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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 21

Encountering a Strong Enemy

The key to Pei Feng’s MVP and the gorgeous record of ‘one killing five’ was the map advantage. The Ghost Castle map was originally more beneficial to the guardians side. If the opponent was using the set up a gun to guard the spot style, it would be difficult for the other side to successfully break through if they couldn’t cooperate well enough to handle the sniper.

Pei Feng wouldn’t be able to win so easily if he encountered a professional team with tacit understanding.

He took advantage of the shortcomings of the passersby and lack of cooperation on the other side to lead the enemies out and kill them separately.

Jiang Shaoyu’s ‘okay’ was a relatively objective evaluation.

He couldn’t see Pei Feng’s strength when fighting with passersby—unless they encountered an equally strong opponent.

The matching mechanism of the international server was based on the winning percentage and hidden score. Jiang Shaoyu’s side account had a very high hidden score. The two of them had teamed up and won a match. It was more likely that they would be matched with a stronger enemy in the next match. Jiang Shaoyu thought of this and pressed the ready button while typing: One more round.

Pei Feng also pressed the ready button.

The match soon began. The two of them still locked onto the sniper and scout positions, leaving the other positions to their teammates.

The randomly selected map…

It was actually Skyscraper, the full sniper map with a four star difficulty.

[Isn’t this the most famous ‘lost map.’]

[In the China-US match at the World Series, the US team seems to have chosen this map?]

[Someone actually watched the World Series? Do you want to watch the Chinese national team being hammered?]

[That’s right. It is better to watch Fred play the rankings. The rookies of the national team are simply hard on the eyes.]

[Don’t start a battle! Streamers and professional players are different. If you want to scold then go to the national team’s official Weibo to scold!]

The room manager quickly silenced the provocative person.

Pei Feng was the most popular streamer on the Internet. It was inevitable that his live stream room would be mixed. Some anti-fans deliberately scolded the national team to lead the battle.

In fact, the fans who had been following Pei Feng for a long time knew that there were several players in the national team who had a good relationship with Pei Feng. They were Ye Zi, Lao Lin and Captain Zhou. All three were old teammates of ACE. It was precisely because these people were in the national team that Pei Feng never streamed the World Series or gave a bad evaluation when they lost.

The map loaded and neither Jiang Shaoyu nor Pei Feng changed their weapons.

The battle started quickly.

The Skyscraper map was very complicated to play. Due to the many obstacles and forks in the map, it was difficult for five passersby players to cooperate. In this round, they were randomly placed on the lurkers side and the usual method of playing was to split up to the left, middle and right.

The charger went to the left. The assaulter and medic went to the right. Pei Feng set up a gun at a sniper point in the middle and carefully observed any movements.

Soon, gunshots came from the 11 o’clock direction to the front left. Pei Feng prejudged the position of the opposite side, moved his muzzle and quickly opened the scope to aim.

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘Seven777’ with a headshot!]

The moment the opposite charger appeared, he received one of Pei Feng’s bullets and quickly fell.

At the same time, the harsh sound of gunfire came from the right side. It was the clear sound of an assault rifle. Apparently, their team’s assaulter and the opposite assaulter had collided with each other. The two sides exchanged a wave of firepower. Their team’s assaulter fell first and the medic hurried forward with the bulletproof light panel to rescue him.

However, the opposite assaulter didn’t give him a chance to save this person. He used fierce firepower suppression and a dozen bullets exploded toward the bulletproof light panel.

Their team’s medic had a good sense of gameplay and dragged the seriously injured teammate to the back of the building to use the first aid kit.

The first aid kit needed two seconds to take effect and it would fill their teammate full of health immediately.

The rescue was about to succeed when there were two gunshots coming from a long distance.

Bang, bang!

[’Robert444’ has used FR-Scarlet to kill ‘koko’ with a headshot!]

[’Robert444’ has used FR-Scarlet to kill ‘momo’ with a headshot!]

The sniper on the opposite side instantly took away two heads on their side!

The two players, koko and momo seemed to be teaming up to play doubles together. Their avatars were two symmetrical goldfish and their name format was the same. They had been taking care of each other the entire time but as a result, they were sent to death by the opposite sniper.

Pei Feng sensed that something was wrong and immediately dodged.

Sure enough, he heard the bang of a gunshot in the next moment.

