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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 210

Extra Six

After killing two members of the French team, Jiang Shaoyu calmly said, “Stop.”

Pei Feng immediately parked the car at the edge of the forest.

Jiang Shaoyu ordered, “Yezi, go and pick up the equipment. Snipers, pay attention to cover him.”

Ye Qingming burrowed into the forest like the wind to pick up the falling equipment. After the death of the French team’s sniper, Albert, the sniper rifle fell to the ground. The scout Nick’s Venomous Bee Dagger and Sand Eagle also fell, as well as several magazines and medical bandages.

Ye Qingming came back with a lot of equipment. Jiang Shaoyu gave the medical bandages to Pei Feng and asked him to act as the temporary medic. The dagger was handed over to Yezi and the magazines were given to Liu Shaozhou and Lao Lin.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Abandon the car and go into the forest.”

Everyone followed.

Lao Lin and Yezi opened the way ahead, while Pei Feng, Jiang Shaoyu, and Liu Shaozhou followed behind. They quietly sneaked into the forest.

At this time, the three teams of Australia, the United States, and France had been eliminated. The Korean team was nowhere to be found, the German team had three people left, the Italian team had three people left, and the Brazilian team had all five people. The Brazilian team was relatively lucky in this game. Their parachuting position was relatively empty, and they didn’t encounter any enemies along the way.

In order to save their lives, the surviving players hurried to the safe zone.

Five minutes into the game, the system notification popped up again on the screen: The safe zone has been refreshed.

The red circle on the mini-map suddenly shrank to one-fifth of its original size. The Chinese team was now in the outer circle of the safe zone. After shrinking, they were immediately affected by the ‘poisoned’ state and continued to lose health. Everyone had to go to the new safe zone before their health ran out. The five people had walked forward a certain distance when Jiang Shaoyu whispered, “Attention, there are five people at 10 o’clock.”

He had a keen sense of hearing and could distinguish the number of opponents based on the sound of footsteps. At this time, the audience from a god’s perspective could see that the five members of the Brazilian team were rushing to the safe zone very close to the players of the Chinese team.

After hearing Jiang Shaoyu’s warning, his teammates quickly hid.

Jiang Shaoyu climbed up the tree. Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou hid behind the tree on the left and right. Lao Lin and Yezi were closer to the front.

After a few moments, the five players of the Brazilian team appeared in their field of view.

Due to the good location selection of the parachute, the Brazilian team didn’t encounter any enemies at the beginning. They collected a large amount of equipment along the way, including various bulletproof panels, first aid kids, throwing weapons, firearms, and ammunition. After arriving at the safe zone, the captain said excitedly, “Everyone, be careful. We are now equipped with luxurious equipment and have five people! We can survive to the end as long as we don’t encounter the Chinese team.”

The charger at the front was responsible for clearing the way, while the assaulter and scout followed closely behind with guns. The sniper was protected in the middle of the team. The team member at the end was carrying a first aid kit on his back. He was obviously the medic of the Brazilian team.

Jiang Shaoyu hid on the tree and opened the scope. He ordered calmly, “Lao Lin, blow up the bulletproof light panel and deal with the medic first.”


The Brazilian team had no idea that they had been targeted by Jiang Shaoyu.

They walked forward cautiously and unknowingly entered the encirclement of the Chinese team.

Suddenly, deafening gunshots rang out. Lao Lin jumped out from behind a tree and fired like crazy. Bullets rained down and instantly destroyed the bulletproof panel of the Brazilian team’s medic!

The moment Lao Lin exploded the bulletproof light panel, a bullet calmly shot out from a gap between the leaves in the distance.


[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘BRA-Rafa’ with a headshot!]

After Jiang Shaoyu shot the medic, he immediately dodged behind the tree branch. A member of the Brazilian team’s front row turned and shot at him, but he dodged in time. At the same time, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou on the left and right started to take action. The gunshots of the Balot and AWM rang out one after another.

[’Fred’ has used the Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘BRA-Ruddy’ with a headshot!]

[‘Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘BRA-Josip’ with a headshot!]

The three snipers of the Chinese team formed a perfect ‘triangular position’ of one in front and two in the back. They killed three people of the Brazilian team in the blink of an eye.

Ye Qingming wasn’t idle either. He took advantage of the confusion of the Brazilian team to suddenly appear and kill the scout who was hiding. The last sniper who wanted to flee was shot through the back of the head by Jiang Shaoyu.

The commentator said excitedly, “This wave of cooperation is so beautiful. It directly wiped out the Brazilian team!”

“The Chinese team sensed the movement of the Brazilian team in advance and ambushed them. It is catching a turtle in an urn! Coach Jiang got two more heads.”

“So far, Coach Jiang already has seven heads in his hands!”

After a member of the Brazilian team died, all their equipment dropped.

Pei Feng and Ye Qingming actively ran to pick up the equipment.

