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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 209

Extra Five

After the Chinese team destroyed the US team at the top of the mountain, they received supplies of equipment and ammunition. Jiang Shaoyu, Pei Feng, and Liu Shaozhou each had a sniper rifle. There were also medical bandages to heal injuries, smoke bombs to cover their movements, and various types of magazines.

The moment the name [-Wing] reached the top of the kill list, the Chinese team became the fattest piece of meat in the eyes of other countries.

Pei Feng said worriedly, “Master, we have become a boss at the beginning. We will definitely be targeted by other countries.”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly said, “It’s okay. Let’s see where the safe zone appears.”

There were two strategies in the chicken game mode. One was to hide in the early stage and not participate. Develop in an insignificant manner and wait until the end before entering the finals to fight. The other method was to become a big boss in the early stage, attracting the attention of the whole audience, relying on strength to destroy other teams along the way and obtain the final victory.

Jiang Shaoyu’s first strategy was to jump to the top of the mountain. He wanted to accumulate equipment first, hide, and not participate in the battle. However, they ended up meeting the US team at the top of the mountain. The unlucky US team became Jiang Shaoyu’s equipment gift package. After obtaining it, the strategy of the Chinese team increased greatly.

Since they had already attracted the attention of other opponents in the early stage, they could only see who killed whom and survive to the end.

At this time, gunshots were also heard from the direction of the mountain forest.

The German and French teams met in the forest and fought a fierce battle. In the end, three people from the German team survived and two people from the French team survived. These survivors secretly hid deep in the forest and waited for opportunities. In the sea area, there was a battle between Italy and Australia, and the Australian team was wiped out.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the kill list. In addition to the three kills he had, the German team’s assaulter Miller and the French team’s sniper Albert both had two kills. The others on the list all killed one person. The Korean team hadn’t appeared so far. There was no information about any Korean players on the rankings.

At this moment, a notification popped up on the screen: The safe zone has been refreshed.

In the upper right corner of the map, a red circle representing the safe zone appeared right in the forest area below the mountain.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Let’s go to the safe area first.”

Everyone quickly went down the mountain to the forest. Pei Feng, a ‘treasure hunting expert,’ found a car and said, “Everyone, get in the car. Let’s drive over.”

Of course, there was no need for a vehicle like a ‘car’ in the usual game. The vehicles in the chicken mode could be ridden. Pei Feng jumped into the driver’s seat and started the car. Jiang Shaoyu sat in the front passenger seat. The other three jumped into the back row.

Lao Lin joked, “Xiao Pei, drive steadily. It is a live stream. It will be embarrassing if the car overturns!”

“Don’t worry. I am very good at driving.” Pei Feng stepped on the accelerator as he spoke. The car flew out like an arrow, slamming into the tree in front of him.

Everyone: “……”

The domestic audience was about to die laughing.

[Hahaha. The live stream of Fred driving into a tree?]

[Fred, is this okay? Seeing him step on the accelerator, I thought he was going to make a cool move. But this is the result?]

[Coach Jiang: Go and write a 1,000 word self-criticism for me.]

[Fred said: I’m sorry. Can I do it again?]

Jiang Shaoyu said in an expressionless manner, “Let’s get out of the car and walk over.]

Pei Feng smiled. “Ahem, I didn’t perform well just now. Give me another chance.”

He really had no experience in controlling vehicles in the game. Just now, he pressed the arrow button too hard. He wanted to go around the tree in front of him, but he crashed into it. Fortunately, he had a strong learning ability. In less than half a minute, he mastered how to step on the accelerator, adjust the direction, and reverse the car. The car was finally stabilized.

Pei Feng reversed the car and made a sharp turn onto the road. He drove the car at high speed. Jiang Shaoyu sat in the passenger seat, opened the scope, and cautiously observed the surroundings. The three people in the back row also took a defensive posture.

There was a wide area ahead. Driving in such a place was an easy target for ambushers. The safe zone refreshed in the forest, and the surrounding players would rush over in a hurry. The one who arrived first would have the defensive advantage.

At this time, the audience from a god’s perspective could see that the French team’s sniper, Albert, was hiding in a big tree with dense leaves covering his body. He opened the 8x scope and was staring intently at the car driving from the foot of the mountain in the distance. There were five people in the car from the Chinese national team.

The trees on Fantasy Island were all towering trees with thick branches and dense leaves. They could be used as natural hiding spots. The French team had just played a round with the German team. Three teammates died, leaving only the sniper Albert and the scout Nick. At this time, Nick was hiding behind another tree.

Albert asked, “The team with the most heads will be ranked higher, right?”

Nick said, “Yes, there are only the two of us left. We won’t survive to the end anyway. Why not get more heads to compete for the ranking rewards?”

Albert smiled slightly. “Okay, let’s kill Wing first!”

He aimed the center of the scope’s cross at Jiang Shaoyu.

In the 8x scope, he could clearly see the side profile of the Chinese national team’s coach.

Albert narrowed his eyes and shot decisively.


A clear gunshot rang out from the trees in the distance and a bullet whistled in.

At this time, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly turned his head. The bullet grazed his ears and flew past.

Domestic audience members were thrilled.

[F*k, so thrilling!]

[Did God Wing dodge by chance or did he predict the other person’s position?]

[He just opened the scope to observe. I think it is a pre-judgment.]

