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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 205

Extra One: Spring Festival

After the trip, the two of them drove the RV to Xing City.

Pei Feng originally wanted to drive his master back home. However, Jiang Shaoyu thought it would be too eye-catching for Xiao Pei to drive him back in such a large RV. Therefore, he asked Pei Feng to stop halfway so he could take a taxi home.

Pei Feng didn’t embarrass his master. The two of them had just established their relationship. There was no need to announce to the world that they were together. It was better to get along in a low-key manner for a while. After all, Jiang Shaoyu would be the national team’s coach for another two years.

The moment Jiang Shaoyu arrived home, his parents and older brother were there. For this year’s Spring Festival, Jiang Shaoyu promised to spend it with his family and have a reunion dinner. He always kept his word. However, Jiang Shaoyu felt sad when he thought that Pei Feng had to spend the holiday alone.

He originally wanted to take Xiao Pei home for the Spring Festival, but he felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring Xiao Pei back directly since the two of them had just gotten together. His oldest brother and father would definitely grab Pei Feng to ask questions. He didn’t like this type of ‘household registration’ inquiry method, which was too embarrassing.

Who he spent time with was his own business. There was no need to report it to his family. Unless in the future, he had a stable relationship with Xiao Pei and planned to get married, it wouldn’t be too late to meet the parents.

Jiang Shaoyu went back to the bedroom. He took a shower and sent a message to Pei Feng. “If you return to the capital now, you will have to celebrate the new year on the highway. Why don’t you stay in Xing City for another two days and I’ll go back with you at that time.”

Pei Feng said, “I think so too. This year, I will celebrate the new year with Doudou in the RV~”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “It isn’t that I don’t want to take you home. I just think that the timing isn’t right. Be careful.”

Pei Feng sent a smiling emoji. “It’s okay. I also know that it is too early to see your parents. Everything can be arranged by Master.”

On the night of New Year’s Eve, Pei Feng was bored and started a live stream in the RV.

He had live streaming equipment in the car and his gaming laptop. At dinner time, Pei Feng sat in the living room of the RV with the laptop on. He demonstrated to everyone how to switch to the new weapon, the PP2000.

The live stream room No. 1024 of Little Bear RV lit up with the message, ‘The streamer Fred is live streaming.’ Members who activated the notification received messages from the side. Soon, countless fans poured into the live stream room.

[Fred, long time no see!]

[Can this streamer be more dedicated? Is it because the fans don’t give you enough likes?]

[It has been half a month since you disappeared. What have you been doing?]

Pei Feng smiled and explained, “The national team is on holiday and I went on a trip this month. It has been a long time.”

[Where did  you travel? With whom?]

[You can also stream while traveling. Is there no Internet connection where you are traveling?]

[Take a trip with fans to see the scenery~]

[By the way, isn’t it New Year’s Eve? Fred won’t go home for the new year?]

The fans posted a row of barrages.

Pei Feng sighed. “My parents don’t want me tagging along any longer when they go on holiday. Master also doesn’t want me when he goes home for the Spring Festival. I am going to celebrate the Spring Festival alone.” He pointed the camera at the dining table, pretending to be aggrieved. “Here you go. Look at my New Year’s Eve dinner. There is only a plate of steamed fish, which is more than enough every year. In addition, there is a plate of dumplings, which northerners must eat for the New Year. Isn’t it hearty?”

Netizens didn’t sympathize with him and instead laughed.

[It is the worst New Year’s Eve dinner in history!]

[It’s okay. At least you aren’t eating instant noodles on New Year’s Eye.]

[I can’t sympathize with Fred for more than a second.]

[Your parents don’t want you, and your master doesn’t want you? Then we don’t want you either!]

[Brothers and sisters, hurry up and make him the worst streamer in history who lost 300,000 followers on New Year’s Eve~]

[Hahaha, why do I want to laugh so much when seeing his aggrieved expression?]

Pei Feng said helplessly, “These netizens have no heart!”

The moment he finished speaking, a row of gifts suddenly appeared in the live stream room.

[’7766501’ has presented guardian shield x1 to the streamer Fred.]

[’7766501’ has presented guardian shield x2 to the streamer Fred.]


[’7766501’ has presented guardian shield x100 to the streamer Fred.]

This was Jiang Shaoyu’s alternate account.

At the time when Pei Feng switched from Xing Network to Little Bear TV, Jiang Shaoyu also opened an alternate account and went to the new platform to buy some gifts to support his apprentice. His ID became a distinguished member of the live stream room and he had a golden VIP logo.