A bullet rubbed past his ear and shot a clear bullet hole in the building behind him.

There was a master on the other side and he was a very powerful sniper.

Pei Feng hurriedly put away the heavy Balot, threw a smoke bomb and quickly jumped off the sniper point. He sneaked into a building complex to find the next sniper point.

He was exposed.

A sniper’s biggest fear was their position being exposed.

He didn’t know where the sniper on the other side was hiding but this person spotted him and shot at him.

If he hadn’t moved quickly then he would’ve left his life at that place just now.

Pei Feng moved quickly while observing the mini-map.

Their assaulter and medic were completely dead while the charger was hidden behind the building at the left intersection with only 20% health remaining. The health of the scout boss was quite healthy. The boss kept circling around and was pressing to the right front in the 2 o’clock direction.

Pei Feng hid behind a building and listened alertly to the movements around him.

Just then, bad news popped up on the screen.

[’Robert444’ has used FR-Scarlet to kill ‘Ulrica’ with a headshot!]

The moment their low health charger moved, he was shot by the sniper on the opposite side.

The style of the barrage in the live stream room gradually changed.

[The sniper on the other side is so powerful! Is Fred going to be overturned in this game?]

[Currently, it is 2V4. It is highly likely that he will be overturned.]

[Congratulations to the streamer for losing a round and showing an overturning incident in the international server.]

[The boss said: Is the streamer so weak? You actually lost? Hurry up and return my money to me.]

[Is the boss a poor person? Change the layout a little bit.]

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw that the charger had been killed.

The Robert444 on the opposite team was very familiar. The weapon he used was the FR-Scarlet, a sniper rifle with a very accurate hit rate. The body of the gun was painted a bloody red like a bloodthirsty demon.

This gun plus the familiar name…

Could it be Robert, a sniper of the American team?

The sniper Robert had a very violent style. He liked to ‘tease the opponent’ with a massacre style of play. After the opponent got a head, he would lock onto the position of the opponent, attacking the opponent and unexpectedly clearing the field.

In this World Series, he played two times as a substitute for the United States and his performance was very eye-catching.

It was now mid-December. It was the end of the S8 season and the World Series was over. the US Gun King national team had probably been disabled. Therefore, they went to the international server to play the rankings and get the title of Gun King.

What a coincidence.

Jiang Shaoyu had just thought that he wouldn’t be able to see Pei Feng’s level with passersby. Then a world-class opponent came.

Pei Feng’s voice entered his ears. “Boss, it is 2 against 4. Do you want to cooperate?”

It was 2 against 4. It was indeed a bit hard for Pei Feng to face a world-class sniper alone.

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a moment before typing: Okay, I’ll go and take care of the others.

The moment Jiang Shaoyu finished typing, he immediately sneaked into the building complex like the wind. He played a scout in this game and his actions were very flexible. In the blink of an eye, he had gone around the side in a S-shaped position. He found the enemy medic hiding and solved the other person with a knife.

The medic wasn’t far away from the assaulter on the opposite side.

Jiang Shaoyu moved quickly and pulled the trigger while avoiding the bullets from the enemy assaulter’s assault rifle.

Bang, bang!

There were two consecutive accurate shots and the assaulter was blown away by Jiang Shaoyu!

[’7766501’ assassinated ‘Angel’ with the Scarlet Blade!]

[’7766501’ has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill ‘Gavin’ with a headshot!]

This neat and clear double kill stunned the fans watching the live stream.

Wasn’t the boss a rookie in the 2500 segment? He won the last game by lying down but he was so awesome in this round?

Could it be that he was hiding his strength just now?

[Boss 666! The boss is so handsome!]

[Fred, I decided to climb the wall. I like this boss so much. I announce that from now on, I am a fan of the boss~]

[Boss, can I give you a monkey on the spot?]

[Is the boss still short of a miscellaneous worker? A babysitter, housekeeper, driver, I can do it!]

[Go away. I want to be the boss’ waist pendant.]

The barrage was about to go crazy. It was the first time that the fans had seen such a sharp boss.

Pei Feng was also a bit surprised. The boss said he would do it and without any hesitation, he instantly killed two people on the other side.

The original 2V4 became 2V2.

Just then, a thick row of smoke appeared in the distance. The scout on the opposite side had discovered Jiang Shaoyu’s movements and taken a detour to attack him. The function of the thick smoke was to hide his body when moving to avoid being shot by the opposing sniper.

