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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 200 Part 2

The next day, a reporter came to the base to conduct an exclusive interview with the national team.

Jiang Shaoyu sat in the middle with the other players next to him. The reporter in charge of the interview smiled and said, “Congratulations to the national team for winning the championship!”

The crowd applauded in unison.

The reporter said, “Today’s interview will be recorded and aired. Everyone, you don’t have to be restrained and can speak freely. We have collected many questions that the netizens are concerned about. The first question is: What is the most memorable thing during your time in the national team?”

Hua Ran looked around worriedly. “Can I say it?”

The reporter answered, “It’s okay. You can say it. If it isn’t suitable, we will cut it out later.”

Hua Ran answered frankly, “The most impressive thing is naturally writing a self-criticism! For the first time in my life, I had to write a self-criticism and it was 1,000 words. That day, I spent all night writing it. Fortunately, it passed and I wasn’t called back to rewrite it.”

Xia Li said, “What impressed me the most was drawing a map with my eyes closed. It was a nightmare. I walked and walked in the maze every night during those days and couldn’t find the exit!”

Mo Hantian said with a red face, “Ahem, I accidentally met God Wing in the game. I was beaten by God Wing and scolded. I also wrote a self-criticism.”

Ye Qingming was next. “Writing a self-criticism and even being locked in a little black room to practice movement?”

Qin Xueyao said, “I practiced shooting in the little black room. I was also practicing shooting in my dreams every night during that time.”

Shi Xiaobin replied, “Hide-and-seek in the little black room. I couldn’t find Old Chang, so I played hide-and-seek in my dreams.”

The reporter: “????”

F*k! Wasn’t the national team a place of harmony, friendship, and tolerance? Wasn’t Coach Jiang the world’s strongest omega coach who was gentle, tolerant, and encouraged the players so that every player could shine?

How could this be?

Was Jiang Shaoyu so terrifying?

The reporter was at a loss for a moment. He looked at Jiang Shaoyu in an awkward manner and asked in fright, “Coach Jiang, do you want to cut this section…?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered casually, “It doesn’t matter. Let it air. In any case, what they said is the truth.”

Everyone sighed with relief. There was no need to write a self-criticism!

The reporter picked up his shocked jaw and asked, “Netizens are all curious. Which game is the most memorable game for everyone? Who is the teammate you want to cooperate with the most?”

The game that impressed them the most was different for everyone. For example, the fancy game in Desert Ruins when fighting Brazil, the gunfire on the Rainy Night map when fighting the United Kingdom, the double kill when Xueyao was commanding, Pei Feng’s three scout lineup to destroy South Korea, etc. In this World Series, every game was actually worth reviewing.

The reporter said, “The last question is asked by netizens to Coach Jiang. Which player in the national team is your favorite?”

Jiang Shaoyu was silent for a moment before saying, “Everyone in the national team has their own characteristics. In my heart, there is no distinction between who is better and who is worse. Everyone is very important. The entire national team is like a gear. If any of the players are missing, the gear can’t turn.”

Everyone laughed and said, “Coach is good at acting unbiased!”

In fact, everyone knew very well in their hearts that Jiang Shaoyu’s most admired and favorite player must be Pei Feng.

His direct apprentice, Fred. The MVP of the finals shocked the world with his outstanding free person style and the captain of the national team.

However, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t want to say it directly. First of all, it wasn’t appropriate with their master and apprentice relationship to say that he liked Pei Feng the most. Secondly, Pei Feng had already confessed to him. How could he say that he liked Pei Feng the most in front of the national audience?

Xiao Pei’s tail would soar high into the sky and he wouldn’t be willing to give up

After the interview, the media reporter went back to edit the video overnight. The next day, the interview video was posted on the Internet.

In addition to the major websites, TV stations also broadcasted the interview.

The netizens: “???”

[The little black room is common in the national team?]

[Write a self-criticism? Have they all written one?]

[We misunderstood Coach Jiang. This national team really trained in hell mode!]

[Xia Li had to draw a map with her eyes closed. I’m laughing to death.]

[Xueyao practiced shooting in her dreams. She has also been locked up in the little black room. So miserable!]

[Yezi wrote a self-criticism and was in the little black room. That is even worse!]

[Hahaha, I can’t sympathize with everyone for one more second.]

[Is the omega coach so fierce?]

[Coach Jiang said: Gentle? Then go ahead with all your misconceptions and write me a 1,000 word self-criticism!]

[Kneeling down. Coach, spare me!]

The topic of ‘#national team writing a self-criticism# appeared on the hot search.

It was only at this time that everyone found out that Jiang Shaoyu was the legendary ‘demon coach.’

A gentle and tolerant omega coach? No no no, that was all an illusion!

Coach Jiang was very strict. The reason why the national team could achieve results was due to his hell training!

Once the video of this interview was released, many netizens left messages under Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo.

“Coach, hurry and wake me up. I hope I don’t fail the final exam.”

“Coach Jiang, I want to learn how to write a self-criticism~”

“I love the murderous omega coach. Please keep whipping the national team!”

“For the next season, I suggest live streaming them writing a self-criticism [dog head.jpg].”

After returning to China, they were busy for three days before finally completing the media interviews and publicity.

