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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 207

Extra Three

On February 14th, everyone arrived in San Francisco where the All-Stars Invitational Tournament was held. Once again, they checked into the partner hotel that was used during the World Series.

This was the second time they were here. Everyone was familiar with this place and consciously went to the lobby to check in.

The star players of the Korean team were checking their identity information in the lobby. They were a bit surprised when they saw Jiang Shaoyu. They whispered in Korean, “The All-Stars don’t need a coach’s BP. Why is the coach of the Chinese team here?”

They had a great psychological shadow regarding Jiang Shaoyu’s tactical layout. It was to the point where they had a headache when they saw Jiang Shaoyu.

Kim Minho knew the truth and said in a low voice, “Coach Jiang is here to compete this time. I saw China’s All-Stars voting ranking. His popularity is number one.”

Everyone: “……”

It was different from Coach Cha Injun, who was scolded by netizens and even imprisoned after tax problems were found. Jiang Shaoyu was considered to have gained fame and fortune in this World Series. He became the ultimate winner.

The Chinese people actually voted for him in the All-Stars Tournament? It was unprecedented for a coach to compete!

Someone whispered, “Is the coach eligible to be an all-star?”

“The rules don’t prohibit it. What’s more, he used to be a professional player.”

“All-stars is based on popularity. It is also permissible to include coaches.”

The group chatted together. Their hearts were always a bit sour.

Coach Jiang of China was so popular, but in South Korea, their new coach hadn’t even been appointed!

The group turned around and went to their rooms with mixed feelings.

On China’s side, Pei Feng glanced at the backs of Kim Minho and his group. He said softly, “The Korean team was scolded a lot after returning this time. The brothers won the world championship before and have a strong fan base. They have maintained their all-star position. as for the coach ,it was said that he was arrested.”

Lao Lin’s eyes widened. “Arrested? He was arrested and imprisoned after not winning the championship? Is South Korea so terrible?”

Pei Feng said, “He was arrested because he has a lot of black history including bribery and tax evasion. This person had evil intentions and schemes all day. Didn’t he report us in the first place? I’m not surprised that he ended up like this.”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “Don’t care about him. He is no longer qualified to be our opponent.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Master is right. He isn’t worthy.”

When the Chinese team participated in the World Series before, they brought dozens of people including a league executive, reporters, the logistics team, the coaching staff and other people. This time, they went into battle for the All-Stars lightly. There was only Sister Yu as the team leader, Anna as the assistant translator and the five players.

They didn’t bring any logistic chefs or team doctors. After all, they were only staying in the United States for three days. There was no need to work hard.

Pei Feng had already made arrangements for the meal issue and asked Anna to contact a nearby Chinese restaurant for food delivery.

Jiang Shaoyu’s health had improved recently. He no longer needed to eat porridge and noodles every day. Since he got together with Pei Feng, he had to admit that Xiao Pei’s alpha pheromones had a great influence on him. They were all positive effects.

Recently, he had been sleeping well and his appetite even improved.

After ordering a meal, Yu Mingxiang joked, “Xiao Pei, why are you more like a team leader than me? You worry about so many details of the meal and accommodation.”

Pei Feng smiled. “I’m just helping Sister Yu within my abilities.

In fact, Jiang Shaoyu knew very well that the reason behind Xiao Pei being so careful was to take care of his master’s stomach. During their participation in the Asian Championship in Japan last year, he was worried that Jiang Shaoyu wouldn’t be able to eat the cold Japanese food, so he also ordered Chinese food for delivery and even went through the daily recipes in person…

It was rare to see such a considerate alpha.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t say anything about his careful thoughts. He followed everyone upstairs.

In the evening, all the representative players from the eight countries participating in the All-Stars Invitational Tournament arrived. The top eight this year were China, the United States, Italy, South Korea, Australia, France, Germany, and Brazil.

Among them, Italy and France hadn’t played against the Chinese team. All the other countries had been defeated by the Chinese national team.

The moment Coach Matthew of the Brazilian team saw Jiang Shaoyu, he immediately ran over to greet Jiang Shaoyu enthusiastically. He stretched out his dark hand and said with a smile, “Coach Jiang, are you coming to the All-Stars as well?”

Jiang Shaoyu shook his hand politely. “Hello, Coach Matthew.”

Everyone was deeply impressed by the ‘entertainment match’ where China played against Brazil, especially this coach. He smiled brightly even after losing. He kept telling players to relax and have fun… No wonder why they had such a good mentality.

Now he came to the All-Stars. Maybe he thought that the All-Stars competition was fun? However, he came here with the team members as a coach. At this time, he didn’t know that Jiang Shaoyu was here to compete.

At noon the next day, the 6th All-Stars Invitational Tournament officially opened at the E-Sports Center. Audiences in China had already set their alarm clocks despite the time difference and stayed in front of the TV to watch the live stream.

“Good evening, audience friends. This is the official live stream room of Gun King. Welcome to the 6th World All-Stars Invitational Tournament. I am the official commentator Xiao Xi!”

”I am the official commentator, Fei Fei!”

“The list of all-star players has been posted on the public screen. We can see that there are many familiar faces. For example, the snipers Venus and Robert of the US team, and the scout Simil. The assaulter MIller and the charger Kaiser of the German team. The Korean brothers, Kim Minho and Kim Minji, etc. All of them have played against us in the World Series!”

“I think the most surprising name that appeared on the all-star stage today is the one from our Chinese team, Jiang Shaoyu!”

“That’s right. He is the first and only player to participate in the World All-Stars as a coach!”

