expect Jiang Shaoyu to win the MVP. She was stunned for a moment before excitedly announcing, “In the opening game of the All-Stars event, congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the battle royale mode. Congratulations to Wing for winning the MVP of this game.”

The five members of the Chinese team came to the middle of the stage together. Kane, the chairman of the World League, awarded them the customized All-Stars trophy.

The World Series championship only had one big trophy that was given to the Chinese team. This trophy was currently placed in the national team’s showroom. In comparison, everyone in the All-Stars got a trophy. The trophy was small and not as valuable as the World Series, but it was very commemorative and the players could take it home for their own collection.

This year’s trophy was beautifully designed, with the words ‘S6 World All-Stars Commemoration’ engraved in gold on the base. The five members of the Chinese team received the trophy, and Jiang Shaoyu had an additional MVP trophy. Lao Lin excitedly raised the trophy over his head. Ye Qingming’s eyes narrowed as he smiled. Liu Shaoyu and Pei Feng were also smiling. Only Jiang Shaoyu showed no expression. He stood in the middle, taking photos with everyone on the stage. His face was serious like he was in a meeting.

Netizens complained one after another.

[Can Coach Jiang smile a bit?]

[This face is like an abstinent male god. I love it so much~]

[I seriously wonder if Coach Jiang has facial paralysis?]

[He just doesn’t like to take photos [dog head.jpg.]]

Jiang Shaoyu really didn’t like to take photos. He couldn’t smile every time he faced the camera.

After the awards, the host conducted a simple interview with him. “Congratulations to Wing for winning the MVP trophy in the opening game! Today, your outstanding performance surprised the audience. Can I ask you a question? You have been retired for so many years. Hasn’t your game state declined?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “I used to be a professional player, so after retiring, I have always held myself to the standards of a professional player. Retiring is just leaving the e-sports arena, not giving up e-sports completely.”

This sentence brought tears to the eyes of many domestic fans.

He just left. He didn’t give up!

He had always loved e-sports, so after receiving an invitation from the national team, he didn’t hesitate to come back!

The host asked curiously, “Since your level is so good, why didn’t you become a player? Why did you retreat to the backstage to become a coach?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied softly, “Because the national team needs a coach like me.”

There were many excellent players, but excellent coaches were extremely rare.

After Jiang Shaoyu came back, it was the lowest period of the Chinese team. They were unable to reach the top eight or even get out of the group stage for five consecutive years. The country lost confidence in the national team. Combine this with the capital manipulation behind the major clubs and the e-sports circle became a miasma. The national team could be said to be rotten to the roots.

At this moment, the coach was far more important than the players. If Jiang Shaoyu was just an e-sports player, he wouldn’t be able to decide the selection mode of the national team, let alone change the training method of the players. It was only by acting as the head coach and getting the right to speak that he could rectify the national team from the root.

Facts also proved that the emergence of Jiang Shaoyu had completely changed the environment of China’s Gun King e-sports circle. Not only did the national team have a good result, but there was the A-grade League, the B-grade League, and the Rising Stars Cup. The atmosphere of the domestic e-sports circle had taken on a new look from top to bottom!

Now the atmosphere of the entire e-sports circle was much clearer. It could be said that he had created a new era for Gun King.

The host heard his answer and took the lead in applauding. The audience also gave warm applause.

Regardless of borders, such a coach was a person who deserved the respect of e-sports fans all over the world.

After the opening game of the All-Stars, Jiang Shaoyu’s popularity was booming. Most netizens who watched the game had become his passersby fans. They ran to follow him on Weibo and left messages to express their admiration and love for him.

[As the head coach of the national team at its worst, Coach Jiang is really courageous.]

[God Wing is my eternal god!]

[Do you still lack apprentices? The type that gives you exaggerated praise every day~]

[Brother Yu is really amazing!]

After returning to the hotel in the evening, Pei Feng saw the messages under his master’s Weibo and sent a message to Jiang Shaoyu, “Master’s popularity is getting higher and higher. I’m worried that one day, Master will be snatched away~~”

This coquettish alpha was really helpless.

Jiang Shaoyu replied helplessly, “No, I ‘m not interested in other alphas.”