Pei Feng raised an eyebrow. “Master, be careful. There is an ambush.”

Jiang Shaoyu was very calm. “You concentrate on driving. I’ll solve him.”

There was an ambush in the forest outside the safe zone. This was something Jiang Shaoyu had known for a long time. The moment he got into the passenger seat, Jiang Shaoyu opened the scope and looked around. Albert might be hiding in a tree, and the dense leaves obscured his figure but… he was too anxious just now.

A dormant hunter must be patient enough to wait for his prey to step into the trap.

Albert was probably too excited to find the Chinese team’s car. The leaves of the trees swayed back and forth when he shifted the muzzle. This scene happened to be captured by Jiang Shaoyu’s scope.

Some players might overlook such a small change.

But who was Jiang Shaoyu?

He was a person who wouldn’t let go of the details of light and shadow, wind speed, and water current!

It was under his tempering that Pei Feng knew about environmental changes well. There were many trees in the forest, but only the leaves of that tree shook abnormally for two seconds. It wasn’t the wind but a person in the tree.

According to Jiang Shaoyu’s experience, it was usually a sniper hiding in the trees. There must also be teammates nearby.

Jiang Shaoyu decisively turned his gun and aimed it at the big tree.

Around two seconds later, Albert came up again in order to kill Jiang Shaoyu. He was almost able to snipe Jiang Shaoyu with that shot. He believed that this time, he would definitely be able to hit Jiang Shaoyu’s head!

He was hiding in a tricky position.

He hid his body behind the branches and extended the muzzle of his gun through the gaps in the leaves. Even if the other person found him, they wouldn’t be able to hit him.

Albert, the French team’s top sniper, was very confident and decisively pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang!

Two gunshots sounded at almost the same time. It was followed immediately by a shocking system notification that popped up in the middle of the screen.

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG to kill ‘FR-Albert’ with a headshot!]

It was obviously Albert who aimed at Jiang Shaoyu first and ‘waited for the rabbit’ in the tree. However, he was killed by Jiang Shaoyu with one shot?

How was this possible?

Albert’s face was full of disbelief as he watched his body fall from a tree.

Did this Jiang Shaoyu open a perspective cheat and a target cheat? He had been hiding in a tree. How could he be hit?

Immediately after, a scene that made Albert even more frightened happened.

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG to kill ‘FR-Nick’ with a headshot!]

After Jiang Shaoyu killed Albert, the muzzle of the gun immediately swung 15 degrees to the right and aimed at the tree next to him.

Sure enough, this teammate Nick happened to come up to observe and was instantly sniped by Jiang Shaoyu.

Professional coaches watching the game could analyze Jiang Shaoyu’s operation clearly as long as they reviewed the game. Obviously, Jiang Shaoyu had already discovered the ambush position of the two French team members. He took advantage of the moment when Albert shot him, and Nick came up to observe him. In an instant, he fired two consecutive shots and scored a double kill accurately and neatly.

In the eyes of the audience, this operation was simply incomprehensible.

Jiang Shaoyu, who was targeted by the French team, inexplicably turned his head, fired twice, and easily killed two people.

The angle at which the muzzle turned was so precise that it seemed to be calculated by an intelligent AI.

Moreover, he was sitting in the passenger seat of the car while Pei Feng was still driving. How could he accurately hit the target hiding in the forest while moving so fast?

It was worthy of being the former ‘sniper god!’

[If this wasn’t the world all-stars, I would want to report him for cheating!]

[Cheating? No, a cheat program isn’t so showy!]

[God Wing is so handsome!]

[Is this actually something that humans can do??]

[Being ambushed and attacked, only to turn things around and execute a quick double kill. It is awesome!]

[Is it too late for me to be a fan of Coach Jiang now?]

The domestic audience was thrilled.

They never thought that Jiang Shaoyu, who had been retired for many years, would stand on the field again, and his marksmanship would be so terrifying.

This could no longer be described as a ‘professional player’. This was clearly a world-class sniper!

Even Pei Feng couldn’t help shouting, “Master is so handsome!”

It was worthy of being his favorite master.

Wing had the title of ‘sniper god’ for a reason. Jiang Shaoyu[ was a person who once rewrote an era.

Pei Feng’s playing style and awareness were all taught by him personally.

The apprentice won the MVP of the World Series. Could the master be weak?

He might’ve retreated behind the scenes and served as a coach, but he never neglected training in all those years. He was able to clear the shooting, positioning, map, and reaction training in one go, so that the players of the national team were convinced and started to train seriously.

He had always held himself to the strictest standards.

He led by example and brought out the strongest Chinese team!

Jiang Shaoyu’s awareness, hand speed and condition were still at the level of the past. They were even stronger than back then.

His marksmanship lacked the ferocity of the young captain of the ACE period and had more of the calmness and sharpness of an adult.

It was like a hunter who strategized and looked at the overall situation. Everything was under his control.

At this moment, it wasn’t only the Chinese netizens who deeply admired Coach Jiang’s skills. Countless passersby became his die-hard fans. Even the coaches, players, and audience members from all over the world were surprised by Coach Jiang’s gaming prowess.

Unexpectedly, each player of the Chinese team was more powerful than the other. The national team’s coach, Jiang Shaoyu, was the strongest boss of the Chinese team!


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