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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 203 Part 1

The next morning, Jiang Shaoyu woke up and found heavy snow falling outside the window. He had never seen such heavy snow before. Goose feather-like snowflakes were falling. The surrounding roads were covered with thick snow, and the sky and earth were completely white.

Jiang Shaoyu walked down the stairs and saw Pei Feng making breakfast in the kitchen. Fortunately, there were enough ingredients in the refrigerator before setting off. There were a lot of fresh meat products in the freezer. There were also enough fruits and vegetables to last for a week.

Pei Feng cooked two bowls of light and refreshing vegetable porridge, fried two eggs, toasted bread, and called Jiang Shaoyu over to have breakfast. “Master, just eat whatever you want for breakfast. I will steam a fish for you for lunch.”

Jiang Shaoyu walked to the living room and sat down, asking, ‘It is snowing so heavily. Are you still going out today?”

Pei Feng smiled. “I’m not going out. Let’s take a day of rest in the RV. The snow is too heavy and it isn’t convenient to drive.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay.”

The location where Pei Feng parked the RV was originally a sparsely populated suburb. The heavy snow caused the road to be blocked and there was no one around. In the snow-white sky and earth, it seemed that their RV was the only thing left. The two people and the puppy stayed in the closed RV, turning on the heater. They stared at the snowy scenery outside the window, their mood open and comfortable.

This was what travel was all about.

He could forget all the unhappy things and relax his mind completely.

After the two of them had eaten, they sat on the sofa together. There was a funny variety show on TV that Pei Feng would occasionally laugh along with. Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t get these strange jokes at all, so he looked at his phone and read a book.

Pei Feng found that his master wasn’t interested in variety shows, so he said, “Master, how about I change to the live stream platform to watch game streamers?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “No need, Those streamers aren’t as good at playing games as you. If I watch them play games, I will only find a lot of flaws.”

He suffered from an occupational disease as the national team’s coach. If he watched streamers playing the game, he would feel that their positioning was wrong, their shooting skills weren’t accurate and their awareness wasn’t good… Among the domestic Gun King streamers, only Pei Feng’s gaming skills could satisfy Jiang Shaoyu.

Pei Feng suggested, “It is a boring day. Why don’t we watch a movie and kill time?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a while before saying, “Okay.”

He had little interest in movies and had never been to a movie theater since he was a child. Pei Feng asked, “What type of movies does Master like? Horror movies, science fiction movies, or suspense movies?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a moment before saying, “Whatever. I can watch anything.”

Pei Feng opened his phone and searched the movie rankings. He picked a movie with a score of 9.5 that was released last year and cast it onto the screen.

The two of them were leaning on the sofa and watching a movie together. Doudou lay by the window and curiously looked at the heavy snow outside. Occasionally, he would come and rub against his two master’s legs. He wagged his tail, and ran around in the car before coming back to climb onto the sofa and nap.

The heating was on in the car. The small world between the three of them had a strange, undisturbed warmth.

The movie was about a family traveling in an RV. The atmosphere was relaxed and funny. There was a loving couple, two lively and cute children, and two puppies. The process was full of laughter.r Pei Feng watched the whole process with a smile. Jiang Shaoyu’s expression softened a lot.

It was a warm and joyful movie. Even Doudou sat on the sofa and watched it with wide eyes, although it wasn’t known if he understood it or not.

Perhaps he was watching the two puppies of the same kind in the movie?

Jiang Shaoyu had never traveled with his family. As a child, his parents were too busy working and rarely took care of the family, let alone taking him out. After growing up, he was too busy forming the ACE team, playing competitions, and going abroad for medical treatment…

Strictly speaking, it was his first time traveling.

When he first agreed to travel with Pei Feng, he was worried about being embarrassed. Now it seemed that they got along very happily.

The movie had just finished when Pei Feng’s phone suddenly rang. He looked at the caller ID and answered the phone, “Dad, I’m traveling. Yes, with friends… celebrating the new year? I’m not sure where I’m going to celebrate it yet… Huh? Are you going to travel abroad again?” Pei Feng laughed helplessly. “You go with Mom. I won’t be a light bulb. Don’t worry, I am an adult. This isn’t the first time I am celebrating the new year alone.”

After hanging up the phone, Pei Feng said with a wry smile, “My dad is a doctor, and he can only take seven days of annual leave every Spring Festival. Every time, he would take my mom to travel. He would take me along with them when I was young. Then once I grew up, they stopped taking me to play.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

No wonder why Pei Feng spent the last Spring Festival alone in the capital. It seemed that Pei Feng’s parents adopted a ‘free-range’ education method for him. So when Pei Feng was a teenager, he went all the way to Xing City to become Jiang Shaoyu’s apprentice, and Pei Feng’s parents didn’t dissuade him or object.

The education of Jiang Shaoyu’s family was very strict, while Pei Feng’s family was the complete opposite. It was very relaxed and free.

