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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 208

Extra Four

Fantasy Island was a map that everyone was familiar with >it was used in the World Series group stage match against Canada. This island had many areas such as mountains, lakes, woods, swamps, and beaches. The terrain was complex and the area was huge. It was very suitable for the officials to choose this map as the map for the All-Stars Invitational Tournament.

Once the competition started, 40 players from eight countries boarded a plane to Fantasy Island at the same time.

The plane flew across the blue sea from a high altitude. They could see the entire Fantasy Island through the window. The island was shaped like a huge gourd, wider at the top and narrower in the middle. Different from the Fantasy Island used in usual matches, today’s map had been enlarged by over ten times and could easily accommodate 40 players.

Pei Feng was very excited when he played the chicken mode for the first time. The moment the plane took off, he whispered on the voice channel, “Master, where should we jump?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a while. “Let’s jump to the mountains. Everyone, follow me.”

Jiang Shaoyu quickly studied the various rules of the new mode. For example, the captain could press the ‘team follow’ button to let his teammates skydive with him to prevent everyone from getting separated. In addition, it wasn’t known where the safe zone would appear in the beginning. It was more important to choose a terrain that was favorable to China. This time, it was a melee between eight countries. No matter how strong the Chinese team was, it was impossible for them to fight one against seven. They needed to develop in a low-key manner. The best strategy was to collect equipment before heading out in the later period.

The mountain terrain was a good choice for the Chinese team.

They had three snipers who could observe the surroundings from a high place, guarding the top of the mountain while searching for weapons. Then they would go to other areas to collect it when fully equipped.

Of course, finding a good weapon depended on some luck.

A system notification rang in their ears. “The plane has arrived at Fantasy Island. Please prepare to skydive.”

Planes circled around the island and a 30 second countdown appeared on the screen. The Korean team took the lead to jump to the swamp area. Germany and France all jumped near the mountains and forests. The Italian players jumped to the seaside. Jiang Shaoyu waited for the plane to reach the top of the mountain before saying, “Jump.”

He opened the parachute and jumped out first. Then the others followed the captain directly.

The players could control the direction of the parachute in the air. Jiang Shaoyu controlled the parachute and landed steadily on the highest point of the mountaintop.

The high ground was an area that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. In the early stage, everyone’s weapons and ammunition were seriously insufficient. If they stayed at the top of the mountain, they weren’t afraid that the enemy would come up and kill them.

After landing on the ground, Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “Spread out. Hurry up and find a weapon.”

The five people quickly dispersed. They looked for treasure chests in all directions.

Soon, Pei Feng’s voice rang from the headphones. “Great. I found a sniper rifle!” He took the weapon from the treasure box and found it was the familiar MSG light sniper rifle. He placed it on the ground in front of his master and spoke as if taking credit. “Master, your favorite.”

Jiang Shaoyu hummed lightly and accepted the weapon that was thrown on the ground.

This scene made the domestic audience laugh.

[Find the sniper rifle and instantly give it to his master. As expected of you, Fred.]

[After all, he is the number one fan of God Wing. Of course, he has to give it to his idol first if he finds anything good [dog head.jpg.]

[Fred found a Thomson and ran to give it to Lao Lin.]

[He also found a Sand Eagle and ran to give it to Yezi.]

[Pei? Treasure Hunter? Feng?]

In the live stream screen, Pei Feng was running around quickly and delivering supplies to his teammates. He was like a diligent treasure hunter. In previous matches, he spent most of the time being in charge. Today, it was his master who was in charge. Pei Feng was happy to be a diligent errand boy.

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese team searched the mountaintop area in the southwest corner and harvested a sniper rifle, a pistol, a submachine gun, some magazines, and two smoke bombs. Jiang Shaoyu, Lao Lin, and Yezi all got weapons, Liu Shaozhou got smoke bombs and Pei Feng was empty-handed.

Lao Lin couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Pei, you should have something to defend yourself.”

Pei Feng replied, “It’s okay. Master will protect me.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

His master didn’t say much. He just opened the scope and simply pulled the trigger.


A clear gunshot rang out from the top of the mountain. This was followed by a blood-red skull marking popping up in the middle of the screen.

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG to kill ‘USA-Simil’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng went a little far to find equipment and happened to encounter a scout from the US team. Seeing Simil of the US team appear behind Pei Feng, Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes slightly in the distance. Without saying a word, he shot the US team’s scout who threatened his apprentice instantly with a headshot.