The long-lost rich fan reappeared, and netizens became excited.

[I haven’t seen this digital wealthy fan for a long time!]

[Rich person 666!]

[I remember that this wealthy fan was a rich person who topped the list on the day Fred first streamed on Little Bear TV!]

[This fan hasn’t been seen for a whole year, right? Are they showing off today and giving gifts out of sympathy for Fred who is spending the Spring Festival alone?]

At this time, the Jiang house in Xing City.

His mother and sister-in-law were preparing New Year’s Eve dinner in the kitchen together. Jiang Shaoyu was bored at home, so he picked up his phone and opened Pei Feng’s live stream room. The moment he heard Pei Feng saying in an aggrieved manner, ‘My master doesn’t want me,’ he felt soft and bought a wave of gifts.

This approach seemed to say: It isn’t that I don’t want you. Master is always here.

It was like grooming a lost dog.

Pei Feng’s expression changed instantly. He said with a smile, “Thank you, Boss, for the gift! I received the guardian shields. I was just joking with everyone. Happy New Year, Boss.”

Fred’s voice inexplicably became gentle and excited.

Netizens in the live stream room were full of confusion

[Fred’s voice changed after he received the gift.]

[Is there a situation between the boss and Fred?]

[They made a special trip to buy gifts on New Year’s Eve. The boss loves you so much, Fred~]

Jiang Shaoyu typed a line of words: Happy New Year. Why do you only eat fish and dumplings for your New Year’s dinner? Will you be full?

Pei Feng smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ve made a lot of dumplings. If one plate isn’t enough, I will eat two plates.”

At this moment, a puppy suddenly ran to the sofa and into Pei Feng’s arms. He stared at the camera curiously. Netizens were struck by the cuteness of his black bean-like eyes and started posting comments one after another.

[What a cute little dog. Just hug it and give it a fierce kiss!]

[The curly-haired dog looks like a rag doll. Where did this puppy come from?]

[When did Fred get a dog?]

[Fred is a famous dog. Is it easier to communicate with a similar type of dog?]

Pei Feng picked up Jiang Doudou and introduced him to netizens in the live stream room. “This dog’s name is Jiang Doudou. He is a puppy raised by my master. Cute, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu saw the little guy in the camera. He smiled slightly and asked: Has he eaten?

Pei Feng laughed softly. “He has eaten. Today during the Spring Festival, I gave Doudou some extra food and opened three cans of different flavors for him to choose from. But he ended up eating all of them.”

Netizens: [Doudou’s Spring Festival dinner is richer than yours!]

[Fred doesn’t live as well as a puppy~]

[Is this Coach Jiang’s dog? Will Coach Jiang let him write a self-criticism?]

[Fred said: My master’s dog is better at playing games than you are. He pressed his paws on the keyboard and can kill indiscriminately.]

The netizens in his live stream room had always been very naughty. Pei Feng had long been used to it.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the barrage area and said: I’m ready to eat over here.

Pei Feng replied, “Okay, Boss. Go ahead. I will play games for a while.”

Jiang Shaoyu exited the live stream room and went to the dining room to have the New Year’s Eve dinner.

In the past few years, he had been in California while his parents traveled around the world and his brother was busy with business. It had been a long time since the whole family got together to celebrate the New Year. This year was very lively. Jiang Shaoyu even sent a red envelope to his nephew.

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, he had no interest in the party and went back to his room alone.

He opened the live stream room and saw that Pei Feng was still playing the game.

It wasn’t uncommon for game streamers to live stream on New Year’s Eve. Fred’s live stream room ranked first in popularity, with tens of millions of views at this time.

What surprised Jiang Shaoyu was that Hua Ran was teaming up with Pei Feng. Obviously, Hua Hua wasn’t very interested in the party. He came to play the game and happened to meet Pei Feng. Therefore, he pulled Pei Feng together to form a team.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t disturb them. He went back to take a shower and sleep.

At midnight, his phone suddenly lit up. It was a message from Pei Feng. “I wish Master all the best in the new year. I love you~”

This was followed by a 520 red envelope.

There were also many people in the national team’s group giving out and grabbing red envelopes. The group of night owls was extremely lively.

Jiang Shaoyu accepted the red envelope sent by Pei Feng separately and replied, “Thank you. I hope that all your wishes come true.”

The Jiang family didn’t have many relatives in China. His uncle opened a law firm in California and hadn’t returned to China. There was no need to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival.

On the morning of the second day of the Spring Festival, Jiang Shaoyu left early using the pretext of something else. He didn’t go to the airport and instead went to meet Pei Feng.

