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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 203 Part 2

The two of them went back to their rooms to sleep. Pei Feng tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. His mind was full of Jiang Shaoyu’s figure. On this snowy night, he couldn’t help thinking of the scene where he marked his master on the snowy night last winter. The cool mint fragrance made him want to taste all the way to the bone marrow.

Gradually, his head became dizzy like it had been turned to paste.

Only Jiang Shaoyu’s figure had always stayed clearly in his memory.

Pei Feng felt that his whole body was suddenly hot and cold. He couldn’t help frowning and wrapping himself tightly in the quilt. Jiang Doudou noticed that something was wrong with him and immediately barked a few times. Then he turned and ran upstairs, barking and pulling Jiang Shaoyu’s sleeve with his mouth.

This puppy was very smart. Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t asleep, so he got up and followed Doudou.

Jiang Doudou led him to the door of Pei Feng’s bedroom, where he heard a confused voice coming from inside. “Master…” Pei Feng’s bedroom door wasn’t closed tightly. Jiang Shaoyu pushed the door open in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong? Did you ask Doudou to call me?”

However, Pei Feng didn’t respond.

Jiang Shaoyu walked to the side of the bed to take a look. He saw that Pei Feng’s cheeks were flushed. His eyes were staring at the ceiling as if they had lost focus.

His forehead was covered with cold sweat. Jiang Shaoyu frowned slightly and reached out a hand to touch Pei Feng’s forehead. Pei Feng was burning badly and his clothes were soaked with sweat. Jiang Shaoyu said with some distress, “You have a fever. You must’ve played too crazily in the snow in the afternoon and caught a cold. Where is the anti-fever medicine?”

Pei Feng looked at him blankly. “Master?”

Had this guy’s brain been burned out? He didn’t answer when asked a question.

Jiang Shaoyu turned around helplessly and went out. The space in the RV was limited, so it was very convenient to find things. There were only a few drawers. Jiang Shaoyu quickly found a small medicine box, which contained various antipyretics, cold medicines, and gastrointestinal medicines. Xiao Pei was quite prepared when going out.

Jiang Shaoyu carefully read the medicine instructions. He took two antipyretic pills, poured a cup of warm water, and sent it to Pei Feng’s bedroom.

He helped Pei Feng up and leaned Pei Feng against the bed. He said in a low voice, “Take the medicine.”

Pei Feng stared at him blankly and didn’t cooperate.

Jiang Shaoyu coaxed in a low voice, “Be good. Open your mouth and take the medicine.”

Pei Feng instinctively opened his mouth. Jiang Shaoyu put the medicine and water into his mouth.

This wasn’t the first time that Xiao Pei had been given medicine. Jiang Shaoyu suddenly remembered that when he was in the ACE team, Xiao Pei was caught in a heavy rain one time and developed a fever and a cold. Jiang Shaoyu patiently took care of him, gave him medicine, and helped him reduce the fever. At that time, Pei Feng was still very young. He had left his hometown to study under his master in the far south. Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t very old but as a master, he should still take care of his apprentice when sick.

This road was blocked due to heavy snow and they couldn’t go to the hospital. Therefore, he had to get rid of the fever as soon as possible. Jiang Shaoyu sighed in his heart. He turned around, took out a clean towel, and dipped it in cold water. He wanted to stick it on Pei Feng’s forehead to reduce the fever.

Pei Feng seemed to be confused by the fever. The moment when Jiang Shaoyu stuck the towel on his forehead, he suddenly grabbed Jiang Shaoyu’s hand gently and said in a hoarse voice, “Master, will you hate me if I pester you like this?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked down at him. The alpha lying on the bed looked pitiful. Perhaps due to illness, there was a hint of grievance in his eyes. Jiang Shaoyu’s heart softened inexplicably and he whispered, “I don’t hate you.”

Pei Feng looked at him seriously and asked, “Then will you like me?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Xiao Pei’s eyes were full of expectation as if Jiang Doudou was wagging his tail at him and saying to him, ‘Master, can you like me a little bit?’ Jiang Shaoyu didn’t know how to answer. He looked away and said in a low voice, “I haven’t figured out how I feel about you. Give me a bit of time.”

Pei Feng smiled. “I have already thought about you. I like you, I especially like you.”

The next moment, Pei Feng suddenly stretched out his arms and hugged Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu was originally sitting on the edge of the bed. He planned to put the towel on Pei Feng’s forehead to cool this person down, so his center of gravity was unstable. Once he was hugged like this, his entire body lay in Pei Feng’s arms. His legs were quickly clamped by Pei Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu wanted to struggle, but Pei Feng stretched out his arms and hugged him tighter.

The feverish alpha’s body temperature was terrifyingly hot, almost melting this person.

Being hugged like this by an adult alpha, Jiang Shaoyu struggled uneasily, “Let go of me.”

Pei Feng gently rubbed the back of his neck and whispered, “I finally dreamed of Master. I won’t let you go.”

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned. It seemed that his apprentice was really confused and thought this was a dream. He was about to explain that this wasn’t a dream, but Pei Feng suddenly muttered in a low voice. “I really want to kiss you. Is it okay?”

He suddenly stretched out his hand, clasped the back of Jiang Shaoyu’s head and kissed him passionately.

Jiang Shaoyu: “………”

The moment the alpha blocked his lips, Jiang Shaoyu’s mind went blank for a moment.