If other alphas approached him, he would only feel disgust and disdain. Only Xiao Pei could let him release all his psychological diseases. He was very vigilant yet he could even sleep in Pei Feng’s arms until dawn… such trust and dependence could only be explained as ‘liking’, right?

However, Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t good at expressing it. He felt that there were some things that didn’t need to be on his lips every day. Since he agreed to be with Xiao Pei, he would also take this relationship seriously.

Pei Feng smiled happily and asked, “Master means that you are only interested in me as an alpha?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied calmly, “You ask while knowing the answer.”

Pei Feng almost ran downstairs to run laps in excitement.

In his master’s heart, he was the only special case. He suddenly felt so honored!

Pei Feng took a deep breath to calm down his emotions and asked, “There is still an individual competition for the All-Stars. Master, will you sign up?”

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Do you want to sign up?”

Pei Feng replied, “I won’t sign up. I am the MVP of this World Series. There is no need to play another round in the individual competition.”

Jiang Shaoyu knew in his heart that Pei Feng actually didn’t want to PK with his master in the individual competition.

With Pei Feng’s strength, there was a high probability that he would enter the finals if he signed up for the individual competition. If Jiang Shaoyu entered the finals as well, their master and apprentice must distinguish between the winner and loser.

Pei Feng had always respected his master in his heart and didn’t want to PK with him in front of the audience all over the world. Once he won, the media reporters would say, “The apprentice is better than his master and defeated his master. Sure enough, there is always someone better.’ In this way, Pei Feng would overshadow Jiang Shaoyu. If he lost, some media reporters would say, ‘The apprentice will never be as good as his master.’ Jiang Shaoyu definitely wouldn’t want to see such a situation.

For their master and apprentice, it didn’t matter who won or who lost.

But neither of them wanted to see reporters and netizens arguing about, ‘Who is stronger, Wing or Fred?’

Those who thought the master was stronger and those who thought the apprentice was stronger would argue with each other…

It wasn’t necessary.

The master and apprentice were very strong, right?

They should go for the doubles competition! If the master and apprentice joined forces, they would be invincible in the world!

Pei Feng suggested, “Master, why don’t we go to the doubles competition together?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It is better to play the doubles competition. I’m too lazy to go to the individual competition.”

Both messages came out almost simultaneously.

The decision made Pei Feng feel warm due to their tacit connection.

Jiang Shaoyu never cared about his fame. He hoped that his apprentices would have more opportunities to practice compared to winning the championship of the individual competition.

It was rare for their master and apprentice to fight side by side on the same stage. This could be regarded as Xiao Pei’s dream when he was young.


Due to the scheduling conflict between the individual and doubles competition, players participating in the All-Stars could only choose one of them. Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu signed up for the doubles competition, while Ye Qingming, Liu Shaozhou, and Lao Lin all participated in the individual competition.

The next morning, the list for this year’s All-Stars doubles competition and individual competition was officially released.

Kim Minho was shocked when he saw the list of participants. “Wing didn’t go to the individual competition?”

Kim Minji frowned. “I thought he would want to be in the limelight and win the individual competition.”

In the opening game of the first day, Wing topped the kill list with a terrible record of 12 heads and became the MVP player of this year’s All-Stars. His personal strength also shocked the professional players. The coach was so strong. With his strength, there was a high probability of winning the championship in the individual competition!

After a careful analysis last night, Kim Minho believed that Wing would definitely participate in the individual competition, so he and his brother signed up for the doubles competition. He wanted to rely on the tacit cooperation between brothers to win the championship in the doubles competition, save some face for the Korean team, and increase the popularity of the brothers in South Korea.

The result…

The master and apprentice went to the doubles competition!

Kim Minji said in a worried manner, “Fred plays as a free person. Isn’t it difficult to deal with a free person and a sniper?”

Kim Minho replied with a stern face, “No matter how his position changes, we can work together to kill Wing and then deal with Fred.

Kim Minji agreed. “That’s right. Let’s join forces to kill the master first, then the apprentice.”

The next day, the All-Stars competition officially began.

The all-star players who signed up for the individual competition and doubles competition would be randomly drawn into groups. They would first compete for points in the group. Then they would play in the knockout rounds according to the rules of the World Series until the champion, second place, and third place were determined. There were a total of eight pairs of players registered for the doubles competition, who were divided into Group A and Group B.