“It can be seen how popular our Coach Jiang is. Netizens are also very good and sent him to the All-Stars. This included my vote.”

“I also voted for him. I want to see what the legendary demon coach looks like when playing the game.”

“Me too. I heard that Wing’s marksmanship is still sharp. Let’s look forward to his all-star performance!”

During the time when the two commentators introduced the star players this year, the players at the venue were also preparing to appear.

The people of the Chinese team were all wearing team uniforms. After receiving the reminder of the on-site staff to enter, everyone walked to the stage together.

Jiang Shaoyu took the lead and the other four followed. The moment the five people appeared together, deafening applause broke out.

In the audience, Coach Matthew’s jaw dropped.

Why did Coach Jiang get on the big stage? Was he here to compete?”

Coach Jiang could really surprise people!

Players from other countries also had mixed feelings when they saw him standing with Pei Feng, Ye Qingming, and the other players.

Playing against a coach? They weren’t afraid at all. After all, most coaches were very poor at playing. For example, Coach Asta of the US team was good with theory but was like a novice when actually playing. Many national team coaches focused on theory and data research. Retired players such as the British team and Korean team’s coaches had a very high coaching level but they weren’t as good as active players. After all, their condition had declined after retirement. Their hand speed and reactions couldn’t keep up with young people.


Jiang Shaoyu might be a retired player, but every time Fred was interviewed, he would say that his master was very powerful and was his idol.

Even after winning the MVP award in the World Series, the person he wanted to thank the most was Jiang Shaoyu. He said in front of the audience all over the world that in his heart, his master was the MVP.

Pei Feng praised his master everywhere. It was to the point that players from all over the world, and even netizens in China, didn’t know what level Jiang Shaoyu was.

After all, Pei Feng’s level was really strong. Everyone could see it.

Was Pei Feng bragging and praising his master because the ‘apprentice’s filter was too heavy’ or was Jiang Shaoyu still young and maintained his condition?

Everyone was looking forward to Jiang Shaoyu’s true level.

The host at the scene also said excitedly, “The next to enter is the Chinese team. We can see that among the popular players sent by the Chinese team in this all-start competition, there is a familiar face. It is their national team’s coach, Jiang Shaoyu-Wing!”

Seeing the name Wing, many of Jiang Shaoyu’s old fans burst into tears.

From the former ACE-Wing to the current Wing, Jiang Shaoyu took six years.

He was once the number one sniper who swept through the league. For the sake of the national team, he put aside his ability to kill enemies on the field and retired behind the scenes to serve as the coach of the national team. It was also his thorough shuffling of the national team that allowed China to win the championship. They made a wonderful comeback and won the world championship.

Today, he once again stood on the e-sports stage as a player. Fans seemed to dream back to the past.

The sharp-edged, one-shot sniper god in everyone’s memory was finally back!

In the domestic live stream room, countless fans started posting comments.

[God Wing! Ahhh, my male god is back in the arena!]

[This old fan is crying. It really isn’t easy to see him playing the game.]

[God Wing, jiayou!]

[He fired the gun cleanly and neatly when playing in the competition. He was so handsome! After all these years, I don’t know how his condition is?]

[I think it is normal even if his condition declines and he can’t beat others. After all, he has been retired for five years. It isn’t fair to compare him with professional players who train every day. Let him compare with the coaches!]

[Ah… Let God Wing compete with coaches. Are you serious? Won’t that be a dimensional reduction blow?]

[Our great demon king will knock back coaches all over the world [dog head.jpg.]

Netizens were looking forward to Jiang Shaoyu’s return to the competition. But after all, he hadn’t played in the game for a long time and everyone didn’t know his level. In any case, in this type of entertainment event, no matter whether he won or lost, the old fans would be very satisfied to see him back on the stage and sitting in the soundproof room.

After the Chinese team entered the stadium, the players from other countries also came to the big stage.

At this time, the audience realized that there were eight soundproof rooms surrounding the stage in a circle. The soundproof rooms were hung with national flags of different countries. There were five computers in the world, with a layout of two in front and three in the back. There were barriers between the computers so they couldn’t see their teammates’ screens.

On the side of the Chinese team, Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu sat side by side in the front row. Captain Liu, Lao Lin and Yezi sat in the back row.

The audience was puzzled. “What type of competition mode is this seating arrangement? I don’t understand. Are the eight countries playing together? Is there no need to compete in groups?”

The host at the venue said excitedly, “Welcome to the star players from all over the world! The all-stars opening battle is about to begin. I will read out the rules of the competition. This all-stars uses a battle royale mode where eight teams compete at the same time. The map is Fantasy Island. Every once in a while, a safe zone will be formed on the map. People outside the zone will be affected by the negative buff of poisoning and die. Everyone needs to rush to the safe zone as soon as possible.”

“Teammates are shown in blue on the map and can’t be attacked. All names of non-friendly players will be shown in red. They can attack each other when they meet. Everyone will arrive at Fantasy Island via parachute and are free to choose the area where they land.”

“There are many treasure chests on the island, with various weapons and equipment in them. Everyone can pick up the weapons in the treasure chests. At the same time, the enemy’s weapons and equipment will drop when they are killed and are available for pickup.”

“The team that survives to the end will be today’s winner. All members will receive an official all-stars reward package!”

“Players, please get ready!”

Pei Feng said, “This is the eating chicken mode. Eight teams fight each other and the one who survives to the end will win.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. Who will be the commander?”

Pei Feng smiled and said, “Master, take command. Today, we will all listen to you.”


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