The feverish alpha had a high body temperature. His lips were frighteningly hot, with a heat that seemed to melt him. Jiang Shaoyu’s whole body was as stiff as a statue. He wanted to push Pei Feng away but found that the alpha’s strength was very strong. He was now lying in the other person’s arms and there was no way he could break free.

“Hmm…” The breath belonging to the alpha unexpectedly broke into his mouth.

The enthusiasm and forthrightness of a young person was simply overwhelming.

Pei Feng kissed the person in his arms passionately. Just like in every dream, he wasn’t polite at all.

Jiang Shaoyu’s whole body went limp from being kissed. His ears were so hot that they felt like they were going to burn.

He was forcibly kissed by his apprentice. This humiliating experience was too embarrassing to tell anyone, right?

The more embarrassing thing was that he actually…

Didn’t feel any rejection at all.

Xiao Pei’s body smelled very clean and warm. His kiss had the mellow taste of coffee, which was consistent with the smell of the pheromones on his body. It might be that the brain nerves that controlled pheromones were also affected during the fever. The alpha’s pheromones were floating everywhere in the air without being restrained.

Jiang Shaoyu was wrapped in the warm and possessive pheromones. His body lay limply in Pei Feng’s arms.

After being repeatedly disrespected by Pei Feng, his master lost all face…

But the strange thing was that kissing Xiao Pei was quite comfortable.

Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes, his ears were a bit hot.

He passively opened his mouth and accepted Pei Feng’s passionate and deep kiss without the strength to struggle or resist.

It was the first time that Pei Feng ‘dreamed’ of such a cooperative master and he became even more excited. One kiss wasn’t enough. He turned over and pressed his master onto the bed. He kissed again until Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t bear it any longer and pushed Pei Feng away with all his strength. “That’s enough! What are you so crazy about?”

Pei Feng looked at him innocently, “Master doesn’t like it?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

He looked away uncomfortably. He reached out and touched Xiao Pei’s forehead.

His fever seemed to have gone away a bit?

Jiang Shaoyu put the towel on Pei Feng’s forehead and said, “Sleep. It will be fine when you wake up tomorrow.”

With this, he hurriedly turned around and left.

It wasn’t until after his master left that Pei Feng reached out a hand to take off the towel on his forehead. A smile rose on his face but his ears were red.

Oh my god, what did he do?

He thought it was a dream when he first kissed his master, but he woke up later because his dreams had never been so real. The closeness of skin to skin and the soft touch was incomparable to the dreams.

Jiang Shaoyu in his arms wasn’t a dream. It was the real Jiang Shaoyu.

By the time Pei Feng realized, things were out of control and he couldn’t step on the brakes and say, ‘Master, I’m sorry. I was wrong. I thought it was a dream.’ In that case, Jiang Shaoyu would definitely scold him.

It was better to make mistakes and continue to pretend to be confused.

Therefore, Pei Feng used the reason of ‘dreaming’ to hold Jiang Shaoyu in his arms and kiss him enough.

The wonderful feeling of kissing clearly remained in his mind. What surprised Pei Feng even more was that Jiang Shaoyu didn’t struggle after being kissed. Later, Jiang Shaoyu even closed his eyes and allowed Pei Feng’s shameless behavior of ‘rebellion’ to kiss twice in a row?

The moment Pei Feng thought of this, his heart beat faster and his head became dizzy.

His master wasn’t rejecting him? His master was wavering about him?

In fact, Pei Feng’s physical fitness was very good. He had played in the snow for too long in the afternoon and caught a cold. But even if he didn’t take medicine, he could fight it off by sleeping. It was just that this fever led to an unexpected surprise. If his master was shaken by this and even agreed to his pursuit, he would really wake up from his dream with a smile.

Pei Feng fell asleep holding the quilt. There was an uncontrollable smile on his face.

He kissed his master. He might’ve taken the opportunity to make trouble, but his master didn’t scold him and instead acquiesced to his closeness.

This was a huge step forward!

Jiang Shaoyu was lying on the bed, feeling extremely upset.

He touched his lips that were red and swollen from being kissed. His ears were burning badly and his heartbeat was almost out of control.

It really shouldn’t be like this. It was right to push away Pei Feng with all his strength when being kissed. Why did he become soft-hearted? According to his personality, if forcibly kissed by an alpha, he should’ve beaten the alpha into a crippled state and sent him to the hospital’s ICU. Why couldn’t he be so ruthless to Pei Feng?

Facing Pei Feng’s gentle and expectant dog eyes, his mind went blank. What made him even more unbelievable was that he actually felt very comfortable during this kiss. The feeling of warmth and intimacy made him nostalgic. It had been so long since he had been so close to someone.

During the years of living in California, only Jiang Doudou was by his side. As a patient with pheromone disorder, 99% of alphas couldn’t feel attraction from him at all. They would only be attacked and rejected by him. He couldn’t accept the approach of those alphas.

He originally thought he would never have a close relationship with any alpha in his life. Now his principles had been broken again and again.

He wasn’t disgusted the first time he was marked by Pei Feng.

He also wasn’t disgusted when he was marked the second time.

The first two times could be called excusable. After all, his pheromones were out of control and he needed a way to solve it.

But what about today?

His pheromones weren’t out of control, and he didn’t need Pei Feng’s help!

He didn’t push Xiao Pei away. He was even kissed until his body became weak, and his heart was beating faster. There was only one explanation…

He was moved by Pei Feng.

He couldn’t accept being so close to other alphas.

Pei Feng was the only exception.


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