On December 25th, Christmas Day, all the members of the national team had a breakup meal at the base. Jiang Shaoyu announced at the table, “The 6th national team will be officially disbanded from today. Everyone can take a break.”

Everyone had mixed emotions when they heard this sentence.

After playing in the World Series, they had no reason to stay at the national team’s base. They had to return to their clubs to prepare for next year’s professional league.

However, this period of time in the national team was still fresh in everyone’s memory. No matter whether it was writing a self-criticism collectively, being enclosed in the little black room, playing a training match, and training in various details bit by bit…

The days of being pushed by Coach Jiang at the base were hard but precious.

Mo Hantian’s eyes turned red again.

He was really reluctant to let Coach Jiang and these teammates go.

Xia Li asked bluntly, “Coach Jiang, will you continue to be the coach of the national team in the next season?”

Everyone listened carefully and waited for Coach Jiang’s answer.

Jiang Shaoyu served as the coach and led a championship team. This had already exceeded his task. Even if he left now to do what he wanted, no one would say anything about him.

It was just that everyone was reluctant to let him go. If he left, it was still uncertain what the next national team would look like!

In everyone’s hearts, only Coach Jiang could convince all of them.

Pei Feng also looked at his master, eyes full of anticipation.

Jiang Shaoyu smiled and said, “Unfortunately, the next coach is still me. Your nightmare isn’t over. If you are interested in hell training with the national team, you are welcome to come back next year.”

Everyone: “……”

What was unfortunate? This was great news!

They would continue to work hard next year to meet Coach Jiang!

This casual meal was originally a bit sad. However, Jiang Shaoyu’s words made everyone’s mood improve instantly. As long as they worked hard, they could come back to the national team next year and continue to accept the pushing of Coach Jiang.

Writing a self-criticism? What were they afraid of? Just write down their experience!

What little black room? Thinking about it now, it was quite kind!

After lunch, the players went to the airport with their luggage.

Pei Feng planned to go directly back to his villa on the outskirts of the capital. He knocked on Jiang Shaoyu’s door and asked, “Master, when will you fly home? Shall I drive you there?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It is 11 o’clock in the evening. There is no need for you to drive me. I’ll just call a car.”

Pei Feng said stubbornly, “In any case, I have nothing to do. I plan to go home tonight and I can stop by the airport.”

Seeing Jiang Doudou wagging his tail desperately, Pei Feng smiled. He leaned over, picked up the dog, and asked, “Master, this time, do you plan to take Doudou with you when you go home?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “No. I’m only going home for a week this time. I wanted to ask Sister Yu to take care of him for a few days. My parents don’t like pets very much and probably won’t get along with him.”

Pei Feng said positively, “Why don’t you leave Doudou for me to take care of? Sister Yu has been busy with many things recently. I’m afraid she won’t be able to take care of him. I am also familiar with Doudou and will take good care of him.” After saying that, he touched Doudou’s head and asked, “Doudou? Do you want to return with Sister Yu or me?”

Jiang Doudou: “Bark bark bark!”

Pei Feng translated it. “Doudou said that he prefers to follow me.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Was it true or false that he was proficient in dog language?

However, seeing that Jiang Doudou was very happy in Pei Feng’s arms, Jiang Shaoyu thought to himself that Pei Feng must’ve bought Doudou with canned meat over the past year.

He had no choice but to nod in agreement. “Okay, just let him play with you for a few days.”

Pei Feng carried Doudou’s things for drinking water and eating into the car, along with a box of canned meat. Then he sent his master to the airport.

On the way to the airport, Pei Feng asked while driving, “Master, is it the requirement of the league for you to continue to be the coach of the national team next year?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “No. When I signed a coaching contract with the league, I signed it for three years. If I want to change the environment of China’s e-sports circle from the root, one year simply isn’t enough.”

Pei Feng admired it in his heart. His master always had a long-term vision. When he held the Rising Star Cup, he said that this competition wouldn’t only be held once. Later, he went to watch the secondary league and also wanted to change the rules of promotion and relegation. This way, teams in the secondary league would have more opportunities…

His foothold wasn’t just the world champion.

He wanted to change the environment of the entire e-sports circle, so that the stage of Gun King would become a fair and just stage for countless e-sports players to realize their dreams and shine. It would also make China a real e-sports powerhouse.

This was what the national team’s coach should do.

For Jiang Shaoyu, the world championship wasn’t the end. It was the starting point.

Pei Feng smiled. “Since Master wants to stay as the coach of the national team, I will also stay in the national team and continue to be a professional player. We will work hard together.”

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned. “Do you want to participate in the competition next time?”

Pei Feng said without hesitation, “Of course. Master’s goal is also my goal. Xiao Gui also hasn’t fully learned my free person style of play. I still have to fight for another two years before I can confidently trust him.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded with satisfaction. “It is best if you think so.”

The car quickly drove to the airport. Pei Feng dropped Jiang Shaoyu at the terminal and helped his master get his luggage. Jiang Shaoyu took the suitcase and said, “Thank you. I will trouble you to take care of Doudou for a few days. I’ll go home first.”

Pei Feng smiled and waved to him. “Master, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Jiang Shaoyu turned to leave. Pei Feng watched his back disappear into the terminal.

Don’t worry. I’ll surprise you again when you are done dealing with things at home. 


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