Group A had South Korea’s Kim Minho + Kim Minji, the United States’ Venus + Simil, the German team’s Kaiser + Miller, and the Chinese team’s Jiang Shaoyu + Pei Feng.

Group B was the duo of Italy, Australia, Brazil and France.

The domestic netizens were excited when they saw this grouping list.

[F*k, the death group is Group A. They are all old opponents!]

[I want to light a candle for these opponents in advance~]

[Fred and Wing’s master-apprentice combination!]

[Xiao Pei: If Master needs a scout, I will be his eyes. If Master needs a medic, I will carry a first aid kit to save him!}

[I am a free person. I speak for Master!]

[Little fanboy Fred can finally be his master’s all-round bodyguard, hahahaha.]

[Are you sure it is a combination of Fred’s free person + Wing’s sniper? Why do I think it isn’t that simple?]

At 2:30 in the afternoon, the first match of the doubles competition in Group A officially began.

The first opponents that Fred and Wing met were the Korean brothers, Kim Minho and Kim MInji. This pair of scout brothers once won the All-Stars doubles championship in the fourth and fifth World Series. The two brothers had a perfect tacit understanding and were good at assassinations and sneak attacks. They had defeated countless world-famous combinations.

If they won the doubles competition again this year, it would be an unprecedented third time in a row.

The Korean audience was full of expectations for them, and they themselves were very confident.

The players on both sides sat in the soundproof room and started checking their equipment.

The camera happened to zoom in. Netizens keenly discovered that Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng’s keyboards and mice were actually the same model and color. The lower right corner of the keyboard and right below the mouse were engraved with the silver words ‘Wing’ and ‘Fred. ‘Wing’ and ‘Fred’ had a pair of beautiful little wings on both sides.

Previously, the camera wasn’t so close. This meant everyone didn’t notice this detail.

[The same keyboard? The relationship between master and apprentice is touching!]

[The cute little wings next to the name light up. Why do I think this is Fred’s aesthetic?]

[I will bet a dime that Fred bought this keyboard to honor his master.]

[This is obviously a special customization from the keyboard manufacturer that Fred cooperates with, right?]

[Customize the same keyboard for his master and himself. Fred is really a well-deserved Wing fan!]

In some small CP groups who secretly shipped the master and apprentice, the CP fans were excited like it was the new year.

Fred and Wing didn’t look like a CP on the surface. Wing’s aura was too strong. He had a ‘sacred and inviolable’ cold and ascetic appearance. Whoever offended him would die. Fred shouldn’t have the guts to do anything to his master, right?

Therefore, everyone could only ship them secretly. They didn’t even dare to build a CP super talk out of fear of being scolded by Jiang Shaoyu.

The most pitiful CP fans in history could only dig at the details.

Most people didn’t pay attention to this type of detail and focused on the game selection.

The game mode of the doubles competition was BO3, with each team having a home map and a random map in the deciding game. The first game was the home game of the Korean team. Kim Minho chose Crystal Cave, a map suitable for ambush and sneak attacks.

Both sides started to select weapons.

Pei Feng bought the AK-47 assault rifle, the Poisonous Bee Dagger, and the first aid kit. It was a free person gameplay that could switch between assaulter, scout, and medic at any time.

Jiang Shaoyu brought the Thomson-Blaze, the MSG-Aurora, and the Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon… it was also a free person gameplay that could change at any time!

Kim Minho’s expression suddenly changed, and he couldn’t help cursing. “F*k, two free people?”

The domestic audience clapped excitedly.

[Double free people. F*k, it is invincible!]

[Do you think you are playing against two people? No, you are playing against five professions!]

[The master and apprentice can select a charger, assaulter, scout, sniper, and medic gameplay at any time!]

[Fred is the first free person in the world. Is his master also a free person?]

[That’s right. Fred’s free person gameplay might’ve been taught by God Wing!]

Two free people. Such a combination was appearing for the first time in the World Series!

It wasn’t just the Korean brothers who were shocked. The players from other countries sitting in the audience and watching the match also had sweat dripping down their backs.

Double free people. This was simply invincible in 2V2 mode, okay?!


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