Wanting to sneak up on his Xiao Pei?

He was thinking too much.

The headshot that caught him off guard sent chills down Simil’s spine.

He moved very carefully. How could he be discovered? This shooting technique was like using a cheat program!

Less than 30 seconds into the game, the first kill in the Fantasy Island battle royale mode was actually obtained by Coach Jiang of the Chinese team.

The domestic audience was extremely excited.

[Coach Jiang 666! The first kill!]

[F*k, this marksmanship is too accurate, right? Simil was moving so fast. How could he get a headshot with one go?]

[What do you think? he was called the sniper god back then for a reason.]

[I just said that our God Wing isn’t old. He is still so awesome despite retiring for so many years.]

[Coach Jiang was covering Fred from a distance. The moment the US scout appeared and wanted to sneak attack Fred, the master killed him~]

[Xiao Pei relied on the protection of his master to run rampant. That is why he dared to run around without any equipment?]

[Fred must be very happy. Hahaha, there is his master covering him.]

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Xiao Pei, go to the southeast. I’ll cover you.”

Pei Feng smiled and replied, “Okay.”

Jiang Shaoyu continued to command calmly, “Lao Lin, search for people in the northwest with Yezi. Xiao Liu, guard the northeast corner and release a smoke bomb if encountering a surprise attack. The US team also jumped to the top of the mountain. They probably have more weapons than us. We must find a way to deal with the US team and seize their resources.”

Everyone replied in unison, “Copy that!”

Jiang Shaoyu hid behind a stone, opened the scope, and looked around vigilantly.

The reason why the US team jumped to the top of the mountain was the same as the Chinese team. It was because the terrain at the top of the mountain was very favorable for snipers. They could hold the mountain from a high position and find a wave of weapons first. As Jiang Shaoyu expected, the US team found more weapons than the Chinese team. They had better luck in where they landed. There was a large treasure chest and they found two sniper rifles, two pistols, a bulletproof helmet, and a large roll of a medical bandage.

The two sides collided at the top of the mountain. The US team also wanted to kill the Chinese team and get their resources.

It was just that the key sniper rifle of the Chinese team was in Jiang Shaoyu’s hands.

The captain of the US team, Venus, said softly, “Find a way to deal with Wing first. The scout will move from the rear and I will cover.”

The other scout, Urica, quickly went around. He originally wanted to kill Jiang Shaoyu with a sneak attack. However, Jiang Shaoyu had already arranged for his teammates to scatter and defend everywhere. Yezi and Lao Lin weren’t weak. They searched together and quickly surrounded the US team’s scout.

Lao Lin put a mark on the map. “Brother Yu, he is going to your side!”

This was followed by a wave of fierce firing to force out the enemy scout.

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes.”

He narrowed his eyes and quickly moved the camera to observe. The viewers who clicked into his first person perspective during the live stream felt dizzy and couldn’t see clearly at all.

Suddenly, a figure flashed in the distance and Jiang Shaoyu shot without hesitation.

The deafening sound of the assault rifle was mixed with the clear sound of the light sniper rifle.


[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG to kill ‘USA-Urika’ with a headshot!]

The netizens: “……”

Could this still hit?? As everyone was feeling dazzled and couldn’t see what he was doing at all, he shot and killed the US scout whose clothes only appeared in his field of view for no more than 0.5 seconds?

Lao Lin couldn’t help shouting excitedly, “Nice!”

In the blink of an eye, two members of the US team fell.

On the other side, Venus had already locked onto Jiang Shaoyu’s position based on the sound of gunshots. He opened the scope and fired a sniper shot in the direction of Jiang Shaoyu’s head. Jiang Shaoyu seemed to have expected it and quickly turned sideways. He dodged and the bullet passed by his ear, missing.

After dodging the bullet, he hid behind a rock, loaded and reloaded.

Jiang Shaoyu had used the MSG light sniper rifle for many years. He was already familiar with the recoil of the gun, the reload speed, and the ballistic angle.

Jiang Shaoyu’s calm voice sounded in the team channel. “Yezi, find him.”

“Roger!” Ye Qingming walked back and forth in an S-shape like the wind. He quickly moved around Venus.

Yezi’s erratic movement was difficult to lock onto. The clear gunshots of the Sand Eagle rang out all around him and Venus didn’t dare show his head. He patiently waited for an opportunity while ordering at the same time, “Robert, cover fire.”