This wave of team elimination of the Brazilian team gave the Chinese team a great harvest. Not only did they pick up the key first aid kit, but also a sniper rifle, an AK and several grenades. Jiang Shaoyu gathered everyone’s equipment and redistributed it. They set off again after tidying up.

The moment netizens saw this, they started commenting on the barrage.

[The Brazilian team traveled so far to give their heads. The gift is light, but the affection is heavy!]

[It is so funny. They came all this way to give a wave of luxury equipment gift packages.]

[Now they even have the first aid kit, AK, and grenades!]

[The equipment of the Chinese team is the best, and Coach Jiang has the most heads. Jiayou!]

In the kill ranking of this game, Jiang Shaoyu took the lead by default with seven heads.

The German, Italian, and South Korean players all had mixed feelings. Trying to take out the Chinese team in the battle royale mode had almost become a hellish task. The Chinese team had defeated several countries in a row and had become the biggest boss in the game. Putting aside the luxurious equipment, the strength of the players was also world-class.

Any team with a full lineup of five people had a low chance of winning against the Chinese team.

What’s more, the German team and Italian team had some players who died in the previous battle. Only three people were alive at present.

The captain of the German team, Kaiser, said calmly, “There are only three people left. It is impossible to kill the Chinese team. There is only one way to win. Let the Chinese team and South Korean team PK. We will hide and get rid of any stragglers.”

At this time, South Korea’s captain, Kim Minho, had the same idea. “Let Germany, Italy, and China fight. We will ambush and sneak attack to find opportunities.”

It was only by sitting back and watching the others fight that they could reap the benefits. In the face of the Chinese team, whoever won would die.

The best thing to do was to let the other teams go first, hide and steal heads. Perhaps then they would make it to the end.

The safe zone continued to shrink and there was a sudden silence in the forest.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “It seems that none of them dare to come out and fight us.”

Pei Feng said with a smile, “They know that the Chinese team is now the best-equipped team. They all want others to die first and pick up the benefits.”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “Yezi, Lao Lin, prepare to search.”

Did they think it was safe to hide?

You know, the strongest thing in ACE in the past was the cooperation between the front row and the sniper. Yezi and Jiang Shaoyu’s parallel search, or Lao Lin and Jiang Shaoyu’s cooperation of far and near firepower suppression. No matter how the opponent dodged, they could search for people and kill them!

Lao Lin and Ye Qingming cooperated with the search on the left and right. Jiang Shaoyu and Liu Shaozhou took aim in the distance, ready to collect the heads at any time. Pei Feng followed behind Lao Lin and Yezi as medical support.

Jiang Shaoyu’s strategy was very simple. Since they didn’t want to come out to die, the Chinese team would take the initiative to find them.

The safe zone had been further reduced.

The forest was dense and full of dangers. Enemies might be hidden in every tree. Lao Lin and Yezi searched side by side. With the help of the medic, Lao Lin directly took out a submachine gun and fired at the tree. Such a thorough search meant that none of the enemies could hide.

Soon, they found the three members of the Italian team. These three people were clever enough. They hid in a bush. If it wasn’t for Lao Lin’s direct shooting, perhaps they would’ve hidden to the end?

The Italian captain’s health was reduced by Lao Lin’s random bullets, so he had to jump out and fight. The three of them focused their firepower and killed Lao Lin in seconds. Pei Feng immediately stepped forward and helped Lao Lin up with the first aid kit. Ye Qingming seized the opportunity and killed the scout of the Italian team.

In the distance, Jiang Shaoyu and Liu Shaozhou shot at the same time. It was accurate long-range sniping, and the remaining two people of the Italian team were quickly killed!

Jiang Shaoyu’s kill count became eight people.

The commentator’s voice became more and more excited. “There are only three teams left in the finals: South Korea, Germany and China!”

”The German team has only three people left, and the South Korean team has five. The South Korean team is the biggest threat.”

“Coach Jiang should be careful about the sneak attacks by the Korean team.”

The forest of Fantasy Island had a complex terrain, with towering trees everywhere and a small river not far away.

Ye Qingming and Lao Lin searched the river. At this time, the audience from a god’s perspective could see that the brothers Kim Minho and Kim Minji of the Korean team were sneaking downstream along the direction of the water flow. Just now, they locked onto the location of the two snipers when Jiang Shaoyu and Liu Shaozhou shot the Italian team!

Kill the sniper first! This was the decision made by Kim Minho.

The two brothers landed quietly downstream. The black barrels of the Sand Eagle in their hands were aimed at the two big trees where Jiang Shaoyu and Liu Shaozhou were hiding. As long as the two of them came out, they could quickly kill these two people.

Kim Minho said calmly, “Heyeong, seduce them out.”

In the river, Go Heyeong and Choi Jinsil of the Korean team suddenly jumped up. The submachine guns and assault rifles in their hands fired jointly. The bullets flew like a rainstorm toward Lao Lin. Lao Lin and Ye Qingming immediately fought back.