Pei Feng immediately shifted his gun and fired several bullets in a row, directly blocking the route of the opposite scout’s advance.

At the same time, he warned, “Boss, retreat!”

Jiang Shaoyu quickly retreated under the protection of Pei Feng’s long-range firepower.

The next moment, Pei Feng immediately jumped off the sniper point.

Sure enough, a bullet flew past his head!

The scout and sniper on the opposite side were fighting together. If Pei Feng protected the boss, he would have to take the lead and shoot. Then the sniper on the opposite side could immediately lock onto his position and kill him. Yet if left unprotected, the boss would be killed and it would become 1V2.

The positions of the other side’s scout and sniper had obviously been planned. Both of them had a strong sense of awareness.

No wonder why the sniper on the other side quickly killed three people at the beginning of the game. It turned out that the scout was hiding in the building complex to provide him with a complete view.

A powerful scout + sniper combo. This wasn’t easy to fight.

Pei Feng raised an eyebrow and switched the weapon in his hand to a light sniper rifle. Then he dodged behind a building to wait for an opportunity.

Just then, a message popped up again on the screen.

7766501: It is 2V2, play a wave of cooperation.

Pei Feng was a bit surprised but he still responded, “Okay, Boss.”

Jiang Shaoyu was thinking about solving the other scout and watching the two snipers, Pei Feng and Robert, fight. It didn’t make sense to abuse passersby. It was only in a one-on-one fight with a world-class master that he could see Pei Feng’s strength.

The thing he hadn’t expected was that there would be more than one master on the other side.

The scout ‘Killer’ on the other side should be the side account of the South Korean player Kim Minji. He was the number one scout known for his wretchedness and insidiousness.

This person lurked on the map like a ghost and even Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t noticed his existence. Meanwhile, Robert could see the coordinates of his teammates on the mini-map. Therefore, the two professional players from different countries cooperated with a tacit understanding.

There was no need for language communication between masters. They could understand just by looking at the positioning and signal prompts.

Gun King had never been a solo game.

It was about team combat—most importantly, the sense of cooperation.

Could the master and apprentice combo beat the two professional players from the United States and South Korea after so many years?

Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t sure.

Even so, he wanted to give it a try. It would also let him see if Pei Feng’s cooperation and rhythm could keep up.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly got into position while tapping on the keyboard.

7766501: Southeast direction, parallel search.

Pei Feng saw the brief instructions from the boss and was stunned.

A parallel search was the most exquisite movement coordination tactic between a scout and a sniper.

The scout was in front while the sniper was in the back. The sniper’s range could cover the scout’s position and protect the scout from being killed. The scout’s position could help provide a map view for the sniper and observe the opponent’s movements.

The two of them needed to maintain a consistent frequency and rhythm.

If you take a step, I will immediately take a step. If you hide, I will immediately hide.

One after the other, one near and one far.

Move in sync and respond to each other.

It was like two parallel lines moving at the same time. This was why it was called a parallel search.

Together, the two of them would conduct a full search for a range of several hundred meters until they scot assassinated the opponent or the sniper killed the key target on the opposing team.

Such exquisite double cooperation would only appear in the professional league.

At one time, the ‘double parallel search’ tactic between ACE’s Ye Qingming and Jiang Shaoyu killed countless first-tier players in the professional league.

There were countless people who were assassinated by Ye Qingming and sniped by Jiang Shaoyu. This combination of close range and distance was very suitable for use in an endgame situation where there were few people. It also caused a lot of headaches for the coaches of many teams.

He and the boss had met for the first time today. Could they do such a difficult cooperation?

Pei Feng was confused in his heart and always felt that this boss was a bit strange.

In the first game, he stayed still and won.

In the second game, he didn’t move at the beginning and only took action after seeing that there were masters on the other side. He showed a wave of wonderful actions to move around the back and complete a double kill, turning the 2V4 situation into 2V2. It could be seen that he was actually very strong.

Did he still need someone to bring him?

Pei Feng saw the boss give a signal and move in the southeast direction and immediately put away his smile.

The alpha’s gaze became focused.

He quickly switched to the MSG-Aurora that was suitable for mobile combat. He kept a good distance from the boss and quickly advanced in the same direction.


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