Pei Feng’s RV was parked on the outskirts of Xing City. The moment Jiang Shaoyu entered the RV, Pei Feng excitedly rushed over and hugged him tightly before kissing him unceremoniously.

Jiang Shaoyu’s ears felt hot after he was kissed by Xiao Pei. He couldn’t help thinking, ‘Are you a dog? The type that hugs people, kisses them, and bites them.’

Pei Feng kissed again. He felt that this wasn’t enough, so he simply carried his master to the bedroom. He kissed his master deeply on the bed.

Jiang Shaoyu was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and pushed at him awkwardly. “Enough… that’s enough… Xiao Pei… um….”

Pei Feng finally stopped moving. He hugged Jiang Shaoyu, buried his head in the crook of Jiang Shaoyu’s neck, and rubbed against it gently. He said in a low and hoarse voice, “We have only been apart for two days, but I can’t help missing you.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

The hair of Xiao Pei’s head rubbed against his sensitive neck like a big and spoiled dog. Jiang Shaoyu felt soft and couldn’t help reaching out to touch the other person’s head gently. He said, “Okay. Aren’t I back?”

Pei Feng propped up his body slightly and looked at his master seriously. His master’s lips were slightly red from the kiss and glowed with moist water. They were especially sexy.

Pei Feng’s heart moved. He lowered his head and gently kissed his master’s lips.

To this day, he still had a very unreal feeling.

Jiang Shaoyu actually accepted his pursuit and was willing to try to fall in love with him. Pei Feng always felt like he was dreaming.

If it was a dream, he hoped he would never wake up from the dream.

Pei Feng closed his eyes and kissed his master seriously. Compared with the excitement just now, the kiss this time was very gentle and delicate. It was as if he was confirming if the person in front of him was real.

Jiang Shaoyu sighed softly in his heart. He stretched out his hand and hugged Pei Feng’s shoulders, actively cooperating with him.

The two of them hugged each other and kissed like this. It was very inconsistent with Jiang Shaoyu’s style, but he had no resistance to Xiao Pei’s spoiled behavior. He didn’t want to dampen the enthusiasm of this young alpha.

Jiang Shaoyu was already apologetic about leaving Xiao Pei in the RV during the Spring Festival this year. He had to let Xiao Pei kiss him today.

Pei Feng saw that his master didn’t resist, and his actions became more and more excessive. He left many hickeys on his master’s body. There were many strawberries planted on his master’s neck, collarbone, and even chest.

He wanted to do it to the end, but Jiang Shaoyu just came to him after the Spring Festival. Eating this person clean was too impatient. In any case, they had already confirmed their relationship. It was only a matter of time before they had closer contact. He hoped to give his master an unforgettable first time if his master was willing.

After Pei Feng was satisfied with the kiss, he helped Jiang Shaoyu up and said with a smile, “Master, are we going back to the capital, or should we stay here for a few days?”

Jiang Shaoyu tidied up his clothes. His breathing was a bit disordered. He took a deep breath to steady his fierce heartbeat and whispered, “Let’s drive the RV back.”

Pei Feng looked at him and asked, “Master, do you want to participate in this year’s All-Star Game?”

The World All-Star Game of Gun King was held at a different time every year. This year, it happened to be February 10th. Only the most popular players from the countries who reached the top 8 in the World Series were eligible to be invited to participate. This was an entertainment event that tended to be publicized.

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “I am the coach. There is no need to participate in this, right?”

Pei Feng said, “The league doesn’t stipulate that coaches can’t participate. You can vote for anyone from the top 8 countries of the World Series. I believe that with Master’s popularity, you will definitely be selected through domestic votes.”

Jiang Shaoyu wanted to say something more, but Pei Feng hugged him gently. “Master, I want to participate with you. This is also the only chance for us to stand side by side in the world competition.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

As a coach, he couldn’t play in matches. However, there were no strict restrictions on entertainment activities like the All-Stars. He could even appear on the field as a team with Pei Feng.

They were mentor and apprentice, but they had never been on the same stage in any competition.

This was also Xiao Pei’s biggest regret in his heart, right?

Jiang Shaoyu was silent for a moment before nodding. “Okay. If netizens really choose me, I will go and participate.”

Pei Feng’s arms tightened. “Great!”

He had already achieved glory and was the world’s first all-round free person and MVP player, but in his heart, he could never surpass his master. If he was lucky enough to participate with Jiang Shaoyu in this All-Star event, he would let the whole world know…

His master was the strongest player.


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