Deafening gunfire rang out by the river.

In the distance, Jiang Shaoyu and Liu Shaozhou really appeared. They emerged, opened the scope, and fired.

Bang, bang!

The bullets broke through the air. Go Heyeong by the river was instantly killed by Liu Shaozhou!

Then three notifications appeared on the screen.

[’KOR-King’ has used the Sand Eagle-Judgment to kill ‘Shadow’ with a headshot!]

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-King’ with a headshot!]

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Killer’ with a headshot!]

Kim Minho killed Liu Shaozhou. What he couldn’t believe was that at the most critical moment, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t stare at the river in the distance. Instead, he turned back instantly, made a simple and beautiful 180 turn, and fired two consecutive shots. He actually killed the scout brothers of the Korean team?!

This operation of suddenly turning back and sniping to kill the sneak attackers behind him made the audience around the world cheer excitedly.

There was deafening applause at the game venue!

[I really want to report God Wing for cheating!]

[Does Coach Jiang have eyes on the back of his head?]

[Wu wu wu, how can he be so handsome? He can kill two people in a row when he turns around and snipes?]

[Our Coach Jiang has ten heads!]

There were only 40 people in this game. Excluding his teammates, there were 35 people from seven other countries. 10 of them had died under Jiang Shaoyu’s gun.

Such a terrifying kill count made the domestic audience unable to believe it.

At this time, Coach Matthew spoke excitedly in the audience, “Fred is helping him see the vision behind him! This master-disciple pair is perfect!”

Matthew might not be the world’s top coach, but he was watching from the audience and could immediately understand the operation just now.

By the river, Lao Lin, Yezi, Pei Feng, and the Korean team were engaged in a fierce 3V3 battle. Lao Lin was the first to die, and South Korea’s Go Heyeong was the second to die. Pei Feng didn’t rush to save Lao Lin. He instead opened his scope and glanced behind Jiang Shaoyu.

It was because he had a guess. The Korean team had been dormant for so long. It was abnormal for them to suddenly jump out and fight. It must be that they were planning something.

Sure enough, he saw the brothers quietly moving up from the lower reaches of the river, trying to sneak attack Jiang Shaoyu.

Pei Feng said, “Master, be careful behind you.”

The tacit understanding between their master and apprentice didn’t need to be said. Pei Feng only reminded Jiang Shaoyu, and Jiang Shaoyu knew what to do.

Reverse sniping wasn’t difficult for Jiang Shaoyu.

Pei Feng opened his scope and looked behind his master. Liu Shaozhou took the lead first and killed the charger of the Korean team with one shot. Jiang Shaoyu pretended to attack from the front, but suddenly turned around and killed the two Korean scouts in succession. This wave of cooperation between the three snipers of the Chinese team was very tacit.

Liu Shaozhou had been sacrificed, but it could be exchanged with three members of the Korean team. This wasn’t a loss at all!

Pei Feng smiled and said, “Nice. Wait for me to save people!’

He first helped up the nearby Lao Lin. Then he quickly ran over and helped Liu Shaozhou up.

Five members of the Chinese team survived. The two remaining members of the Korean team were quickly killed, and the three members of the German team were unable to fight back.

In the final and decisive wave of the 5V3 battle, Jiang Shaoyu got two more kills.

The kill leaderboard:

1st place: Wing, 12 kills.

The MVP of the game!

The golden MVP logo in the back made the fans cheer excitedly.

[Coach Jiang is the MVP!]

[There isn’t a more handsome coach in the world!]

[The coach of our Chinese team is really the strongest!]

[Fred didn’t deceive me. No wonder why he praised his master every day. If I had such a master, I would also praise him, okay?]

[Wing, our sniper is back!]

In the soundproof room, Pei Feng stretched out his arms excitedly and gave the people around him a warm hug. “Master is great.”

Jiang Shaoyu patted him lightly on the shoulder and whispered, “You are also great.”

In fact, it was likely that the Korean team’s assassination would’ve been successful if Xiao Pei didn’t have a strong enough view of the overall situation, judged the situation, and chose to look behind Jiang Shaoyu rather than saving people. Then it would’ve been very difficult for the Chinese team to play.

Pei Feng made the right judgment at the critical moment. He first eliminated the Korean scouts before turning around to rescue the others. The five members of the Chinese team survived and entered the finals, successfully winning the battle royale mode.

Behind Jiang Shaoyu’s brilliant record of 12 kills was the silent support and cooperation of his apprentice.

The name Wing appeared on the world stage after a lapse of six years. The moment he appeared on the scene, he became the MVP that shocked the audience!

The head coach of the Chinese national team got 12 kills. At this moment, he became a star figure that e-sports fans all over the world were paying attention to.

How could he be so good when he was a behind-the-scenes coach?

Was this scientific?


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