Pei Feng asked, “Where is Master celebrating the new year this year?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s mind returned, and he replied, “I’ll go to Xing City. It is rare for my parents to be in China. I will have a reunion dinner with them.”

He remembered that during the Spring Festival last year, his parents weren’t in the country and the two of them celebrated the new year together. As a result, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly lost control of his pheromones. Pei Feng took him back to the national team’s base to get inhibitors. As a result, it snowed halfway, and the highway was blocked. As a last result, the two of them… the car stopped on the side of the road, and the first temporary marking was completed.

A year had passed, and the scene of biting the back of his master’s neck on a snowy night was still very clear in Pei Feng’s mind.

Thinking of the intimacy in the car, Pei Feng’s ears felt a bit hot. He quickly looked away and changed the subject. “Then you can leave Doudou with me at that time. I will help you take care of him. Aren’t Uncle and Auntie not very fond of pets? besides, it isn’t convenient to travel with him.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay.”

In the afternoon, the snow suddenly stopped. The road was thick enough to reach the knees. Since there were no pedestrians or vehicles around, the white snow looked spectacular. Pei Feng suggested, “Master, get out of the car and go to breathe.

Jiang Shaoyu was also bored from being in the car all morning, so he changed into thick clothes and got out of the car with him to get some fresh air.

Jiang Shaoyu wanted to go out with his two masters. Pei Feng was worried that he would catch a cold, so he found a set of thick puppy clothes from the drawer and put a small down jacket on Jiang Doudou. Jiang Shaoyu looked back and saw the small puppet wearing a blue down jacket and hat. He was so cute.

After getting out of the car, Pei Feng placed Doudou on the snow and said with a smile, “Go play in the snow. You haven’t seen such heavy snow, right?”

Jiang Doudou stepped on the soft snow under his feet and barked excitedly as he rushed forward. As a result, the snow was too heavy. He fell into the snow and was instantly buried by the snow. He couldn’t get out despite struggling for a while.

Pei Feng was dumbfounded and quickly stepped forward. He leaned over, fished out the puppy, and patted the snow off him.

Jiang Doudou looked at his two masters blankly. His innocent eyes made Jiang Shaoyu chuckle. He took Doudou from Pei Feng’s arms and said, “The snow is too deep. Don’t let him go around, or this fool wouldn’t be able to climb out.”

Pei Feng smiled and nodded. He handed the foolish Doudou to his master and went to play in the snow by himself. He built a snowman on the side of the road. Jiang Shaoyu thought the shape of the snowman was extremely strange at first. Then later, the snowman’s arms and legs were gradually assembled by Pei Feng. He saw clearly that it was… a snow puppy.

Once Pei Feng finished piling it up, he asked Jiang Doudou, “Does it look like you?”

Jiang Doudou screamed excitedly.

Pei Feng put it on top of the snowman’s head and took a few photos.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at this photo and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a moment. Sometimes, he felt that Pei Feng was very reliable. Other times, he found that Pei Feng still had the childishness and enthusiasm of a 20 year old. He was just like a big dog, quite cute.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t notice that during the time he was with Pei Feng, the expression on his face became much gentler.

Pei Feng continued to play with Doudou, but Jiang Shaoyu was afraid of the cold and returned to the RV early.

One person and one dog had a good time playing in the snow. Once Pei Feng got in the car, he was surprised to find Jiang Shaoyu cooking. He brushed the snow off Doudou’s clothes. He came to the kitchen and asked, “Master, are you hungry? Can you cook by yourself?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “I’m idle so I will cook today. When I was in California, I used to cook and eat by myself.”

Pei Feng smiled brightly. “Then I’ll try Master’s craftsmanship today.”

Jiang Shaoyu ordered a pot of simple vegetable noodles and made two poached eggs.

Pei Feng was full of praise while eating. He ate two bowls and even drank all the soup in the bowls.

Jiang Doudou was tired of playing and slept next to him. Pei Feng just took a lot of material, including photos of snow scenes and videos of Doudou playing in the snow. He opened the video and showed it to Jiang Shaoyu. “Look at him. He is happy and dug a lot of holes in the snow.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “He is lively and active. This is the first time he saw such heavy snow, so he was excited.”

Since they were watching the videos of the puppy together, the two of them got very close. Jiang Shaoyu found that he was almost leaning into Pei Feng’s arms. He quickly took a step back and said, “Send me the videos.”

Pei Feng sent him all the videos and snow photos he had just taken.

Jiang Shaoyu looked down at the photos quietly. He didn’t know why, but his heartbeat was a bit fast.

In the evening, it started to snow again outside the window. Pei Feng looked at the weather forecast and helplessly said, “This heavy snow is likely to continue for three days. It seems we have to stay in Binzhou for a few more days.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “It’s okay. We can arrange our time freely. I don’t have a place I particularly want to go to. We can stay for a few days.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Okay. Then we’ll wait until the snow stops and traffic resumes before setting off.”


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