“Okay!” Robert set up the sniper rifle in the distance and fired bullets from the side, blocking Ye Qingming’s movement and preventing Ye Qingming from continuing to threaten Venus. The cross-fire cooperation between the two snipers of the US team quickly put Ye Qingming into a dilemma of being attacked from both sides.

At this moment, there was the clear sound of gunfire from a distance.


There was the familiar MSG gunshot, the familiar bloody skull and the system notification.

[‘-Wing’ has used the MSG to kill ‘USA-Robert’ with a headshot!]

Netizens: “…Is this okay?”

The ‘find him’ that Jiang Shaoyu just said wasn’t just asking Yezi to find Venus, but to find Robert, the other sniper of the US team!

He had already locked into Venus’ position, but the other sniper hadn’t shown up yet.

Jiang Shaoyu took advantage of the time when Venus was attacked by Yezi to flexibly move. He accurately used the timing when Venus was hiding and unable to observe the enemy. He quickly moved to the side and hid behind a tree.

The two snipers of the US team wanted to cover each other to kill Ye Qingming, so the other sniper finally revealed his position.

However, Jiang Shaoyu’s speed was faster.

The moment Robert emerged, he immediately shifted the tip of the gun and neatly pulled the trigger.

Robert’s bullet failed to hit Yezi, but Jiang Shaoyu’s bullet pierced the back of his head first!

Robert couldn’t help yelling, “F*k, wasn’t he in the 8 o’clock direction? How did he appear behind me?”

Venus’ expression was ugly. He had been staring at Jiang Shaoyu just now. Then Ye Qingming suddenly came over and he had to temporarily dodge the pistol’s close attack. Jiang Shaoyu must’ve taken advantage of those few seconds to quickly move around.

They were actually surrounded by the snipers of the Chinese team?

—Fast-moving sniper combat!

Fred’s mobile warfare skills were indeed inherited from his master, Jiang Shaoyu.

Coach Jiang’s level was no worse than Fred’s. He was even calmer and more perceptive than Fred!

He moved silently and quickly. Then he fired with precision at the right time. He could pop up from anywhere not expected and shoot them in the head with a single shot.

Such a sniper who was good at mobile warfare was the most terrifying existence on the battlefield!

In China, Jiang Shaoyu’s fans saw this and were so excited that they even wanted to go downstairs to set off firecrackers.

[Ahhh, God Wing is still so handsome!]

[His speed is too fast!]

[The fastest sniper in history. No wonder he was called the sniper god back then. I’m really convinced.]

[One MSG scored three kills in a row. Coach 6666!]

[I suddenly feel that Coach Jiang’s retreating behind the scenes and not playing on the field is the greatest kindness to other countries~~]

[No bragging and no slander. Our coach’s level is better than that of many professional players in many countries, right?]

[No wonder why everyone in the national team was convinced by him. If he says to write a self-criticism, they will write a self-criticism. Is this the result of being abused? Hahahaha.]

[Coach Jiang said: I have always been very kind.]

[The players who were abused: Coach, please forgive me. I will go and write a self-criticism~]

It was only at this moment that netizens finally believed that Coach Jiang wasn’t just a coach with excellent tactical awareness. He was also the ‘best player’ in Pei Feng’s mouth. He was the person who convinced all the members of the Chinese team!

Fred wasn’t boasting about his master. His master was really too strong!

Jiang Shaoyu killed three people in a row, and Ye Qingming seized the opportunity to kill Venus with two shots from the Sand Eagle.

At this point, there was only one person left in the US team, the sniper Patton.

The lone Patton was quickly found and surrounded by the players of the Chinese team. Lai Lin simply fired a wave of shots to kill him.

The US players who died became a gift package of experience for the Chinese team. After Jiang Shaoyu counted the firearms, he calmly allocated the resources. “Xiao Liu will take the AWM, and Xiao Pei will take the Balot, one magazine for each person. Lao Lin will take the medical bandages. The bulletproof helmet and dagger will be given to Yezi.”

The group happily divided the spoils.

The audience was pleasantly surprised to find that all three members of the Chinese team had sniper rifles!

Okay, the other countries’ nightmare was coming!

Jiang Shaoyu of the Chinese team had three heads in his hands and instantly rose to the top of the kill list in this match.

Seeing [-Wing] at the top of the list, players from other countries were frightened.

Was the coach of the Chinese team so cruel? He directly wiped out the US team and got three kills?

How to play this game?


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